Febos (EUW)
: He **is** human. Well, kinda. As human as one can be after being experimented on. Read his [biography](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/champion/warwick/). > **his body is fused** with an intricate system of chambers and pumps, machinery filling his veins with alchemical rage. > > When **his hand** was severed in the course of the experiment, Singed was **able to reattach it**, augmenting it with powerful, **pneumatic claw** > > A chemical chamber was installed on **Warwick’s back and integrated with his nervous system**. > > His claws tore out of **his fingers**. Good old Ship of Theseus paradox.
Eh a Ship of Theseus is replacing all the parts but ending with something identical. Orianna or Viktor have a better run at that (although becoming a machine kinda invalidates it), though a heavily damaged Blitz would probably make the best go at it. Warwick's more like grafting a pear limb onto an apple tree, and then replanting the whole thing over a nuclear waste storage facility.
Cojak (NA)
: The candy hearts with different colors and sayings on each shot
usul1202 (NA)
: That's... A combination I've honestly never considered. Giant pink lasers of doom... E is a big ol' heart flying out... I have no idea how you'd do w or ult tho
E being a heart could be messy in games with both Heartseeker Xerath and any Ahri though. How about you instead do his E as a kiss. His W could just be a giant pink energy cupid arrow, and his ult should definitely smash into the ground as giant hearts. Q could just be any valentines day design.
EdgeLady (NA)
: Piltovans, Zaunites, and Bilgewater residents certainly wear the undergarments of the 18th-19th centuries (especially corsets; they're essential for steampunk). Demacians and Noxians would likely wear them from a few centuries back, maybe 15th-17th centuries. Similarly for Ionia, but they would likely wear Asian-based undergarments. Don't ask me about Freljord, Ixtal, or Shurima, because I know next to nothing about the realities of Viking, Egyptian, and Mayan/Incan/Aztec clothing. EDIT: Forgot to mention Buhru; since they're based on Polynesian cultures, they likely wouldn't wear much in the way of undergarments since they live in a pretty warm archipelago. And we know next to nothing about the culture of the Blessed Isles (but that might possibly change when that new marksman comes out?) so I won't even try to ask what they wore.
I think Bilgewater residents wearing 18th-19th century underwear is quite unlikely. For one they're in the same climate as the Buhru, but I also don't think Bilgewater is a posh underwear kind of place. Most importantly though Miss Fortunes splash shows whatever underwear she is wearing is not bulky in any way. Since you can see the side of her thigh through the openings in her pants.
: > [{quoted}](name=AbiwonKenabi,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=1J43KWot,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-07-08T15:53:48.217+0000) > > For some reason Riot doesn't like doing these. Its kind of frustrating that they are so unwilling to ever call a Voice Actor back for anything. They basically only do it for Legendary/Ultimate skins, which is why Lux got her VO; just a good opportunity since she was already there for Elementalist. (I've heard that they did the same for MF, but didn't go through due to poor reception). They randomly had Jinx and Ziggs' VAs back for Odyssey which was a nice surprise (Kayn's VA was already back for the Legendary skin, but that was nice, too). > > I'm just thinking about things like the way Blizzard will quite frequently add lines to Overwatch Heroes whenever a new event rolls around or they get new skins. I don't expect Riot to do things with THAT high of a frequency, but SOMETHING more would be nice. It has nothing to do with "not liking" this idea. We LOVE the idea of updating old champs. Usually, we book talent for 4 hour chunks of studio time (guild minimums). While this sounds like a lot of time with an actor in the booth, it actually goes by suuuper fast, with the first hour or so being time for the director (we have a rotating roster of wonderful VO directors), actor, and writer to hone in on the character and find the voice. Then it's three hours (with breaks) to get the right takes on lines. We end with efforts (non verbals) which typically blow out the actor's voice. WE can usually record a full 150 line script in 4 hours. So to bring an actor back for a skin, doesn't really afford us much time with said actor to record an additional set of lines for base champ VO. We're looking into ways to make this happen, but then we typically run into bandwidth issues internally for folks to select, process, edit, hook up, and test the new lines IN ADDITION to the skin VO. It's one of my personal passions to redo as many old champ VOs as possible, and we're making some head way. But I would hate to promise you fine folks something that may take a long time to deliver bc we're all stretched very thin. Writers have to write a lot of new content for league. VO designers have to iterate and implement new content. Anything old we're updating is additional work we're doing on top of our normal workload. Again, it's one of my personal missions to bring as many old champs up to modern quality bar as possible. It's also super hard to do when some of our talent no longer works in the industry meaning we have to recast. Recasting tends to upset mains and we wind up seeing diminishing returns on the effort. TLDR: It's complicated, but it's a dream we do share with you :)
4 hours is a surprisingly short amount of time imo. I sort of expected something like that to take longer. At the effective 3 hours to do all the lines the voice actor has 1 minute and 12 seconds per line of dialogue. I have to wonder how often voice lines get cut because it takes too many takes to get it right.
