RippledW (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mistiya,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Y2KpxUN7,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-11-27T00:31:46.767+0000) > > You're not wrong but they gave no warning about this and just rolled it out as if people wouldn't care, which clearly was a huge mistake. They had at least two separate warnings that this was going to happen. I can't remember where the first one was (I think it was about a month ago in an aritcle), but the second was an email about a week ago (at least for me), mentioning about the conflict and what regions were conflicting. It also has been up on the support site for a month. That being said, it sounds as if there might be some sort of bug going on as well, based on what I am seeing.
There's no warning email for me, and I know they have my email because they send advertisements to it. If there was a warning I would be less upset but I just double checked and there really wasn't one. If you got one well, that's great but I'm sorry but they didn't send it to everyone.
rujitra (NA)
: >EDIT: From looking at other posts, it seems to be an issue if you have access to PBE and use the same name. It's technically **any** region - though depending on your name it may be more likely than others. Names that are personal but *fairly* uncommon such as "billyj" (first name and last initial) would be very likely to appear on another server, owned by you or not. Given PBE is a separate server (same as having an NA and an EUW account for example), makes sense why that would be happening. No, they cannot just "fix" the system. Someone has to get a new name. You cannot have one account associated with two accounts - that's simply not possible. So at least one of the conflicting accounts **MUST** get a new name, because once the changeover is made, **only one of the two or more accounts can still exist**. That account will not be yours. Your account will be changed to a name Riot picks (probably some ID number), they probably won't be telling you that without asking (they'll have you go through support to recover and get a new username), and if you try to log in you will get "incorrect password" unless the **extremely** unlikely chance the person on the other server uses the same password. It's impossible to fix this thing that is not an "issue". It is an expected result of a merger between servers.
You're not wrong but they gave no warning about this and just rolled it out as if people wouldn't care, which clearly was a huge mistake.
: Why am I not allowed to keep my old Username for login anymore
So I triple checked it but my username which is 100% unique and never taken except by me is not being held on any other account that I can currently access (PBE is a different name, no other accounts on other servers. I know I have a name on EUW that I've never played but i wasn't able to log into it with that username so I probably used a different one.) The only thing I can think of is that I did use it for Legends of Runeterra, which is currently completely inaccessible. So do I need to wait for LOR to come back up so I can get my *expletives* name back? Do I riot?
: TFT: New Arena Skins
First, I'll say I have no interest in purchasing arenas. Second I'll say I think several of these are 100% fine but the blood moon and star guardians concepts are not because the field of play is too distracting on the blood moon arena and the skin itself is too dark on the star guardian one. Players who don't plan to purchase these skins will still have to play in games with players who do, so please, don't obscure the field of play or make the field too dark to see clearly. I'm all for cool arena skins but keep the flashy stuff OFF the field.
: I'm never buying Little Legend Eggs ever again.
I think the unfortunate thing is that they're relying on sales from people who do binge-buy once because they've made ridiculous value off it. One person angrily buying 70$ worth of eggs and getting nothing they wanted is worth as much as 14 people buying the one egg they want, if I do the math right (since the eggs are 5 dollars, roughly?). Or like 8-9 people buying the 7 dollar egg + icon bundle. Blaming people for getting suckered is a bit much though, the company is at fault for predatory business practices here. Don't blame the victims people.
: Zoe isn't just a bubbly cute champ. That's a facade, in reality she is an agent of chaos and a sociopath. At least the Aspect of the Trickster is and Zoes' personality has been warped enough to make her so. She calls to mind Geigeresque monsters which weren't scary because they were outwardly malicious, but because they had the potential to do cosmic levels of harm, but lacked the foresight to show restraint. Made them feel less like stereotypical villains and more like ticking timetombs that make you astounded that they haven't caused a cataclysm yet. Zoe has potential to be the "Main Villain" of the default League Universe.
I mean okay, but Zoe as the main villain is kind of squandering something that would thematically fit much better with a lot of other champions. Zyra, Elise, Evelynn, Morgana... heck, Diana would make a super cool Star Guardian villain. Zoe just feels too cutesy to be taken seriously. Honestly if Zoe mains like it and think that Zoe's personality fits with a SG villain, I don't have a problem with Zoe as a choice. I just think there were *better* choices available.
