: Group C for World's PIck'em challenge bugged?
I believe you are both correct and I'm an idiot for not noticing. lol thanks for the help!
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: So, im new, and everyone hates me for it.
100% agree with SkittleJuice! If you love league and aren't up to the pressures and possible flaming that comes from playing normal's or ranked then ARAM is the best place to be. Granted, as SkittleJuice previously stated, there are still toxic players in ARAM's as there are toxic people in all walks of life. But once you learn to utilize the ignore/mute buttons it helps you create your own non-toxic world when playing. Bottom line is don't give those people who just want to tear you down the time of day and go out there and be the best you can be and don't be afraid to try different champs, ARAM is the perfect place to find that champ that synergizes with your play style while having some no pressure fun. One last thing i want to mention is also be open to constructive criticism about certain builds or ways to position in fights etc., some players genuinely wanna help but can seem like they're simply pointing out your mistakes. Hope your league experience from here on out is a solid one filled with more joy and frustration then confusion and despondency and remember it's a competitive game and its never fun to lose but learning to adapt in any given situation is one of the cornerstones to becoming a better league player. Cheers mate!{{sticker:katarina-love}} Edit: One last thing if you are still interested in tackling the summoners rift and looking for that full blown league experience i would suggest to you to start watching some high level streamers of league of legends; specifically the ones that will talk through their thought process during a game. it will allow to see certain champs played to almost peak performances as to what they can do and it'll give you the chance to watch game flow and how the map is played to help you better understand your place on the rift.
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