: im not sad cause eu lost, im sad because...
That is not what FPX said lmao Please EU fanboys understand that just because Korea trolls in series doesn't mean you have an amazing team, you got 3-0d in dominating fashion where everything you tried to do was shut down.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mordistar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eYQPcUvB,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-08T13:48:19.675+0000) > > I denied a Cassiopia from blue buff for the entire game because I knew I was the better player, despite being on Shyvana who doesn't need the buff. The gold was more important than the mana regen and CDR on her. This is the mentality as a jungler that you need to get into. I'm maining Cass this season (and doing well) and this struck me as odd. People still think about giving mid blue buff??? I know it was a big thing in previous seasons where 2nd/3rd blue buff would be offered to the midlane but I haven't seen that at all this season. I've been low (silver/gold) elo since forever but it feels like buffs are only for the jungler this season. Not that I'm complaining. If both mid laners don't have blue buff, it kinda evens out. Do higher elo's still prioritize giving midlane blue? Maybe it's just a low elo mindset that's changed, but I miss getting blue buff on Cass.
I'll always give the blue in Diamond+. Its just a simple matter of whether the elo is high enough to where players know how to abuse the essentially infinite mana.
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Kai Guy (NA)
: Whats your current # of games played outside of placements? LP gains are what. 30 per win and 10 on a loss ish?
70 per win, 2 on loss. Not even joking, why even place me in this league? I don't even have to do series, it just skips me through them. But it is still putting me in games 2-3 leagues higher than my division, which is unreal to me????:
: yea in the old seasons i go 10-0 on my smurf and place in plat 4 right away and skip gold entirely, now its like i have to start in silver
Honestly I really don't mind where I am placed, but give me that level of games, not 2-3 leagues higher lmao
: why should it, full movespeed comps or champs is something that you can only do in urf because of the low cooldowns and gold gen. It is one of the funnest things to do in urf for most people i know, to pick rammus, quinn, ww, hec and other champs such just to go really fucking fast, the main objective for urf is for people to have fun, and movespeed rammus can be so much fun. my current build is:{{item:3117}} {{item:3907}} {{item:3907}} {{item:3907}} {{item:3907}} {{item:3089}}
See this is cool when you are actually trying to engage enemy champions, less cool when you just run around in circles avoiding any conflict. One is ok because you are actually playing the game, the other is griefing.
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: Well the definition of trolling gets bent a bit when playing urf, because the objective in urf is for you to have fun. Full movespeed rammus is one of the funnest things for me personally to play and I do it a lot. Toxicity is bad in all game modes, in urf i don't see it nearly as much and when I do, the best way to deal with anything they throw at you is to respond with it's urf and you can watch the mental breakdown occur. Also there is no "actual game of urf" because urf is just you doing dumb shit and hoping it works. the only annoying thing in the game is the really sweaty people who do everything they can to win as fast as they can, making it harder to enjoy the game when you're playing late game champs. Cuz i swear some people try harder to win in urf then in ranked and that annoys me a little bit.
I don't care when people pick yuumi every single game to tryhard, fine, its part of the game. A rammus with 1k damage in 20 minutes, don't think that person should be allowed to play the game anymore. But nothing gets done to them.
rujitra (NA)
: Jesus, I’ve literally never seen someone AFK or troll in a single URF game out of dozens I’ve played so far.... What are you doing that’s causing this? Or are you just flaming people who are doing nothing wrong?
I have an AFK in every single game, someone who dies a few times and just leaves, or someone who gets into the game not liking the matchup. I'm sorry that you are so toxic and are therefore projecting that onto me, but Its urf, couldn't care less about winning in it, just care about people actually trying to play the game.
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: Damn way to shit on my parade, was just happy and you had to go an be a dick. Also you aren't even ranked?
You are trying to be a dick and flex as if you were accomplished, and this is a new smurf, i do about 8-10 a season to gold/plat.
