Morbys (NA)
: Quinn nerfed?
Blind, as in can't attack you for 1.5s. Not like graves smoke bomb. Did they change teemo's too?
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noukinn (NA)
: Why the game doesn't need more Buffs right now, Nerfs are what League needs (Polite Version)
I hate to make this admission, but anyone who feels the game isn't in a downward spiral, their argument is invalid. The biggest indication that lanes are punished for even a single death can be easily be seen with the length of games nowadays. They went from an average time of at least 25+min to almost always less than 25min. The game is almost always decided within 5minutes and usually bot lane is where it occurs. One team just stomps the other and stays ahead and they continue to feed. Anyone who has played consistent ranked games knows this. Hell, watch some streams or vids ppl make and they even have tips on how now to snowball bot or to be more careful, mistakes are punished severely and really takes the fun out of the game.
: When you win you win. When you lose you lose.
Regardless of whats being said, you aren't the only one that has experienced this, you can usually tell its a loss by 10min based on what lane is feeding, its ridiculous, come backs dont really happen because the punishment of falling behind is immensely severe this season
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: What are you going to do for sustained damage AP?
They have a balance team? I assumed they just added new content and just let the game sort itself out. Clearly this has been there stance since champions have been OP for months.
Rexxiee (NA)
: Once ppl start playing tanks they'll realize they are OP atm.
For real, im wondering how long it will take them to realize how utterly broken tanks are atm.
: Literally can't do anything to Grasp Darius even as 5
Maybe actually play the game mosaickle, tanks atm are extremely broken. The team with tanks is the one that will win. There is almost no reason to pick adc if they have any burst champions as you are completely useless in the meta atm. Its stupid how broken the new runes made the game. I like the runes, but they clearly did not test the effect the stats would have across all champions. This would have easily been seen with just a few games. It really makes you wonder if they test anything.
Sciela (NA)
: Someone give me another game to play or something to do.
Honestly, tanks right now are breaking the meta not bursty, but ya, sustain champs right now are garbage unless there is a ton of peel for them. And lets face it, there isnt any lol.
: Spoiler: Riot is intentionally tanking League so they can release a new game.
Your analogy is pretty bad considering the amount of money WoW still brings in. But yes, their balance team is worse than WoW's pvp balance team. Its like they aren't even trying, I would love to work for that department, sit around and play the game and do nothing. Because if any balances do occur, it happens years down the road. And by then they have another OP champ out.
: I think we really need to lower damage
Pick tank then, its the new meta, tanks outdmg assassins anyway since they get full dmg buffs from the runes AND mitigate dmg naturally
GigglesO (NA)
: So why again did lethality get buffed?
This is a tank patch, why would you complain about armor? Try playing one and playing against one, they have dominated every game ive been in
Randaru (EUW)
: Return Fervor of Battle back
You are doing it wrong then, at the moment, this is a tank patch, just build full tank and laugh at everyone trying to kill, you, even with last whisper, you're still tanky af
Morbys (NA)
: Looks like another tank patch
Any of them, I haven't seen a tank not dominate a game
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Wráthful (EUNE)
: Riot please allow me to delete the "prepared" runes that you've made so i can create my own.
To the kids who clearly have zero awareness, the presets don't take away from your rune slots.
: Exhaust nerfs are very welcome. The armor/mr reduction removal makes sense, but as for as debuff...
Exhaust is fine, even with exhaust an assassin can still gib you, if anything, it isn't strong enough.
Morbys (NA)
: Aurelion Sol
You're linking teamplay, with NO one paying attention, looked like it happened in silver or below. His laning phase is just complete garbage, his spells deal little to no dmg and his stars actually move slowly. it isn't enough to really make a difference. Like I said, in team situations, hes pretty good, but it won't matter if he falls behind b/c he can't do anything during laning phase.
: > [{quoted}](name=Morbys,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dWF8YAs6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-05T21:54:35.481+0000) > > I feel you, adding autofill was the most toxic thing riot did to ranked play. Where as...everyone autolocking was okay. Christ this community is never happy.