: What's the most evil thing you've done to win a game?
Once I got tilted as fuck when playing jungle because a (old) Nunu just ate all of my jungle. He was fast enough that I couldn't kill him, and my team couldn't respond before he ran off. He had no interest in doing anything but stealing the camps I was doing. I was destroyed, and basically didn't even get to play the game. In my anger the next game I locked in Nunu and did the same thing to an enemy Warwick. That poor Warwick hit level 6 when I hit level 10. All I did was farm the enemy jungle and camp bot. He only hit 6 because he managed to sneak into my jungle and farm.
: I don't think it's needed simply because it doesn't change the way you'd interact with the ability. Enemies will want to leave the zone because of the slow, and Viktor can't play around knowing an enemy already has 2 stacks, as he has no other CC or way to add stacks. Effectively, adding a particle does nothing but add more visual clutter.
It would give Viktor a slightly better idea of whether or not someone is going to get stunned, and people trying to avoid it could better time their untargetability. Since less than a second of being unaffected is enough to drop all the stacks off. Those benefits are likely not worth the visual clutter though.
: Possible Directions for Cho’Gath in the Lore.
I'm a little late coming to this post, but I love Cho so I have to respond. Crimson Devil >"This Cho’Gath speaks in a dialect of Ancient Shuriman, but is far from wordy. He speaks only to taunt or manipulate, and delights in demoralizing his foes. He specializes in brute force: smashing and crushing his victims before devouring their broken bodies, if he deems them suitable." Cho'gath is intelligent, and that intelligence's principle use should always be the suffering and destruction of other entities. I didn't really feel into much else about it. Containing Cho is basically a necessity if he is to be powerful, but all other versions do it better imo. The Maw All the traits that are required (imo) for Cho are at least present in this concept. Cho fighting Voli win or lose is powerful. The only negative I have for this one is the vagueness, but that's fine since it's just a concept. The Despoiler Eating a World Rune that is constantly damaging him is an excellent way to empower _and_ contain Cho. The dormancy periods don't have to be as long as Rune Wars to modern Runeterra, but centuries between short and destructive awakenings would be solid. espeacially if awakenings were becoming more frequent. The Cannibal Cho eating another Voidborne like he would anything else is good for Cho to me. It's also good for the image of the other Voidborne. The Voidborne that are part of League of **Legends** should be characters in their own right. Not just tools of the watchers. By having them fight amongst themselves you establish individualism. Reading the comments. I like the comparison to Iron Giant where Cho'Gath may have been created as a tool, but has chosen his own purpose.
: Who do you want to see featured on PROJECT and Star Guardian Skins for this year?
Pls no Project Viktor skin. The most positive thing I had to say about Deathsworn for a long time is "at least it's not another kind of robot". If I can only request one thing for a future Viktor skin let it be that it isn't just another kind of robot.