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Maychii (EUW)
: Like this? I added the original Neeko for comparison. I think there could be more with the lips.
> [{quoted}](name=Maychii,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=mQE6UfeY,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-27T14:12:07.186+0000) > > > Like this? I added the original Neeko for comparison. I think there could be more with the lips. This actually looks like NEEKO! Thank you! I really wish they'd do these details, reminds me of when they redid the original wukong splash and it didn't actually look like wukong at all. Fan outcry got the details changed so he looked right so maybe we can get Neeko some edits here.
: Normalize Item drops NOW!
I mean one way to preserve some of the RNG while making it less painful is make the final Minion/Monster in each wave drop one item guaranteed- so if you beat the encounter you always get SOMETHING as long as you can clear the round. Having that plus the carousel items will make it so you can't be completely frozen out by bad luck.
Naalith (NA)
: PSA: don't buy Little Legends when TFT releases, this pricing model is scummy even by Riot standards
Just let us buy the things like any other cosmetic upgrade ffs. If I go to the store to buy Granny Smith Apples to bake a pie with I don't want to open a bag that could contain 6 different kinds of apples, 6 different kids of berries, and 6 different kinds of peppers. Even if I could settle for something that is close to what I want I don't see why I should have to. The pricing model makes you as the company actively want me to waste my money on peppers when I am looking for apples, because the more peppers I get the more money I end up paying for the apple I wanted. It's literally just RNG price inflation.
: > [{quoted}](name=DartExplosion10,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=YNJOn4yl,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-26T18:15:48.035+0000) > > looks like the whole screen with the quests and stuff isnt there yet, might have to wait a bit So there is a quest screen in the same mode itself? Or do you meant the usual quest system they have setup in the client itself at the bottom right corner? Sorry for silly questions if they are.
TFT on PBE has it's own tab on the top row (Next to HOME / PROFILE / COLLECTION / TEAMFIGHT TACTICS) if you click on that tab it has a whole UI interface with TFT quests (they're not in the LoL quest area they're on this screen) and a big progress bar for the "beta pass" points which you get by completeing TFT quests (which are stuff like 'get to 20th round 4 times' or 'make a rank 2 darius' and such, they're quite easy.) This page is delayed a week while they sort things out and they've said none of the games count towards progression until its implemented.
: Let people buy whatever they want.
Lottery as the only means of obtaining items is predatory sales practice, that's all. If you want to sell cute pets then sell cute pets, at any price point you feel people will pay. But don't sell a loot box with a CHANCE of getting the cute pet people want. Just let us buy the darned pets. Lottery is okay in some circumstances especially with funbux like blue essence, but riot points are real money, so this is scummy. If you go to the store to buy an apple and someone offers you a mystery fruit bag for the cost of an apple, you have a right to be annoyed. Just let us buy the apple we want. It ain't hard.
: Little Legends Series Egg Guide
Two birds and no CATS?! (Furyhorn is not a cat, it's animations are puppy-like.) Catling would be a great addition to the roster, Series three maybe? Would also love foxes (kitsune?) or puppies for the dog lovers. Unicorns or dragons (Wriggle!) would also be super cute and good. Overall I appreciate the fact that you cannot accidentally buy doubles, that is very good, but I'd like to be able to just purchase the Rare Little Legend I want (I understand if you want the Epic/legendaries to be RNG based) instead of only having one choice for direct purchase. Getting a bunch of Hauntlings if I want a Silverwing isn't super fun. That said at least they are all cute enough that i wouldn't consider any of them to be a dud purchase... I'd just like a bit more control since after the first free egg there does not appear to be any intention of offering them for BE.
: One of Riot's biggest mistakes was indulging in mages as "supports," enforcing damage over utility
Pyke is an extremely problematic champion IMO but mages in botlane isn't a bad thing. I play mostly enchanters and mages and I think they're a fun dynamic to play into each other. It's a battle of sustain vs. poke, because let me tell you something secret- Mages in Botlane aren't 100-0'ing anyone. They're poking you to half hp and then CC'ing you and killing you off that. There's a whole lot of setup to get those sweet kills for a mage botlane. Then you have degenerate garbage like Pyke, who can't be poked out because his passive heals him back to full (WHY) unlike any other hook support, also and the fact that there are now FOUR hook champions so the horrible crap cannot even be banned out like you used to be able to. Those four are in so many more games and they ARE legitimately able to force 100-0 all ins from lvl 1 even through summoners. I don't want to play into them as either an enchanter or a mage. Give me 400 enemy lux's before I have to deal with one more f-ing nautilus. At least in the lux game it feels like the more skilled support wins. e: Also if you think playing a mid-mage is annoying into a zed, playing a support mage into a zed-team where you have no control over if he gets fed by your midlaner, and then hunts you all over the map so he can kill you without even having to ult. Support mages are perfectly fine.