: And.....this is why they permaban Yasuo
Yeah looking at your match history, I wouldn't ban it against you. Silver 2 so I'd floor you in lane, and provided we pick even a single champion that can contend you at all we win the game easily ;) Congrats on one game where you picked a champion that the enemy didn't try to counter because you are in silver where nobody plays the game at any reasonable level. Oh, nice flex btw. Yasuo CS 174.4 (5.5) 1.34:1 KDA 8.2 / 9.9 / 5.1 45% 22 Played
rujitra (NA)
: Uh, no? Riot has always supported that there are many types of support - from damage, to poke, to CC, to shielding, to healing. Some champions can do one of these, some can do a couple.
> [{quoted}](name=rujitra,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=L8cR034r,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-30T15:13:29.077+0000) > > Uh, no? Riot has always supported that there are many types of support - from damage, to poke, to CC, to shielding, to healing. > > Some champions can do one of these, some can do a couple. Do you even comprehend why we have today's meta? Its a little trio of items that give gold income for existing. This wasn't always the case at all, and I can't remember if it was season 4 or 5 that these were added, its been a long time, but regardless, you are completely wrong.
KazKaz (OCE)
: True, but then Riot banned said champs and there was actually SOME level of diversity.
You know, i do agree with you, however I would like to see an item banned first before anything else, see where the gamemode ends up. {{item:3146}} This little thing is the most broken item in the entire gamemode, if you have scalings for both, this is first buy and you run to the bank with it. The champions abusing it are extremely toxic to face, and in Jax's case is downright impossible to deal with. I want to see this item banned effective immediately and see how the meta shapes.
: She also gains souls from attacking CHAMPS. (Not killing; attacking). In other words, she has to play aggro to actually maximize it. The scaling is probably similar to Kindred scaling, in that the numbers of souls per stacking is probably pretty high, so just leeching minions won't maximize it. We also don't know yet how fast she'll burn through mana, or what her nonskill range is. She's going to be punished for being aggro, while being incentivised to be aggro. Also, even if her Q can heal herself, it's a small amount, and unlike the main adc, she won't have minions to life steal off of, so the trade potential versus sustain will be much lower than the adc by default.
That day when a silver player with a 49% win rate tries to argue the problem of a completely overloaded kit with an infinitely stacking passive...
: "Senna is just gonna be an ADC!" - Debunking the Myth
I'm sorry what? Shes gonna be an ADC, its guaranteed. Just look at Pyke, thats all the proof you need that if you give a champion damage, it can be played in a carry role.
Ziax183 (EUW)
: Where is urf?
You are dumb.
: What do you guys miss most from league?
I miss control oriented metas. Straight up the removal of sightstone and trackers knife and the introduction of plates and this stupid iteration of the bounty system made the game what it is today, a race to who can snowball first. I don't understand why I should be punished for being a good player by giving up 1k bounty when i die. Or hell even just if I get a good farm lead I'm punished by a bounty. Plates were the dumbest thing ever added to the game, 160 gold per 1/5th of a turret prior to 14 minutes has basically made it so you pick early game or you lose lane so hard there is no comeback. I get the removal of sightstone and trackers knife, because with them the west couldn't make it to semi-finals internationally, and without them they consistently make it far, cause turns out removing the strategy of the game and making it purely about skirmishes and teamfights helps the west immensely, but these items contributed to far more interesting metas than "durr me pick early game and try to snowball as fast as possible".
: I have Underestimated Tanks and other Champions
Its called don't take 23 minutes to finish an item.
: I made it to gold by sacrificing poros.. actually, I agree. I've had some really bad games on stream as well as several other more known streamers have threaten to quit the game over how bad ranked is now. To climb, you need to basically be jungle or mid (maybe support) as all the other roles have little to no impact right now in ranked. It's only going to get worse in the next season with the elemental rift changes because comebacks will be even harder and stomps just rule. The double rift herald is one of the stupidest things I've heard (next to eternals) in a while as there's too much impact it has. One herald will take a tower (usually first tower so a 400g profit to an already ahead team) and then the second one can just follow the momma's footsteps or be used on another lane to have even more pressure. The games already too swinging as is, we want the ability to have a comeback.. it's very hard to come back from double herald being used on your towers.. Maybe riot will suprise us with matchmaking changes.. or even better MMR strats to allow climbing easier (after all, if you beat gold 2s as silver 4 you should get more than just 15 lp)
No, to climb you need to be better than where you are, and rightfully so. I can match your mmr within a week from placing on this account, and I don't play much.
