: Visual Effect Updates: Kennen, Olaf, Wukong and Riven
wukong animations are CLEAN AF edit: if its not too much please update the jade dragon skin love u
Zeanix (OCE)
: “Karthus is performing noticeably better”
if they nerf karthus it'll be like what was done to wukong, where in wukongs case it was lethality and stormrazer that made him really good, now its dh thats making karthus really good, if riot nerfs karthus then they are choosing to ignore the fact that this new dh is too good
: To Riot Skin, Mission and Marketing teams, Please No More Event Pass for Winter Event
im a fan of the pass system but it gives too few tokens to make it viable for a regular to get the skins they want, they should buff the token gains
: @Wukong mains, get ready for a possible incoming nerf boys
the only people that play wukong are also good at him and know his kit, he is outdated so in the jungle you literally need to make a plan and stick with it, thats why the winrate is high..
saltran (EUW)
: >they literally nerfed him for no reason LOL
> [{quoted}](name=saltran,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ThtzvNE1,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-11-20T13:54:42.677+0000) > > LOL they did not have a good reason at all for the nerf since his kit is so item dependant, they should have nerfed the items that are also good on a ton of other champs, instead they nerf wukong lmfao ok
Rioter Comments
: Can't wait to see how utterly shit Riot makes the game this season with the "Soon" excuse
: Wukong players need to calm down and relax.
they literally nerfed him for no reason and refuse to even acknowledge him yeah we're upset
Rioter Comments
: Patch 8.20 notes
3 ad nerf, u cant make this shit up
: I have to agree, bringing back legacy skins all willy nilly like this just makes those of us that got them originally feel less cool. Just another bad move by riot. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
they do this for every hero that gets reworked are you new
: Preseason Dev Update Number 2!
The changes are cool, IMO the 3 slots should simply be up to what you want, for example if im playing an assassin why would I go defensive? what if I want to cheese and go all damage? something to consider on a side note, is there a chance that you guys could look into removing autofill from ranked? In ranked everyone wants to play their main role and their main champs, it doesn't make sense to get forced into a role you have no idea how to play. I suppose that's what the new ranked changes are going to try and fix, but it ties back to auto fill, why work around the system when it can just be removed and you have the problem fixed? ty for the updates
Rioter Comments
: Is anybody gonna talk about how Ezreal's rework is a straight buff?
they literally said all they are gonna do is update his visuals and his W, idk why you are suprised
Linkstar (NA)
: Make the word "EZ" a chat ban offence
please dont turn league into ow, i like league cause its generally more mature, overwatch is stupid baby bitch land where u cant even say gg ez let alone anything mildly offensive (in reference to jokes not toxicity)
: REMINDER, Rek'Sai basically doesn't have a passive
{{champion:62}} is in the same boat, pretty much doesnt have a passive, hoping for some change i the future :/
NotSid (NA)
: Riot's silence about the PAX debacle means one of two things
: An Argument for Making All Champions and Skins available in Practice Tool
Rioter Comments
: Just because he needs a rework doesn't mean he shouldn't be nerfed.
he actually still doesnt need a nerf tho, far from op he literally needs to be ahead to do anything
Rioter Comments
: Patch 8.14 notes
please don't nerf wukong, it's bad enough that his passive got turned into an item, and 30% armor shred on q isnt just baseline. You have to max his E so what is the point of this nerf PLEASE
: Not getting quest credit
update: it is actually fixed by now, match history still isnt though
: Not getting quest credit
this sucks, im gonna miss the day 2 quest of the event because of this
Rioter Comments
: Come up with an achievement for a champion.
{{champion:62}} Have your clone get ulted 5 times (can be different games)
Rioter Comments
: Opening a champion capsule causes bugsplat
im also getting this issue, just hit level 49 and it bugsplats every time i try and open the capsule im sure it will be hotfixed soon
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: Thank You

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