Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: BECAUSE lb has a huge amount of mobility built in her design. This was done with lb only because she indeed can use W to jump around a lot plus she can get invisible which makes even more sense because if the middle of the circle was on her then invis would be useless. And while you are trying to get rid of her chain, you'd better try to follow her movements and try to get her out of circle rather than have that circle jump around your screen and making you dizzy instead.
What does invisibility have to do with it? If she has the chain out it reveals who it is so I don't see where you are going with that. And it doesn't matter how mobile a champ is, putting an indicator around them will still be the best. Take Kled's ult for example, fucking fast but that doesn't mean you should have an indicator around yourself. Kled's Q tether while he dashes through minions and shit, there is still no indicator around my champion even though he is mobile af.
Aazzlano (NA)
: This makes more sense since LB pops around with her Distortion, it's how far LB can be from you before it breaks. You can see her distortion marks on the ground and use the circle to move away from those or whatever, if it was LB with the circle then the circle would be popping around everywhere when she dashes etc. Either way it's not like it matters since you never break the tether lmao.
So its all of a sudden complex to have a moving indicator? Why isn't this argument used vs Morgana or Varus? They both can flash or get knocked back(allies in the case of Varus), moving the indicator around. It is more clear to have an indicator that is fixed to the person you are trying to move away from, than an indicator fixed on you where you have to be consciousness of where you are moving with the circle.
: It makes literally no difference except this one means that you don't get to tell which clone is real for no justifiable reason. The tether serves its purpose perfectly well, stop complaining when you clearly had 0 idea of how the ability even worked when you posted your first complaint.
It's a small difference. Currently to break the chain you need to look at LB+indicator and not where you are clicking. If the circle was fixed on LB, you can click right next to the indicator which is a lot less micromanaging. It's about the same difference as when back in the day red side's camera angle was the same as blue sides, which gave a disadvantage to the red side casters because skill shots were harder to land/dodge. But people back then were like, "Its the same angle for both sides so it doesn't make a difference!"
Bacef (NA)
: if you get lb out of the circle it breaks.
You mean the circle that is fixed on your position? That is ass-backwards compared to all other tethers. Edit: If you are complaining that she has high mobility and it will be confusing, why doesn't Kled's Q tether get the same treatment? He can dash through minion or yourself twice, that doesn't mean I should get a circle around me and not him.
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: It actually does pop up when you get hit by it. Glad you do your research before you post though... Heres the first video I could find off the top of my head, took <5 minutes maybe less to find a video of a game with a lb in it where someone gets chained lol.
There is an indicator there but it follows your champion, so what is the point... There should be one giant circle AROUND LB.
: Except it does for both... If you're going to complain about something, at least check and see that it exists first bud.
I do, and it doesn't. Literally just played vs an LB who triple chained me.
: It does have a range indicator.
Only for LB, not the person she has chained.
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: I'm pretty sure Ziggs is still viable bottom lane....
Not since AD items were buffed and everyone gains mr/level.
: I can make up dumb terms for ADCs too. Shredder {{champion:222}} {{champion:498}} Kiter {{champion:22}} {{champion:18}} Tankbuster {{champion:67}} {{champion:96}} Sniper {{champion:202}} {{champion:51}} Aggressor {{champion:119}} {{champion:104}} Voila I created "diversity"
You are talking about different champions under the same subgroup, ADC. You can say ooh Morde top lane and Darius top lane are completely different, but they are under the same subgroup, Bruiser. Im talking about subgroups, not individual champions. Name one champion that has been meta in the ADC role that isn't an ADC since Ziggs.
: All these idiotic terms in one thread gave me cancer. Those are all made-up terms that dont mean anything. PS - You forgot 'wardens', thats my favorite one.
> All these idiotic terms in one thread gave me cancer. > > Those are all made-up terms that dont mean anything. So you are arguing that I should put wardens instead of tanks? You have no basis in the actual argument at all. The names I used are the standard names for the playstyle in every game, no fancy names that people don't know off the top of their heads.
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: How to Spot a Scripter From a Scripter
You forget something. When their movements look like scripts, call em out in the chat. The usual response is "what is scripting."
Rexxiee (NA)
: Yeah man zac/sej/galio so fucking weak omg tanks are garbage
Wow you can only come up with 3 out of 18 tanks?
ybuR (NA)
: Nice edit good job you actually realize that top lane isnt garbage
More like a clarification of certain tops and it terms of impacting game, top lane is the least likely to impact the game. So you might want to reconsider.
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: Unless, god forbid, you play a juggernaut or an immobile melee character in the same game as him.
Ekko is one of the easiest matchups against Morde... The most immobile champ in the game.
: I like how ekko is so interactive in lane.
Have you tried letting him push in and setting up a gank? Even if it fails I can almost guarantee that he will stay back farther.
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: He's a assassin, I personally don't think he's op. Unlike other assassins his lane phase is awfuk
Assassin's don't delete an entire team from a safe range. He is under the class "Abomination."
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: Twitch is not op and doesn't need nerfs: here's why.
> [{quoted}](name=GoronMuncherV,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vIEtWzlu,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-06-22T02:49:26.422+0000) > > -Everything else is too weak. > I'll stop you there. So you are telling me that all other ADCs should shoot 3 piercing shots every auto at 900 range from invisibility with an AD and AS steriod?
: I like how ekko is so interactive in lane.
And this is suddenly a problem now because? If anything he should be less of a problem now then at release because of how crazy mobile everyone is.
: No champion deserves a VU more than Morde does. I hope they will fix everything soon.