: Matchmaking has been and will continue to be poor at best. No one at Riot seems to respond to any posts about it. Even more maddening, is they force you to place every year and most of the time push you 1 spot below where you finish. Every year except the first, I've finished in Silver. Last year S3. Every year I get placed in bronze. Last year, 6-4, placed in B3. And IDGAF about "you will climb out if misplaced". I care that I must waste time climbing out of Bronze only to get into Silver by mid year. (This year I got there faster, but not sure how since my WR Is abysmal). And since I have to climb out of Bronze there is adjustment period once I reach silver because I got to beat up on Bronzies for a few months. This year it was 55 games (I think) from B2 to S4. Imagine if Riot got rid of placements. That means I start in S4 where I've proved I belong every year for 3 seasons, and those 55 games would be toward my climb out of Silver and just maybe I can break into Gold. I have no allusions that I might to make it into Plat or higher, but I've always thought I've had potential to make it to Gold. But every year Riot crushes that hope. I actually thought that despite my placements I'd might still make it but season 9 ranked solo is a disaster. Dear Riot, please, remove placements.
Do you know why it places you lower? To give players some gratification when they play the first half of the season. You aren't good enough to get out of silver, so would you rather beat your head against a wall for the whole year not going up in rank, or would rather have half the year dedicated to climbing a bit before getting hardstuck again.
: Just because you don't build the item/items doesn't mean other people don't I personally use zz'rot a lot as a way to split and might I say it's not useless even with the nerfs to it.
For less gold you can have sheen and tiamat, which takes turrets faster and clears minions faster for splitting. Also both items help dueling where Zzrot does nothing but a poor statline for its gold. The only reason you are purchasing Zz is for its active, and its active is just outdone by better split pushing core items.
: Whats the point of removing niche items?
They aren't niche items, they are just non-existent in play. Who builds ohmwrecker under any circumstance other than someone whos trolling? ZZ'Rot gives no stats for its cost to make up for the amazing active it has, except its active is actually garbage... Both of these items are only purchased and shown to be effective when you are winning (and would just be more effective to purchase an actual item), and both items show to still produce a loss when losing. They have incredibly situational actives that nobody cares enough to go out of their way to get. So just like other items in the past, goodbye useless and broken items with no redeemable factors.
: no one person i repeat no one person decides if a game is win or lose you dont get to ruin the game for 4 other people.
Why should 4 people decide i get half experience for an easily winnable game? Why do we give people this power? Maybe we should just remove the surrender option entirely since outside of really high elo any game is winnable. My view is quite simple, you don't wanna play the game out? Why queue up?
Solov (NA)
: This, just because you don't want to surrender doesn't mean I should be stuck in an hour long game we know we are going to lose
Again, hour long games never happen unless its a stalemate, in which is a winnable game. You have any scenario where you could be stuck in a game where it is unwinnable?
: > [{quoted}](name=Mordistar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kGNPesVj,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-10-22T22:01:55.728+0000) > > Unanimous or it doesn't go through, I shouldn't get a forced loss because people wanna be trolls. I think games should be played out until the end unless all 5 teammates agree that it is over. The game wasn't over. First its just griefing which is defined as helping the enemy team in an attempt to make your team lose. I just want to have some say in whether my team can forfeit. We lost one teamfight without any inner turrets destroyed at that point in the game, and we didn't have my ult which is super impactful in teamfights, only to immediately forfeit the game. You're right now think of that exact scenario when your down 10k and in an hour long game because one guy is running it down and you cant surrender because the one guy inting just holds your team hostage for that entire hour because he votes no on the surrender.
