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: Rewards for old Honor are out
Do you have any statistics on how many people got each ribbon? Kind of curious what the final breakdown was for each of these because some (e.g. Mentor) seemed much more difficult to get than others.
Pabro (NA)
: This should now be working on the NA servers. We are working through the other regions right now! Your deals should reset and you should have relevant deals now!
My shop opens, but I can't buy some of the skins (e.g. SKT T1 Ryze). I am able to buy others. Might it be skins that are no longer in the store normally?
: This is actually a known bug with the alpha client that will be fixed with the open beta. In the meantime, find the installation folder of the updated client, find the LeagueClient .exe and make a shortcut on your desktop from that. Sorry about the confusion >.<
Was there ever a fix to this? I'm still seeing this problem in Open Beta. (I was part of Alpha.) Did full uninstall reinstall, and still no go.
EVG Mike (NA)
: Personally I think that the surrender function invites toxicity and would like to see it removed entirely, has this ever been discussed internally? The very concept of it invites players to give up early when they make a single early mistake, regardless of which team is actually in a better position to win. More often than not this leads to flaming and other pointless typing in chat, which just makes the game harder to win. I will admit that in the top brackets of play the surrender function is working as intended, but the fact is that 99% of the community does not play there, and surrender is used more often than not in a super negative way.
I agree with this. While it's nice to be able to ultimately decide that a match is just not worth continuing, I have seen more times where people just give up completely because "it's almost 20 minutes." Giving up sucks.
: Terms of use window
Agree with this comment. I brought up the same/similar issue [here]( It also happens in other places within the application.
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: Nidalee's R. Turning into a big ass cat would be rad.
[Big ass-cat?]( XKCD really has a comic for everything...
: I like how you guys are trying to make this game easier for everyone and all, but here's my problem; at what point does this end? Everything is going to get easier and eventually, we're only going to need one hand to play this game. Yes, this makes it easier on a lot of people, the thing is, it makes everyone "better." It gives people more room for error, thus giving less separation from those who are a bit better at the game than others. For instance, people that will flash and try to get an auto attack in to secure a kill and hit a minion because they misclicked will now be able to finish the enemy champion. I don't like that. You tried to make a play, but you failed, and you should be punished for that. Or when you're kiting/orb walking, and you misclick a champion that is running away and instead hit a closer champion/minion/ward. Or if you're playing Vayne and you need that last silver bolts to proc, but you misclick and the proc resets on a different target. It takes some mechanics out of the game and I don't like that. I'm not a mechanical god at the ~~AD carry~~ marksman position, however, I do pride myself in my mechanics for where I am ranked in the ladder. I'm not going to lie, I still do misclick a lot and all of the things mentioned above have happened to me at one point in my time of playing this game. But those are aspects of the game that I have improved on and those are things players should look back on and put work into. Doing this will just close the skill gap between players.
I can understand this argument, but, the ability to position your mouse on one tiny spot on the screen vs. the other is not the sign of a good ADC (or any player). Decision making, positioning, keying off teamwork, etc. is what really makes the difference.
: Why does every new champion these days have to have like 6 passives and 20 abilities?
I'm not so much hung up on state changing champions or even one or two passives. But, that Azir "passive" bothers me to no end because it sure seems like an active to me.
: Just want to say that I completely agree and disagree with this post. As a Canadian who was introduced to league at PAX prime 3 years ago, I have had the pleasure of watching the game and the spectacle of esports grow at the event. From how crazy it was at PAX in 2014 I have no doubt that you have outgrown the venue and the event. As well, I am sure part of the reason the Prime tickets sell out in 5 min if because it’s the only way to see this tournament. You guys want to do your own thing, be your own event. To be honest, I have some faith that you guys can pull it off. But it sucks because Prime won’t be nearly as awesome without you there…. and I doubt I can do two expensive tips like this a year. The spectacle of PAX prime over 4 days is what I spend thousands of dollars to attend. Is prime still worth it without League… maybe... But does League offer the same value without PAX? I don’t know, probably not. When I was visiting LA I took it upon myself to see a live event at the studio. Tickets were cheap and I was already there. It was an awesome cool novelty, but I would never travel specifically to do that. Perhaps if you guys held the events separate from PAX but still in Seattle and still on those days, so people can CHOOSE to do both in the same trip? I understand that by breaking out of these events and traveling, you are giving MORE fans MORE opportunity to see an event and that’s great. But it feels like a lottery now, will it be close enough to me to warrant a trip JUST to watch league? I guess I also want to mimic some of tyrannoscoreus post, If you want to convince me to leave the tundra of Canada and spend my hard earned, grossly undervalued, currency just to watch a e-sports event live…. It better be A LOT more than just an esports event. I look forward to your next live event in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada =-)
> The spectacle of PAX prime over 4 days is what I spend thousands of dollars to attend. Is prime still worth it without League… maybe... But does League offer the same value without PAX? I don’t know, probably not. This is the best and most well-worded post on this thread. You captured exactly my thoughts on this. +1 internet point (is that more valuable than your currency? hehe) to you, Well-Worded Person of the Internet!
