RaVenXzS (EUW)
: unjustly banned
Just hit the mute button, don't say it ^^; The best thing you can say is nothing at all. Getting stressed and blaming won't make anything better. Yes, even if they are toxic there is no need to even type a response.
: Need Tips
The best thing you could do is figure out your preference yourself. Hear me out. Nothing is good or bad. Sure some lanes are better than others but as long as you play that role and champion well, the game is yours to win. Play some fill in normals or even some ranked to figure your role out against people your own skill level. There will definitely be a role or champion that grabs your attention. Maybe pick one based on a move or your appreciation of that champion. It will take a bit of time but you'll find your place on the rift. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Void2258 (NA)
: Reminded of why I quit
Everyone gets these kind of games. It happens. Best thing you and your team can do is just ignore him. Play as if it's 4v5 or even use that teammate as bait. Muting works or just be overly positive.
: Extreme Toxicity
Step 1: Mute Step 2: Report Step 3: Go on to next game. PS: no naming and shaming is allowed.
ImIvanI (NA)
: I am now permabanned. My friends jokingly reported me, and I am no longer able to play.
The chat logs don't seem like joking. Looks pretty toxic. Keep it in the discord next time. Your friends wouldn't have reported you for a joke, they were probably offended but said it was only as a joke.
: > [{quoted}](name=Pinkapi,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=9dBg9u7E,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-10T04:23:32.740+0000) > > The Halloween event/skins usually don't start until around October 24th so later in the month. I wasn't asking about the Ghost skin, but thanks for the info anyway, I want that skin too :D
> [{quoted}](name=Goddess Sentinel,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=9dBg9u7E,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-10-10T04:35:47.356+0000) > > I wasn't asking about the Ghost skin, but thanks for the info anyway, I want that skin too :D Oh shit my bad! Heh, I read that super wrong. Anyway, I checked to make up for my stupidness. That skin hasn't been on sale yet so it probably will in the next week or so c:
: @ANYONE Did I Miss The Skin Sale?
The Halloween event/skins usually don't start until around October 24th so later in the month.
Andrew300GR (EUNE)
: I was ban for being toxic BUT it wasnt me!
Riot has a rule of not sharing account information, for this specific reason. Besides they may not even believe you. Every day I see at least one 'my account got ban but it wasn't me being toxic'.
ccam0498 (EUW)
: Riot support is so useless.
It can take a while for support to get back to you, especially depending on the issue. If they don't have an answer for you they will go to the department that handles it to get a correct answer or even to look into the issue. if it's a bug they'll try to recreate it, for example. Just be patient c:
Kisheen (NA)
: More Questions and Clarity on 14-Suspension ( Ticket Was Submitted)
I admit your chat isn't bad but you need to not repeat what others say. The enemy team doesn't need to know about the drama going on in your team chat (they don't care honestly). If you're hoping for more reports then that is not necessary. Remember 1 report is the same as 9. Just takes 1 to flag the chat.
: Unban me.
Rioters rarely ever come and read these. You're best bet for a response would be to put a ticket into Riot Support. But with that chat I don't think you'll have much luck ^^;
: What happens to my end of season rewards if my account gets a 2 week suspension?
Account sharing could result in a Perma Ban so it's best to just silently take the suspension and get the end of the season rewards next year. Sorry but it's the best you can hope for. :c That and Riot probably hears 'it wasn't me it was someone else using my account' a lot. They wouldn't even believe it.
xR3kT (EUNE)
I can't really see the pictures so I can't see what chat was connected to your ban. Too small. But either way, the best person to ask is Riot Support. They'll outline what was considered toxic so you can better yourself before your suspension has ended. Because after a 14 Day Ban you are on thin ice. you need to change the way you type in chat or the next step is Perma Ban. [Reports and Suspension](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/categories/115001242847)
Verl0h (NA)
: I completely agree. 9/10 times, the OP is referring to the other team and it's players. In which case, the harassment and toxicity tends to be a back & forth.
Ahh I see I may have misread the OP! Honestly it frustrates me more when an enemy rages at me because I'm not doing well or I made a mistake. But again the best course of action is to just mute them. If you respond and are clearly agitated they'll keep it up just to mess with you. There's no winning for the one being harassed by an enemy player (until you get that sweet sweet pop up after you report them).
Verl0h (NA)
: Okay? Except for the fact that literally everyone in League of Legends knows that it's a high-stress, hyper competitive game. I'm going to assume that you NEVER played sports or that you've never been in a competition in your life outside video games. Verbally roughing one another is literally part of competitive culture.
I've played sports before I don't recall yelling at my team members and making them feel worse. You're supposed to encourage your team, be a good teammate, a positive player.
Cipppolini (EUNE)
: oh i will? well snapadoodle thank a yoouudle :))
I've been staring at this for a few minutes and I'm still laughing. Thank you.
