: Here's my question: What are you playing as? She has legit shutdown lanes in bot. Cait/Karma Nami generally beats Senna Long range poke makes her lane miserable and prevents stacking Q Champ stacks. Hard CC engage like Leona (not Alistar) kills her out of lane Randuin's can completely negate a TON of her damage, since she's already crit nerfed and late game ALWAYS crits
Tbf, leona can engage on a LOT.
: I have to inform you that you aren't remembering that correctly. It's 25% from kled's hp bar.
Aatrox Airlines IS correct, as I posted above, here is some footage from last week: https://youtu.be/XoOgxwCNptc?t=920 Keep in mind, Kled has JUST gotten his black cleaver. If he also had titanic he would have been executed even earlier in dismount form. As you can see, Kled is at about HALF of the small bar. This means Kleds health bar just has a split.
: Kled has two health bars, so if he's at 4k total hp with say 800 base and 3200 skarrl, he's executed at 80 for 10%, not 400.
This is incorrect. This can be easily seen with titanic. Dismounted Kled still has full use of ALL the damage because he is the same champion with a SPLIT health bar. (This is also why his #1 counter is fiora, his other counters (shen and jax depending on the patch) block his autos, but only she can do that while ALSO doing % damage in his dismounted form.) A good example is Urgots visual execute indicators. He can excecute Kled early into a dismount (and if kled were to build too much health, as SOON as he dismounts. "If the target is below Health icon 25% of their maximum health, Fear Beyond Death can be re-activated, and automatically does so after 4 seconds if the target is within the threshold." If you were correct Kled would have to be as low as 200 (a fourth of his dismounted HP) to be executed and as you can see this is not the case: https://youtu.be/XoOgxwCNptc?t=920 @15:20 of this video (sometimes the link doesn't work so here is a different one for copy paste: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoOgxwCNptc)
AdamrCc (EUW)
: The elder dragon execute outright invalidates champions such as Warwick and Olaf.
It also invalidates Kled... Half of his kit is based on remounting (his health returning, his E and his ult) to get his stuff back and remount, he has to be at low health for a while. No doubt this will make the team with this dragon run him over. I guess I'll have to wait and see.
: Patch 9.21 notes
"Kled will no longer lose his untargetable status when dismounting near turrets/walls" You FIXED THE BUG!!!! WOO HOOOO!!!!!
Rioter Comments
Salron88 (EUW)
: i think he ment draft as in the draft phase during ranked. but not to separate flex from due he simply went with draft phase :)
: Patch 9.20 notes
Can you please fix the bug that keeps Kled's Health from affecting Iron Solari shield? Please!
: If you don't want to ban a champion, because you're such an "alpha male", ban something for an ally.
IN RANKED. YES. In norms, I do this to. For example, I am trying new mord. I wanna know who the WORST matchup for me is (not just the champ, but me ON THIS CHAMP) so I wanna allow as many champions to go up against me as possible and not accidentally ban my enemies main or something. Its a faster way to learn for ranked IMO, which is another complaint people have (I can't be good on a new champion instantly so I WILL be awful in your norms game, sorry, but I will always try to get good AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, hence, this no ban thing.) Am I making sense? I hope so.
: I usually ban what my teammates hover in ranked. That’s the best strategy to winning lol
This makes it hard to have a team comp because people KNOW THIS and don't hover, so they end up picking their main and who ever picks later has to deal with it.
floo (EUW)
: Who needs tanks when you can have {{item:3047}} /{{item:3111}} {{item:3813}} {{item:3053}} as a bruiser, tank as much if not more and also kill anybody way faster than any tank could.
Or {{item:3157}} {{item:3040}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3111}} as a pro dominating mage (like Ryze).
: > [{quoted}](name=Mokuto Bunshi,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=Qd0znjFH,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-09-30T15:57:00.868+0000) > > Fun fact, like rock paper scissors, by the end of the game Yasuo will kill Kled. It's not about whether Yasuo can kill Kled. It's more about who's better for your team. I prefer Kled because he can roam easily to help with ganks and his ULT is a great asset to engage in team fights.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mokuto Bunshi,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=Qd0znjFH,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-09-30T15:57:00.868+0000) > > Fun fact, like rock paper scissors, by the end of the game Yasuo will kill Kled. Not with Randuins, tabi, and thornmail he won't. Yasuo was busted with the old conq but now he shouldn't be able to duel most bruisers.
