: Here’s the thing, where I agree riot doesn’t listen to feedback, I also see that some players’ feedback just isn’t worth listening to. Take for example people who complain about tanks, when you bring up champions like rammus and malphite they say “those are different and tank malphite can 1 shot” when you show them the stats of a full tank malphite and calculate his dmg they throw insults and leave. This is the majority of players on the boards. They don’t run the stats they don’t check the numbers of that champion. Now is this all players who provide feedback? No, but to have to sift through a large number of “feedback” daily where majority of it is just players ranting for playing poorly can become pretty tiring and not that beneficial. So at this point it’s more beneficial to take what is said on the boards lightly and not as actual feedback because the integrity of that feedback is compromised heavily. I know this isn’t what you guys wanna hear but it’s the truth
I have never seen something truer said on these boards, it's all about cherrypicking information to slam your argument home
: About a day ago you got stomped by a master yi in aram i wonder what made you post this....
> [{quoted}](name=Adequate Top,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=YpjBaATq,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2019-08-18T06:31:21.895+0000) > > About a day ago you got stomped by a master yi in aram i wonder what made you post this.... I have mad respect for the amount of effort you put into roasting someone
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: > [{quoted}](name=Teh Song,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jWvBE8Hz,comment-id=001400000000,timestamp=2019-08-02T17:15:57.648+0000) > > Oh look im being followed by a comment now. > > I reached my conclusions objectively, ergo they are informed, I have not been called out or invalidated regarding any aspect of what I've said, none of it has been broken down, flaws have not been found, because it is not ridiculous but is accurate, and yes I'm spamming like a monkey but I'm not proud, I'm just sad that I have to. > > You probably think I'm a Pyke main? > If you look at my match history you'll see that I don't main anything. Declaring that your conclusions were reached objectively does not make them objective. You're wrong, they're uninformed, and you have been called out and invalidated. I've seen more than one comment thoroughly explaining everything wrong with your ludicrous "analysis" - people in much higher Ranks than you at that, and yet you like someone who has barely two neurons to put together and produce sentient thought deny it all, pretend it's not there, and claim accuracy, objectivity and flawlessness. No one's flawless, and certainly no argument - just by that short sentence you broadcast to everyone with a simmer of critical thought just how wrong you are. No, I don't think you're a Pyke main. I think you are an idiot - a self-righteous one at that. And of course you're proud, in your (as you called it) pursuit to make other people's beliefs accurate. By the way, as you have presumably never been told since you're a glaringly uneducated individual, that sentence is so full of pure stupid I quite honestly am having a hard time processing it, just by the sheer amount of limited intellect you have somehow managed to accumulate in _one goddamned sentence_. Lmao. "In my pursuit to make people have accurate beliefs." I don't need to watch your match history, I need you to learn that you're wrong because you've been told so by people b e t t e r than you (Again, not talking about myself here) and to _shut up._
Why is everybody so mean to each other.
: If "FILL" is your primary role, the "SECONDARY" Role should let us choose what role we don't want
So fill/jungle always?? At least for me {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Evil WU (EUNE)
: Yes this issue is can unfortunaly apear often. The issue is that when you "kill" someone as pyke there is a high chance of losing his voice and it will not work untill you die as pyke in the game. The issue can reapear again tho ...
How long has this been happening
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: Don't forget warwicks death sound that's still not fixed. Priorities right lmao Actually i get it since a lot of the people walked out in protest from riot. Is there anything being done right?
> [{quoted}](name=Snarfuractu,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ByklNEOw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-10T03:01:39.446+0000) > > Don't forget warwicks death sound that's still not fixed. Priorities right lmao > > Actually i get it since a lot of the people walked out in protest from riot. Is there anything being done right? fml i thought i was the only one with the ww problem, whenever he dies i have to either turn down my volume real quick or rip out my headphones so i don't et a burst eardrum
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: Looking for team/friends who need a support!!
What rank were you last season? Add me anyway because I'm also unranked and looking to jump into it this season
: What dumb things did you do/say when you started League?
Not understanding what "unique passive" meant so i'd just buy two or three bloodthirsters
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: I know this has been said a thousand times but Bot lane needs to lose some power
I actually find that more balanced adc's like jhinn or sivir make for a much more balanced game even if bot is fed. I think the problem is adc's like trist and jinx being able to burst people down like assasins at a huge range after only 2-3 items
: Who has the most satisfying execute ult?
Cleanse ghost full ap nunu, doesn't matter how much health you have it's gonna execute you
MehadshakiR (EUNE)
: Nunu in the jungle
ult every single camp
: I'll grant this. I main Yasuo but even I will acknowledge how overbearing he is to face 1v1 if your champion isn't well suited for dealing with him.
I am also a yasuo main and it just doesn't seem fair that i can get 100% crit 15 minutes in
: In all honesty it's quite astonishing that Lulu still has a point and click ranged hard CC ability
: Xin's W is Sej's W, minus the slow
Rather than bitch, put a constructive suggestion into your post rather than just slam them
redbike4 (NA)
: Is Taliyah or Twisted Fate more Fun?
