SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: watch out , we have a challenger over here !
Not at all just a player that knows that build is shit. What is your sample size on games played with that build? Who were your lane opponents? What rank were they? How much jungle involvement was there? See the amount of variables that can influence you thinking that the build is any good at all? While not actually reflecting or correlating to the build.
: There is no context in which the use of racial or homophobic slurs are somehow ok to use. Unfortunately Riot will be unable to lift a ban like this which was not in error.
Yeah context is ALWAYS important and saying that it doesn't matter is a really flawed view. Not the first time I have seen you take this shitty stance though. Pretty sure none of the mods or arbiters know what the word context even means and it's importance on communication....
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: what are u talking about? i tried this build on teemo as semi-tank build .. this thing rocks ! {{item:3146}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3102}}
I would've loved to lane against you building that. I would be laughing my ass off as I took your inhib.
: Wake up AD goobers, Executioners Calling is only 800g and applies grevous wounds to all HP
But then I will have to put off getting my I.E. for like 3 more minutes....
: Soooo... you basically would really like a punishment yourself?
Sure if it got more people out i would take my lumps too.
Ramen226 (NA)
: Do good players receive a punishment for ruining your game?
Hey look trolls ruin another player's game and will get away with it EVERY fucking time.
Jo0o (NA)
: If he's ping-spamming you, trolling your lane, and being sarcastic to you in chat... that's griefing. It might not be a clear enough case to trigger a punishment, but yeah, it's outside the spirit of the game and reportable. Couldn't say how effective the system would be, but I'd give them a report anyway and see what happens.
Aazzlano (NA)
: Are we going to address Twitch?
: You aren't allowed to state such facts here.
Yup facts that the pussies don't like means they can just ignore them.
: And if you ask trolls or intentional feeders why they do what they do, they'll tell you it's because flamers. Besides, I really do not trust the judgment of a flamer when it comes to troll-spotting. They are way too quick to yell "TROOOOLLLLLL" when someone is simply underperforming or just being outplayed. It would not matter one bit how many trolls and int feeders Riot would ban, people like that see monsters in every shadow.
There is a difference between under-performing and going 2/9/1 ect.
: > don't care what RIOT or the ARBITERS say they don't get punished AT FUCKING ALL. Oh, what's this then?
Oh one case? Wow totally got me there because a one off occurrence totally means it happens all the time...
: That's not true. Intentional feeding is harder to prove.
Yes toxicity is punished while trolling and feeding can be swept under the rug game after game.
: All of these things affect games to varying degrees, sometimes presenting together. I don't particularly view one or the other as worse or causative of another.
One gets punished while the others do not.
: Interesting, because most of the time I have the least deaths on the team but get told I fed on purpose by a guy with over 10 deaths. If you care that much, send a support ticket in with in game footage of the trolling and feeding to show them whether or not it was intentional, or you'll get banned on accident when you get countered or outmatched. By the way, this poll is a joke. Try to make a more realistic poll if you actually want a universal opinion rather than a simple reiteration of your own. I have bad games, and good games. I feed, and I carry. I try not to die as much as I can but sometimes there's a lack of communication or I get caught in an unwarded area, or the enemy jungler and midlaner comes top and tower dives me with no pings from any of my teammates. Sometimes I use myself as a distraction while my team takes an objective somewhere else. Constructively, send an ingame video or image of them feeding by walking under towers, building 6 tears, or whatever.
Support tickets don't work even with proof. I have submitted many with screenshots of people ADMITTING to feeding in chat and nothing happens.
: Help on being less-toxic
No just pray you don't get paired with shitters that make you toxic. Riot doesn't care how many games feeders and trolls ruin but if you talk shit OH BOY are you fucked...
Rioter Comments
: A solution to the KYS problem
Or we could just stop placating the pussies that play and ruin the game. I would rather be told to KYS 9 times a game than deal with one more fucking feeder to troll.
: Eh, I don't think it's about effort so much as just poor infrastructure. NA teams seem to think getting top talent is all you need to win, it's not, you need equals they can talk to and proper coaching. I think it was DL that said during an interview that TSM's coaching is good, but not really "helpful" in the way it's done.
Korean teams practice like 10 to 12 hours a day. NO NA team even comes close to that. They stream but that isn't for practice it's for money.
: Winning vs. Having Fun
Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing!
: Yet you still made that exaggeration. My point is TSM at MSI is not really a NA thing more than it is a TSM thing. To mesh that as a whole really discredits what other teams could have brought to the table compared to TSM. Like what could AHQ have done that FW isn't, UOL that G2 isn't, RNG that WE isn't. No reason to cover SKT cause any other team would be an effective downgrade plus they're still undefeated so far. Their entire regions aren't getting shafted by the single failures of a sole team. And if that's because of the region's record in which the current faltering region is responsible for, that's only looking at it from the one and easiest dimension possible.
