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: Zero tolerance words give you an instant 14 day ban Simple
how i know you're full of bullshit is because i did it on my other account, guess what it didnt get a 14 day ban, but guess what i did on that account and not this one i spent money riot is a fucking money hungry shit show of a company
: > Mod Sun: ypu kys "Kys" is considered hate speech (along with racism, homophobia, and others) and is part of the zero-tolerance policy, which escalates you immediately to a 14-day suspension. There is absolutely no reason to say the things you said in your chat. It's a video game. If people are being assholes, ignore them. Please think about your account, because your next step for **any** toxicity is a permanent ban.
eh, i'm not to worried about it because, riot is a trash company, everyone deserves the same punishments, not jumping to a 14 day ban i don't give a shit what people say, btw the sorta term kys has a bunch of meaning besides the one you're thinking of the one i use it for is know your stuff.
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