Meowzies (NA)
: Unique things Yuumi can do.
Yuumi does not detatch from a dead Kogmaw until the passive pops. This is generally not a good thing for the Yuumi since the kogmaw is trying to throw himself into the enemy team at that point :P
: Two weeks after release Yuumi's win rate has climbed to 42%
I really want to love this champion but it feels like she has no agency compared to other supports. I switched to a Nami game after playing Yuumi all week and immediately felt like I was playing a totally different game, one where I mattered. I don't think Yuumi is ever going to get above 45% without some changes- and i dont think "buffs" is really the right word for what she needs, I think she legit needs changes to her ultimate in order to have agency as a champion. Yuumi only has 1 damage skill so her Ult needs needs NEEDS to be impactful and right now it's just... well, the enemy flashes it or they just stand in it and kill you through it. The cooldown is so long that it isn't up every fight and if it's down then she's so... useless... Like I play Neeko support and Neeko's ult is incredibly better than Yuumi's and has like half the cooldown. Neeko has to play well to get into range to use it sure but aiming Yuumi's ult is actually harder because you have to deal with moving through the fight and healing people during it because it's not a stun and the enemy is still actively murdering your team while you're ulting. Her lane phase is probably fine but her ult needs help. Either make it a stun or extend the length of the root if you continuously land waves or just bump the damage numbers on it so that her teamfight damage isn't so poor. It's SO HARD to cast q's in a teamfight because you're almost always too close and it just pops on spawn and does crap for damage and NO slow. Yuumi should shine in teamfights but right now she only does if your team is already ahead. You don't win the game because of a clutch Yuumi *anything*. And that's... depressing as a support main. My skill is irrelevant if my solo lanes/jng aren't winning, and Yuumi is extremely poor at securing lane kills so you win the lane on attrition/farm but get few if any kills to bolster the team... I'm trying to like her. I'm trying so hard. I don't play as a backpack, I use my passive constantly, I even get first bloods fairly often nowadays, but Yuumi's lane is so vulnerable to ganks it's disgusting so you just get 3-4 man dove all the time and it's so *miserable* I can't even justify picking it anymore. And then coming to the boards and reading "Dont buff my secret OP 40% win rate champion" is like, *are you effing kidding me????!*
: This makes a lot of sense. I just implemented a version of it and we're going to test it out. Thanks for the suggestion! {{champion:350}}
I just had an amazing game riding a fed Evelyn around and I would LOVE this so much, it's so hard to tell if you're visible or not!
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 24
RE: Yuumi - How many games is "a lot"? Are these people solely duo-queue or solo-queue'ing? To me it seems like she just accelerates the game. If you are winning she makes you win harder and faster. But if you are losing she makes you lose harder and faster as she is a free double kill whenever her ride makes a bad engage. Are you sure there's nothing that should be buffed on her kit to make her personally more impactful than she is? Even something as small as extending the root duration on her ult if you continue hitting the person with waves would help a lot.
: Support Kills
If they are 100% dead to rights it's better to not take it. But if there is even a 1% chance they get away just take it. Like in the situation you described your AD is not in auto range, so they could fail to get it for a number of reasons. Even in the case of things like "the three stack trist bomb" if the enemy Janna makes it back to lane and flash shields him or something, he got away. Also in many of those cases your AD will have to blow their own flash to kill secure and you just taking the kill saves their flash for later.
: Please do NOT buff Yuumi
The problem isn't even people playing Yuumi badly anymore, I think supports are starting to figure her out and they're playing her properly in lane. The problem is your ADC intentionally sabotaging the lane because they're angry you picked her. Walking back out of your Q's on purpose, running in front of the enemy hook champion on purpose, things like that. I had a caitlyn take three nautilus hooks before we hit lvl 2. She had no flash from the naut's invade, and i kept her alive through two of those hooks. I couldn't save her from the third. And I wasn't riding her, I was next to her poking the ezreal and autoing the Nautilus. THREE HOOKS before level 2! How can you help that?! It doesn't matter what support I play no one can help that.
