: > "If you release the feature for free, and the feature is good, you'll have more people returning to play, which in turn, makes you more money." Except Eternals don't fix any of the problems that people who probably left in the first place left for: * Damage too high * Game is no longer like it was * No longer have time to play * They VGU'd my character * Plenty of other reasons people left that didn't include "I'm upset that there isn't an achievement system" I really don't think you're going to get returning players, this all and all seems like a design choice that's supposed to **keep** players, not bring in new ones. Seeing your stats and progress as you get better is pretty damn satisfying, no doubt. Only other thing is that this is only a side-addition to Mastery, not the next step. All it gives is a flame, you're still going to have the same Flashy emblem as before. All it does is flaunt how much time you've spent on the character, and/or how good you are at nailing those unique Eternal things. That's actually something the current Mastery System lacks, since all you need to do is play the character enough, and get 5 good games on them.
Ok but it should still be free of charge. It is not a cosmetic like how skins are, it is an addition to the mastery system and a new achievement based system for champions, I reckon, something players should be able to show off without having to pay money.
: actually its the common sets that will be available for BE twice a year, the uniques are always behind a paywall
Yup only the commons from what I read.
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: Im fine with it costing BE and RP but not just RP. Money grab.
You just gave me an idea, what if the Eternals system could cost BE instead. Would not be too shabby at all, it is not free of charge but it still is a form of payment so that way not everyone can have it, (If Riot Games was aiming at it to be a rare/uncommon feature per say). Hopefully it all does not bundle down to over 12.6K+ BE including what you already pay for with M6 and M7 haha.
: Agreed completely. Certain... ahem... other games already have similar features to the one presented with Eternals, and all in it are unlockable for free. Seems to only cater toward a small demographic anyway, namely one-tricks.
Yes indeed other games do have similar features and yes they are free of charge to progress with.
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