: In what world could that even be proven? I can tell you that this iteration of either C9 or TSM plugged into every other region would most certainly not be relegation material; I've watched worse out of the lower half of tables of the major regions. But that's not the point. What you're making it out to sound like is that every NA team replicates after TSM, from play style minus 1 to infrastructure minus 1, etc. And when TSM themselves fail, that's basically a direct blow to NA teams who may have had a different but more functional style to their opposition.
No they just don't practice as much as other regions. Don't get me wrong I'd like to see NA do well but with the way the NA functions it won't get there.
: Is there any way to stop intentional feeders / script bots mid-game?
ZennKip (NA)
: Looking for anyone willing to volunteer
: You know what's really getting on my nerves about this kind of discussion that just keeps happening the moment TSM even blinks? To most who react, it's like when TSM fails, NA fails as a whole. As if TSM = NA and every other team that resides there with their own infrastructure is irrelevant garbage that won't live up to anything. This shouldn't go to other teams in all actuality because not every NA team is TSM; same can be said about every region's best in tandem to their lesser. And while TSM may have the infrastructure to succeed domestically, they have shown time and time again that what _they_ do specifically does not benefit them out against the international competition. Imagine if TSM had a record similar to that of Flash Wolves or Lyon Gaming coming into this particular MSI and played to this level. I'd find more of a reason to spearhead them then compared to what anyone who actually watched the NA LCS could have seen coming. Furthermore, when you put "upset victory" and NA in the equation, what are you summing that up to: TSM's expectations to win or NA's collective expectations piggybacked by TSM's expectations? Usually it's the latter because that's what fans get corrupted by. And that's what makes these kinds of posts.
TSM is a typical NA team. They don't practice remotely as much as the other top tier teams do from other regions and it shows. In fact ALL NA teams don't practice as much as their regional counterparts. If you put TSM, C9, or any other NA team in the China or Korean LCS they would be relegated their first season playing.
: You aren't providing any substance to your claims. Upon hearing "help your team" one must ask, "how?" This is where you can look at the game and come up with things like: You didn't get enough towers Rotating to help other lanes once you win yours is a good way to share the wealth You targeted the wrong champions in teamfights You were out of position during teamfights You itemized incorrectly You let a game go on for too long You didn't secure dragons/elders/barons/rift herald Any one of those would be more helpful than: You suck and no one can carry you Uninstall In that game that was totally unrelated to why you lost the illaoi game you fed the other team so you deserve to lose no matter what
: -but in both cases you do little to nothing to help your team. This is the assumption you made without any evidence.
going 21/5 and losing kind of shows that you didn't transition your strength and used it to help your team. It's easy to say well I did great but I lost because of my team but in MOST cases when you lose while being that fed it's because you didn't help.
: > [{quoted}](name=MisterSki,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=GkONKRvj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-12T23:58:39.947+0000) > > TSM is a shitty overrated team. They have Bjergsen who isn't that good on the world stage and is only strong against the shitty mids of the NA. They were rated to get last. So how are they overrated?
: Facts? How did that "fact" pertain to his question about the Illoai game? He knows he sucked as Nasus, which is why he put that game there to demonstrate his point. In the same instance you claim factual relevance you also state "It's pretty easy to ASSUME" which does not logically adhere to factual relevance.
"One game you fed and got carried the other you did well but couldn't carry." <--- Fact?
: You're just brewing with friendliness and happy smiles mate.
Stating FACTS that aren't nice doesn't mean that they aren't FACTS. There is nothing inaccurate about my statement you simply don't like the fact that I said it. I am never going to pat people on the head and treat them like children when what they really need is a reality check.
: One thing is for sure, so glad EU got their butts KICKED by NA. Lol, EU so bad.
It's like the two worst competitors fighting it out while the champions just watch laughing their asses off.
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Semsudin (EUNE)
: lol
That's the best way I can describe the difference in skill compared to the other worlds teams.
: > [{quoted}](name=MisterSki,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=mKA0wetE,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-12T23:55:21.696+0000) > > There are also a lot of people that like to play fizz and also people that play him because he is a strong pick. So why should your opinion outweigh those of the people that adapt to the strength of a champion? Not every one wants to be a metaslave
So therefor any meta champ should immediately be gutted. Seems like a great starting point for ruining a game.
: The reasons brought up for his nerf are simply weak complaints in my opinion. The game is about winning if people think that Fizz is unfair and therefor ban worthy then why not pick him and abuse it?
League is a competitive game and to say anything else is just untrue. Play to win or don't play at all. At the end of the game there is a Victory or Defeat screen and you don't get LP for having a fun.
: You would think TSM....
It's because them like all NA teams don't practice enough or take the game serious enough. Even if you took the MVPs from every role in NA and made a "Dream Team" they would just get destroyed because compared to China and Korea they are casuals.