: Expending limited resources on things that don't increase survival chances like beauty or make isn't something that makes sense for the Voidling. Riot themselves explained the deep v-neck: it's to show there's a clear separation between her and the suit, to clearly show where the suit stops and she begins, to clearly show she wears the suit and not that suit is her actual skin. To which I would say is a mistake as it reads MORE like the void if they ARE becoming one. And additionally reads like like Kayn (who's theme they were trying to avoid) if they work together. If u WANT 2 sell the fact that she wears a void skin and has normal human skin, then have her show more human skin all around, mostly at her extremities, such as her forearms and lower legs/feet, bc those can be replaced by Void growth, as the game progresses have the suit cover more of her up like and shift as needed for abilities like Galaxy Slayer Zed. Look i commend u for your valiant effort to validate Kai'sas poor design, but, its doesn't hold up. I will say how ever that ur point for the "chest lumps" (lol) does make sense to a certain degree. However u fail to consider the fact that the Voidling would have no idea what a prime human looks like...sure u COULD argue that it was in her head, but then why does her design sell how Hot she is rather than how Athletic she is? She wasn't designed to be friendly either, they designed her to look very attractive.
Yeah the makeup thing is a bit of a stretch, and definitely just there to sell the champion to people who don't care about the lore. I myself think they could have designed Kai'sa better, although not because she isn't scarred and dirty. I think the lack of dirt and scars moreso goes to show that she's doing well. Any scars she's gotten have disappeared or are covered by the suit, and she doesn't look malnourished because she isn't malnourished. I just think we should have gotten more power armor Samus and less Zero suit Samus. Though I'm sure they we're also concerned with keeping her silhouette indicative of a squishy agile marksman. (even if it also allowed them to sell her as a sexy athletic female.) I like the idea of the void growth as she empowers her abilities though. Although I don't know if the implication of her slowly losing herself to the voidborn is what Riot wants. I had never read about the symbolism of her v-neck though so that's good to know. (also kind of funny to say)
: > [{quoted}](name=Stars Shaper,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=x419E12T,comment-id=000400000001,timestamp=2019-06-08T21:03:26.486+0000) > > Which part of: _"The Void symbiont makes her healthy and in shape because it needs her to hunt down stuff at tip top conditions"_ did you miss? > > Nor Mal nor Kassadin have a void-pal to keep them fit, one is just corrupted by the overflowing Void energies while the other turned himself into Darth Vader in order to survive his Riftwalks. guess the void symbiote decided she needed cleavage and make-up to be in tiptop condition to hunt
Perhaps it went off of a subconcious image Kai'Sa herself had, or has just taken care to make sure she matures properly? The voidsuit was just kind of like "So what does one of the human things look like in prime condition? The body is trying to grow these chest lump,s what are they for... Yeah these things are useful to store excess energy in." She has makeup because one day the voidsuit decided she should. "The host keeps trying to interact with others of her kind. Unknown for what purpose, but other humans frequently run away or attack. Host believes looking _friendlier_ would help" All the skin showing is actually the easiest to defend though. Void creatures frequently use some kind of energy based weapons. To defend against them the suit would need to be a pretty good insulator, however that could also cook the host without proper ventilation. So when not in combat mode the suit leaves her chest and head open so Kai'sa doesn't cook.
: He will either be gutted or insanely OP and stay that way. Morde can even waste more time by building some tankyness combined with zhonyas. He can also take out the jungle at a baron fight, pratically removing smite from the enemy team. It's just insanely busted alone for the fact that he can ruin the one player who is solo carrying his team just because he can. I am probably alone with this but I hate the new ult.
I can see why you're concerned, but I think it's a bit early. A high cooldown and enough of a combat bonus inside his ult that he needs to ult to win closer fights could balance it out. Worst case scenario you connect the duration to how much damage Morde is doing. Then Morde won't be able to stall it out as easily.