I just played a game against a Darius and the auto's were cancelled so many times even though I heard the sound and his mace was already coming up from hitting the minion. Very aggravating because it also uses your swing timer. So if one auto fails to land, I have to wait another 1.25 seconds(assuming 0.8 attack speed) to kill the minion if it already didn't die by my minions.
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: You're inferring more than one. "They" can be used in the singular form as a means to omit the specification of gender, as opposed to "it", when referring to a specific thing, which implies a lack of gender altogether. For example, "I was talking to someone the other day, and they said they think you look fat in that dress." Calling the person an it doesn't really work, but using they to refrain from specifying does.
Actually "it" isn't used because it is offensive, not because it doesn't fit. When you don't know the gender of something, you call it "it." You see a dog walking down the street, you can say look at the dog or look at it. When you see a transgender person fitting both phenotypes, you can also call it "it" but "it" will give you a stare down.
: He would have used "they" as a means to keep from revealing its gender. I don't suspect we'll get another "dual" champ like Kindred for quite some time. Though, I could be wrong.
"They" implies more than one, "it" on the other hand doesn't.
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: I've had it with people belittling the amount of effort it takes to play tanks
Kind of like when people say, "You're playing mordekaiser, much skill." He actually takes a lot of skill on positioning and covering your ass while also knowing whether to "go for it" or not.
You mess with the bull and you get the horns!
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: What job would your main have?
{{champion:161}} Geometry teacher {{champion:82}} Boards user
: I know, I just thought it was March 19th for everyone
: Oh wow, just looked up on Wikipedia and seems every country celebrates it when they want. Though it was the same day for all countries.
: Isn't Father's Day 19th March?
: I'm pretty sure that they pretty much did outright say that one of the things they've been working on is tweaks the the support role/its itemisation in order to make it more appealing, so it's not really a conspiracy.
Yes but it is a constant trend, people are only excited for the reworked items for the first week then it dies off, leading to another eventual rework.
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: That would completely gut her ability to wall of lanes and spots. There is a reason why destructible traps are always invisible.
I get what you are saying, but if she wants to wall someone out it still takes their own time to clear the traps, if she gated dragon out from the upper jungle then it would still take time for the enemy team to kill the traps so it still serves a purpose.
: The traps can't cover enough ground to completely lock down a lane.
: They aren't oppressive in the first place. They have a tiny hitbox and you can see when Caitlyn traps you bush and where she put the trap based on her positioning.
How about when she completely blocks off your path from extending beyond YOUR OWN turret? The moment you step on it is the moment she deals 1/3 your hp mid game for free.
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Neddoreo (NA)
: Well, he definitely got healed a decent chunk by Morde's W on the wave. It's a little blurry to tell for sure, but it also looks like Morde's HP _might_ be going down when Teemo's does? Which implies Morde may have KV. Could be very wrong on that last one, though; like I said, it's pretty blurry. Do you have a Match History link for this match? A timestamp for when you took those tower shots?
: His main duties are to remind me to get regular sunlight and come up with skins based on puns.
JJI744 (NA)
: Yep, that seems off. I'm tempted to say that it looks like the tower is not ramping up damage as it should. Maybe a bug with the morde ghost. (Lets face it, it certainly wouldn't be anywhere NEAR the first bug with Morde to go live.)
> [{quoted}](name=JJI744,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gE8v7VIq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-17T06:19:20.781+0000) > certainly CertainlyT
eretro42 (NA)
: i think they should up the turret damage later game like the turrets more closer to the Nexus are more powerful and the nexus turrets are the most powerful i think they should do this to prevent a fed enemy team to just dominate the other team inside their base
Actually nexus turrets are surprisingly weaker than inhib turrets. Inhib turrets are the strongest for some reason :/ Logically, what is more important, the Nexus or the inhib? We all know the answer so why do nexus turrets reflect differently.
: While I do agree that 'Turret Strength' is an issue the community has voiced many times, I'm not entirely certain this specific example is one that helps prove a point. It's a little hard for my eyes to see in the GIF, but you're...Level 14 at that time, correct? And that's an Outer turret? Outer turrets are (should be) designed to fend off attackers in the early game and begin scaling downwards in effectiveness towards the start of the mid-game. Levels 1-6 being danger zones and Levels 7 to...let's say 12 being 'meh'. I have no problems personally with a 'Outer' tower specifically being about as threatening as a declawed kitten by the time people have hit Level 14; as you should likely be on the Inner, if not the Inhibitor turrets by then. Now, if that were an Inhibitor Turret doing that...then yeah. We've got a problem if our strongest base defenses cannot overcome a tankless Teemo. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Have you tried matching this up against the Inhibitor turrets to see if the tanking duration is still unreasonably high?
The turret I killed had 3500 max hp, 180 AD, 70 armor/mr at the time that I killed it. This was an outer turret, I will compare it with an inhib turret 5 minutes later into the game. It had 3300 max hp, 238 AD, 40 armor/mr. Keep in mind that turrets gain 4 AD per minute and also gains AD somehow, possibly from objective loss. If I were to estimate based off this information, inhib turrets have about 10% more BASE AD than outer turrets but also have lower hp and resistances. This means teemo would still take roughly 10 shots from the inhib turret to get to the ~40% health that he got from the clip. **Basically, the difference is minuscule.** Just a reminder, teemo could probably have taken 14-16 tower shots(100% --> 0% hp) with 1 health item at level 14 with just base armor... Turrets have a .8 AS so teemo could tank tower shots for a total of **17.5-20 seconds** with just 1 hp item???
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