: > [{quoted}](name=MisterSki,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=f8UNEPkd,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-05-12T23:59:45.377+0000) > > You fed you ass off as nasus and your cs sucked thank god your team carried you kick and screaming to victory. Im not sure if troll or just didnt get that topic.
One game you fed and got carried the other you did well but couldn't carry. It's pretty easy to assume you either win or lose lane but in both cases you do little to nothing to help your team.
: I worded that poorly and agree with you on your statement that people not liking a champion could be used as a reason to nerf something, but I was just making a general statement about champions like Yasuo that seemed to get nerfed whether he is or isn't broken. Fizz however is in a whole different ball park. 2nd highest ban rate in the game, if you're saying that "nerfing a champion based on people not wanting to play against it is a fine idea." I don't know why you would be against nerfing Fizz.
The reasons brought up for his nerf are simply weak complaints in my opinion. The game is about winning if people think that Fizz is unfair and therefor ban worthy then why not pick him and abuse it?
: Hey there dude, you seem to still be in "Gameplay" mentality. May I suggest changing your mindset to "Memes and Games" (or maybe just memes now...) before commenting. Please and thank you.
If you take the time to read some of the idiotic responses you can tell that this isn't simply a meme.... So how about you read more context before making yourself look foolish? Thanks.
: This player should be immediately banned
The only thing that gets punished is toxicity which is fucking stupid. This player ruined multiple games and is free to continue to do so. Look at these comments, a bunch of people justifying this behavior but I bet if somebody told them the fucking suck and should uninstall they windmill slam that report button.
: He is still the best in NA, and he also can play more lane dominant ADCs like Lucian so bot lane is not an average to free lane for the enemy team.
Being the best in NA is like winning the Special Olympics. It doesn't mean you can compete in the ACTUAL Olympics.
: And Fiddle mid has a 55% win rate. Guess we should nerf him right? This isn't about a champion's win rate. This is about somebody's kit being unhealthy for the game. I also don't think somebody worse should be telling me to get better.
Yeah that's not it at all. People not liking to play against a champ is NEVER a reason to nerf it. Trust me that is a slippery slope that nobody should want to endorse or go down.
: Svenskeren needs to be kicked off TSM, he is singlehandedly costing them almost every single loss.
TSM sucks and only players that think they are good like them. TSM has always sucked the only reason that they are where they are is because the rest of the NA is even worse.
: Not everyone takes the game seriously enough to read articles on how to lane and play against Fizz. I'm not saying we should make it so those people can play against him without having knowledge, but you can't just expect people to be able to play against him after reading a couple lines of text from a team mate on how to play against him. Which is the whole point of your argument of how your team mates should know how to play against him. Know champion should get nerfed because someone doesn't understand how to play against them. The problem is is that there really isn't a good way to play against Fizz. If you poke him early you end up shoving the wave towards his side and if you freeze the wave you'll end up getting dove by jungle and Fizz. He doesn't have very many weaknesses.
Umm then why doesn't fizz have an incredible win rate? Apparently somebody has learned how to deal with it. Get better.
: Bio is good, he just needs to actually have a carry to be the support for, like DL.
Doublelift is overrated. Everyone acts like he is great but once again he is ONLY good in NA where the rest of the ADCs are tier trash.
Semsudin (EUNE)
: This Wildturtle is the worst adc i ahve ever seen in worlds competition for real
TSM is a shitty overrated team. They have Bjergsen who isn't that good on the world stage and is only strong against the shitty mids of the NA.
: Yeah let me just write the whole essay in the first minute of the game telling my teammates how to play against Fizz in every situation. You're extremely ignorant if you think this is possible. If everything was this black and white Fizz wouldn't be destroying now would he?
So because there are lazy people that don't practice or read articles on champions we need to placate their weaknesses? You are extremely sad if you think that. Let's just nerf everyone to where each person has the same skills same stats and the only thing that differs is the appearance...
: You're not even close to correct. There are plenty of people that don't want to play Fizz or play against him. We have a ban system for a reason.
There are also a lot of people that like to play fizz and also people that play him because he is a strong pick. So why should your opinion outweigh those of the people that adapt to the strength of a champion?
: I know how to play against Fizz on a basic level, but this doesn't mean that: 1. My teammates know how to. 2. He isn't broken.
It's like there's this thing called a chat function that lets you communicate with your team... Seeing as how concise you can be on the issue you should have no trouble explaining it in game to your team...
: Have you ever considered that people just don't enjoy playing the champion? That's basically the whole point.
Have you ever considered that is only the opinion of people that get shit on by him? Like playing to win is the whole point.
: > [{quoted}](name=MisterSki,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=mKA0wetE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-12T23:45:45.683+0000) > > If Fizz is so OP why don&#x27;t you just pick him? No one wants to be that guy that people hate
No one wants to deal with crying infants even more. That sound is so annoying.
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