Salron (NA)
: https://i.imgur.com/tyTc1Nl.jpg[/img]
I think they're right on the point actually. Sivir deletes the first spell to hit her for 1.5 seconds 22-10 second cooldown Yasuo deletes any projectile that collides with windwall's 300-500 unit width for 3.75 seconds. 26-18 second cooldown The comparison is apples and oranges. All Sivir's shield is good for is canceling out a single spell when well timed. Yasuo's is able to do the same thing as long as the spell is a projectile, and can still hurt most ranged champions (and a few melee) for 3.75 seconds. If windwall were really just a reactive spell it would only last for 1.75 seconds or less. In the end though a bug is a bug, and should be fixed regardless of anyone's opinion.
FkValeRly (EUW)
: so basically a game mode where only AP champions can be played?
I was going to disagree but then I saw that they were converting ap and ad to their gold equivalents. Otherwise I think ad assassins would be the strongest if they were really just switched just because they could get a good 100-200 more adaptive power.
: The base rule is that spell vamp doesn't proc on true damage. The exception is that it procs on Conqueror's true damage.
With Morganna's passive being changed isn't Spellvamp 100% dead though? Ravenous Hunter, {{item:3812}}, and {{item:3146}} are all omnivamp. The later two specifying that they heal reduced amounts for aoe.
Done25 (NA)
: Change Janna's E bonus to Adaptive Force.
The bigger problem that nobody has mentioned i that it would be much more difficult to balance across mages than to balance across marksman. Someone like Xerath would get 100% of the duration on the shield while hitting you with everything, while Caitlyn or late game Tristana is the worse you have to deal with against marksman. I support supports being better able to support non marksman, but I feel that this would be a poor balance decision for Janna.
: I mean, I severely doubt that Piltover is going to be that involved in this regions' story. Maybe as some nuisance, but not as much as you're thinking. I think this image is mainly to show that there's something wild in the jungles, juxtaposed next to the hextech machinery we're familiar with.
I think the tank is supposed to represent a unifying threat to the jungle. That's important because they're establishing a faction within the jungle. previous attempts to conquer the jungle have ended similarly to early invasions of Ionia (except the jungle is meaner) where the land wins the battles. The Hextank is impervious to the jungles defences, so now the peoples living within the jungle must fight to protect their region. Piltover/Zaun will likely be the kickoff for the creation of this new faction. The jungle faction may continue on with things that don't have to do with Piltover, but I don't think Piltover will play a small part in their story.
: It's still possible to get some Bandle City lore out of this I guess. Despite the cute factor though am I wrong to think its a bit artistically lazy to give us a cat. I mean there are ways to make cats visually interesting and this one has some neat accents like the lantern thingy on its head and the gold whiskers and such.... but at the end of the day Riot is gonna give us a plain housecat as a champion? I think the Summon: Aery VFX is more visually interesting and thats just an Rune lol
I wouldn't say that a cat shaped cat is lazy. League is basically just humanoids and monsters in silhouette design. A cat riding on a book is actually kinda new and exciting.
: I would agree. However, Pantheon is faceless because of shitty design, not because of the desire to make him a super hero. I personally found his reason for facelessness kind of stupid, considering any other person you see wearing that kind of bucket helmet will have SOME part of their face visible, especially considering you CAN SEE WHERE HIS NECK DISAPPEARS INTO THE BLACKNESS. That's just plain stupid. Why does his neck suddenly disappear into a shadow, when his chin and the lower half of his face should be visible between the split of the helmet? I mean, by all means, keep most of his face obscured by the helmet. But parts of his face SHOULD be visible, unless his aspect eats his head and replaces it with a black portal to space. https://lolstatic-a.akamaihd.net/site/mount-targon/079694fdf251b5e7de788d9ab439d401d31ae160/img/champions/pantheon/pantheon-hero-mobile.jpg
> [{quoted}](name=Oleandervine,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=rYFcrsXE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-04-23T18:15:05.831+0000) >unless his aspect eats his head and replaces it with a black portal to space. This is canon until proven otherwise now.
