: Patch 9.13 notes
Don't let the Little Legend's cuteness distract you from the fact that aquiring them is lootbox mechanic and shouldn't be supported. Vote with your wallets!
: Hello Vesh, I would like to post my support of this rework; it looks very fun to play, though I will miss the AoE starcall spam. Coincidentally, I had a similar "zone" skill in mind when I brainstormed a rework ([here if interested, in the "infuse"section](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/live-gameplay/dNMZ9P03-yet-another-soraka-rework-idea)) One point of concern is her E: I realize its a very powerful teamfight spell, however the cooldown is very long, and Soraka has always had problems with her lacking CC. I understand not every champ can have every tool in their kit, however Soraka's major weakness was that she was never able to protect her allies from rampaging autoattackers (her heal wasn't enough and the armor duration was too short.) What made you decide on Q's center being a damage boost instead of an increased slow? Personally, I believe she needs more CC instead of damage. Also, I absolutely love the speedboost passive. One thing that irks me however is the MR/Armor into AP conversion; I understand its required for her to stack resists, but this is the kind of design you guys are AGAINST (stats, invisible power, etc.)
: 625 range on his Ultimate might seem high, but you have to figure that it is the same range as Annie's Q if you want a good comparison, and people complain that Annie has range limitation problems. With a 750 range on both spell you still have a 1375 range initiate (not counting flash), which is insane still. It's cool that lane Jarvan is a thing, but I feel that the abuse power his dashes provide as a Jungler have to be toned down in some way.
625 is the range of Annie's autos, which is really far. Not her Q's, which are 475 I believe. Do you want to revise your statement at all?
: You can already tune down a bit the E + Q range combo, both spells have weird ranges (770 & 830). First of all, the flag range should match the Q range to avoid confusion, so let's say we put both at 750 range. That's not much, but it's a start. His ultimate actually lasts 3.5 freaking seconds, reduce duration to 3 seconds. That's two changes that will change how well he can initiate and maintain people aground. He'll still be strong for sure.
I'm not really comfortable nerfing his ultamate's duration, perhaps make his flag range 780 and his poke range 770. He needs that range in order to be relevant laning. His ultimate's range should go down though, maybe 600 or 575 range on the leap. Keep in mind changing ranges on dashes is risky, I would be totally lost if both skills were changed all the way down to 750.
: Jarvan is probably the strongest jungler at the moment, at least in Solo Queue. He has a 1500 range initiate with E+Q -> R which is extremely hard to prevent, even with a decent ward coverage. He scales pretty well into late game as well, which leaves him very few weak points throughout the game. He needs nerfs, that's for sure.
Absolutely. I'm speaking as a Jarvan main, not as a complaining kid. He needs nerfs but I think the problem with nerfing Jarvan is that there isn't much you can nerf. Numbers don't really do anything. His ult could HEAL the target and it still would be one of the best ults in game.
: This is something we've been discussing for awhile internally. Honor was a good first step, but there are lots of aspects we've gotten feedback on that we would like to improve. To address rewards specifically - it would be thematically appropriate if we rewarded honorable players by empowering them to have an even bigger positive impact in their games. This could come in the form of giving them privileges that neutral players would not normally have access to. To unlock features like these, we need to be extra certain that Honor is being used to correctly identify commendable behavior while minimizing abuse. These are the kinds of challenges we are tackling as we decide where to take Honor next.
One of the problems with honor is that it simply isn't used often. I consider myself a fairly big leader and team player, yet I'll only see myself getting honored one out of every fifteen games or so. I think that you guys need to look into making honor more compelling.
: OK
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