So you just sit in fountain and let them end? Hello? Also games literally never go an hour long unless its actually a stalemate which can always be won. So really poor example.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zero Shingetsu,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Yh56J3Aw,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-10-22T02:12:50.079+0000) > > Yep, can confirm. And in that kind of meta, why would you even bother bringing anything that doesn't provide more burst? Even I'm considering it, and I hate burst damage playstyles. I can’t say I hate the play style. Seeing as I’m a Kayn player. But it would be fun for rhaast to be the correct choice for once.
For once? Rhaast was the ONLY pick for a long long time lol, it is only just recently that Shadow became the better choice.
Solov (NA)
: How would you want this handled? 4/5 people on a team surrendered.
Unanimous or it doesn't go through, I shouldn't get a forced loss because people wanna be trolls. I think games should be played out until the end unless all 5 teammates agree that it is over. The game wasn't over. First its just griefing which is defined as helping the enemy team in an attempt to make your team lose. I just want to have some say in whether my team can forfeit. We lost one teamfight without any inner turrets destroyed at that point in the game, and we didn't have my ult which is super impactful in teamfights, only to immediately forfeit the game.
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: Revert ARAM changes (explanations)
Uhhh you talk about lux and xerath being targetted in teamfights, my question is, what sorcery are you talking about? My experience against either of these champions is their entire team just slow pushes the entire game with them tossing out spells on cooldown because mana is not a problem, and they have next to no cooldowns anymore. A teamfight never happens when you roll a poke comp.
: I would argue that he’s more upset RNG lost. Sounds like an RNG fan. Majority of us NA fans root for EU over all Eastern teams. Just so you know.
your argument is wrong, hardcore GRF fan. No idea why disagreeing with the fact that RNG contested literally nothing makes me a fan of their org...
: Why do you have to make it about NA or EU? Why not both?
I cheer for Korea, couldn't care less about wildcard regions.
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: Lol, Riot's reason for gutting all the tanks champions is because they are "low lethality" for LCS
What? Sejuani got gutted because people who play her were seeing success with her before they buffed both cinderhulk and her W in the same patch. Then she became an unkillable monster with the ability to 100-0 an ADC at any point in the game with her combo. She instant cleared camps meaning there was no way you would ever be behind in farm provided you understood pathing even a tiny bit, and provides the most reliable flash CC in the game with a passive that allows for diving turrets very early on in the game. There was no downside to the champion, she was just incredibly strong with no weaknesses. So they hit the W back to where it was before the buff, as that was the change that made her busted. I'm sorry but I shouldn't be able to walk into a Rek'Sai level 3 for scuttle and win that trade, get the scuttle, and even if it becomes a 3v3 for top or bottom crab I still win because I'm a busted champion with too much % damage in my kit. OH AND THIS IS % DAMAGE BASED ON YOUR OWN HEALTH, for a champion that only builds health. She won every matchup except against Kindred who wasn't strong at the time. I'm sorry but that isn't ok, and that's why she got nerfed. Being able to pick a champion knowing that you are going to be able to do whatever you want the entire game because noone can touch you is just ridiculously broken, and welcome to why she eventually got nerfed. I don't think gold players should comment on whether a champion should or shouldn't be nerfed, because as you can tell with this post, you gold players have no clue how strong things actually are.
: Poll: Which player behavior feels the worst to play with?
If you voted for words over someone legitimately ruining the entire game, you have problems. There is a mute button, learn to use it, or simply grow a spine.
: Poll: Which player behavior feels the worst to play with?
DeusVult (NA)
: Kennen does Teemos job better than Teemo does
Kennan's job is to win teamfights, Teemo's job is to control the map with shrooms. I don't see the comparison other than they are both oppressive ranged top laners that have their strengths and weaknesses....
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: Matchmaking is so bad
Nothing to do with the matchmaking but alright.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Tryndamere needs to be reworked really badly (one of the most toxic designs).


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