Cipppolini (EUNE)
: hey some riot guy or something can you delete my old account?
You'd get a faster response by sending in a support ticket. [Support Ticket Link!](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us)
Verl0h (NA)
: Baiting people into getting reported.
You're responsible for your own actions/words. No one can make you say anything. Easy as that.
: Its a team game... if you play solo without any sort of teamwork then the game means nothing... so mute is not an option... if you play solo any action console game is 100 times better than LoL... anyway, doesn't matter... the kids that play this game have become so toxic that it's just unbearable... Also, it should be against the law... because I've seen games in consoles be rated for over 18 and their sales go WAY down just because there is a tiny little kissing scene in them while games like LoL where kids are exposed to the worst kind of behavior are rated for much lower ages... this society has to rethink what we want our kids exposed to and what we don't want them to see... because I hardly think that kissing a girl is worse than socializing with people that tell other that their families need to die from cancer... So, yeah, the law should be changed... and someone has to actually bring this up publicly... because we see a world community that every year it becomes worse and worse... lower and lower cultural level and more and more social media and despicable behavior...
> LoL where kids are exposed to the worst kind of behavior Being toxic isn't the worst kind of behavior. Yeah I've had rape and death threats before but I just either laugh it off or mute and always remember to report. You'll get a nice little pop up confirming they've been dealt with in some way. It's just one of those things. You can't tell your team how to play or berate them for their build or score. That's pretty messed up. But hey go enjoy another game, I assure you there is toxicity there, especially if you're in a bad mind set like yourself :/
: More toxic than ever... I stopped playing... I played today only 3 games and I am officially out...
> Well, I hope one day some parent will make a nice law suit against them for this and they pay up a few millions... it's the only way the companies are gonna be forced to make the online environment non-toxic... companies learn only by losing money... there is no other way... It isn't against the law. I'm so confused by this. So someone said something mean, you do what you're supposed to do. Mute and report. You enjoy the game much more if you do. I honestly haven't run into any toxicity in a while. The game is what you make of it.
: When are the Star Guardian skins coming out?
You are judged for your own actions. They only look at chat of what you said. No one else. You are judged solely on what you say.
Renite (NA)
: I got SILVER 5
It's kind of the standard rank. I mean for only playing 4-5 months that's pretty damn good. I've seen people play for years and be stuck in Bronze 3.
: Guys you can't express any negativity despite non-offensive at all.
You can be punished for negativity and you're sounding quite negative. But hey the game is boring and meaningless to you so why do you care so much? :^)
: I commited a crime, ban me
It's not reportable. You could go full ad Blitzcrank if you felt like it. It may hurt your team though. But you cannot get banned just for going against the Meta. That was in their rules about reporting that they used to have (maybe still have?) Just have fun.
> My friend shares an account with me Right there is your first mistake. Do not share. Get your own account or make your friend get their own account. This is already banable. Account sharing is against the rules because of these reasons so this is not a valid excuse.
This is honestly the cutest thing ever. No worries it will all work out c:
: I want to change the way we respond to trolling. How do I deal with players like this...
The best thing you can do is put the video and an explanation in a Riot Support Ticket. That's the best way to get them to see it. They don't regularly check the forums. I mean this is a great way to show others and expose the guy for doing this but if you want a response, definitely put in a ticket. It's even better than reporting because the system checks scores, damage done, and chat log. It could see him as having a bad game especially since he does have two kills. This is much better proof to show he is trolling and inting.
: Summoner NAme '****inmyoven'
All you can do is report them after the match for an inappropriate name. Trust me, I've seen some horrible ones coming up more and more lately. If you want to make sure Riot gets your report you can also send in a support ticket. That name is really fucked up.
: I was permanently banned for arguing with an autolocker
You don't need to start an argument because of it. I'm guessing you were in blind pick where no one ever follows the call order. If you want a certain role you'll have to queue up for draft pick.
: Is this Worth A 14 Day Ban
Remember, your judged for your own words. If you ever repeat a homophobic slur the system notices it. All you had to do was mute the other person, not try to talk to them.
Umbra Z (NA)
: Honor lvl 3 but dont feel like being honorable anymore..
I'm still confused do you get a gift randomly or is it like every two days? I get honored every match so I was just curious if anyone had an answer. Hit honor lvl 3 a few days ago and just got a key fragment 2 days ago.
: Got the Golden Mega Orb
I ended up getting Sweetheart Annie (already have) and another Orb. Other Orb contained Major Ziggs -.- And that was all my tickets. Guess there's no more missions now so and they are definitely not worth buying.
Izanami (NA)
: Infinite Loop Restart Broke Again. Haha
Yeah finally got to log on and boom, another loop :/
: A Problem Patching League Of Legends
This is crazy. Been hitting me for a few days now but it usually lets me on after a while. Now I just can't log on at all.
raafin (NA)
: I just got perma banned.
