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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 5
Hey Meddler! Speaking of ways to expand TFT, are there any plans to add post death/post game chat? Specifically, when it’s down to 2 people, it feels awkward to have one big climactic fight and then not have any way to say “gg” that doesn’t involve friending the person and private messaging them.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 27
Hey Meddler! Just popping in to ask if there’s any news on Nexus Blitz. I’m surprised to have not heard anything after a couple of months and was just curious - is the decision still being made about the future of the node or is it more a matter of figuring out how to present that decision to the players? Cheers!
: Stormrazor is a guaranteed critical strike - it doesn't produce a higher spike than you could already get with a Phantom Dancer, though the reliability of that first crit is quite powerful and there are some cases that will need to be watched. Hail of Blades is attack speed for your first few attacks - that is definitely a burst increase over 1-ish seconds, but it does leave windows for flash/zhonyas/whatever other tools you have.
Was there any thought put into Hail of Blades replacing Lethal Tempo, or was it decided that Lethal Tempo's fantasy is strong enough to keep around and just tune rather than replace with a different attack speed keystone?
: Marksman changes coming to PBE in the next couple days
In regards to nerfing lane sustain, are you worried this will make taking a Nami or Soraka to lane too much of a requirement as opposed to a tankier support, or do you consider this a win in regards to making the kind of support you bring to lane matter more and have the contributions between the warden and enchanter classes less homogeneous in lane phase?
: Do I cease to be British just because I live in California? ;-) My accent suggests otherwise...
Ziggs was changed from Piltover to Zaun after he started hanging out with Jinx down there. I'm not saying this was the right or wrong call (for all I know those crazy Yordles have some quality where they LITERALLY become Zaunite/a Piltie/Demacian/what-have-you when they start hanging out there), just curious on your thoughts of that instance compared to Riven's circumstances.
: Nautilus lore - what's most important to you?
It’s funny, for me the most defining part of Nautilus’ backstory isn’t what kind of guy Nautilus himself is. No, my favorite concept has always been Regret. Nautilus’ old shipmates cut Nautilus free while he was submerged in God knows what, and now they have to deal with the consequences of an otherworldly giant metal behemoth slowly coming after them. It’s very “opening ten minutes of a slasher flick”; very I Know What You Did Last Summer, and I feel like Nauty is pretty unique among the League cast in filling this niche. The logistics of what happened to Nautilus while he was 6 fathoms under and what kind of creature he is now are totally up for grabs in my opinion, as long as he still keeps his horror movie victim origin.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 7
Hey Meddler! I recall you mentioning that, after the Cho’gath Effects update, you’d like to give updating the VO of an older champion. Is that still something you guys are chipping away at, or was it shelved due to resource strain/not hitting the mark/innumerable other reasons? Also, any word on how the Cho visual updates landed?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 28
I recall you mentioning a while back that after the Cho’Gath effect update (if it landed well), the next partial update was planned to be a VO update. Is this still in the pipeline, or was it shelved for time constraints/resource constraints/the Cho update didn’t land as well as hoped?
: Any questions, guys - I'm right here. :-)
Hey, I’m gonna post my question here too in case this is a more convenient place for this discussion. I’m super thrilled to see this article, ESPECIALLY with the promise (threat?) of new Void lore, but I am curious about one thing: I’m surprised to hear you guys are revisiting Bilgewater again, considering I’d argue Bilgewater (especially MF) has gotten far and away the most lore since the Great Revamp, what with the 5 bios and color stories, the two short stories, the comic, the cinematic, and the website. What made you guys decide to tackle them again as opposed to something like the Freljord or Bandle City?
: Hi! So there is an upcoming Nexus post that talks more about behind the scenes of the writing folks, but until then (and understanding that it's a more broad post, rather than a specifically focused answer) - what do you suggest as an alternative? I'm genuinely interested to kick about some ideas with you folks to see what you feel would be better, and what the pros and cons of each possible solution are acceptable or no. For example - you say that you're not a fan of the LUs that don't come with a color story, but that the total amount of lore per year is ok. With the recent Noxus faction update, we got the main champ of the update (Swain) with a bio and color story, but a selection of other champs only got new bios. There was a faction story too, ofc. It's a _terrible*_ way to measure it, but hypothetically, **if you had a budget of the same total number of words per year, how would you allocate them?** ######*But really, it's an abstraction well beyond usefulness, but at least it means we can all talk to each other in this thread in relative terms. So that's something I guess??