Okay, I agree with that, but unlike Yasuo, that means Kled would have to change from what he normally builds (he rarely builds thornmail and almost never thornmail AND randuins)
Manxxom (NA)
: At first, I feared to fight yasuo mains.
Fun fact, like rock paper scissors, by the end of the game Yasuo will kill Kled.
: Patch 9.18 notes
Can we get a pantheon fix so that his ult alerts his allies sooner?
Schenix (NA)
: The irony in this, is that you picked the most cost efficient tank item besides Tabi. Sunfire is very powerful still on the right champions. However, something like Thornmail or Randuins certainly are not as worth it to the ratio of being forced for necessity.
What else is ironic is that if you play anything vs a tank that CAN go health, the sre gonna build this. And top laners have this as core for so many of them too (Kled Renekton Pantheon etc) Why? Because if you dont need mana, things like titanic hydra are simply inferior.
Vah Medoh (EUW)
: But... it's 3v3, people won't play it, they just like 5v5, right? That's why they are removing TT
> [{quoted}](name=Vah Medoh,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Pt3vGdg5,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-30T13:00:19.681+0000) > > But... it's 3v3, people won't play it, they just like 5v5, right? That's why they are removing TT Crap, You are right.....
Mr Penguin (EUNE)
: Pantheon, the God of War/Atreus, the Man of War
Whether or not you like it is up to you, but I believe the reason he has ap ratios is because the devs wantes to keep ap pantheon valid after the rework as a meme pick.
: pyke. an assasin with stealth. mobility, fast heal IN COMBAT a hook, an execute, slow. stun
Okay, just a nitpick here. If you make his healing out of combat he wont need to use his W in vision areas to heal. Net neutral at best. Others are definitely nerfs.
Julían (NA)
: Looks like Clash just broke ranked/servers
Oooooh you're right. Clash just came out! (Again)
: Are people really surprised that Riot didn't care about our opinion on Eternals?
Alright. Fair enough. They wont listen to opinions for changes. It is still reasonable for that small percentage to not buy into a paid stat tracker isn't it? Cosmetics on a mastery emblem? Okay, what ever. Thats not an issue, what is, is the precident they set and have been setting. The idea that a skill tracker or stats can be tied to how much money you can or are willing to spend. Whether or not its futile for someone to claim they are displeased is irrelevant. They are, in fact, allowed to do so. Just as the devs choose if they wish to read the posts or not. No matter what you think, express your opinion and if you want to go a little further, give some reasoning too.
: > [{quoted}](name=Scottsc20,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EqAyJEp5,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-08-21T22:13:19.235+0000) > > LMAO. Please do not pretend to know better than Riot if you use Fortnite terminology regarding League. Warframe did it first smh
Beat me to it, speaking of which they are unvautling saryn and nyx (reworked) soon fyi; but I digress.
: Lunch break w/ Baz
See you next lunch break
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: Patch 9.16 notes
Didn't want to actually undo the riven Q buff huh... made it 12 seconds instead of the 13 it was... Thats alright, at least shes not AS strong with this straight nerf. I'll take it.
CriStyLe (EUNE)
: Leveling up W while using it doesn't make the 4th hit not deal extra damage anymore.
It would seem this is true. I will ask for other Kled players to help confirm this.
CriStyLe (EUNE)
: Leveling up W while using it doesn't make the 4th hit not deal extra damage anymore.
Kanzler (NA)
: Because that's a 10-year-old ability description.
Tinok (EUNE)
: {{champion:114}}
JPlayah (NA)
: New featured game mode idea: Yordle Kombat
Good, cause I play Kled and my only rival is poppy KOME AT ME!
: Gone Almost 5 Years... Wow...
We HAD another map... HAD.
: Seems giga random to remove old cursor but okay I guess. Suppose thats more important then fixing the ghost plants everyone has to suffer through all the time.
: Poll: Which player behavior feels the worst to play with?
