: Mundo and garen aren't tanks. ornn deals too much dmg period Rammus hard counters a majority of meta picks with his thornmail spell.
: Buffs in 9.24 for Yi and Illaoi
Riot bad upvotes left
: I feel like shit talking is one of the best parts of games
Correct, it is. Bantering with friends and forming rivalries is the ultimate enjoyment of any social game. Unfortunately a lot of people want to be as far removed from other people as possible and many new games cater to that.
Bârd (NA)
: The point of a gold generation item is to generate gold. The new support items do not do that.
Supports should not have gold. If they end up too weak riot should look to buffing their kits to be less dependent on gold because supports should be effective primarily on their base kit
Cdore (NA)
: Remember when League was a game made for American and European audiences?
>strategy and slow pace games You mean the era where Korea (an Asian country) completely dominated League and dictated the meta? New changes benefit NA more than anyone else and they still can't compete. Stop blaming China for it.
Ymir1906 (NA)
: F in the chat for the support role.
Getting too comfortable with an overpowered role will have this effect.
: Please, make this changes to Yorick. He feels awfull in medium/high elo. Long post.
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: The truth behind conqueror
Why are you picking a burst caster (who has never had any business killing tanks) for the comparison?
Atsoc17 (EUW)
: League is the absolute worst game to learn
It's actually pretty accessible compared to other MOBAs or RTS games that they derived from
: Has riot given up on making real supports?
All the "real" supports you listed are designs that should be kept in the trash. Why would we ever go back to that?
: Imagine having your head so far up your ass that you don't think being higher-ranked than 90% of the playerbase is high elo.
: It feels like the game was injured after being thrown violently into a faster-paced meta.
The game wasnt "thrown" into a faster meta. Players are much better than they used to be. The game has been figured out.
: They didn't learn anything from ryze kalista or azir. Just another champion that gets thrown into the <46% winrate pit to rot. Almost like excessive dashes are toxic to the game or something.
There's nothing wrong with a high skillcap champion having a low base winrate. That isn't "rotting." That's just where they go.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: yea but you know, she's trash in low elo thus she isn't well designed for the boards kekw
I would say my only grievance with her is her constant MS. There's basically No point in a fight where she's not speeding towards or away from me. I have no issue at all with her dashes since she's a lot more limited in her mobility than people think
: Did the Akali rework fail?
No. Shes quite well designed.
: This finals was an amalgamation of everything that's wrong with season 9.
: If items compesnated for the weaknesses of every champion, they would all play the same way.
No, there are no examples of this being the case. I don't even need to bring up other games; lets use two LOL champions. Let's say that we add something like Blink Dagger and it has stats that are desirable on both Illaoi and Malphite (tank.) Do these champions suddenly start doing the same job? No, it enables them differently, they just get far more leverage on how they can use their kits.
: I mean. Bruisers do the same thing. 1 maybe 2 damage items and they 100-0 everything while being unkillable and unkitable.
not from range and most of them can't go from being God tier splitpushers to leaping across the map on a nonsummoner to become one of the best teamfighters once he gets there Ryze is only weak to people who outrange him and all of the mages who out range him are shit
Kazekiba (NA)
: Did you know Pyke has as much armor as Alistar and Braum? They might've nerfed that recently but he had some of the highest tank stats in the game. "yeah he can't buy health!" but he can buy armor? {{item:3026}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3742}} so. why does he need 120 base armor
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Tahm Kench is still dumb, Riot are just avoiding a big issue
Would he be healthier if you could at least intercept it before they get swallowed? Something like how Yuumi works where you would then have to consider timing against enemy AOEs
Yenn (NA)
: If top lane is intended to be 'melee vs. melee,' then top ranged champions need reworks
Melee fighters who are so binary that they just flop and die if somebody picks Gnar are the ones who should get worked on, imo
: While i don't wanna take anything from this well thought out post, i think the ACTUAL root of our problems is that Riot does not want a balanced game where every champion can compete with each other. With that said i agree with most of what OP stated.
