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KazKaz (OCE)
: Dark Harvest = Roaming + Snowballing + possible smurfing Electrocute = Laning...and reliable damage if you don't one trick Kat Conqueror = Weird playstyle, better for extended teamfighting and for when you need spam healing with Gunblade+Death's Dance As for sub runes go: DH/Elec->Sudden Impact/Taste of Blood->Eyeball Collection/Ghost Poro->Ingenious/Relentless Hunter Secondary runes = Triumph->Coup De Grace OR Null Orb+Gathering Storm Ultimate Hunter is useless, don't take it. If you're going Conqueror run: Conqueror->Triumph->Legend: Tenacity->Coup De Grace, with Sudden Impact/Taste of Blood->Ravenous/Relentless secondary --------------------------- You'll figure out which runes suit you once you spam a few games of Kat.
TY for your opinion! 👌
: Depends on playstyle. If you roam and want higher late game damage fpr multikills its darkharvest (it also resets on kill so) If you can do very good trades that lead to a kill electrocute and for better burst midgame conquerir is for extended 1v1's and the death's dance heal-arina build My favorite is darkharvest Build goes lke Dark harvest/Electrocute Sudden impact Eyeball collection Ultimate Hunter In the secodnary tree run precision with triumph and coup de grace For items rush Gunblade every time
wow ty for that long reply lol. 👍
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: Waterwalking is worse for top since you will tp gank more often than roam through the river I use sorcery with nullifying orb and gathering storm.
ty for your reply!!!
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: Have at least one champion you're comfortable with in each role, in case you're autofilled, but have a focus on one or two champions and get really good with them. Tbh I just one trick Akali in ranked, not that I've really played much ranked this season.
: I go Precision with Domination second, Conqueror into tanks, Fleet into pretty much everything else, but especially into poke.
> [{quoted}](name=Prestige AkaIi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IvU2hwRF,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-18T11:20:08.831+0000) > > I go Precision with Domination second, Conqueror into tanks, Fleet into pretty much everything else, but especially into poke. ty for your opinion! 👌
: Right NOW, get rid of Electrocute, it's not working. In general, however... Not a bad selection. I can also see the argument for replacing Electrocute, though, as Akali doesn't often get three solid hits in a row, especially in early game. Might consider one of the purple keystones as an alternative, but if you rely heavily on her E and you're good at landing it, Electrocute should do fine.
oh ok ty for your opinion! 👍
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