Aklaen (NA)
: Hey, TheSleepingOne. I can say for sure I'll still be attending PAX East so we shall definitely meet again and there are also going to be a lot of cool Rioters at the panels and helping at the Cospitality Lounge, so don't feel like you can't come say hi and talk to them. As last year we focused on attending a lot of anime/ gaming conventions, this year we switched the focus on different types of formats that will also allow us more flexibility on the location. It doesn't mean we won't be back there in the future and it definitely doesn't mean we're not going to have events outside of esports, on the contrary, as RedBeard said we're looking more into developing esports events that have a lot of different elements to them including the community aspect, **on top of the community events** we're planning for 2015.
> [{quoted}](name=Aklaen,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=eW1esQvu,comment-id=00180000,timestamp=2015-01-16T05:33:47.497+0000) > > It doesn't mean we won't be back there in the future It would be nice, if, next time, this information was out before BIG EVENT ticket sales start. Money doesn't grow on trees I (and others, apparently, from this thread) buy those tickets so we can see you guys. Really disappointed in this decision. (And, when it comes to going to individual LOL events, that, unfortunately, is not the same experience as events like PAX attract the entire gaming community for a weekend which is a big part of the draw. It's not **just** LOL, but the whole experience.)
lorewise (NA)
: Thank you Riot, there are a lot of people like myself who simply won't attend these events because they're hosted at PAX. I realize this decision is probably for different reasons but none the less it's a step in a much better direction.
> ...there are a lot of people... The same could be said in the reverse. Myself and a group of friends only go BECAUSE of PAX as there is something for everyone. I disagree that this is necessarily a step in a better direction. Sure, it's focused on LOL, but it will be a smaller venue and less about the gaming community as a whole and more about a single game.
: Pardon my colloquialism, but saying that you knew about your limited attendance at PAX East 2 months in advance is bullshit on rails. It does not make sense even logistically. Beyond speaking of contracting with whomever will be leading your panels, I'm fairly certain that booking with PAX itself had to be done before tickets went on sale. Those things are not being prepared just 2 months in advance. You guys are an international company, one of the biggest games worldwide right now and you cannot make PAX **and** nationwide events happen? I've heard that you are compensating for this by having a photographer in a cosplay lounge. It does not help much. Cosplayers are just a small group of LoL fans. How about actual players and supporters of the game? You have really disappointed a lot of us.
Came here to say this. I buy tickets to PAX East BECAUSE of League of Legends. I love being able to talk with the devs, see the awesome plays on the big screen, meet fellow players, see awesome cosplay (was going to do it this year myself!), etc. I'm very disappointed in this decision - particularly because I agree with BloodyBlondeBabe - this had to have been known far ahead of "2 months ago" in when the tickets went on sale. I realize a possible response to this post is: "Well, if you're going to PAX for LOL, just go to the LOL-specific events!" Unfortunately, unlike PAX which dates and such are known far in advance (and people can schedule time off from work, etc.), the Riot events aren't even listed anywhere at this time. Also, the extra benefits of PAX (meeting indie devs, other games, playing the board games) puts it above and beyond a single-game specific event. I know...I know...I'm ranting. But, this decision sucks. First time I've ever been upset with Riot. Would love to know the political/financial reasons behind this decision.
: they have delt with the fakers before.
