: You now have the ability to add any 1 form of CC to 1 champions ability
not really a crazy combo, but it would be good for him: Mordekaiser E steals movespeed from champions.
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: Nexus Blitz patch notes
Love this mode, perhaps the theme for the map could be bilgewater based?
Desypher (NA)
: Look at the link i posted on this thread, it tells you what you have to do for S's
I looked over the list, and straight up the only reason i didn't get an S was because of CS. The list states that the longer games go, the less KDA matters, BUT the game length was 24:39 so it did matter heavily! but CS is oooooh so important, even though my gold earned was second highest in the match It says "Try again, Loser!" right in my face.
Desypher (NA)
: You have to have a balance in this game, don't get a good score you don't get an S, you don't farm enough, you don't get an S, you don't put down enough wards, you don't get an S
I also had the most wards placed on my team, The only reason I didn't get an S is because I didn't have 300 CS >:[
Desypher (NA)
: Especially since you are going Taric Top it seems
This current system is so awful, My gold earned was second highest in the match! but because I didn't bash enough creeps I don't get an S. This makes me very upset.
Rioter Comments
: First, it is intended that you did not receive a token, as you cannot get them in the rotating game modes, like One for All. Second, it doesn't matter if you haven't gotten an S with the champion, as it is entirely possible to receive a chest for a champion without getting an S grade. This is possible by having someone in your premade party get an S grade while you were playing that champion, as the chest you get in that situation counts towards the champion that you were playing, not the one that your friend was playing. So, I will ask you again, have you received a chest on this champion before? To be absolutely certain, you should check if you have or not by going to the champions tab on your summoner profile. If this champion's icon has a golden leafy border around it, then you have already earned a chest as them and will be unable to earn another chest as them until next season.
No I have not, I know how chests are earned.
: For the mastery token, they can only be obtained by playing normal and ranked SR. You cannot get them while playing rotating game modes. For the chest, have you already gotten a chest on the champion you were playing? You can only gain one chest per champion per season, so if you have already gain a chest on that champion before, then you cannot gain another chest on that champion until next season.
I have not achieved an S with this champion until now, however, the match history has shown itself, but still no chest/token.
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: Champ Mastery Complaint (read desc.)
I know from experience that the mastery system is a mean one, went 17/1/15 as brand, only to end up with an A rank
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Flaherty (NA)
: That's pretty much the case, Brand was very strong after his update so the level of performance is probably skewed towards the higher end meaning you have to do REALLY well to be outperforming other Brand players
This doesn't really have anything to do with the mastery ranking thing, but brand was amazingly strong before the update as well
Flaherty (NA)
: If it was really a matter of just getting cs you could've easily gotten 200 with Brand, but the system works like the other guy said. You performed well as Brand but not S level well when compared to other Brand players at your level.
And the best brands have more than 17 kills and always go with 0 deaths?
Flaherty (NA)
: But Brand HAS waveclear...
I did not say he didn't, I said this system promoted not using champs without waveclear.
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Rioter Comments
: Champion Reveal: Taliyah, the Stoneweaver
So her combo is going to be Unraveled Earth, into a from her seismic Shove towards her Unraveled Earth right before it explodes, then pelt them down with Threaded Volley, right?
: Sunfire/Bami is intended to break stealth. It's so champs like Evelynn and Rengar can't abuse it
Eve had this a while ago but they fixed it, saying it was indeed a bug.
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Þie (NA)
: I'm renaming ghost dog to Hank.
He sells propane and propane accessories
: Pencils down: Party Rewards test concludes
Its pretty good but i think whenever you have, say, 4 people, the minimum reward would be the 3 person one, or if you have 5 people, the minimum is the 4 person reward
: Kassadin is still Overpowered.
40 second cooldown at level 1... are you insane?
: K so can we give Nidalee the Kassadin treatment now
> [{quoted}](name=HateDaddy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=p07RNOie,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-02-25T18:28:21.871+0000) >They literally put him in Poppy tier. Do you even play poppy? Did you even see how strong her kit and passive are? or do you just say this because everyone else thinks she is bad?