I think you're giving Riot too little credit. They would like a balanced game where most champions can compete at the highest level, but they've taken a stance against the item setup I've proposed that I think makes it difficult for less self sufficient designs to keep up.
kuzzy47 (EUW)
: You gave a bad example for warriors in wow. Warriors in wow have 0 survivability on top of getting cced to death. They are a class dependant on healer. So don't compare 2 different games.
You don't have a healer in most wPvP encounters, unless you got ganked while farming with friends. And there's a good handful of defense boosting options and sustain if survival is all you need. I've never played battlegrounds so I've no idea how they work there. Picked up Classic as my first MMO to play with friends.
: Gunblade is part of the problem. What I suggested is basically REMOVING the current itemization and replacing it with items that give you more agency to enable your champion's kit. Not shoving stats down your throat til your kit does something, which 90% of the time is damage now. Each item you buy should accomplish something specific...not primarily load stats onto your champion.
I think stat sticks are fine for champions with a sufficiently high mechanical bar. My ideal medium for it would be that statbased champions start off with their numbers and buy into their mechanics, with the opposite being true for more mechanical champions; they have superior kits, but they have worse ratios meaning that they take a bigger damage loss from skipping another damage item, so their out play potential comes at the price of a build more restricted to squishy setups to maintain their carry threat.
: The downside to what you are proposing is that players have to remember to use their actives and use them properly. Not everyone wants another set of timers to worry about. Not every can remember to use them. Not everyone wants them. Then you've got to consider that people are playing and investing time in league because there are things in DotA they don't want or like. Riot needs to be very careful about copying a different game because it could drive players away. Don't get me wrong, this might be the one thing riot needs to copy, but it might not be as well. Finally, if you want to compare league to another game, why not compare it to Overwatch? Overwatch got rid of things like items and levels and focused purely on gameplay. As a result matches are a lot quicker and more fun. Last night I had a ranked game that lasted 42 minutes, in part because the other team took 2 inhib turrets and decided to throw as slowly as possible. I remember thinking at around 35 minutes that the other team was throwing. Getting rid of levels and items would certainly speed up league a lot and it would get rid of all the problems associated with items like keeping them balanced, making sure every class has good items, actives, etc. So why not go the overwatch route? If you need item actives to "fix" a character, the character is still broken, you're just sweeping it under a rug. Every match.
Over watch is an arena shooter more than it's a MOBA. It's dictated by very different sets of rules. MOBAs as strategy games should work to create more options, not less. Removal of items is a non-option here because the game is designed very clearly around you buying items and scaling. Making that more significant (and more varied) is the best choice.
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Jamaree (NA)
: I'm like 99% sure that if humans didn't exist, pandas would have naturally gone extinct.
> [{quoted}](name=Jamaree,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4ZEGHvUa,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-11-07T08:15:34.351+0000) > > I'm like 99% sure that if humans didn't exist, pandas would have naturally gone extinct. all of the pandas problems are directly caused by humans
majority of fighters don't tank half as well as a real tank and rely on not being bursted before their sustain comes on more importantly I as a bruiser player have a fraction of your utility and in a lot of cases a much shorter threat range where someone actually needs to worry about me being near them
: "WTF a Tank Malph"
ap malphite is a low elo phenomena and sucks ass in higher ranks
: Support is a broken af role that does more damage than carries in lane and decides who wins lane phase. ADC just last hits farm.
early game class does more damage early game than late game carries, that's been the case since season 1
Cloud273 (NA)
: Buffing tanks directly is the best way to fix them
bruisers have never abused tank items
Saevum (NA)
: I want my new overhaul item with an Atma's feelin'. With sugar on top.
> [{quoted}](name=Saevum,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=JIY4BJty,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-11-05T14:11:43.200+0000) > > I want my new overhaul item with an Atma's feelin'. With sugar on top. If all you want from new items is more stats to monkey on people with, don't complain that your champion pool continues to be dogshit in high elo we need items with actives and mechanical input, not more stat sticks
: Riot, the game doesn't need massive Champion releases or Reworks.
Class updates blew chunks and all of them had maybe 1 or 2 successes compared to 3 or more failures League needs an item overhaul more than anything else
: Can we tone down damage and make league require skill again?