Was the Star Guardian story from last year handled by the same team that does the rest of the writing? Not that I didn't enjoy it, but having a 33-min short story dedicated to an alternate universe when some champions miss out on bios and color stories for their faction updates feels like resources could be allocated a little differently (not to mention characters like Syndra have a more fleshed out Star Guardian bio than they do an actual bio).
: It’s time for December bundles!
Having Irelia in that bundle makes it more of a Frosted Bottom than a Frosted Top
: @KatyChaos Disappointed In Harrowing/Halloween Skins
Katey, I gotta ask, why the decision to make all three Halloween skins this year for mid champions? I feel like these holiday skin lines are looked forward to by the majority of the playerbase each year, so to limit all three skins to mid players feels kinda crummy.
: Have you ever tried anything like reverse tenacity? Either something that applies to the champion that takes the keystone or something they can mark enemies with that makes cc last longer? Maybe that bundled with something like Windspeakers would help those sort of champs nicely.
They just added Brittle with Ornn so they've definitely got the tech if they wanted a way to more broadly apply it.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 23
Amumu's icons have always been the ones that jumped out at me as desperately needing an update (him and Fiddles, who was updated a while back). Speaking of other art updates though, what are the thoughts on updated item icons? I saw Guardian Angel is getting a new one which is awesome and was wondering if the team saw value in pumping out a few more of those, particularly for component items (here's looking at you, Negatron Cloak)
: Ahri WAS a human, and she regrets having to eat people's souls, but there is nothing taht hints to her wishing to revert back to a human.
No I don't think that's right. I'm pretty sure vastaya are vastaya from the minute they're born, I don't think they start out as human and then become animal people.
: Vastaya Q&A
Does Ahri still want to become human? It isn't outright stated in her bio or either of her stories but Xayah's interactions with her could lead to that interpretation. P.S. Just wanna say I love absolutely everything about Nami's new bio and story, really knocked it out of the park with that one.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 12
Speaking of support items, is there a general consensus on how the updated starting items + quests are performing? Particularly the item quests - my experience with the spellthief line is that the move speed buff is pretty hard to notice, it's possible that'll become more obvious after more games though. And I gotta say, I like the coin collecting mini game way more than I thought I would, both playing with it and against it (landing Nami bubbles against a Draven and a coin support is a dream come true)
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Keyru (NA)
: Xayah and Rakan Gifting Thread
If anyone feels like gifting a guy named Monkeytender a character named Rakan, he would be really grateful (asking for a friend)
: New Year, New List, Skin Team Still Putting Up Big Numbers
Great list! I actually keep a similar one on my compy. One small thing I gotta point out, you include Mundo with Zac and Rek'sai as not getting a skin since Pool Party 2 years ago, but he actually got that 1350 wrestler skin (El Macho Mundo I think?) last year.
: Yeah i think that skin was representing Swain's rise to power as the head of Noxus which is a thing he totally did and has held power there ever since. There are more - Acolyte Lee Sin was during his days as a summoner in training, Lux used to go around stealing spells with her pre-launch W, Graves broke out of jail. Although they tend to be so old that they don't fit with the world as it now is. Lee Sin could only train to be a summoner by crawling out of the computer screen a'la Ring, Lux never actually shipped with her stealth ability, the jail Graves broke out of is more in line with the fantasy world of modern Runeterra than the Fortress-like cyber jail the artist imagined.
So does that mean summoners have gone back to not really existing, lore-wise? I recall it being mentioned shortly after the retcon that summoners "still exist, just not how we are used to", so I'm curious if that was decided against.
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: I'm pretty sure the aspects aren't embracing a principle. The Aspects are literally beings that posses normal humans. Which is why pantheon lost his real name and just became Pantheon. And so on. Being ascended you remain the same dude, just more powerful/mostly immortal
Ehhh, I would agree with you if Pantheon was all we had to go off of, but Leona and especially the new Taric are proof that it varies from person to person. Taric talks about memories and so forth way to much to not still be the same guy as pre-ascended Taric.
: Shurima Story Q&A [COMPLETE]
Reading about the Ascended invoked memories of another recent chunk of League lore, namely the Aspects. They both involve normal people proving themselves in one way or another and being granted almighty power, although it seems Aspects are much more about "standing up for a principle" while becoming an Ascended is basically just getting the Shuriman version of the new Rift Herald buff. So I suppose my question is, are these two rituals related in any way? And for a question you're probably more likely to be able to answer without having to redact 90% of what you say, do the Targonians have an opinion on the Ascended? Love the influx of lore, by the way. High fives all around.
