: Lack of Riot caring about anything
who cares about ranks.
: Is it safe to say Maokai's rework was a complete failure?
He's decent ish in aram does that count? lol
: yet people argue that rank is competitive at its natural form.... HA
I mean if i can get a free win smacking gosu around bot lane im in.
Rioter Comments
: You should play against me sometime. Also the point I'm trying to make here is that characters that shoot ranged have too many escapes, like caitlyn and ahri. Most people use skills as escapes in a very abusive way which is like kassadin, except for the fact that kassadin was extremely nerfed and I haven't seen a single good kassadin anymore. I main blitz and I'm not talking about the characters I actually use. I mean, I don't have to USE assasssins. I can use the OP characters riot made OP instead if I desire. I can't deny that the minority of play styles is punished the most, even at the cost of balance in character picks. I know what people are going to do based on the characters they pick and items they get for them first. I always check. Someone got a soul stealer? Guess what. They must be getting ready to gank or try to get a kill. Someone picked a blitzcrank and is under tower? They must be baiting me. If you run in a jungler, the enemy jungle at that, and a master yi runs out of a bush, you shouldn't be able to just "escape" without even needing to cc master yi. This is what happens. Every time I see a master yi, I just cc him and he dies, but, master yi runs after someone and the person he runs after just escapes.
bronze 1 33% winrate. Somehow I don't think you know a whole lot about veigar. You can't 1 shot anymore.
: I'd much rather have an even game than a team that's died once in 2 out of 3 lanes before I've finished taking my second jungle camp. Or people who keep trying to 1v1 regardless of the fact they've lost that fight 4 or more times in a row already. I get that people don't like backseat gamers, but the advice of: "stop trying to engage x top lane when they keep killing you before you do any damage." Is something I can't stand. Or teams that surrender at 20 because you're behind by 5 or 6 kills, yet possess all the dragon kills and have more towers taken. Maybe I should just play ranked and brute force my way up to gold to match my normal draft elo. Playing with people who make the same mistakes over and over is infuriating, and the cause is simply that I don't play enough ranked to actually get my elo up.
Yeah i think that only happens in bronze.
: if a support gets caught warding who's fault is that?
If there's a huge wave at ur turret or something, support should wait to ward or just safe ward if you think you're getting dove. If you just shoved the wave out roam with your adc to get vision
ybuR (NA)
: So assassins are not allowed to 1shot but mages bursting your team is fine?
If you're dumb and 5 people get caught by an ori ult, then yes.
: Whats your Box to Key Ratio?
I'm sitting on 8 keys no boxes. (I play like 2 champs)
muderra (NA)
: league ranked
Matchmaking is fine. Sometimes you get teams that are bad, sometimes you get enemies that are bad, sometimes it's an even game.
: "Eh whatever this is low ELO anyways. Don't think your weird pick would work in high ELO!"
plat is still low elo. Technically it's like middle elo but nobody really says that.
: Riot, stop spamming me. Seriously.
check again I think you have 2 more missions.
MaropaL2 (EUW)
: Support = underestimated?
: > [{quoted}](name=Moooose3,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=PhNL1pEJ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-19T04:21:58.795+0000) > > Jesus christ burn it with fire. I didn't click the link. Are you saying this because she is a Lux main? http://www.auplod.com/u/pdolua802d6.png
: Thats my problem. RIOT made him "niche" when he was perfectly fine before.
What's wrong with niche champs? They gave him a champion identity instead of "worse zed"
: tanks that shred people
Damn this post is very intuitive and ground breaking. Now what they shoulda done with juggernauts, is balance them somehow. Maybe by making them all melee champs andgiving them huge bulky playermodels, the lowest base movespeed in the game, with no inherent gapclosers in their kit. Too bad nobody thought of that.
: So why would I have post comparing current Talon to S2 Talon back when he had damage amplification, silence and blink at 650. If I was that new to this game, I wouldn't be complain about the current state of Talon because it's the only Talon I'd have ever known. The audacity you have to imply someone has special needs when you draw an irrelevant conclusion when there was never any room for misinterpretation on that. My original account name was "Talon Wukong" This account name was "Talon Wukong" before the assassin update, but I dropped my love the name Talon afterwards because I loved Talon for his laning power, which he clearly lacks now. Am I saying bring back his blink, silence or damage amplifier... not at all. But 100 unit nerf to his gap closer is overkill and makes him unviable in lane. In his current state, his goal is to max W, push wave, then roam. That doesn't work when you lane opponent has just as much wave clear as you and there's no way for you to engage them. {{champion:103}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:45}} . So I roam to attempt to pick up a kill/assist in a different lane while sacrificing mid lane turret and losing out on cs while walking to top/bottom?