: Well it's what the people asked for. I was there when the Devs made the post asking the community for feedback on how they should update Naut's lore. Did you all forget that? So maybe it was more than just Riot alone who "dealt a dirty one" here. Personally I'm unconvinced with this perception of a big shift, or at least need more convincing to support that. It's definitely no Skywalker from The Last Jedi or anything. But I've noticed people in this community are touchy about even editorial based changes to lore. So complaints like this doesnt feel like a surprise.
I actually didn't visit that thread. I don't really have any stakes in Nautilus's lore and just wish for it all to be the best it can be. However Nautilus did undergo a pretty shift in how he got here, and what he's doing. I don't think it's a bad one either though. Pyke delivers on the vengeful deserted better than Nautilus did, and Nautilus inhabit's a new niche that his mellow VO and atmosphere mesh with decently. I do hope that Nautilus does stuff though. "Ocean tax man that sinks ships occasionally" isn't a lot better than "resigned betrayed that fights in the league because why not", but maybe we'll get some cool stuff where he's wandering the depths and bumping into sunken stuff. ######(but mess with Viktor wrong and I'll Reee at you)
: Your commentary is awfully vague and open to interpretation. What exactly is the issue here? That because Pyke has a relevant quote, that somehow reflects poorly on Naut? Standing alone Pyke and Nautilus have nothing in common. A titanic diving suit compared to a bald water ghost. It's only their lore and thematic that arguably has overlap. The devs became aware of this and at least offered this very community what they wanted from Naut's lore and this community responded with what we have now. why you boing me, im right.
Nautilus went from revenge seeking titan to angry tax man. Pretty big shift.
: This is certainly a big improvement. But if we think about it and think on her recent mentions in the trifarex, I cant imagine Lb in her current lore showing all that much skin.
Tbf though Leblanc isn't in the Trifarex. The Pale One is part of the Trifarex.
: Is there such a thing as synthetic hex-gems? I've never heard of that.
What Aphid Man said. https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/champion/camille/ 3rd paragraph of her bio.
Moody P (NA)
: Volibear. I was much more interested in him as a shaman leading people that weren't mind slaves.
I like the new Volibear, but I had no investment in the now gone forever Volibear. I was surprised when I didn't see anyone complaining about him getting retconned. Sorry you lost your bear.
: I think Victor doesn't use Hextech. Jayce destroyed the only Brackern crystal in his possession and the following raid of Jayce's laboratory to retrieve more crystal shards was unsuccessful.
Viktor does use hextech. That is why he has his Hexcore. The fact that he's not using a Brakern stone just means that Viktor likely uses a synthetic hex-gem.
: Personal opinion: season 9 has become the hardest one to carry and win games in
: Possible Lore Discrepancy
There's a possibility that Jayce is older than he appears. Camille is given a youthful appearance by the magic of her hextech crystal. Otherwise she's about a century old, but doesn't look it. Jayce is frequently exposed to a bit of magic from his shard, but he was also exposed to the destruction of the rest of the crystal. It wouldn't be a huge leap for his aging to have been slowed down by that event. While it isn't a time stamp it's worth pointing out that the first three paragraphs of Blitzcranks bio read as "Shortly after the development of hextech, inventors and scientists flocked to Zaun, a place where they could experiment with volatile materials undeterred by the stringent regulations and rules of Piltover. Their experiments often ended in disaster, with entire buildings destroyed and toxic chemicals spilled into nearby streets. A team at the College of Techmaturgy developed steam-powered golems who would remove the hazardous debris, a task deemed too dangerous for even the most desperate of Zaunites. The golems labored tirelessly through the streets, carrying waste to the growing number of disposal sites around the city. Even among such hardy machines, accidents were common, and the automatons were frequently sent back to the college in pieces. Dredging up slime at the bottom of Zaun was no easy task, and acidic, noxious chemicals gradually wore down their metal shells. An ambitious young inventor known as Viktor longed to create a durable machine that could clean more effectively and eliminate the need for costly repairs. He gathered broken parts from the retired golems, avoiding the flashier components popular among his peers. Even employing an assemblage of unwanted materials, Viktor designed a more resilient machine." Viktor's bio has this paragraph "In the midst of his studies in Piltover, a major chem-spill devastated entire districts of Zaun, and Viktor returned home to offer his help in the rescue efforts. By grafting a sophisticated series of cognitive loops upon existing automata-technology, he crafted a custom-built golem, Blitzcrank, to help in the clean-up. Blitzcrank was instrumental in saving scores of lives and appeared to develop a level of sentience beyond anything Viktor had envisioned." So all things considered. Viktor and therefore Jayce, could have been growing up during the birth of hextech. Jayce could conceivably be in his eighties or older.
