: Spend more than 2 seconds and you can fit a theme to Xerath. He would fit Program beautifully, Dark Star naturally, and Super Galaxy gloriously. But if all you're looking for is "can I change their shirt and pants/skirt and call it a day?" then you start to run into issues. Ezreal gets into so many themes because he's completely forgettable as a design. You remember Ezreal as an attitude. Same with Lux.
Program and Dark Star yes, Super Galaxy no way.. he is in no way fit for that. It has it's base around the anime gurren lagan. No character in said series looks or feels anything like him.
: Please Bring Team Builder Back, lol
>Being able to chose your intended role pre-matchup is important What are you doing, playing BLIND?
: Can we PLEASE get Silver Kayle and Judgement Kayle Back into the item shop.
They were never in the shop though. Silver was a skin gotten with the Psychical copy of the game back in 2009, and Judgement was a skin gotten as a gift in season 1 for playing 10 games. So, they'd have to do them elsewhere, like mentioned the Essence Emporium or Honor rewards.
Sobx (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sukishoo,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EZjzxQoG,comment-id=001e00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-03-06T20:02:22.907+0000) > > Keep trying but you're wrong especially when pointing to 6 year old posts :) So again, skins that cost different prices need to actually reflect those price differences. Overall done with a troll like you, cause we want the quality in the product that we paid for and that's all there is too it. btw as my absolute end of this thread, I'll just give you **yet another source** (and a quick reminder that you still gave me **none** <3 ): https://old.reddit.com/r/MorganaMains/comments/ass7oq/all_of_the_recolors_i_remembered_that_got_vfx/eh22xyc/ >No, we don't plan on changing the pricing for any of her skins. 975s are not required to have and VFX changes, and many 975s don't, but some do. Literally what I said, so learn how to look up your sources and interpret what you read before you throw yourself into another argument that you can't win. It really just makes you (and OP) look stupid. Now I'm out, Cheers o/
And yet, you ust look like a troll. Over and over they have told you what the current standard is that Riot follows. Yes it doesn't say they NEED to have VFXs for 975 but it should indeed as it does say "more immersive". 750 is what they've clearly stated on that page to be nothing more than a Costume change. 975 should hold something higher than that, or then what is anyone paying for when giving 975 vs 750? Plus they are not the only ones that believe this, there are many of us that do, if you even bothered to look through the thread and see the massive votes upon it. You just keep wanting to be right about everything, which is not the point of any of this at all. It's to get justice upon the content that has been put into the game. All of the content should be equal across all tiers. Meaning that if a 975 skin comes with VFXs all 975 skins should. If a 750 skin is just a costume change, then all 750s should be just a costume change. Reav3 stated that for future reworks (seen on Ezreal and Nunu) that lower tier skins 520/750s wouldn't get updated as it would devalue other tiers, when yet they have most definitely already begun to devalue higher classed tiers by NOT giving them the proper standards that they should all have. They have released recent skins such as Chemtech Trydnemere and Bloodmoon Evelyn that have new recalls as well as VFX and they are only 975, so they should have kept all skins to that standard that they created within those being they are more of the recently released 975 skins. Thus all updated skins for champion updates should receive the same treatment.
: wasted enough time on you shush now
Pretty clear to me that you have nothing, so what you've said to him and many others is a laugh. Along with what many others have said, that info is already online, there's nothing that makes having it in client any different. I can tell you are a Plat 1 Tryndamere 1 trick and have 995,572 points on him. You have 0LP, 42W 48L making a 47% winrate. How is this all not hidden? Hmm. In-game or not most of that info can be found very easily. So it changes nothing.


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