Nobody deals with Faker. He deals with you. {{champion:238}}
: imo a game like that would be an absolute dream because A) it would massively discourage people from raging and being general douches because they would never get into a game and B) I would much rather spend 10 minutes trying to get into a game than waste 40 minutes in a game with people who rage and are likely to lose due to lack of teamwork, etc. yes, it is exploitable, but there are ways you could work around it. honestly, I doubt you would almost ever get kicked for doing something nonmeta unless youre doing something absolutely retarded like adc vlad. most of the time it would be because A) you are being a douche or B) because you refuse to cooperate in any way (ex: refusing to go anywhere but the role you want)
I disagree that it would discourage people from raging - they would just do it later on. (AKA, "You got EXACTLY the right role! Why do you suck so bad!" and that kind of crap.) And, while nobody has statistics to back it up, I am willing to bet matches would take FAR longer than 10 minutes to create. For a sort-of example, look at Team Builder. When I build a team, I will accept anybody who fills the roles I need. However, I've had TB go as long as 30 minutes because, "I don't want to play with XXX champ in XXX position." Then, drop. Non-meta picks mean people don't join (which, IMO, is the whole point of Team Builder. Just try stuff out!) TLDR: People are selfish and self-centered by nature, and, as such, these problems will always exist. All you can do is remove avenues for it showing itself while still allowing a game to be played.
: I've been playing with friends new to the game recently and I've had to explain quite a few abilities that don't really match their descriptions. I can't think of any abilities that I would want to change, but there are several descriptions that a touch of clarity would help. {{champion:105}} The description for his E says he is untargetable, when he is really both untargetable and invulnerable. {{champion:114}} Many people think her ultimate is OP because she is invulnerable while using it, which is not true. She is still affected by DoTs and AoE damage. Additionally, her Q makes her ignore collision while traveling to the target, which includes skill shots. {{champion:82}} I've been playing a lot of Morde lately and one thing that bothers me is his ult's description. "The ghost's stats are enhanced." Enhanced how? It very clearly explains the buffs Morde receives if his target dies, but not the buffs of his pet. {{champion:23}} It does state how much base health you gain with 0 fury, but it could probably be a little clearer. I see people all the time who won't use it when they are low health and I could not figure out why. Then it hit me, the description says "consume fury" and they had none.
The Fizz one bothers me. I saw an excellent suggestion that says that Fizz shouldn't be targetable by single attack spells (and auto-attacks, and skillshots), but if he should still be able to be hit if he is inside an AOE field. That makes a ton of sense to me and I think would make his matchups far more interesting as he would have to trigger his E again at the appropriate time to dodge out of an AOE attack. As it is, he basically gets a move every 10 seconds that is not unlike Kayle's ult. Ridiculous.
: The joke that is the "Clarity" design value
> [{quoted}](name=DrCyanide,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ig3ZmNxM,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-01-02T20:36:37.198+0000) > > **Ability Descriptions: Scaling** > > Lets say a champion had an ability that scaled 5% off of AD and 200% off of AP. What hint does the Client or Game give that you should build AP instead of AD? You start out with a bonus from AD and 0 bonus from AP, implying that AD is the stronger scaling stat because it at least gave you something. > > While the League of Legends website does list scaling on abilities, the website is horribly slow and inconsistent in updating. Right now every champion in the game has +X Per Level base stat boosts, instead of the growth modifier that was introduced in 4.20, which was released over a month ago. > > When fan-made Wiki's get updated to have more correct champion stats than Riot's own website, players can not rely on on Riot's website. *Add the percentages to the Client/Game, update the website to be accurate*. Replying and upvoting just for this (though many of your other points are spot on). Yes, there are many fan-based websites out there which (sort of) work. But, I agree 100% that this should be part of the in-game client. When I'm trying a new champ, or in an ARAM and get a "free champ of the week," I want to know how I should play that champ just by looking at ratios. And, of course, it's not obvious when Kat's Daggers = Magic Damage, or the like. Would love for this to be self-contained within the game itself.