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Meddler (NA)
: Immobile mages was a short hand we used to describe a few categories of mage we were looking at. The longer version is that the mages we're making changes all fall into categories we're describing as: * Battle Mage (short-medium range, sustained damage dealers with some sustain or defense - Vlad, Ryze, Cass etc) * Burst Mage (single target focused, with solid CC as a pick option and strong burst - Syndra, Veigar etc) * Artillery Mage (extremely long range, unreliable at short range, consistently squishy - Xerath, Ziggs, Vel'Koz etc) Ziggs falls into the Artillery Mage category. Mobility's not generally a strength of any of the above categories of mage, the descriptions for those subclasses are very much guidelines rather than rules though, every champ breaks at least one of them (and needs to to be sufficiently distinct from their peers). We'll also be talking in more detail about how we view classes/subclasses overall shortly in another dev blog for anyone interested.
Not to come off too accusatory, but it seems Riot has been teasing this "dev blog in which we discuss classes which will be coming out shortly" for quite some time now. I seem to remember the last time it was brought up it was stated that we'd probably see it some time in March. Is this dev blog nearing completion and just having the finishing touches put on it, or is there lingering internal debate over the classes themselves that is keeping it from being released to the general public?
: Zyra in her current state is a legendary amount of work to make a skin for, for a multitude of reasons. Also she is currently being adjusted for the Mage Update, so we want to see how she is changed. Next time we are working on a skin for Zyra I'll bring this up and suggest a Blood Moon skin, but there are a whole heap of great Zyra concepts circulating at the moment!
Hey! I know it's been pretty common knowledge for a little while now that the champions up for the Mid Year Mage Update (tm) are not really being considered for skins because it would be a waste of resources to make new particles for a skin and then have to change them again if that champ gets a new spell. However! Definitely Not Vel'koz was just put onto the PBE a few days ago, and if I'm not mistaken Vel'koz is definitely on the list for The Official 2016 Middle Of The Year Magic Wielder Game Play Updater (tm). Does this mean the other five champs on the list are still eligible for 750 RP skins between now and the update, or is this just a case of the Vel'koz skin was already so far in the works before he was decided to be part of the update that y'all just decided to sneak him anyway? And this is the part of the post where someone makes a joke about "Wait, Vel'koz isn't getting a new skin! I don't know which champion you are talking about but it definitely isn't Vel'koz!"
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Vladimir Direction
One thing that appears to not be brought up here that I've always enjoyed about Vlad is how good he is at diving into an entire team. His ult, his pool, a stacked-up E... you all get the best pay off for these spells by hitting multiple people with them, especially his E. I feel like this aspect of Vlad is actually what's helped keep his Q unchanged for so long; it may be a boring spell on paper, but by being Vlad's only single-target spell, it stands out on his otherwise teamfight-oriented kit. Even if this involved toning down his dueling abilities, is Vlad's "the more the merrier" aspect something you intend to hone in on a little more specifically, or is Vlad's preferred fighting space something you are okay with not putting too much thought into and instead seeing what happens with his changes? Not that that would be a bad thing - if Vlad is being changed along the guidelines you just listed above, I'm completely fine with whatever fight styles he ends up being best at.
: Between Two Turrets - Come chat with Jaredan! [COMPLETE]
Hey Jaredan! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us lowly peons. I have a (hopefully) simple question. A few months ago when Kindred was released, I posed a question referring to the "related readings" section on her champ bio and how that seemed like it would be a perfect fit for other champs such as Miss Fortune or Lucian - giving a link to stories they have appeared in such as Shadow and Fortune for ease of access and also to make everything feel more connected. It would definitely be nice for champs like Lucian who have appeared in new lore but haven't gotten their new extended intros, as it at least gives players something to latch on to for their favorite characters. When I posted this then, you responded with a seemingly enthusiastic, although in hindsight, perhaps slightly vague "yes!" But since then there's been radio silence. Are there formatting issues on the website itself preventing this, similar to the issues that prevented the long intros for such an extended time? Or was it just put on the back burner while more pressing matters were dealt with?
: Retiring Dominion
Hide and Seek should definitely come back as a Featured Game Mode. Otherwise my "All Movement Speed" Zilean mastery page is just gonna sit there collecting dust.
