: Patch 4.20 notes
Bring back {{item:3131}} . Dat active was great, I used it, and i don;t care if others didn't.
Melory (NA)
: facing the top 2 kr teams, i really doubt they can :(
what if we had a double upset and a rematch of tsm v c9{{champion:115}} mind blown
: "Do they realize who they’re dealing with? My power is unimaginable! I’ll rip apart the very source code of this pitiful game." Veigar=Asian Hacker???{{champion:45}}
At first i thought it said Asian Hitler
The Tree (NA)
: So, does the Panda Media Booster slow down League on my computer? Also, will the P2P program slow League down? I have a 6+ year old laptop, still on Vista, I don't want to be left behind ;-(
I'm on Xp so...{{summoner:3}}
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Pika310 (NA)
: > Blitz/Leona is as impossible as ever. In season 3, when I played Sona in over 90% of my games, I would bully every single Leona and Blitz I saw completely out of lane. There is no such thing as "impossible". If you're going to go around waving the word "plat", take a few seconds to consider that any individual lane match-up can be heavily influenced both by a player's individual familiarity with their chosen champion as well as previous experience with or against their opponent. Everyone here should logically know not to claim otherwise.
You where in s3. And prob not playing skilled supports.
: {{champion:133}} What's your view on Quinn? I mean this both in terms of balance and her role in the game.
As a lover of this champ, i usually play her adc. As it has been mentioned before, she is very unique. If she is reworked however it would be difficult. It has been mentioned that you guys attempt to bring out a champions strengths and highlight their weaknesses as shown with the Lucian "rework". Her biggest traits are she has is vision and speed by her ult and by her w. My biggest issue with Quinn however is that her ult kinda stinks. All of her skills essentially remain the same unlike other shape-shifters (nidalee, elise, even jayce) and she only really gains an attack speed buff. When its used, she gains melee, but what good is melee without more defense? Some suggestions: (not all can be used obviously as it would make her op) When her ult is used give valor a chance to dodge attacks, ie evasion. This mechanic make sense, a bird is harder to hit than a person, and this mechanic would be essentially unique to her save i think Sion's passive. Make her w in valor form do more. for example actually fly up in the air similar to elise's rappel. Unlike elise she her e to divebomb from it to cross terrain applying the slow already on it in an aoe. Allow her q in valor form to lose cool down on auto attacks, so she can sinergize with her w passive. Or make her q a passive in valor form and apply the evasion chance mention before. Many of the changes above would allow for significant buffs on her strengths with are aimed against auto attack reliant champs and top laners but not against top laners such as gragas or nidalee. it would help her alot against adc's in 1v1s. However, she is still weak to casters as she was before, and that would have to be made more clear in some fashion, maybe make her auto attacks in valor form half reliant on enemy damage and half on Quinn's so enemy damage /2 + your damage/ 2= total damage in bird form. it would greatly reduce her damage on casters, and allow for comebacks in lane, something that can really hurt you early.
: No escape from reality
Mama... life had just begun.
Broheen (NA)
: I've played her rework on the PBE and it feels pretty good. It is a bit harder but once you land a spear or a bushwhack it's really easy to go all in on someone. Plus starting with cougar, 2 gud.
Disagree. Starting cougar was much needed. Now nid jung can happen. lets face it... she was raised in the jungle. it makes more sense to have her jung then mid.
: Woad Scout Quinn fights for the Freljord
Quinn mains assemble! All 5 of us! Nice skin riot. but her hair should be longer. just sayin.
: Orb of Winter
Very cool, thanks guys
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: Pentakill's Smite and Ignite Album Out Now
Who else has listened to the 6th track, the prophesy? It seems too allude to a new champ.
: Morello what's your view on making a form of teambuilder for ranked? Such as picking your role before you queue up and then doing the pick/ban phase. I hear a lot of summoners saying they like the idea as well as others who dislike it due to it's flaws. But as it stands the current ranked system isn't without flaws and could do with a little bit of experimentation(perhaps a teambuilder draft pick in order to see the overall opinion).
I like this alot. That way u don't get forced into bad matchup. In team builder, no one picks counters cause they have nothing 2 counter, also players cannot create any sort of team comp, especially in bot lane. let people join a group by role, then let them choose champ weither it be by draft against the other team or everyone picks at the same time, but there are 3 champs displayed for each champ, and once the time is up, thoose r looked in and players pick from the 3 selected blind 2 the other team this could also disguise positions. This also helps the original point of team builder, which was to allow players to try new strategies.
: {{summoner:13}} is one of their design values???? cuz that summoner spell is ass lol
This a great spell. very useful, especially 4 champs like {{champion:101}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:222}} who can then see when enemys r backing. its also great 4 marksmen cause when enemys go in bushes u can continue shooting. If u remove this riot i will kill u all.
: Patch 4.8 notes
When i saw Twisted Treeline map changes is was all finally and then i saw they didn't actrully change the map at all. on an upnote however riot, have u ever considered making the 2 lanes cross in the middle? it would make fights more interesting as well as make 4 jungles, but instead of them being clearly defiened as who gets wich half the top and bottom jungles would always be contested. It woul make the game waaaaay more interesting and you could have a sup in Twisted treeline be actrually viable.
: wtf? its only 1 IP, why is every one complaining?
did anyone consider this guy is being sarcastic as well... sarcatception!!!!!!!
Pal2002 (NA)
: Not the same without Hai.
They should have brought in Shipfter from coast. he was(is) good. and sorry i slaughtered the name spelling.
: Braum Q&A - Gameplay [Completed]
As you stated before, he is a new class of champion, so do you plan on creating champions similar to him in the future or modifying current champions kits you already are used in the role like leona to add more to this "new class of champion"?
: How could you try when he's not out yet?? Are you retarded?? SniffNinja??
LoneClaw (NA)
: can we get a new skin for Quinn soon? A skin where Valor is a raven would be awesome
It's about BLOODY time someone brought that UP. Only quinn players got a shot at getting this.
: * Who the hell plays dominion anyways like seriously rito
everyone knows {{champion:133}} is the best, they just won't admit it. best movement speed ever with ult
SergeP (EUW)
: YEAHH! I Tottaly agree with both of you, Make it permanent not {{champion:26}} (Zilean means its limited)
Did anyone consider combining ARAM and URF?


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