It all depends on the level of toxicity. Any racism, homophobic, and sexist slurs are perma banned on sight (usually). Riot hates that more than anything. No warnings, just a ban.
: You can send a support ticket to riot and they'll have a rep email you and ask for any proof that you have, videos, txts,. screen shots ect.
Usually if you just send in screen shots they'll give you an automated response of "If you feel like you're in danger please contact your local authorities." I've gotten that whenever a toxic person friends me and then goes on to threaten me because of a loss. I accept the friend request because I find these hilarious but found sending them to Riot support doesn't do much :c I think video's of the game would be great proof. Whenever they get attention n Reddit a ban usually happens.
Ararios (NA)
: Wanted to add to a report I made in game
Once you leave the end game page there is no going back to reports. There is also no editing reports. It should be alright though, your report flagged the chat so if it's as bad as you say it is, the system will pick it up.
: Banner for 14 day? Why?
> I can't wait to write my articles on how bad this game is and give it the negative advertising RIOT deserves. Yeah, that'll totally show Riot who's boss. Mhmm
: Support mains always complain about how toxic their adc is and they have to care about him.
As a support main, I feel bad for enemy adc's who clearly have a support that was filled into the position. Supporting isn't that difficult, to me at least, but some people want to be the carry. Best thing to do is find a duo in your bot lane.
: All of this was information typed over a 30minute game. By nature, this isn't much at all. And I didn't tell anyone how to play or what they did wrong. I simply expressed my dissatisfaction with that particular situation. And what part of, "Don't come mid" is so harsh? Or, "go mid". I ping you off or away from a particular place, and you still come ignoring my ping, it's obviously to make me upset. Honestly, I don't feel like anything I said was anything but short of rude. Nothing was over the top. Neither was anything necessary. But, it was for nothing more than my own benefit to not go into the next game tilted.
It's actually quite a lot. In my games I maybe type a few lines here and there. Mainly that i want to engage or farm or to ward certain areas just to inform my team. You don't need to type even if it is a difficult game. All you can do is play to the best of your ability. I know having a not so great team is tough but from what I read, if I was on your team my drive for winning would go down.
: 4 key fragments dropped at once
Yeah it's random. If you check out the honor page riot has that says all the details and rewards for each tier, it will tell you it's purely by chance. I was lucky and got 4 as well :D Just keep it up being an honorable player. I actually find this better than the random key fragments you may or may not get after a win.
zzerakku (EUW)
: Unban all permabanned people who got banned for being toxic?
: I think your system is too sensitive
You don't need to type so much ^^; Just chill. You can't control your team or force them to play 'better' or in a way you want them to. You won't always get perfect teams and telling them what to do and how to play will only irritate them. No one, probably including yourself, likes to be told what they're doing wrong so harshly in game. If you can't give a positive critique that isn't demeaning then it's best to just not type at all.
7uck (NA)
: Honor Level 1..
Only you can control that. Be a positive player. BTW: you can only get ribbons at lvl 3.
: Trick2g
I only watch Trick2g a bit here and there but I've never seen him rage in chat. Out loud, yes but that's completely fine and for entertainment. He's never ran it down mid or purposely lost games. Tyler1 and Trick2g aren't anywhere near the same.
: Actually, Xayah's range is pretty far, and she can easily abuse Draven with that. Her q is an easily harass when he goes for axes, and if it's a skilled Xayah, she won't waste her mana and immediately e but she'll wait until she can root and she w's and there goes at least half of Draven's health. I'm not saying she's an exact counter pick to Draven (Caitlyn was but she got nerfed :((() but Xayah can do well against him (also depending on the support matchups).
You have a really good point. I think it might be more of a skill match up. If a Draven can dodge the quills he'd be in a better position, especially with a support that can engage. But if it's a really good Xayah the Draven would be in a lot of trouble. But yea rip Caitlyn :c
DaNinad (NA)
: Good Counters for These Champions
I play a lot of bot lane, mainly support but a bit of adc on the side. MF: she doesn't really have any escapes so Thresh would be a nice pick or Soraka to stop that ult of hers. As for an adc counter I'd say Cait or Draven. MF wants to be passive and get off some hard Q shots off minions. Draven will want to just keep fighting her and she'll have nothing to truly keep up with him. Xayah: A leona would do wonders against her. When she's lvl 6 all you have to do is bait out her ult when you jump on her. It has quite a long timer. Draven would also be a good pick here since he's constantly moving around so she wouldn't be able to easily set up a Q-E combo. Lucien and Vayne would also be good here, high mobility.
: I just picked up my favorite zyra skin and would love to main her mid, but how far would i get?
Basically play her like you would Heimer mid. Stay farther back, poke down the enemy when possible from a safe distance. You'll be very very squishy to assassins so it's important to dodge any bit of damage you can, especially those skill shots from Ahri and Fizz. But remember, counters don't exist if you play your champ the best you can c:
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