: Someone explain this to me
The answer was Bluumi all along.
: Playing Yuumi is like playing with a handicap.
It's really riot's fault for releasing her in such a weak state that everyone's initial impression of her was "this champion is terrible". It's going to take a couple months for that stigma to wear off, if it ever does, given that she's so dependent on your team's positioning and well, at this point your team is angry with you for picking her so they intentionally troll you out of being able to use her well. :( I've also had the opposite effect where a teammate expected me to keep them alive 2v4 because i was riding them so they engaged extremely poorly and killed both of us and then flamed me for not healing them when I used Heal, both Zoomies, my passive shield, and guardian on them. :/
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Saezio (EUNE)
: Yuumi Thoughts
Guardian keystone, + Heal/Ignite sums tell your adc to take barrier or TP if they feel confident. (You can double TP with her it's nice.) Shield Bash / conditioning / revitalize + manaflow band / Absolute focus are my runes. AFocus is better than scorch IMO since she is always over 70% hp (or dead). You could probably invert it (Aery /manaflow/ afocus/ scorch + shield bash /revitalize) but i'm having a lot more luck in lane with guardian. It's not just a free chunky shield the movespeed boost on it is really nice for bad situations. I do not have a lot of wins with her since I'm still figuring her out and many times your adc will troll you on purpose if you play her (which is not yuumi's fault.) It helps if your jungler actually comes botlane since you will be pushed in guarenteed and she can run down anyone wit her Q slow but a lot of junglers avoid the yuumi lane (again not yuumi's fault) which is like, agressively making her look worse than she is.
There is literally not a single ability on her kit that isn't undertuned compared to other enchanters.
: Anyone have any luck with Yuumi?
I love yuumi but she is currently unplayable. Please make her heal less bad and fix her AA range riot. I told you her AA range was garbage on PBE and it's really holding her back.
: ARAM Balance Update Thread
Irelia feels completely unkillable and Zyra is an active liability to have on your team. Her plants do less damage than a caster minion.
: ARAM Balance Update Thread
I'm not enjoying the structural changes here. Bans on ARAM feels anti-thetical to the purpose of the mode, and the minion changes make it so losing the inhib is a lost game. I personally enjoyed epic ARAM comebacks but they're impossible now. Liked it better before.
Saelon (NA)
: If Riot wants us to stop asking to update skins then lower the price of the skins
I 100% agree. DO THE WORK OR DROP THE PRICE. Sinful Succulence is a 720 skin currently, and not even a very good one.
Gixia (NA)
: The problem with the Kayle/Morgana VGU is that they were done together
It really does feel half-@ssed compared to what they did for other reworked champions. I honestly can't believe that no one at Riot was able to take Sinful Succulence Morgana to a cool place. That should be a 720 skin, it is nothing but a model swap and not even a very impressive one. At least they changed their minds on Exiled Morgana.
: Gotta say: Not a fan of Kayle's new look.
Bodysuit looks really strange on Kayle, especially with the magenta inlay extra-accentuating her hips. I expected her to have real armor. And Morgana looks 10/10 amazing to me so it's not about "sexy bad". It's about "this isn't what I expected or wanted from Kayle."
: Learn More: Worlds 2017 Missions and Loot
I'm fine with monetizing rewards (pay RP, get a thing!) or earned rewards (do missions, get a thing!) but pay RP to unlock the _ability_ to earn rewards is a FIRM. NO. The point of paying money in a FTP game is to skip the grind.
GTOtto (NA)
: I thought you guys said you weren't gonna have missions that would negatively impact the game, so why do we have bs like having all melee/tp teams.
This. All melee/all TP team is a troll team, and you're asking us to win with it not just play with it. You'd think "win a game with a Yasuo botlane" (no ranged means no Ziggs or TF or Kennen or Ahri 'fake adc') would be more than 5 tokens just for the difficulty of it.
