: Crybaby pansie ass everyone deserves a trophy retards ruining this world
I actually agree with a lot of this post Especially the "everyone deserves a medal" shit that people think these days and people being sensitive But this post is full of salt
: So Yorick's finally getting his place in the Spotlight
Hrd2H1t (NA)
: Good Split Pushers that aren't Tryn or Udyr?
Nasus and jax Shen also is but he splitpushes in a different manner and with a different goal than most splitpushers
: ahhh to day we just give a player yorcki and he destroy our game{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
I recently went 8-0-6 or sonethibg close as torick in nemesis draft I actually play yorick occasionally so i welcomed that pick
: Kindred is pretty easy Lee Sin is pretty easy Wukong is pretty easy Xin Zhao is pretty easy
: > [{quoted}](name=Moesnd,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iYEROU1Z,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2016-08-20T02:59:02.569+0000) > > Sure ashe has high damage and utility > > But she has no mobility > And her damage doesnt even come close to that of tristana, twitch, kogmaw and other hypercarries and others like lucian deal more damage early and mid game > [{quoted}](name=Mira Arya Enthe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iYEROU1Z,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2016-08-19T23:54:56.017+0000) > > As an Ashe player she has too much. CC, utility, DPS, burst, kiting, long range, easy laning, disengage, team fight engagement, vision. Regardless of masteries. > > They should rework her Q to not give her early game burst and hypercarry DPS. Instead make it similar to her old "Focus" passive but revamped into a cool active ability. Maybe similar to Rapid Fire Cannon. > > She wasn't meant to have a DPS steroid. Especially not one of the best in LoL. She was a kiting, long range, CC, utility ADC. Who prefered poke and kiting with her ult compensating her lack of raw damage. Ashe offers a lot. And currently has the highest win rate in the game for marksman, and one of the highest period. She has wavered between 54-56% the last month or so. In general, she was never meant to have a DPS boost, and a multihit effect would thematically be better on somebody like Jinx. In high levels of play, there is NO prefered hypercarry over her. She has an insane ban and pick rate.
While i do agree that ashe is too powerful atm that is being fixed Once she gets put in line numbers wise she will not be a very high damage adc and will be low on mobility Her role will still be the utility adc
: We should have to choose CC or Damage
Sure ashe has high damage and utility But she has no mobility And her damage doesnt even come close to that of tristana, twitch, kogmaw and other hypercarries and others like lucian deal more damage early and mid game
Alexis1967 (EUNE)
: New Champion concept,Roadhog or like the bad guy from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
: Tip is no longer true: Bloodthirster and Essence Reaver
It says "bloothirster" Take out the "d" Its because essence reaver is sorta like a lifesteal item for mana.... And mana is blue
: What items would you always build when you started playing league
First champion i really actually played was warwick Stacked warmogs and that was it
: Riot should steal Overwatchs idea on how to deal with "GG EZ"
: A champion gets double crit chance
Before i wntered the thread i thought to myself "someone will list one of yasuos abilities" Not disappointed
: Tristana Unofficial QuadraKill
Quadrakills are extremely common.... Even unofficial pentas are pretty common
: Dota 2 is currently the most balanced e-sport
Someone made a post about this Dota 2 is balanced purely around pro play Its horrible for normal people ive heard
Revali (NA)
: Does anyone know the range in which the mastery Assasin activates/deactivates?
I would assume its about heralds range which is roughly the size of your screen I dont know for a fact though
: i would honestly rather have them be left for a patch to judge the effects. Im pretty sure lucian wouldnt need a compensation buff, the could go either way
Ya they could definitely wait a patch Twitch and lucian might not need compensation but i feel like quinn and mf might
: The duration time is fine. If it was any longer your team would be put way behind. That sucks for you, but if the enemy team was halfway decent they would have exploited your time spent disconnected. This game is so unforgiving when it comes to leads, and a laner or jungler being absent is just as bad as feeding. They're getting free gold, levels, and tower damage. Then you're going to need to sit under your tower, and worse case scenario you could be watching them farm while they freeze the wave waiting for you to try to farm. If you're the jungler then you better believe the enemy jungler is going to be looking for you. You can still remake the match after a death has occured in the game, so I don't know what you guys are talking about there. That was changed. The real problem I have with the remake system is that sometimes players initially connect, but then disconnect before you even leave the fountain. That denies players a chance to remake. I have seen this occur on my team and other teams. It sucks.
Im not sure about that. In my game i went to lane and stood there for a while and got the "attempting to reconnect" message and i couldnt move for about a minute so i had to restart
Umbra Z (NA)
: Extend the duration and give them more time to dive you under tower and deny you of your remake yeah.. no thanks
If you get dove and killed under tower before 5 minutes.... Maybe you dont deserve to have a remake
: Talk about the changes of Youmuu's and Duskblade being made melee only
If they do this they better give some small compensation buffs to Quinn Lucian Twitch Miss fortune Small, just to make up for the lack of youmuus
Rioter Comments
: champion destroys tower but it shows that enemy destroyed their own tower bug?