"I am mad because X and now we all loose this ranked game because I'm mad. Congrats, you all deserve this" Thats the thing I dislike the most. I might hate you back, but I would never give up a game on you. "How can you be like this? You want to loose?? Even when there is a chance to win? Just because I or someone did something you didn't like? Our towers are still up!!! We scale!!! Stop typing and just..." *A summoner has disconnected* "Play it to the end..." -_- reporting doesn't do this amount of awful justice.
: Riot can u give us winrate of autofill role ?
8Belthazor8 (EUNE)
: What I like the most is how trustworthy people and their opinion are. Mr. Argonaut opens a thread about "the state of riven" then he starts it with misleading statistics. Riven's actual win rate is 51.7% in plat+ which is a relevant statistic unlike the wildly fluctuating numbers of a separated rank which was used in the OP. Secondly, I was wondering how it is not a "state of Kled" post since Kled is busted broken now. His win rate 53.28% in toplane and 56.07% in midlane, both plat+. His win rate is beyond 52% in every single rank silver+, which means even nooby noobs stomp their elo with Kled now, he is so op. Guess what? He is abusing Kled. All in all, he is bitching about a skill-based champion with 51.7% win rate while he is abusing an easy champion with 53.28% win rate. Just because a better player kicked his ass in a game. Shame on him.
I'd like to point out that toplane stats are gonna be skewed by default. Kled for example, his winrate used to be average, but mains largely played him. Most of the times, mains/1 tricks will play him every game. NOW he is a viable top lane counterpick. Counterpucking skews the top lane HEAVILY. For example, a natural counter to kled has always been Fiora. And in reverse, Yorick is hard countered by kled because kleds dash kills ghouls (spaghetti code reasons). Now that he has a buff that is basically "life steal champions loose 60% healing" in a lane where things like Aatrox and conquerer are popular, its no wonder to me how his winrate shot up 2% higher than riven who largely doesn't counter anyone but is good in just about every game and has a more even spread of players AND situations. I am not saying if the buff was justified or not. I am just saying it seems in line with what I expected.
Agravain (NA)
: 9.14 Bug Collection List (68 items)
Want some more? If you accept champion bugs, here are 10 just on Kled: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/oAvUvnLd-gameplay-kled-has-10-bugs-and-counting-all-listed-with-recreation-some-methods
: I have no idea why Riot thought this buff was a good idea and what Kled needed. I play him alot and its so difficult to get courage back or even kill someone when Im in a 1v1 dismounted fight. They need to give him those buffs to his courage gain and maybe let him activate W because its so annoying when you actually need the ability you dont have it because you used it to farm minions or it activated on its own when you didnt even attack anything.
actually, I prefer dealing with the W being automatic and not activated. I use Q and tiamat to pick of minions for last hits to keep it up for trades. You might wonder, why? Simple, It CAN'T be silenced if its automatic. Meaning chogath, soraka, malzahar, garen, kassadin can't stop you mid attack or even prevent it from going off. MAYBE reduce its cooldown instead? Because activation would have positives but also a negative. Either way, removing the bugs first would be nice...
: Revert the Kled q buff and address his real issues
Did someone say BUG?!? @OP Here is the list of ALL 10 OF EM! https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/oAvUvnLd-gameplay-kled-has-10-bugs-and-counting-all-listed-with-recreation-some-methods We got the W bug, leveling W while using it for no 4th hit bug, A dismounted Q bug, the classic teleport dash bug and many more! I agree, these need to be fixed because most of these are over 2 years old now!
KledR34 (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] Detailed list of current Kled bugs
Actually that list I made came from my original list posted here: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/oAvUvnLd-gameplay-kled-has-10-bugs-and-counting-all-listed-with-recreation-some-methods
Moody P (NA)
: Kled now counters champions that were meant to counter him
Aight, okay, I think your missing the forest for the trees. Lets name some top sustain champs: Aatrox Vladmir Darius Renekton Fiora Tryndamere. Now you may think that these all counter him because of sustain, however the first 2 he always used to counter. The second he always used to go even with and the last 2 he would tend to loose to. The reason for the last 2 being special is that tryndamere doesnt die as soon as kled (ult), so he beats kled weather both or neither of them have life steal and his crits make sure it happens before remount. He still beats Kled to death. This is also why kayle beats kled. Fiora Used to beat Kled as well and she STILL does. Why? Not because of her life steal or ult, but because of her points. Kled has the highest base health of any champ in the game, so % true damage reks him completely. And unlike vayne, smart fioras will go in for 1 point and leave or use ult. In BOTH of those cases, Kled never won and he still doesn't but it has nothing to do with life steal. What I am saying is Life steal wasn't the way to beat kled before. If you want to beat kled it has to be with a champ he cant kill or a champ that ends him before a remount. In theory Lifesteal may have sounded like a way to do what kled does better, but kled used to build executioners before and life steal anyways. TL;DR: Its not the life steal. Its how champs stop him from doing his remount or killing them at all.
