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: 100 player Battle Royale mode with a top-down view
The whole "need to be level 30 to up/downvote" thing when people are over 30 is RIP
: Ditto, The Copycat
Heeyy that's pretty good
: why waste time on that, go play any of the dozens of other battle royale games
Because none of them are like LoL and the possibility of getting to explore more of the LoL universe would be amazing.
: With current tech in the game, not even remotely possible. It isn't a question of want, it is a question of can. The current tech heavily restricts how many champions the game can support at one time, because it has to load the assets for all champions in play for each game. The game isn't actively keeping all the champions active for each game on active memory, it is only doing the 10 (perhaps 12, in the case for Hexakill), and other such choices to keep the game viable to run on older computers. This basic idea would have to not be a game mode, but it's own entire game built from the ground up. You'd have better luck getting a 10 player free for all with a fixed number of lives on each player, and a changed up gold generation system. This would be viable within the context of the current engine, all you have to do is change team number from 2 to 10, and design a new map to support the basic gameplay of it. The biggest difficulty would be having the defeat/victory screen be personal only, not game wide. Once your own personal game has ended, you can just leave freely, or spectate. Hell, technically, you could just leave anytime you want, as the only person who would really suffer in a 10 person free for all is you, as for everyone else it just put them one step closer to possible victory anyway.
: Riot can't seem to make one for all happen, so I wouldn't get my hopes up for this. Although this sounds really fucking fun, i wonder if people would have FPS problems tho.
I thought one for all was a rotating game mode?
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: I like this idea. Always have. Something we'd certainly consider.
So what you're saying is it may end up becoming a game mode in the rotation which means it would have to be updated for all the new champions to work with capture points anyway, yet we still can't use it in customs? Also I actually DON'T want the map to receive a visual update because I for one LIKED the old Summoner's Rift before the visual update. I hate the new Rift. It's too boring and bland, the old SR had more personality and color, which the Crystal Scar still had. All I'm seeing is excuses.
: Riot. This ends now.
I suffer from multiple mental health disorders such as schizophrenia, paranoia, and so on. I overcame depression and suicidal tendencies (tried to overdose multiple times and passed out in an attempt to hang myself) and one reason I managed to overcome my depression is freedom of expression, or what's left of it, on the internet. I'll be damned if you people on your high horses who find every little thing to complain about take that away too. Right now it's "killing myself" and "kill yourself" and next week it'll be "I hate Yasuo" and "Stupid minions" and before too long it'll be "git gud kiddo". May as well remove the entire chat. This coming from someone who has attempted to end his life and eventually learned from it, if you are sad enough that someone telling you to kill yourself over a game like League is enough to push you over the edge, then I don't think you should be playing this game in the first place. You should seriously seek help and look toward other alternatives for entertainment. Kids these days are saying it in schools like it means hello; hell they said it all the time back when I was in school. I'm not saying I approve of it, I'm just saying I don't really care if people want to say it. I just know what it will ultimately lead up to if they further crack down on chat restrictions. I'll receive some flack for saying this, but if you are brave enough to fight the thoughts and overcome suicidal depression, then I'm proud of you. The ones who give in, well... I just see it as preventing overpopulation, a means to escape when you have no way out, and survival of the fittest. I've known friends who have committed suicide but it had no correlation to gaming or the Internet. It was school and parenting related everytime. So if you want to blame something, then target the source: Bad parenting and the school system.
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: [Champion Concept] Huilang - the Eternal Cycle
I like the idea for this champion. Especially the ult, however it could use some work on the mechanics because all the restrictions/limitations make it seem too...faulty, and it would not work very well in a team fight from the way it sounds with the cast times. An alternative idea for the ult is you could cast it and all the defeated allies within an area around you are revived with full health and mana but have 30-50% less armor and magic resistance, and maybe reduced damage/attack speed, until they are defeated or the duration of the ult expires. While a revived ally is active, the death timer continues to count down but freezes at 1 second until the ally's phantom is defeated/ultimate expires. Another idea to consider is the area of the ultimate moves with Huilang, allowing the players' phantoms to move freely with Huilang as long as they remain inside the circle. If an ally wants to resurrect at the fountain, he can just step out of the circle. This would be a very interesting and unique ultimate. I would hope it would have a long duration because it could be fun traversing the Rift in phantom form while the screen is grayed.
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: Playing the old champs
I miss the old Evelynn and Twitch
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: Alt-Tab causing bugsplat and breaks chat
Yeah I know I went and looked at those patch notes but that has nothing to do with the problem at hand. That is about the jungle timer pings, not a bug or known issue. That's if you hold tab to bring up the jungle timers, they are saying don't try to ping the jungle timers (by holding alt and clicking) because then you would alt tab out of the game. Again, it has nothing to do with this bug.
: You can also click on jungle timers in the Tab menu to put them in chat. Don’t ping them. Just click them. If you Alt+Tab, it’s not our fault. We warned you. It's in the patch notes 6.14 under cool down pings. So they know.
> [{quoted}](name=Brimaz The King,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=Rq4qG7dh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-05T07:52:08.245+0000) > > You can also click on jungle timers in the Tab menu to put them in chat. Don’t ping them. Just click them. If you Alt+Tab, it’s not our fault. We warned you. It's in the patch notes 6.14 under cool down pings. So they know. What the heck is that supposed to mean? That doesn't even relate to the problem.
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It's time for a {{champion:412}}ing. Time to take out the {{champion:412}} .
: Club tags and allowed characters
I would also like a list. I see some clubs with these characters but when I try to use them it says it's not allowed.
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