: Jayce just has older lore that's in need of an update.
This lore was introduced after Camille's stories and Bio, so that's not applicable, or at least not an acceptable excuse.
: When botlane flames you for no ganks or roams.
Personally I usually go with E. Gank top again
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Today, they have sex change procedures... Everything ia possible m8
You don't even have to go that far. Mordekaiser is just a suit of metal, so he could just be the chain bikini. Maybe he has a weird harrowing that goes pretty bad and all he's got to form his body with is a pair of boots, a pair of gauntlets, a helmet and a shiny metal codpiece.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mogarl,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=93aHlnt4,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-03-06T09:09:20.601+0000) > > Woops. I actually just grabbed the two that were next to each other on S@20 guess those were both reversed. The only one thats inverted is Fuzz Fizz Prestige Edition, but that ones splash art wasnt designed to connect to the other one.
Flipped it and put it in.
: You posted the inverted version. Dogs are suppose to be on the left side, cats on right. Reason...because Kindred should be showing 10 and not 01. And Loading Screens show Fizz and Corki on the left side, while Rengar and Yorick on the right side. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/4/46/April_Fools_Versus_2019_Promo_01.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20190305205129
Woops. I actually just grabbed the two that were next to each other on S@20 guess those were both reversed.
Rioter Comments
: Urf is a toxic wasteland.
My theory on it would be that Urf promotes selfishness. Most of Urf involves having fun at the expense of others. When you're Garen you deny the enemy the chance to do anything but see a grey screen because you know the same would happen the other way around. I think that over time that idea pervades other behavior in the game. Ultimately encouraging an ideology where you're simply trapped in a game that you can't play, because the enemy rolled better, so you may as well disregard the rules and fuck around.
Jamaree (NA)
: Gen 8 of Pokemon just got announced
I think the biggest argument against the "leak" is on the legendary Pokemon. We've got two things that could lead us in the direction of what they could be. The wolf head imagery on the sword and shield, and the beaked biped carved into the hillside. Along with the Biped we've got some storm looking stuff, and some lil biped things. None of that imagery has anything to do with "metal snake" or "wooden horse". A wooden horse themed after oak trees could maybe work for a Britain inspired legendary, but the snake is outta left field as far as I know.
: Morgana's springy torso
They told me I could be anything, so I became a slinky. As Paletongue said it probably looks fine from above.
: I guess stuff like Twin Shadows {{item:3905}} Plus if you're a mage support just build AP. Simple as that
Not items for mage supports. Items for supports supporting mages. Although I've got no idea what it would have to be.
: They pretty much said the whole league community agrees with what they said. Even if it's just riot-russia saying it, they're speaking for the whole community. > Although formally this is not prohibited by the rules, and Riot Games, and the wide gaming community of League of Legends, took this as a manifestation of disrespect for the players of the Vaevictis Esports team. Unless this is an error in translation obviously.