: Spectator Mode Not Working
Second this one. A couple things I have noticed here is that: 1. Spectator mode crashes when I try to start it up with a message of, "An attempt to connect to the spectator server has failed. Would you like to try again?" 2. On the main client, I can often not even see the games available to spectate. It's just an empty box or it says "Connection Lost [Refresh]" 3. On the few times I make it into a game, it lags out very quickly afterwards. This happens no matter what OS I am running.
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
I'm willing to show my chat logs. I primarily play bots, but I always try to at least be positive in game and encouraging because I know a lot of people play bots to learn.
ClosedGL (NA)
: "player-created terrain" {{champion:150}} suddenly hard counters {{champion:59}}
...and works extremely well with him.
: when you MUTE someone, they should be MUTED in end-game lobby too
I agree with you 100%. I was sad when this feature disappeared with recent patches. One minor nit (to defend the software engineers a bit) - when you say, "Easy to implement" - it may be not be the case. Even "easy" features are not always as easy as they may seem. Unless you know their code base and infrastructure, I don't think that can be inferred by something that appears trivial from your perspective.
: [skin idea] Kraken Lissandra
This is beautiful. Great job. I really hope Riot pays attention to this (and maybe even works with you) to bring this to light. I actually have quite a soft spot for Lissandra. I wish she was played more in the current meta. This would definitely be an insta-buy for me.
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: ^dat joke, most won't understand, but is awesome.
I'm wondering how many got it, too. That was probably the best "double-joke" that I've read in these forums. But, now I'm going to see that darn Q mess-up every time now. Dang it.
watbesh (NA)
: We all know Champion Select screen weighs a lot more in All Random pick (and Draft Pick) than in Blind Pick, so dodging a queue is not only a disrespectful behavior, but also a foul trick to win (Ranked games already punish dodgers for this "trick" by taking some LP). In addition to your idea, *a better ARAM game-balance* can solve this problem by preventing players from considering the rolled champions underpowered. It's really difficult, but what actually I wish to see... because it also solves "ARAM-only accounts vs all-champ accounts" thingy.
> it also solves "ARAM-only accounts vs all-champ accounts" thingy. I would like that, when queueing up for an ARAM, everybody should have access to all champs. This would stop those "ARAM-only" accounts quite abruptly and really make it difficult to get the "perfect re-roll." It may lead to increased queue dodging then, but, to that point, I believe much higher time bans should be in place. (1 hour first offense. 8 hours second offense has been my thought.)
: Mentioned elsewhere but: {{champion:25}}. Love to play her but the bindings are so frustrating if you're not her! Question for you: If you had to cosplay as a League champ which would you pick?
My bad...didn't see the other questions. Thanks for answering anyway! Good question! I've actually been thinking about this for next year's PAX East. I'm thinking {{champion:64}} or {{champion:4}} right now - mostly because I could actually recreate them. If I had mad costuming skills, I would like go with someone like {{champion:63}} . That would be hot. (he he)
: Riot, we cant empathize if you don't communicate
> From the standard player's prospective: Your game needs a lot of work and with all the money you make off of skins and mystery gifts it shouldn't be difficult to hire enough people with the right knowledge to fix some of the issues LoL has. We buy RP not because Super Teemo is on sale, but because we love this game, we love you as game creators, and we hope that every dollar we spend with make more of this magic happen for us and our friends to enjoy. I obviously don't know your experience in industry, but, this comment in your post indicates a lack of knowledge of how hiring processes work and how project in general work. There is the concept of the Mythical Man Month (good book by Fred Brooks - check it out) that throwing more people at a problem does not solve the problem and, often, causes **more** issues. Also, I (and I'm guessing almost nobody else) buys skins in hopes that my money is spent on a specific issue. I trust Riot to spend the money properly when I do spend it, but I spend it because...well...skins are awesome. > I want to play this game. I want to love this company and I do not want to say anything negative about you wonderful people who work at Riot. You make it difficult though because all you do is elude and deflect. The more you can tell us about what keeps you from fixing bugs and making new content quickly the more patient we will be. I *partially* agree with you here. Fixing bugs in software (I work in the software industry) is not an easy thing. Confirming that they actually are bugs is also challenging. I suspect that Riot as a company doesn't want to just come out and say, "Yup! That's another bug." It may not be! And, once they have determined the problem is a bug, they want to determine a solution (or at