: I main mid, and I almost never get autofilled or my secondary.
: Nothing feels worse than loving a champion who isn't on Riot's favorite list
People might not cosider Kled... but take a look at this: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/oAvUvnLd-gameplay-kled-has-10-bugs-and-counting-all-listed-with-recreation-some-methods These bugs are older than 2 years old.
: Its fun to watch TF blade losing lane to a silver player because the silver player picked TK
Actually, people have been saying no top lane mains in dev team... but after seeing the buffs to Renekton, I think there's at LEAST a Renekton mid main in the office...
: not saying that it doesnt happen but in the example you put for Kleds ult switching targets Janna shows after Kogmaw is chosen as a target not before. I can easily see it normal speed but you can use 0.5 speed to verify. Through the power of it showed up on the report a bug front page while i was reporting a bug and I Play/ Main/ Abuse Kled aparently I inadvertently necroed the thread. (even though it necroed it self by being on a front page while being over a year old) im curious about how many of these are fixed a year later.
Like... 2 at best. Hex flash and a W based bug. Also that video was about hitting a target out of range too, which is why I said: "The example here is even MORE rare because he bush vision (on Janna) is what makes the **ult change directions to Kog'maw BEFORE locking on!** (At least visually). I believe these are the same bug. Start @40 seconds." So your right, but footage is scarce. Also, this page isn't actually a necro (hence why its still on the front page). I come here often and update whenever there is something new. Not only that but a whole discord of people (about 100 of us? [Kled mains]) use the thread. So, hi howdy, welcome to the vault. Its dreadfully lonely in here...
: Please Riot, these Renek and Kled changes are terrible for toplane. What are u doing?
> [{quoted}](name=GayFluffyUnicorn,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2I0o0oIB,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-02T15:06:48.876+0000) > > Kled? Kled needs attention. Massive one at that, but his healing debuff is not the solution. Kled is a lanebully that gets beaten by most lanebullies while also getting outscaled by them. THAT is his biggest problem. THAT is the reason why he was so good with old conq that allowed him to properly scale into the later stages of the game and not let him fall off the moon after 15-20 mins. > Now you give him a healing debuff. So kled is already good into for example aatrox and vladimir. Two champions who now probably don't even need to attempt to enter lane against him anymore. He might now be a bit better against darius and renekton but i doubt it will make a massive difference. Most win lane scenarios for kled come from people running into his lvl 3 murder combo and getting snowballed on. It's kinda hard to predict the outcome when people rarely play properly against kled. Fiora will continue to shit all over kled soo coolio. > THANK YOU. You wanna buff Kled? Here are 10 bugs (AND HOW TO DO THEM) for you in a nice neat thread: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/oAvUvnLd-gameplay-kled-has-10-bugs-and-counting-all-listed-with-recreation-some-methods Fixing these would be a great start. Kled mains (myself included) haven't asked for this, its entirely out of left field. And yeah, not sure what they want to do with renekton.
: [GAMEPLAY] Kled has 10 bugs and counting! (All listed with recreation some methods)
Got someone saying there may be a bug related to Kleds W and being silcenced. Needs more testing.
: I made a similar post like this with stating these bugs as well, a full year ago. It's disheartening to see this post and be reminded that I put all that effort into it for nothing. Because Kled isn't popular, and ezreal also has bugs
Can you link it? I can add it to the bottom section about other kled bugs if you do.