: Intro to Midseason 2017
It's not that I dislike the idea of Support Quests. I think they're a good idea. But when the stated goal for supports is reward them for roaming and the quests given explicitly punishes you for roaming since you won't be in lane getting your procs consistently... I get a little confused. My main question is what level are supports expected to complete these quests? Because getting relic procs post laning can be very difficult, if your team is heavy waveclear, for example.
: Some thoughts on Support
I think one of the current issues is that the role hasn't seen a new release in ages. Taric's rework was the only "new" toy for supports to play with** in the entire year of 2016**. Ivern is probably not going to be 'supported' in the support role, and is clearly meant as a jungler. Where's the new supports, Riot? People love playing new champions, and it always gives the role a boost in popularity when one comes out. People like to learn new matchups and who counters who, and especially in the duo lane new champions can make the game much more interesting as who they synergize with mixes up who gets played more. I mean, if midlane went a full year without a single new release people would flip out. It's hard to blame the players for not wanting to Queue their 10,000th Janna game.
: What are your bets for the Victorious skin ?
If an ADC got it I'd expect Graves. Kindred was massive all season. Victor was extremely reliable but I feel like he's got the Orianna effect where it's not flashy enough. My bets are Ekko, Kindred, Gangplank, or Graves, since all of them were such high priority P/Bs. Nidalee I think is out of contention just due to being the previous Challenger skin, or she'd be on the list too. Soraka also had a massive year but like Karma I don't think they want to give it to a support again. (Sad.)
: I have a question! Miss Fortune: FPS Sona: Rhythm Games Riven: Fighting Games Ezreal: JRPG's Corki: Bullet Hell What are Ahri and Hecarim's video game genres?
These are genres of arcade games, not home games so think of them like that. MF is a Shooter, but it's not an FPS it's the kind you play at the arcade with the toy gun. Sona is Fighting games, she has an arcade stick for her weapon. She does DDR animations too. Riven is Beat-em ups, the side-scroller arcade games where enemies spawn constantly. Ezreal is an RPG and kind of doesn't fit the 'arcade' as well... Corki is Space-Shooters in general. Hecarim is the 'Band' style music games. Ahri is Dungeon Crawlers/Roguelikes it looks like, from what we see on her splash.
Mistiya (NA)
: Reinstalling League, Client itself is not downloading correctly.
Alright going to detail what I'm doing. Step one- Permissions Windows 10, fully updated. UAC, disabled (i dont like doing this, but...) been running as admin the whole time, nothing new here. Scandisk link is broken in that guide, and doesn't seem to exist in win10? I ran chkdsk in cmd as admin since that was the closest thing I could find, result said no errors. Every reinstall I've tried (four or five now) has been as admin. Step two- Heimy's Workshop (note, i think it has something to do with the patcher so this seems promising?) Patcher isn't invisible, skipping that. Reset Winsock as admin. (I had done this before.) Yes I'm running things as admin. I cannot force a repatch as the install has never reached the point where the lol_air_client folder is created. No game to run repair tool on. Yep, UAC disabled still. Disabled firewall. It isn't letting me install dotnetfx35setup and the file was apparently for vista or older computers so I'm not sure what to do with that or why that version of the install is what's recommended by the workshop. Not using wireless. Have a strong wired connection and no issues with any other program, some of them very connection reliant. Restarted my computer at this point to finalize windows updates and winsock reset. Same exact error process. Tried disabling antivirus completely just in case. Same errors. Turned anti-virus and firewall back on because it didn't help and I'm not crazy. If it is the .net thing, I have no idea how to fix that. That's the only thing that I couldn't get to work properly. Step three- Connectivity Servers are up! Have a wired connection. Tried firewall stuff already. Using Kaspersky and League is clearly whitelisted. Guys I hate to be upset here but these instructions are **VERY OUT OF DATE**. No instructions for DNS for Win10. Netalyzer is running now, gonna have to wait for that to finish. Port Forwarding I need to wait for husband to get home since he has the router password. I suppose this could be it, though it has never been a problem before. Not on a restricted network. Not on a VPN. No instructions for DNS flush/Renew IP on win10. I'm hesitant to do this anyways in case it messes up my permissions for other programs... Step four- Hextech repair tool Checked reinstall/clean uninstall. Completed uninstall, reinstall starts. Get to the 'launch lol' prompt. LoL shield shows up, loading bar gets to about 75% Vanishes without completing, starts the infinite error log. Still not fixed. I'm going to wait for the router password and see if that's the issue, if not I'll send the .zip over. :(
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Mistiya (NA)
: LolPatcherUX creating infinite log file. Client will not start.