: The balance team in regards to hook champions over ardent champs is honestly astonishing
: Riot doesn't have a problem with statchecks as evidenced by Mordekaiser and Kayle
people really enjoy taking my arguments in bad faith it seems
: I mean no offense, but wouldn't that make them too similar to Illaoi then? Yeah, I realize that the word "Juggernaut" would suggest a bulkier frame and that more female Juggernauts would be interesting, but I'm sure there's more than the "They Transform" way that Shyvana currently takes, and the "Musclewaifu" route that Illaoi goes. EDIT: I also realize that we don't know what gender the Ionian Juggernaut is yet, as a second reading of the post does not suggest they are male or female, so you could be right for all we know at this point.
chun li muscle rather than bodybuilder muscle god tier stuff right there mate
: So, anyone else hyped for the upcoming Ionia Juggernaut?
: you all need to chill with the whole "neglected" and "riot's favourite" champs thing
Volibear is getting too many reworks, I suspect corruption in the higher tanks
: cuz his kit genuinly doesn't need heavy changes to be modernized? ezreal/xin zao tier rework would be fine. just cuz he beats the shit outta the one archetype you play doesn't mean he's that bad. his model is outdated but aside from that his visual design isn't inherently bad. blood moon even looks amazing tbh and an update should probably follow the shapes of the super kennen skin but with more ninja visuals.. he's got a 3.2% pickrate. that's far from the worst in the game.
Kennen is never popular in SoloQ. Aurelion has never had high pick either but in high elo hes well regarded as a completely degenerate champion that nobody likes dealing with unless they're running a counter like kass or ekko. Who cares? He's not well designed.
: True. I had forgotten he's one of those people who finds statchecks to be the healthiest thing in the game and thinks any kind of actual skill expression means a champion's busted.
but I've praised Irelia, Akali, and pantheon for being good reworks at least on their foundations nunu and Mordekaiser are trash, sure >stat checks are bad I've talked to multiple players in higher tanks than me and none of them have an issue with stat checking because there is such a thing as being too fair. Stat checks are bad when it's all they can offer, which Volibear is more useful than thanks to his Q and E. Trundle is a huge stat check but hes overbearing in competitive because he has too much utility, his ability to brain you with damage rarely factors in. This type of differentiating tends to completely go over Boards heads though, because you guys get steam coming out of your ears at the very idea that melee champions can right click.
: Why would you want to buff Mordekaiser? He is already extremely strong how he is right now. And such change would just make him even more terrible to face as a melee champion. His passive lets him deal constant damage to enemies as long as he is in fight with them. If you can't immediately disengage from him, then he will most likely outtrade you. This would just make him win these situations he is already winning even harder.
Mordekaiser is trash, idk how anyone is still losing to him when all of his good matchups turn into losing ones after QSS and a finished item. I've never seen him carrying games and the only times he wins is if the rest of his team is winning too.
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: Which of the 2 champions who need to be in the VGU list the "most" after Fiddlesticks and Volibear?
: > [{quoted}](name=Moody P,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZJhTbaai,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-10-31T22:27:16.299+0000) > > Adding scaling to supports and making several supports into borderline hypercarries themselves (Sona, Taric) was one of Riots biggest blunders. It was Riot's best decision to add scaling to support. Do you want to play a bland gold generating champion that the only thing they do is buy wards? Seriously no. And thats why the role was so unpopular back in the day. Because only hardcore people who just liked the idea of supporting and could live with the bs that was itemization and no-scaling could play it
All of the popular supports besides Pyke are playmakers whose kits are highly effective regardless of their gold income All of the scaling supports (i e enchanters) are garbage and nobody wants to play them no matter how strong they are
PzyXo (EUW)
: Shyvana and Malphite's magic scale should be nerfed
: No. Old Mordekaiser was garbage.
not at all, he was probably consistently one of the most underrated champions and had enough gameplay to him besides his R that he was healthy, and had many OTPs in high elo new Mordekaiser is unworkable design that will never be good in high elo without being broken everywhere else
Bârd (NA)
: I think we've detracted pretty far from way support itemization was supposed to work.
Adding scaling to supports and making several supports into borderline hypercarries themselves (Sona, Taric) was one of Riots biggest blunders.
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