Kurorade (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mokuto Bunshi,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=xBnI8sEx,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-06-30T00:27:10.914+0000) > > I'll do you 10 better: > > Passive > [Mounted] > There are 2. > > 1 Your Dis-Mount passive can FAIL to give you any untargetability for the duration, allowing damage in excess of Skarl's health bar to be counted and pass. The dismount animation still plays behaving as a self CC displacement. (all dismounts are toward ally nexus). > Reproduction: > A) Be about to dismount. > B) When you dismount be next to a wall facing ally nexus. > C) spam movement in that direction as you dismount to trigger it. > 2. If you stand in the enemy fountain the pure damage laser will not dismount you for a few seconds. I am not sure if this is Kled or the fountains coding or both causing this odd interaction. > > [Dis-Mounted] > No Known Bugs for passive. > Q > [Mounted] > If you Teleport in and cast Q if will often fire back to where to TP'ed from. This behaves exactly as your TP+E. Videos below. > Reproduction: Cast Q immediately after teleporting. > [Dis-Mounted] > The knock back on Kled's Q has the ability to launch him almost as far backwards (and sometimes in the opposite direction of the kick back) as a Zac's Elastic Slingshot. > Reproduction: Unknown, however it usually occurs near many minions or if Mounted Q is casted as you dismount then you cast Dis-Mounted Q. > W > [Mounted] > There are 2. > 1. If your W comes off cool down while attacking it makes the sound effect of an empowered (in attack speed) Auto, but does not count towards the 4 count, hence you end up hearing 4 increased AS auto sounds before the final empowered one. The sound is vital for helping count in a busy fight so this bug is a BIG problem. It happens often in a fight because you tend attack when your W first comes off CD. > Reproduction: Start an auto attack so that W comes of cooldown whilst in animation of said auto attack. > This bug may be different after the base skin sound effect changes, citation/testing needed > 2. If you level your W while in use, your 4th empowered auto does not occur. This is a huge issue because what would normally give you an edge > in damage as any other champion in a trade (a level up) either gives you no edge in damage (because you don't level it like me) OR looses you your primary damage. > Reproduction: Level up your W whilst in any stage of your W animation. > [Dis-Mounted] > There are 2. > (The bugs for dismounted W are identical.) > E > [Mounted] > There are 3. > 1. As with Mounted Q, your E can cast towards the location of teleport cast instead of the location of the cursor if casted immediately after Teleport. > Reproduction: Cast E immediately after teleporting. > 2. Your E can fail to follow targets over walls on its second Cast. > Reproduction: Unknown. > 3. If you E+Flash (like with a Shen E to skip a target or extend the range) you will flash and then become sudo-self CC'ed to that point for the remaining duration of the E animation, which behaves almost exactly as an entangle. This bug prevents Skill expression on a champion that could really use it. > Reproduction: Cast E and during the cast also cast Flash. > Bonus: Somehow Kled's E can kill Yorick's Ghouls in a single cast. I am unsure if this interaction is intended. > Kleds E also doesn't work on Yorick's Maiden. Despite his Q working as if its a player (or large monster?). > Reproduction: Cast E and hit Yorick's Ghouls or Maiden. > > [Dis-Mounted] > R > [Mounted] > Kled's Ultimate can produce more than one bug, it is unknown if they are related. > * Change pathing at initial cast from the displayed path of movement (Without player terrain being spawned or altered). [Uncommon] > * Change targets while in mid flight [Rare] > * Fail to cause damage to targeted enemy. [Common] > * Divert if Hex-Flash is used. [Reproducable] > Reproduction: The only successfully reproduced bug is using hex flash whilst in ultimate charge. FIXED > These bugs and their rarities seem to change with patch and circumstance. > [Dis-Mounted] > > Bonus Gameplay Bug: Kled cannot use locket of the iron solaries health scaling, it only gives base value. This was mentioned by A rioter in his first year of release (Citation needed). You work on the Kled Mains Tips And Tricks discord server, because they're nearly identical.
Yes, I am a Kled main, and the bug keeper. I wrote the server list and the thread: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/oAvUvnLd-gameplay-kled-has-10-bugs-and-counting-all-listed-with-recreation-some-methods Which provides video evidence and recreations. I have been trying to a long time to get Kled fixed.
Kledaddy (EUNE)
: oh yea... i dont wanna list all the bugs because it would take me too much time
I listed them ALL. Please support the thread! https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/oAvUvnLd-gameplay-kled-has-10-bugs-and-counting-all-listed-with-recreation-some-methods
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