least a correct path) before revealing more details. And, on top of all that, it takes **a lot** of time and effort if they were to keep everybody updated with the status of everything in these forums. That is time they could be spending doing actual work. But, I do agree with you that Riot is often *very* vague in their communication. This is frustrating to me. I would rather hear nothing at all. > Why are the servers having so much difficulty keeping up over the last few weeks when you have a very good idea of how many players to expect? > Why does LoL have fewer servers than other, less established MOBAs? The servers are being actively attacked. And when I say servers, it may not actually be Riot's servers directly. It may be upstream of their servers (which has happened) and they don't have direct control of that. Go read up on DDOS at Wikipedia. DDOS are notoriously difficult to protect against. In addition, how do you know how many servers Riot and all the other MOBAs have? Even more importantly - more servers does not mean better service. Network topology, links, available bandwidth, and a plethora of other things come into play. > Why, for example, has Smite (released at the end of March) done more re-works and VU's than LoL has in four years? Because...they're new. When you're small, it's very easy to be agile and move quickly. > Why does it take so long to fix bugs that the community finds for you? Most bugs have a lot of interaction on the system. It's not as simple as changing a line of code. It has to be found, fixed, tested, reviewed to ensure nothing else breaks in the system. Unless you have dealt with this on a daily basis, please don't assume it's so easy. And, if you have dealt with it on a daily basis (AKA, you work in the software industry) you should *know* that this is a hard thing to do.
: Friday Fun: Ask You, Ask me
What is your least favorite champion to play against?
: definatley kakorrhaphiophobia , which means a fear of failure. I don't think I even spelt that right.
It strikes me funny that the word that means "fear of failure" pretty much guarantees failure when you have to spell it. Insidious.
: Destiny. I've been avoiding getting into because I'm afraid the addiction level will be high. If you had to choose between a dark, unexplored cave or an abandoned mental hospital to spend the night in what would you pick?
Depending on how far I would have to go inside it, probably the mental hospital. The cave may **actually** contain something that could hurt me. (Of course, there was Season 2 of American Horror Story...yeesh!)
: Definitely. The amount of time gained from not sleeping is equivalent to quite a few years of life. Think of all the new skills you could learn, all the places you could go! If you could only live one place the rest of your life, where would it be?
> Think of all the new skills you could learn, all the places you could go! Do you mean like...learning to top? And going into the jungle? ...dont understand... :-p
: Ask a stupid question and get a stupid answer game
The lane to the left. Which is cuter: a {{champion:17}} or a {{champion:150}}?
: Hello Gnar!
Love this. Kind of curious about what his rage form would look like, though...
Aina (NA)
: "3D game for men"
Another name for that type of game... Soccer. Baseball. Football. Etc. Etc.
: Iiiin SR bot lane Born and raised At the enemy's turret was where I spent most of my days Diving and boxin' and getting fed all cool and all When one day enemy jungler and mid showed up Started causing trouble in my neighborhood My carry got scared and I said "report cait wtf noob won't even engage"
My jungle whistled for a lantern and when I threw it near I cast my hook forward and said, "Noob, come here!" We quickly dismember the bottom lane pair And I said, "That's how it's done. Thresh Prince plays unfair." We continued rolling kills, about 7 or 8 With two turrets down I said 'Yo homes smell ya later' I roamed up to mid And been ganking them since That's how I play, just call me Thresh Prince. {{champion:412}} + Jazzy Jax {{champion:24}}
: The Reason You're Stuck In Bronze/Silver.
I don't believe in ELO Hell because, mathematically, if you are good enough and play enough games, it will work out that you will rise in the ranks. Yes, you will get games where someone rages/AFKs/quits, but, statistically, so will the other team. Given that you are a constant in this match-up, you should rise if you are skilled enough. With that all said, I do disagree with you on one point: > But, until you see that it is your responsibility to help them out and coach them to victory, YOU WILL LOSE. This, unfortunately, is false. You only have the chat to work with, and psychological studies show that, when communication is done through text-only (emails, text, chat, whatever), particularly in a emotional environment (like a LOL game), people misread what you are saying 90% of the time. That means, even if you think you are being helpful by saying: "Hey, make sure you get wards up in your tri-bush and at the blue buff entrance so you don't die next time" you'll often get a response of, "STFU a**hole. Don't tell me what to do." And then...things go downhill from there. I believe it's every player's responsibility not to be toxic. To teach others - might actually hurt your game more than help.