Ive seen something similar where i get executed but it says my teammate killed me
: Names For Yasuo Main? Winner will get a skin
"I'm a cuck" That encompasses an average yasuo player
Nuky (EUW)
: ***
Thats what we are TRYING to do Yasuo is not a tank and should not be one His tank build is op and he needs to be carry That is why he is getting nerfed
Nuky (EUW)
: ***
That is the point To make tank yasuo NOT a thing
AD Yuumi (NA)
: One of these days one of these threads will get exactly 44 upvotes and then get closed.
Keep it at four guys. Cmon
: ........ Do you not remember how terrible Kalista was to play against when she was strong? Almost everything about her kit is actually designed to maximize suicide-inducing levels of frustration, whereas Jinx just outscales other adcs.
Jinx outscales other adcs? Twitch would like a word with you
: Make Yasuo's Ult Armor Pen apply only to critical strikes
: I fought the law.... and the law won.
: They should just give everyone a refund and make that a 1350RP skin. Ultimate my ass. I'm pretty sure there are 1850 skins that are better than the ultimate skins (theres only 2, ezreal and udyr right?)
Kr1sys (NA)
: Is there any particular reason why monsters don't build courage to bring Skaarl back?
He would have infinite sustain in the jungle and lain kled could just retreat to the jungle to regain mount with no risk
ßoy (NA)
: Can we ban new champions from being played in ranked untill a few days after their release?
I agree but i dont think it should be as long as some are suggesting. I was thinking more like 2 or 3 days.
: @Riot, you are ruining Garen as a champion
Holy shit all these crying about garen threads are ridiculous. There champions in a worse spot than garen. He doesnt need attention
: My main adc is cait so I dont want to see her weak, i think the main problem people have with cait has her traps, they should make the traps a bit weaker if they were to nerf her.
Its just frustrating to play against her cause ive been picking up twitch >:(
: When Ashe and Jhin get nerfed....
As long as caitlyn is not strong its ok Fuck that champ
: you que as support and you stay close to bot, only get the meeps withing a short radius to you, push up the wave signal to fall back and never go to top jungle unless you have a wave pushed up to inner turret or you have fed your adc to eb able to 1v2 easily (make sure to ward hella ton to avoid ganks.
What this guy said
: guess again
: aurlion sol "DEATH BY MY HAND"
Nope. Twitch. Mordekaiser?
: New Player Guide Reccomended Champion
He used to be a simple face roll mage They just havent updated the recomended section
: Lissandra's passive is useless as fuck.
Her other abilities are more powerful than other mages as a result Lissandra with veigar passive would be op
: Lets play a game
Eedat (NA)
: The same reason using any other ability or active breaks stealth lol
Actually using youmuus does not break stealth.
: What do You Call Shyvana vs Thresh in One For All?
: I think a good, appropriate nerf to Cait would be to not let her stack head shots.
So when she headshots via net or trap then her passive counter resets to 0? I can support that nerf
: How many people have gotten legit Penta Kills?
I got one as yi (ik ik thats kinda cheating) without their team giving it to me or without my team purposely not hitting the enemy so i can get it.
: The League should have been destroyed, not retconned
Wait.... What did i miss out on that there is no league anymore?
: how is magic pen on jax
If they have a team of 3-4 resistance stacking tanks i could potentially see getting a void staff after some armor pen Flat magic pen wouldnt be that bad for normal games actually either but there are better options i think
VladTheMage (EUNE)
: Mid-High Silver is broken
I feel ya. I really havent been climbing a ton so im changing my champion pool. Im starting to pick up twitch now because atleast i can use everyone else as a meatshield and solo carry. Playing people such as darius and renekton i had to rely on my team to not feed so im gonna play more hard carries
: The officially nonofficial theme song of Taric
Expected the HEYAYAHAYAHYAH song
: You can make any champion sound op if you just list out what they can do
Ive been saying this for so long People make whiny threads and all i respond with is BUT YOU KNOW WHOS EVEN MORE OP? --YORICK-- Passive- damage reduction and amplication for free? Op Q- retarded speedboost and free triforce proc? Op W- ridiculous slow that deals too much damage? Op E- free harass that keeps you at full health so you cant lose lane? Op R- you get TWO ad carries late game and its a 2v1 in lane?!?!! SO OP people just make everything sound op when they lose to it these days
Sandixcx (NA)
: why would u spend the letter E on a game
Euros... Not everyone uses dollars you know
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