You're picking a niche AD assassin that strives off of roaming, with a parkour e, and think he's going to be good against every lane opponent? Don't pick him against people with waveclear if you have trouble with those matchups. Not every champ has to go even/favored in lane against every matchup. And I never said you were new to the gmae, just horrible. Having a 40% winrate in silver 5 takes some serious dedication.
: His blades can clearly be seen from the FOW. I pressed R at fox camp and the mid laner left my turret because she saw the blades.
Oh my bad. But still there's no way in hell you can possibly have a valid argument for talon getting the short end of the stick mobility-wise. It is different, sure, but if you're not a braindead ape like half of league, it's busted.
Vondor (NA)
: Support Smurfing in silver need ADC
I never got these posts. If you're smurfing why the hell do you need somebody else to queue with. Solo'd bronze5-diamond in 100ish games. It's really not hard. EDIT: oh you have a 43% winrate. Good luck "smurfing" some more.
: Invite me to a practice match and show me how to use the terrain mid/top please.
: Invisibility... is that feature in the same ability that launches out 15 blades in a circle around where he's standing on cast, then after 2.5 seconds guide you to his location?
The one where the blades don't show in fog of war, which would be near any wall in the entire jungle.
Sciela (NA)
: 2-3k? Sorry, Riot's not that big. Maybe 2-300. Even a thousand is stretching it. And uh, did you realize how little work goes into that client? You talk like the client is some 20GB full-feature game or something.
you understand that it's a worldwide company right? Not just in NA.
Sciela (NA)
: So, tell me what company in the world costs the majority of nearly $3B a year to operate. Including paychecks, facilities, all that... maybe $3-4M AT MOST? That's if Riot has 100 employees, which they likely don't.
Basically any large company?? You do understand they have servers in basically every country right? It's not just the US, it's staff, servers, tech support, websites, moderators, worldwide events, changes to the game, server updates/moves, repairs, actually paying the top owners of the company.... There's so much shit that goes on that apparently you are entirely naive to. Literally live under a rock.
: Redeeming the Orb For the event
however many times you want.
Sciela (NA)
: So hey Riot, a question.
websites, keeping servers up to date, staffing, events, etc..... You're either trolling or have no clue in hell how a company works.
: RIOT: Talon treated unfairly by "balance team"
You're right. Talon is obviously seriously suffering from mobility. Ignoring the fact he can jump over any wall in the game and makes up for his low dash range with invisibility.
Vilifier (NA)
: You're missing the point, they literally gave a champ the ability to 1 shot at 40% health someone who builds health and specializes in it. That's the definition of imbalance. At least if that ability was regular damage that would make sense but what kind of idiot gives him TRUE DAMAGE for an ult? Which brings me to my next point. True Damage, why? Why make a stat which is designed specifically to imbalance the game? You made armor and then made a stat which makes it irrelevant? How is that not the dumbest thing ever?
: unfair suspension
"who the f word" classic
: Proof That I'm A Noob
hint: it's green/blue
: Want to learn to play well. Will pay
meh. add me on my thresh only smurf moooose2. Not gonna lie I'm a lowly master player but can give you some tips if I have time to watch your games etc. If not good luck in finding a coach/improving.
: The same amount of area is being threatened by the hook regardless of the range meaning you have to move the same distance perpendicular to thresh in less time due to travel time. The only way I can see it helping is that you can potentially dodge in more directions during the cast time before you see the hook making thesh have to guess more on where to initially cast it.
People are talking about if you are on thresh. IF they're literally next to you you can walk through him by the time he casts hook. There are so many more angles you have to think about.