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: Good question. Why would Riot want to move to a different system than Pando P2P to provide P2P downloads? First off, Pando P2P shut down a while ago which means that all of your LoL patches and installs have been using traditional download methods (like straight from a central server). We think that having a method to get patches from players near you is important because of two things: First, the latency between players on your local network or subnet can be faster than connections to a more centralized distribution system. Second, having many ways to download updates makes the system overall much more resilient against network errors and minor hiccups.
I don't even see Pando on my machine. Would it be filed under a different name?
Snake Lady (EUNE)
: Evelynn's Future VU + Skin Idea
That second that.
: Community! Tell me your skin ideas.
: Email is pretty good to prove ownership.
Unless you used the same password for your LOL account and your email (which, once you hack the LOL account, you can see what that person's default email is). So, actually, it's really not a good form of ownership at all. Credit card transactions (if you bought RP), various information regarding your login history, etc. There's a whole slew of stuff that makes for better proof.
: I feel this is warranted. Calling Riot Ames!
Don't understand the reference to Riot Ames? Can you explain?
: can you imagine, jinx singing "anything you can do i can do better" BOOM
Oh...yes. That fits her character so perfectly. Even the voice. Now I'm going to sing that song every time I play her and win.
Amulet (NA)
: Fan Champion Concept - Sare, the Street Rat
I like the champ. However, given her Lore (love it, BTW) of being a thief, why not use that as a part of her kit? For example (doing this quick), why not, when she uses one of her moves, she steals X amount of gold from another champ. This could be based on autoattacks or duration or captured in a specific range or something. Would be very unique to the game and would fit her story well. Good job overall - would just like to see a bit more interesting items in her kit!
: I think you're sort of avoiding the issue here: people not liking you isn't against the rules. If they don't like you or the content your posting, why shouldn't the downvote it? According to Riot, the community should downvote what they don't like. I don't agree with the behavior, its pretty immature and childish, but they are allowed to not like you or your content, there isn't any reason they should be punished for their opinion, even if it doesn't make you happy or you agree. I wouldn't support your identity being revealed whenever you downvote a thread or comment, and I don't think we should support the idea of someone being able to know who downvotes them. It might not be what you want to hear, but at the end of it, they should be allowed to downvote you if they want, as long as they aren't posting violent or abusive comments attacking you personally while they do it.
While your remarks are true, hopefully, posts are downvoted based on the merits of the individual post - not on the merits of the poster. Someone not liking me is a poor reason to downvote a post that is well thought out and written well. Of course, nothing is going to change popularity contests. They have been around since the beginning of time.
: Champion: Sir Prize - The Gambit's Grief
I read almost all the new champ concepts, but this is the first that I really got excited about. The only one that isn't real exciting to me is his W (basic stun/slow). Instead, can I suggest something like this. W: Unlucky Drink – Sir Prize lobs a bottle of sticky Bilgewater Rum to target location. Enemies at the location are immediately made drunk. For the next 2 seconds, any attacks that the enemies damages Sir Prize with will only damage Sir Prize for 70%/60%/50%/40%/30% and the enemy champion for 30%/40%/50%/60%/70%. Adjust for balance. This skill would create a huge potential for engaging.
: Patch 4.13 notes
Who writes up these patch notes? Pretty funny commentary - particularly Zilean... > Technicall a Sivir Buff I LOL'd.
: Not that this will bring your post back, but for future reference, you should try writing out your champion concept in a word or text document. That way, backspace merely deletes a character. :P Also it gives you more time to look at it and edit it and whatnot.
While this **is** technically a solution, it's a really poor one. Auto-saving in forums is a problem that has been solved numerous times over and, quite frankly, it's a simple feature to implement (particularly with the advent of local store). In addition, Microsoft Word won't show you any of the board's formatting (since it uses markup) which doesn't give you a good preview.
: That would be hilarious. A Zed with 6 Bloodthirsters vs a Lee Sin with six Faerie Charms
Worst item page ever... {{item:3006}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3006}}
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