: Hey, Shen, what's going on?
resumed (NA)
: when their 0/4 yasuo meets our 0/5 riven in the river..
: I don't understand Lux's interaction with Ezreal in her new VO.
Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Maybe for political reasons their relationship would be frowned upon. Lux being Jasmine, to Ezreals Alladin. Somewhat of a Romeo and Juliet situation. That even though they have mutual feelings for one another; for one reason or another things cannot be. Thus they have to hide their relationship and play dumb or risk harm to their families or one another. Personally I blame Jafar a.k.a. Swain. He's always plotting something.
: You have to take your main on a date. How wrong can it go?
{{champion:25}} She can't stop talking about how her Ex left her at the alter for her sister. ...awkward
: Im excited to reach lvl 30 and join the cool kids in ranked
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: Pool Poppy
This is one Hydra I cannot hail...
: Your name is now the name of your main
Don't Assume My Gender!!! {{champion:25}}
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Ichinose (EUW)
: The moment when Morgana snares you ...
Elfezen (NA)
: Fiddlesticks Visual Update - Splash Art + Ingame Model
NayNays (EUW)
: An Outfit For Morgana !
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: {{champion:25}} -Fuck Dark Binding -Fuck Black Shield -Fuck Morgana
Derenik (NA)
: @Riot, Please watch this video about Lunar Wraith Morgana. Feedback about the skin.
I am sad that Senpai is getting a skin that is mediocre at best. Will I buy it, of course. Will I be happy I bought it, probably not...
Derenik (NA)
: @Meddler, Thoughts on Morgana?
Senpai!!!!!!!!!!!!! {{champion:25}}
Vanjie (NA)
Happy Holidays! I hope your new year brings nothing but happiness for you!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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THaddock (NA)
: Anyone else just not interested in playing right now?
This patch sucked the fun out of playing. Every game is a stomp or be stomped fest. The new ADCs are insanely out of whack in balance My first game of the new patch we went up against a 3 adc, 2 support comp. (Vayne, Graves, Cait, Nami, Soraka) who absolutely obliterated our very well balanced team. As well as some of my favorite champions are virtually unusable with the new changes. I play a game and it just isn't fun. It isn't enjoyable, and I find myself sitting there thinking why am I even on League of Legends. I have no desire to re-que. And honestly find myself questioning whether or not i really want to wait around for this to be fixed. If it even will be fixed. Likely going to take some time away from League of Legends.
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: Here's a Morgana :3
: TAhm Kench cant devour skarner with crystal armor active
I guess you can say; he is just hard to swallow {{champion:72}} yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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: If YOU could choose any champ to get the next VU, who would it be ?
{{champion:17}} , I think Riot now has the ability and resources to give him those passive hell fire flames instead of fur upgrade
: Ok Everyone let's talk about Morgana's Black Shield
Personally I like the ring of "Lost Soul Shield"
: The Scariest First Words You've Heard in Lobby
Skaadi (NA)
: Gamebreaking Problem with Master Yi
How did we miss this!, shut down the servers, hit the code red button. WE MUST FIX THIS! {{champion:11}} {{item:3142}} + R, plus {{champion:37}} R = Dance party for the ages!
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: We have/had it. It's called Garrison. {{summoner:17}}
I was not aware of this, I feel like i would have had fun with it.
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Cosnirak (NA)
: Someone From Riot Please Watch This Match And Justify Lux's Current State
Lux has very strong strengths and weaknesses. She has insane burst potential, however that burst is a requirement of going glass cannon. She has very low mobility, no built in flash. However she has a snare that can affect 2 enemies. She is a high target because she is so squishy but she has a shield you can cast not only on herself but her entire team if used correctly. Lux could use some love, key word "some" however a significant buff or nerf will tank her in either direction. After watching this match I don't see or agree with the point you are trying to make. Honestly (And i fully understand these people are more skilled than I am, I am not saying I would have done better) but He got outplayed. He was ganked first, missed his Snare to prevent the death. They kept coming back to his lane to keep lux down. That is how you deal with lux, do not let them get farm, keep them out of lane, and they can't snowball. If Lux has a significant weakness it would be if you deny them farm and keep them down they will be useless. I wouldn't argue that this is a strong argument to make significant adjustments. I have been in countless lanes where a normal lux, not fed or under-fed will full combo 100-0 kill her opponent. And a Lux starting to snowball will do 1/3 of my health with a snare/ AA She has high mana costs because she can stack CDR to have extremely low cooldowns, and spamming snares and AOE dmg spell, not to mention 2 ults in a team fight(because of that CDR) has me pretty happy with the high costs of spam. I see your reasoning on wanting to see more Lux in competitive play, however I think we will see more competitive lux when we see an item imbalance, rather than a change in her own kit.
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: League of Legends anti-jokes
{{champion:17}} Drops a mushroom. {{champion:53}} Steps on it nothing happens, because thats not how poison works
: How chroma packs are made
Pink Floyd strikes again, remaining relevant through LOL
: Before you cry OP
OP...damnit, i forgot to read.
: When you try to gank bot lane, but they have Janna
Im just gonna leave this here {{champion:25}} (Black Shield)
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: So we are nerfing Thornmail, Omen, Frozen heart, and Dead Man's all on the same patch.
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