Pretty sure the only way the community at large may have (or otherwise be interacting with) their backs is with pitchforks. I hope big Rito does something about this besides let it blow over. Sure it may only ever effect players on the Russian server, and from what I understand Russia isn't a large server so it effecting who they field won't really effect invitationals or worlds very much, but it'll be a stain on Leagues image.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mogarl,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=IHHWqGEh,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-02-22T16:56:00.634+0000) > > Was it the whole of Riot that issued the warning or the people running League Esports for Russian server? I dont know the details, but im pretty sure it was just the department responsible for the russian server.
Oof sucks to be big Rito right now. They had just snuck away from the last bit of this kind of BS, and now they're getting thrown right back into it.
: The Irony of the ROX Warning
Was it the whole of Riot that issued the warning or the people running League Esports for Russian server?
: There are few issues remaning though: - Kayle humanity was also the reason she let Morgana redeem the guilties if they had a chance. - Morgana was never at fault in the story and Rotan's death was passed by as Kayle's doing rather than the result of a clash where both blindedly attacked each other. If Morgana wasn't depicted as the perfect and caring character she is now or if Kayle was set to walk a path that would definetly make her a better character (and not an even more blind one as the whole "being an aspect of justice is a bad thing because it removes part of your humanity" is the morale of both bios) then we would have them on equal ground and the discussion wouldn't be that heaten.
I will contest Morgana being perfect and caring. I feel there is something being left out of the Bios. Namely the Method of redemption, and who decides whether they are rehabilitated. I would also disagree with justice being bad because it costs your humanity. Being a pawn of Targon costs your humanity. After listening to her VO Kayle definitely represents a very dark Justice. She's authoritarian and believes everything is either good or evil. I still disagree with people who claim that Kayle was changed to be her current iteration. Because before the story was that she was a lawful authoritarian who was so rigid her sister became a rebel leader and learned dark magics in order to fight back.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Kayle's archetype is misunderstood and here is why
Kayle in old lore was a lawful extremist. Kayle in the new lore is a lawful extremist that wants to remove her emotional bias. I would guess that people are being thrown off because the last emotional thing that happened was Kayle and Moragna's father being killed. This leads them to believe Kayle wishes to become emotionally detached so that things like her father don't effect her. However that is short sighted as just a couple paragraphs ago Kayle flips out, and almost just starts killing people, because Rotan was killed. All the colateral damage that occured across the entire city was Kayle's fault for her emotional attachment to Rotan. If Rotan would have been killed somewhere without Morgana would Kayle have burned an entire city of innocents in revenge? Perhaps that's the question that drove her to mount Targon to seek "celestial clarity".
: Thank you so much. Glad you liked it! It's funny, each of the projects I do I tend to put in different mental buckets based on various musical tastes. I literally think, this character to should appeal to people who like "this or that genre of music." Rakan, Kled, Zoe, Aatrox, and Volibear each relate to different types of music. It's possible Volibear is the most "metal" thing I've ever written-- even more than Aatrox's short story.
So judging by the fact that Volibear is trying to resurrect, and the fur is gone (possibly burned?) off half his face. Does that mean Ornn "won" their fight? Or maybe just the most recent fight? Has Voli been through this resurrecting process before? I would suppose he probably doesn't see this brutal slaughter as any different than normal predation. So 1. Did Ornn "kill" The Volibear, or something else? 2. Is Volibear killed and resurrected frequently?
Rodsquad (EUW)
: You gotta take away Morde's armor now too
"his chest armor should really have a cool downward spike that totally wouldn't impale him should he lean forward." Technically he's an empty suit of armor so it really couldn't. In fact minimal armor Morde kinda makes sense because most conventional weapons would only be able to hit armor anyways. Would probably make him sad though since he probably enjoys the futility of it when people try to penetrate his armor.
: Was Darth Vader good or evil? Discuss.