: > [{quoted}](name=Moooose3,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NQjbaeNe,comment-id=000000020001,timestamp=2017-06-17T20:57:26.514+0000) > > Thresh hasn't had any legitimate changes(non-bugfixes) for 3 days short of a year. What makes him op now? Don't be ridiculous. Champion balence doesn't even remotely exist in a vacuum. Every change to every single champion in the game, and every item in the game, has an effect on individual champion balence, even to the smallest extent. Thresh's role just had major itemization changes and two dominant picks nerfed while popular adcs have shifted to all in champions like twitch and draven. All of these things contribute to thresh's balence state, weather hes overpowered or not.
Agreed but you can't possibly believe that a jack of all trades support is hidden op after changes to a few champs. I've played him over this entire time and there's nothing that makes him feel stronger now than he did before. It's just there are now more punishing adcs that take advantage of his kit.
: If he requires skill to do well with him then why does he have a 40% pickrate and approaching a 54% winrate? If he's so balanced then why is he unequivocably the best in his role right now and has been for a couple of patches?
Thresh hasn't had any legitimate changes(non-bugfixes) for 3 days short of a year. What makes him op now?
: You would be right except Thresh hooks travel in lines, not cones.
You're actually just wrong. If they're on you, they can literally walk in 180 degrees from where you threw your hook during the cast time. https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Moooose2 I wonder who's opinions on thresh are correct.
: Blocking toxic players
Why are you friending toxic people lol.
: When you're so broke you even break 100% ban rate
Obviously a reliable champ statistics website.
: His hook stun needs to scale with distance traveled or something. His ability to negate bruisers is really insane and annoying. He just spams hook and flay off cooldown and a diver/skirmisher can't really dodge that while in melee range.
Melee range hooks are the hardest to hit lol. You cover the most angular distance in the smallest window of time. I see now you really are a boosted ape. copy pasted. But it turns out your post is just as stupid all the way down here.
: Is how I play wrong? Looking for answer from someone who isn't Bronze
You're in bronze, yes its wrong. Sorry but that's as straightforward of a question as it can be. Watch high elo streams for the roles you play and see if your decision making is the same as yours.
: Ik you are being sarcastic and all, but as a thresh and tahm main (i have over 100k mastery in both) I find it weird that you have trouble with thresh. I always pick tahm into thresh, all you gotta do is eat the adc when he gets hooked. I'm not high elo and i don't think you are a bad player by any means, but in my personal opinion shouldn't you be happy that Thresh is being pick so often?
as a master thresh 1 trick, tahm kench is the most aids fucking champ to play against in lane. Hate it more than zyra or literally any other counter. Tahm Kench can die in a hole.
: Me, a melee champion who can't dodge because he's literally in melee range. Hook, flay, hook, flay, hook, flay. Wow, I can't move.
Melee range hooks are the hardest to hit lol. You cover the most angular distance in the smallest window of time. I see now you really are a boosted ape.
: The cooldown of his hook at max rank is 12 seconds. Having 45% cdr lowers it to about 6.6 seconds and landing a hook on anything lowers it by another 3. This causes it to be on a 3-4 second cool down in a team fight. That seems abit extensive
If you need to throw a hook every 3 seconds, you're most likely playing thresh wrong.
: Thresh is not only the most picked support but also the one with the highest winrate
Seems like you just can't dodge skillshots. Thresh hasn't been touched in forever. He has remained the same as he always has been. He's a perfect example of a balanced champ that has a ton of counterplay and requires skill to do well with him.
: Serious Question. why does Duo Q exist?
Because you enjoy playing with a friend? Or you want to make sure that you have one less boosted ape on your team? I can think of plenty of reasons. (ps. 90% of these "smurfs" aren't smurfs)
: Demotion
If you're at gold 5 or silver 5 or plat 5 etc... getting demoted is hard you need to have low as FUCK elo in order to get demoted. If you get promoted, up until diamond you have a demotion shield or whatever where the new games won't affect your mmr (like 3 or something) and get you demoted. You were most likely demoted faster for one of these reasons.
Bulletz64 (EUNE)
: Can we talk about infernal drake ?
Rainfall (EUNE)
: Meddler was about to issue a nerf for thresh but read your comment and changed his mind.
That's what I was going for. What a guy.
: NERF THRESH 54% Winrate 40% Pickrate
: [Missions] Confused as to why these are X'd out
You did the (idk what its called light side??) quest. so You can't do the dark side or wahtever its called one anymore. Read the text lol
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