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Meddler (NA)
: Our current thinking: * Garen * Darius * Mordekaiser * Nasus * Illaoi * Udyr * Yorick (reworked kit as well) * Skarner (some debate here as to whether he's a juggernaut with tank elements or a tank with juggernaut elements though) There are some champions we've previously looked at as possible juggernauts we now feel aren't a good fit for the category (Shyvana and Olaf for example, both of whom have much better ability to get to a really desirable target than the above champions on average).
Would Volibear not be considered a Juggernaut? His Q is similar to Garen's Q in the initiation it grants; is it that he has too much CC for a Juggernaut and as such falls into the initiation tank category?
Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
To me, the most fun parts of Vlad are his sustain and his AOE, and I think these both tie very closely to his theme of blood lord. The gameplay for his sustain right now basically revolves around surviving early to get to a point where you can sustain satisfyingly (with a guaranteed low cool down spell). Keeping the sustain but changing how he does it to provide more fun for the Vlad and more counter play for the opponent would be a huge first step in my opinion.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Illaoi's Long Lore Has Been Released!
Definitely loved the lore. It was cool to get a bit more Gangplank loving after he didn't show up in the Harrowing event and I think this is one of the first mentions of Bilgewater's surrounding areas. I do have a question - I noticed with Kindred that they had a "related reading" or something to that effect with links to stories involving Kindred. Will other champs get this? Not only does Shadow and Fortune add a more light hearted, well rounded side to Illaoi's character, I also feel like it would just be more convenient to find these old stories if there were links to them on the corresponding character profiles. Just a thought!
: The Preseasoning: Day 1 Open Forum Discussion
I'm swell Riot Pwyff, how 'bout yourself? I've just got a quick question about mana pots. Are y'all removing them from all maps, or just Summoner's Rift? Mana pots have been almost more valuable than health pots on ARAM, and I know that these huge changes are usually focuses on SR while the other maps are more "let's see what happens", so I was wondering if any consideration was put into how this change would affect other maps. Otherwise, super excited for the Miss Fortune changes! And everything else, I suppose, but MF is my girl and I can't wait to see her beautiful wombos.
: Preseason 2016 crests the horizon!
Are they getting rid of mana pots on ARAM as well? I know these huge feature changes usually focus exclusively on Summoner's Rift but mana pots were pretty dang important for some champs on the Murder Bridge.
: Fizz and Nautilus please. Both of them were quickly previewed, released, and...that's it. We know they're from the oceans. We know something got Nautilus. We know something from the water. And that's about it.
Nautilus actually got a little itty bitty mention in the Harrowing history that was posted last Halloween. Nothing new as far as development goes, but it was nice to see our Iron Man isn't forgotten. But yeah, our ocean folk (and, by extension I suppose, Bilgewater) definitely could use a bit more loving.
: "I didn't see that VU coming." or Nobody Expects the ChampUP Inquisition!
One comment I would like to make, and this might not be the right thread to make it in, is the lack of VO updates in these latest "MTUs". The model updates have been fantastic - I was playing Maokai earlier and he feels absolutely wonderful. However, these new lower-key updates have so far seemed to completely leave out updating a champion's voice over. Singed still has ten or so lines, which I feel really hurts him as a character. One of my favorite things of seeing your Sions or your Twitches is being greeted by all of the new voice over that comes with it. Hypothetically, if champions were to start receiving VO updates by themselves (sort of like Anivia and Ashe during the big Frejlord event), that would quell any fears I had. I just worry that we will have to wait until a full VU for Singed before he gets to flex his vocal cords a bit. On to the question at hand, I would just like to throw my hat in the ring for Miss Fortune. I feel she has a pretty strong theme and silhouette, she just needs a quick trip over to hair and make-up to help her shine.
: So what do you guys wanna do with Taric?
Taric has always struck me as a gentleman from a few centuries ago. His campy, "outrageous" factor comes from how serious he is when he comments on the beauty in things - sort of like a poet. You know that poem about comparing someone to a summer's day? I could see Taric reciting something similar to that. Taric embodies a character who has much more antiquated ideals, and I think that is what sets him apart. In a game with characters like Jinx, who could very well be torn out of a story set in 2014, it is nice to have a character like Taric who describes things with words like "vigor" and "tranquil" with a calm sincerity that few other characters can pull off. Taric finds the beauty in everything and has the mindset of a 17th century poet, and that's why I like him.


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