People auto locking wasn't added by riot, try and stick with the topic kid. At least people had their choice.
: AR URF is literal shit. Out of 20 or so games, I haven't got my main or even seen them but I've
No, it wasn't fun seeing a zed in EVERY game, at least with nid you just have to dodge, wasn't much you could do against a zed
: People who can't handle autofill: don't play ranked
Oh really? I forget how pro teams switch out their roles constantly to keep themselves "fresh" in every position. No, they pick their best role and they practice it, we get the luxury of choosing our favored roles. Autofill is one of the most toxic aspects of the game riot has introduced. I would rather wait an extra 2-5mins if it means people got the role they wanted. Instead of trolling a game because they don't like what they got.
: Sick of being forced to dodge.
I feel you, adding autofill was the most toxic thing riot did to ranked play.
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: How player behavior penalties affect Hextech Crafting
I find It ironic that they say the minority are toxic when its pretty clear a good majority are. Especially since the majority of players are in silver/low gold. Every game is toxic.
: LP gain/loss prevention
Especially considering he has many valid points, it really is a luck based game below plat. The skill level from silver to gold is atrocious and given the changes for "bad" behavior, there have been a slew of smurfs leveling another character b/c their main can't partake in rewards. And because of this there is more toxicity making it even harder to climb. You can spout your stay positive mantra but when you are doing well every game and your team just can't play up to par with your skill level, it gets frustrating, fast. Not to mention the egos. My god the egos of these kids.....
: I feel like the comments in this thread are often really missing the point of your post. Positive reinforcement is an incredibly effective way to promote good behavior, and hextech crafting is one way to employ that. League has come a long way in addressing toxicity; there is still far to go, but I have faith that the league community will continue to improve over time through the efforts of riot and the players themselves
Riot will fail before it improves, these just make it worse and worse to the point no one will want to communicate in game because they don't want to get reported over something mundane. I just mute everyone on my team.
Jo0o (NA)
: Hey Riot, honestly, thanks for the hextech restrictions for non-reformed players. It's a great move.
This doesn't do anything to toxicity, if anything its made it worse, I mean after the last season where people didn't get rewards, holy shit it just blew up. People didn't care anymore, afks and trolls were rampant. And this doesn't make it better, not to mention making it retroactive, there is no incentive to reform when you are punished well after the fact. And what exactly is being reformed? Being some lifeless drone who speaks nothing but kind words because we've raised a generation of kids who wet themselves the moment criticism or harsh language is used. Seems to me Riot is filled with them.
: Hextech Crafting is now live in NA!
Unfortunately people who have been chat restricted in the past aren't getting anything, seems Riot isn't interested in reform since the end of the last season, people seem so much more toxic b/c why bother being good when you get punished all year. People wouldn't be so toxic if they just fixed the ranking system. SoloQ isn't a team game, its luck, should base it at least some on your individual rank, so you don't lose so much lp.
: TL,DR: Will I get Ranked Rewards? ***Reward Distribution COMPLETED***
I'll probably wait a few months but if they honestly think I'm gonna just let them take my money after they drop the ball on me like this, Im just gonna dispute the charge on my credit card and get my money back, you want your money back, put it on your credit card, a lot easier to get back. There is no reason I should be punished after the fact and still spent money on a company that gives no fucks about those who financially support them.
: TL,DR: Will I get Ranked Rewards? ***Reward Distribution COMPLETED***
All I have to say to this is fck you riot. People wouldn't be so toxic if you fixed your garbage ranking system. And honestly, these last minute changes are ridiculous, I wouldn't have even bothered playing if I knew I was discluded from rewards, gj on isolating your playerbase that actually pays from the kids that don't. I'm sure things will change real quick when the money stops flowing in b/c people stop playing over your stupid "war" on toxicity. You guys have NO CLUE as to why people are and ban people without merit. I would rather have someone toxic playing on my team than someone who int feeds or int afks, those people should be punished more severely. At least you have a chance with the toxic player that's STILL playing.
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Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
You know what I say to this, BULLSHYT. I believe he was confused by the percentages, 95% have received some sort of ban and less than 1% haven't.


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