MrSc0tty (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DJ Di0,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RjANnLVL,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2015-02-25T19:29:48.990+0000) > > You glossed over the fact that even enemies can use it as well. That will offer both counterplay and more decision-making for the ability. Sure, so it's not an escape. It's just an instant 2000-unit engage, 40-50% of a teleport when used to get back to lane during laning phase for both him and his ADC and a 5-man walljump. These kinds of things that stack with the huge mobility already present in the game are what phases out champions who don't bring any mobility at all to the table. When a Vi takes a thresh lamp from bot tower and engages an enemy in the 2nd bush while her allied Lucian follows up with his instant dash, the only solution is "well next game I should play Caitlyn/Corki/Graves instead of Varus/Ashe/MF because they have the only tool that exists to counter mobility, more mobility. It's the exact same situation when Bard sends himself, his carry and his allied Lee Sin from the side jungle entrance to the river bush with his portal. The counterplay to that is "use your mobility now to escape". Sure there are situations where an immobile champ will have available counterplay to follow Bard, but if it's a bait, guess what: a mobile champ is fine, an immobile champ is fucked. The message is clear here: We will only continue to increase the amount of mobility in the game. We will release champions with fast skillshot cc, instant dashes and global teleports where the intended counterplay is 'use your champion's mobility or play a mobile champ next time'. And we will continue to balance the game in favor of that mobility by nerfing or removing its counters and increasing its availability.
Don't forget that enemys can also go through this portal, but it is one way
: Bard, the Wandering Caretaker, revealed
Maybe make his ultimate to where it does not make his allies immobile
: EVELYNN IS SO MUCH FUN! Too bad I can't properly play her....
I can help with this quite a bit as one of my mains is Evelynn. Starting off normally with a **Hunters Machete** in one hand and some **Health Potions** in the other, Head off to **Blue Buff** and wait near the end to smite it, as it gives mana back when you do, starting with **E** then **Q** then **W** You want to max **Q** first, and max **W** Last. Build a **Skirmisher Saber** and pick up some **Health Potions** with your left over gold, then work your way to a **Blade of the Ruined King **, After that, get the Warrior enchantment on your **Skirmisher Saber**. Now would be a good time to get **Mobility boots**, After this, Get a **Trinity Force**, it will make you do massive damage at this point in the game, but make sure you have the other items as this won't do much very early for you. The last two item are changed depending on the current state of the game, but I personally prefer more lifesteal so I build **Bloodthirster** and a **Ravenous Hydra**, Then top it off with getting **Alacrity** on the boots to counter act the base move speed, And also upgrading my **Trinket** Here is the build Order: {{item:1039}} {{item:2003}} -> {{item:3715}} {{item:2003}} -> {{item:3153}} -> {{item:3714}} -> {{item:3117}} -> {{item:3078}} -> {{item:3072}} -> {{item:3074}}
JungHai0 (NA)
: You need to work as a team to get the Juggernaut but the person who gets the last hit becomes the Juggernaut. What if there was, say a Jinx who just constantly ulted as soon as the Juggernaut got low enough. In fact, anyone with enough execute would be OP in this mode.
But this also brings up another point, this is meant for draft mode, so those champs can be banned, such as darius, garen, jinx, Etc.
: Can we give Ashe a better passive now? Suggestion included.
Or we could make it somewhat like caits passive, but make it around 8 AA and be on a 5 second timer
Ixionas (NA)
: Hi Riot, evelynn really only needs a small change to become a viable pick again.
It would be great if she became more of a jungler with her abilities, such as making her ravage do 20% more damage to monsters
: How would draft mode champ select work here? Also, would you be able to attack other non-juggernaut players, or would you only be able to target the juggernaut?
Well one person is chosen as juggernaut at champ select so they can ban whoever they don't want to fight at the start and the team of 9 can Vote ban so they can choose who they don't want as first juggernaut, also you can only attack the juggernaut
: What Champs do you want to hear more about?
