: I play ARAM pretty much to the exclusion of other modes. I like the rng forcing people to learn new champions (and the variety helps keep me interested).... But the more I think about it, the less I want the pure toxicity of ranked polluting ARAMs. I say this because it has already tainted normal draft (used to be my favorite mode), and blind pick. Ranked means competitive, this means egos and a meta.... This detracts from playing a game to have fun and makes it about playing to win.... It would spill over from the ranked mode to the normal just as it has on summoner's rift andwould ruin the one mode I still play.
I see what you mean, but normal ARAM can still be an option. You don't have to play ranked
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: Can we get ranked aram with bans
Ranked Aram should totally be a thing


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