You can dismiss Anakins actions as _maybe_ redeemable, and consequences of extreme stress. Continuing to serve Palpatine is a choice to suppress and kill people though and would make him evil. But then you can argue that Vader can't be evil or good because he is the broken shell of a man who is no longer human. Vader is Palpatine's weapon and not capable of making decisions beyond his orders. However In the second (5th? whatever.) movie Vader offers Luke the possibility to overthrow the emperor and rule the galaxy together. That moment either damns Vader as evil or is the point where he stops being just Palpatine's weapon, and gains the spark Luke uses to turn him. That said, The fact that he was redeemable at all really makes me feel that he was evil. As my dad said when I talked to him about this. The better question is whether or not killing Palpatine redeemed Vader. Either way, I haven't looked at the Kayle content (~~besides the bodysuit which I'm disappointed in~~ removed salt for now because I saw [twitter](https://twitter.com/RiotAugust/status/1097987114531119104) thing). However I'm going to guess that the transition here is a question of "Is it evil to turn yourself into a weapon/tool incapable of seeing morality". The answer of course, is maybe. Edit after reading Kayle's bio I don't understand the op's problem with Kayle's story so far. Kayle's just going to purge her emotional flaws. I don't understand where the accusation of evil comes from. Other than a belief that removing one's own humanity is evil. Of which I must wholly disagree. Pave the way. Furthermore the entirety of Kayle and Morganna's fight was because of Kayle's emotional flaws. Ronas broke her accord with Morganna, and tried to arrest/imprison her and was thus being unlawful. Unbiased law should view that no different than an abductor being killed by the abductee. It was self defense. Would Kayle support Viktor's Evolution?
: Really? I thought she looked amazing, especially the wings and sword, what do you find her new look lacking?
It's a shame that 1/3rd of her armor got turned into a bodysuit. I assume it's to try and break up the boring white that makes up most of her outfit, but I think they should have just kept with the golden armor instead. Her Wing to body ratio changed as well so that's going to throw people off. That said, she looks okay from overhead, and the lack of detailing on parts of her body that aren't in clear sight is something that has to be done for efficiency. People will get used to it eventually.
: In ranked I can understand this, but I'm strictly a Normals player, and frankly I should be allowed to just leave when I feel like it in a non-competitive game mode. Most of my tilting/frustration moments come from feeing forced to stay in a game that I no longer feel is worth my time.
So I understand the feeling and I get it in hopeless games too, but I disagree with you 100%. When you hit the enter que button you've already committed your time. If you decide to break that commitment then you deserve the punishment.
Saianna (EUNE)
: I wonder what's the difference pros/cons between comet and the lil aery fluffy thing? Isn't it the same?
Aery cooldown essentially scales with how close you are to your target. Against a single target when you can throw out something on cooldown to proc Aery it can proc a lot. Aery outperforms Comet on champions that trade frequently but don't have the CC to make some get hit by comet. Someone that's on more of a 15 second poke cadence, or has cc on their poke, will get a bit more use out of Comet since it still hits most of the time.
: What makes you think the song has any relevance to prime lore? It's not like Narrative devs were involved in the writing of those lyrics. Anyway, based on the next to nothing information that is canonical, the Lightbringer is a temple and its occupants act like local government for the towns. But theres nothing else to go on other than that.
If the Song does have any grounds in lore it would probably lean heavily on Demacia's origins and the Lightbringers current position as peace keepers. Perhaps the original Lightbringer was betrayed by the previous corrupt/non Demacian peacekeepers. They then formed the Lightbringers to overthrow them across the Kingdom of Demacia. It could also refer to the original "liberation" of Demacia from bandit kings and sorcerers. Really the only problem is that any metal song is going to sound a little harsher than anything you'd expect to be relevant to Demacian legends.
Falrein (EUW)
: How did Kalan manage to live on Fae'lor for years?
The story never said that living on the island _wasn't_ painful for Kalan. However the presence of the Spirit of Ionia on the island would show that the Island was still connected to Ionia's large supply of wild magic. I would suspect that the island had a relatively normal amount of magic, and that the plants were dead for other reasons. Probably either the native plants of Ionia are much more sensitive to the lingering effects of Syndra's magic than human sized animals, or that the plants were being blocked from growing in the first place to discourage permanent settlement.
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