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: Got 3 accounts , looking for ranked duo on lower elo accounts silver3 and gold 2 accounts
i'm really shit but tired of playing solo so add me if you're up for it.
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the fact that you had no better comeback than this saddens me. you're a very toxic individual and are not worth speaking to honestly. you're as stubborn as the day is long and you're so close minded you can't accept new things. i f wanted to talk to a brick wall i'd go outside.
: There's not a single person out there who couldn't support, look all you have to do is pick a gold generating item that works for the champion you pick and not kill minions. Drop a couple wards, occasionally help a team mate and boom, you're a pro support. Pick any champion, it doesn't matter as long as you get a gold generating item and don't kill creeps.
there are people out there who can't change their playstyle to match an adc they have no synergy with. they either play too aggro, or too passive. the adc could also change their playstyle, but what adc is gonna change the playstyle of a role they are accustomed to? in my case, none. they either flame the support, the support flmaes them, one goes afk, both go afk, or they just go 0/20 together flaming each other.
: What options? You only give one in the original post, having a toggle feature on auto-fill. That won't work, people are not gonna go, "Oh, I can't wait 3 hours for a queue and toggle auto-fill on." That's stupid and no one would do it, everybody who isn't a support/fill main is gonna turn auto-fill off and leave it that way. Support/Fill will leave it on but that's only because they ALWAYS have auto-fill protection. Team Builder is not gonna fix this, it was never and could never be a ranked queue. Imagine people having the option to boot players from their lobby in a ranked queue without losing lp, it'd be a nightmare. If you're on a losing streak or fed super hard last game, you are NEVER gonna make it to a game. Until all positions are equally desirable, you have 3 options. -First, queue times are stupid long (High level players already have 30+ minutes queues even with auto-fill), this would drive people away from the game, making queue times worse. I remember queuing dps in WOW dungeons, looking at an hour wait time and shutting the game down and playing something else. -Second, removing position selection. If you wanna know how this is gonna go, go play a couple Blind Pick matches, now imagine lp riding on those games. -Third, Auto-Fill exists and is mandatory. Look, if you don't like Auto-Fill just play support/fill every couple games. I've actually never been auto-filled, not once in however many years it's existed.
The option to be able to toggle autofill or to bring back teambuilder. Autofill doesn't have to be MANDATORY FOR EVERYONE. I'm so very tired of arguing this. IF YOU HAVE THE TIME TO WAIT FOR THE ROLE YOU WANT YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO SO, IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE TIME TO WAIT, TOUGH TOENAILS. It's literally just do you have the time or do you not? If you have it and want to wait cool, if you don't sorry but we got atuofill for faster que times. If you don't wanna toggle autofill why not bring back teambuilder? I feel this isn't THAT hard to understand.
: > giving them the ability to do so wouldn't cause any harm That's unfortunately not true. Giving players the option to not autofill would basically remove a bunch of support players from the queue. This would either increase queue times for **everyone** or, if no-autofill players only get matched with other no-autofill players, make queue times for those **abysmal**. Support/fill players have autofill-protection anyway, so they have no reason to go for the no-autofill queue.
is it not better to remove people who are unskilled at support though?
: At least the new ranked system doesnt fuck you for getting autofilled, Got support instead of jg? Doesnt count as jg promos game/placement, and you only gain/lose 3lp, pretty decent compared to losing 20/losing a placement
i don't really play ranked that often but yeah i can see how that's nice.
: If you have a toggle function on Auto-Fill you might as well just not have Auto-Fill, everybody would toggle it off to guarantee the role they want. Unless you want to go back to not having position preference at all and the arguments that starts, **AUTO-FILL IS MANDATORY.**
that's not true. not everyone has the time to wait the longer que times. i could sit here for 3 hours waiting for my exact role. not everyone else could do that. if not autofill toggle then why not bring back team builder? one of my options has to be viable.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Chermorg,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=F4ifHKAt,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-31T23:26:22.412+0000) > > You could always try and get him into League as a way to release his frustration without drugs/substances? Or another game? Point being, he needs to find something he can enjoy that doesn't involve substance abuse. Many times when teenagers turn towards substances it's not just a sign of being young and dumb but also a sign of not being able to find happiness anywhere else, or of being bullied, etc. Talking to him is the best thing you can do. Playing league is one of the worst ways to release frustration
> [{quoted}](name=ItsShiaLaBeouf,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=F4ifHKAt,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-10-31T23:27:44.569+0000) > > Playing league is one of the worst ways to release frustration this right here. wish i could upvote so many times.
: when is the season end?? countdown timer can be found here.
: ROIT Cheated me outta THOUSANDS of dollars! Please Read.
1. the account was never yours as stated is the terms and conditions you agree to each patch. 2. the money you spend is you renting their content, also stated in the terms and conditions you agree to each patch. 3. riot can suspend your account for any or no reason with or without notice, also stated in the terms and conditions you agree to each patch.
: Whether you win or lose is actually not relevant to your grade. However, the losing team tends to have less kills, objectives, and other stats which contribute to their grade. I've seen people get S's in a loss.


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