Thanks for trying CrazFight but I followed those instructions and same thing happened. I was able to get into the log file to see what the actual error message was: 000000.049| ERROR| ClientWebSocketTransport: Error receiving data. select returned: 10038 ^this line repeats 10,000 times until my hard drive fills. I don't know what ClientWebSocketTransport is but it looks like it's requesting something that's not getting through. I am almost certain that my connection isn't the issue here, I run a wired connection with high speed internet and have no connection issues with any other program. I tried disabling firewall/antivirus (running Kaspersky) but that did not solve the issue either, and Riot/League are listed under trusted programs anyways so I don't think that's it. At this point the game is not even installed. The patcher won't even give me the client, so I can't reinstall it.
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Statikk (NA)
: Next Class Update - the Assassins
Isn't Rango getting looked at solo right now? My guess for the update would be assassins that either have a seriously unhealthy one-shot combo (Leblanc, Rango) and the ones that are struggling to have any real identity (Akali, Talon) Might also include the ones who just get built tank instead of assassin-y. (Fizz, Ekko)
C u m (NA)
: Thats not the point lol, its a reward to those to participated in league when it wasnt the huge game it is today. Giving it to a gold 5 player completely defeats the purpose of anyone that tried in S1 because that plus a summoner icon is all they have to show for it
The summoner icon would still be unavailable, and a player could only have as many Victorious Skins as years they've played. I'd love to be able to pick my Victorious skin.
: Urfwick wants a Loot Box and voice chat and better support
What I'd like to suggest, now that Hextech is a thing and there's a way to do it, rather than just giving the Victorious Skin away at the end of the season, giving a Victorious Token to every player who earned gold. The Token could be used to purchase any of the Victorious Skins that have been released (but only one of them, of course.) This would allow people who've earned the reward to choose a skin for a champion they actually play, instead of just whatever you happen to settle on for that season. You would never be able to have every skin, and most people will take the latest new skin, so the old ones would still be rare, but not unobtainable for people who really want them and put in an entire season's grind.
: Crafting the Client: Profile and Collection
Something that has always bothered me is the Summoner Spell description pages currently do not list the COOLDOWN of those spells, and the new updated one does not either. Can we please include the base cooldown of the summoner spells in their descriptions so that it's easier to make an informed decision on say, Barrier vs. Heal, or just to be able to plan how often your Ignite will be available? This information shouldn't require third party sites or playing a custom match to find out.
: Ascension Gone Early?
I was looking forward to playing tonight and it's gone early, very sad, Ascension's my favorite alternate game mode. :(
: @Riot: The Fantasy points system is outdated
Please, please do this Riot. Fielding half a player is the worst thing, and with things like Freeze stepping out suddenly, I don't want to have to drop him from my team but was given no choice since I needed to field an ADcarry. Have the slot cover "Support- Cloud 9" or "ADCarry- Liquid" that way even if a sub occurs it doesn't lose you the week. You may not get as many points with a sub, but getting 0 is not fair, especially when the reports for these roster swaps are happening many times after the lock ins occur!
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: > [{quoted}](name=patmax17,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=QViLKUKX,comment-id=000200020002,timestamp=2015-12-14T09:52:12.378+0000) > > This is actually the thing I'm most worried about the Taric Rework: Will Pink Taric (the only true Taric, let's face it) still be outrageous? How much? Will his boots still be fabulous-fluffy? > > I think this will be the main selling point for me xD Colour: Pink Boots: Fluffy Taric: Fabulous I think those are all key pillars of the skin I would work to retain. On the other hand the skin is currently cape-less but I'm wondering how important that is, or if it would be better had the cape remained?
Personally I've always liked Taric's cape but I think when initial discussions about him were being thrown around someone (might have been IronStylus) said the cape was probably going to get cut just for profile purposes. But they were also considering removing his shield all the way back then. We put our trust in your fabulousness, don't let us down! e: PINK PARTICLES. (you know you want to)
Krizalid (EUW)
: Taric as a singer/famous persona in alternate reality/skin
Pop-Star Taric (or really, GLAM ROCK Taric) has been something we've needed badly forever. :D
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