I can think of Some rivals that need some in game quests like the **"Battle for Freljord"** Such as: {{champion:104}}**Graves and Twisted Fate**{{champion:4}} {{champion:92}}**Riven and Yasuo**{{champion:157}} {{champion:89}}**Leona And Diana**{{champion:131}} {{champion:41}}**Gangplank And Miss Fortune**{{champion:21}} {{champion:26}}**Zilean and Volibear**{{champion:106}} {{champion:86}}**Garen and Darius**{{champion:122}} {{champion:15}}**Sivir and Cassiopeia**{{champion:69}} {{champion:90}}**Malzahar and Kassadin**{{champion:38}} {{champion:10}}**Kayle and Morgana**{{champion:25}} I don't even think I have half of the rivalries here
JungHai0 (NA)
: You need to work as a team to get the Juggernaut but the person who gets the last hit becomes the Juggernaut. What if there was, say a Jinx who just constantly ulted as soon as the Juggernaut got low enough. In fact, anyone with enough execute would be OP in this mode.
Good point, so I added some new things to this page
: Riot Gamplay Map Ideas
It could be a custom game setting where players can change the weather patterns post game
Rioter Comments
: win by like getting a certain amount of kill
We could have it on the dominion map and the spawns are the little pockets that are around the map (With protection turrets and Super Minion guards that act like hostile jungle camps except to the person that spawns there)
: Reworks don't always go sour... But when it comes to supports, that's a different story. Let's take a moment of silence for the Taric we know and love (or love to hate) {{champion:37}} :.....
Zilean is getting Buffs and balances, He will be more supportive soon
Junkο (EUNE)
: And items like Wota. RIP :'(
Wota is soon to get an Spell-vamp aura, Kinda like what Zekes herald does
: My main issue with Essence Reaver is you get none of the main uses of the final item until you actually have it. That mid-game piece is sorely needed, because at this point you don't get the CDR or mana passive without spending all 3200 gold. BF Sword + (Vampiric Scepter + Forbidden Idol + 200g) + 200g = 3400g total? Doesn't seem right, it needs a cheaper component. But that would necessitate dropping either the idol or scepter from the recipe. New item: >Vampiric Scepter + Faerie Charm + 220g = Mana Sickle, 1200g (I'm bad at naming) >20 AD 10% Lifesteal 5% CDR 25% Mana Regen Unique Passive: Restores 2% of damage dealt by basic attacks as mana. And then build that into Essence Reaver: >BF Sword + Mana Sickle + 550g = Essence Reaver, 3300g >80 AD 10% Lifesteal 15% CDR 25% Mana Regen Unique passive: [same as current version]
There is already a new item in the works that does this
Ratbert (NA)
: Ability Draft
Or maybe it would give you a choice between 5 champions for each ability, you choose the champ you want with the corresponding ability, then it gives you a choice of 5 other random champions for the next abilities, And maybe make it draft mode so you can ban certain champs from the rotation
Ratbert (NA)
: Ability Draft
Maybe make it to where you can only get 1 ability from a certain champion then can't use any of its other ability's
: Champion Update: Tristana
When does this go live? it doesn't tell us in the entire thing.
Spicay (NA)
: @Riot - Please keep Atma's Impaler in the game!
I used atmas on so many champs, like garen, mundo, and volibear
Moniky (NA)
: If only...
Out of all of these, i was the most sad to see atma's go... such a good item for tanky fighters or even just tanks
: Should I get dat bloodstone Taric? She's 50% on the current harrowing flash sale
aaIam (NA)
: Minion Wave Defense mode
Maybe be able to get a trinket that lets you place small **Turrets** and **Walls** that can be upgraded via **Trinket**. the **Turrets** would be fairly weak early game but provide some extra damage, the **Walls** will be somewhat small and take decent amounts of damage, **Turrets** damage and attack speed would be increased (depending on what upgrade you buy) and **Walls** would gain health and size (depending on what upgrades you bought)
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn
Wait, Both teams already had 5 people, What team was Nautilus on?
: The Doom Bots of Doom are coming!
How do you get to the doom bots?
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