Yea the only part of TF that appeals to me is his ult other than that taliyah all the way
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: Tip for a 14 day suspension toxic scrub that doesnt deserve to play looking to reform ?
: We don't need masters 8 and 9, but what we do need for the Mastery system:
Keep in mind there are 133 champions in this game (i might be off) but that's a hell of a lot of work just the players who have mastery 7 on champs, i feel like riot has higher priorities right now
: I agree. "Better botlane wins" is a frustrating meta. You can win mid hard (or jungle) - and try to roam bot to help yours: But ADCs spike so fast and so hard these days, that a 2 kill lead at bot can allow a good ADC to win 2v3s (even if the enemy mid/jungler has the same amount of kills). It's a frustrating meta where mid / jungle / top feels powerless: Being meatshields for their ADC at best. Jungle items, junglers and jungle progression have been continuously nerfed. So have mages, AP itemization and not to mention the MR/level changes. While toplane bruisers are stuck in a hardpush meta where teleporting to another lane means giving away tower FB anytime post 6. And toplane tanks (other than Cho and even with basevalues as broken as those of Maokai) yet again can't decide games if their ADC is 2 kills behind. It's all botlane right now - and more support items are getting buffed. It's sad too see how even top notch jungle streamers advice their viewers to just forget about playing jungle if they want to win.
yea the only time i can really make a difference is when i go as someone like yasuo who's really good at dealing with adc's
: You know what is my biggest issue with the Star Guardian Skinline?
I feel like worldbreaker would fit that hole really well
: im not an expert here, but i'd say it depends on elo, the players skill, and who gets fed. if talon or rengar is fed, you're gonna have a bad time. but if say, shen or maokai is fed, then there are things you can to do fight that
Most of the time is really bruisy champs like renekton, nasus or riven who just build full health but do extreme damage
DeusVult (NA)
: Can we stop with the non-interactive lanes Riot?
don't forget {{champion:80}} just forces you under tower and then freezes the wave! So fun!1!!!!1
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Hadziewsky (EUNE)
I'd love to play some games with you!!! Always looking for positive players!! Add me : souleater656
: Forgotten, Overpowered and Underpowered Champs
Yasuo isn't overpowered, zilean is really strong kindred literally just got looked at, I never see itelia. This list is awful
: How to make your jungler gank with 5 easy words
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: Riot wants feedback on Yasuo. (Friendly conversations inside pls) What makes him fun/anti fun?
As i've already answered i feel like i should add something. Yasuo is quite fun to play and dominates and low elos but he drops off quite steeply the higher up you get. I feel that the reason being is he's very hard for inexperienced players to counter and just how easy he is to play when you start. My worry is that with all the hate om this poor guy from the community is that he will get nerfed into the ground and then he won't be viable, WHICH riot has already said in a post about him (don't remember where i saw it ) that they are worried they will do just that and put him at a severe disadvantage. I think it's going to be quite a challenge for the balance team to find a spot where isn't awful at high elo, but stupidly strong a low elo.
: I think windwall removal would please more players than his shield. =)
Like stated above, they'd need to replace it with something interesting. I've always found that yasuo's windwall is out of place in his kit due to the fact that it has 0 synergy with anything. Becasue his e can go into a q and then his q into an ult. Windwall just doesn't seem to fit
: Tank is straight up weaker in every aspect, with less resistance in all the items, as well as for god know why buff to every adc item.
I think the only exception to this is darius, who can build full tank and still erase half your team
: I agree, i mentioned all of those. However, some parts of a champions kit that is must frustrating is also part of their identiy, i.e Fizz's E invulnerability. For me i'd keep his annoying mobility as its gated by minions, but the crit passive could easily be removed w.o making me feel like ive been cheated on the champion. So, though you clearly hate the entire champion, would you happen to have a more level headed/fair way to make him less annoying without completely removing the champion lol.
I feel like yasuo double crit is what makes yasuo, yasuo. Tbh i probably wouldn't play him if he didn't have it
: I just hate how he can kill you at level 2 + he scales well. One of those need to go. Maybe shift some power so he's not overwhelming when he's with minions and not trash when he's without minions.
if yasuo is killing you at level two you might need to play a bit safer or get a gank :)
CD8 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=souleater656,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IRnBtb2r,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-16T17:48:41.713+0000) > > I'm a mastery 7 main and he's easily he most fun for me. What I like about him is how smooth and intuitive his kit feels, I love using abilitys and with his lack of mana i am able to do that. I just love his damage and how mobile he his and he's quite rewarding when you get good with him Your entire paragraph is the reason hes hated. How much would anyone rage if a mage had: 1) insane mobility 2) no cooldowns/mana 3) an extremely high damage output. not to mention he has built in shields, 100% crit rate on autos and q.
: At the end i've stated a few things that the community tends to hate about Your beloved Yasuo, is there anyone of those that you feel could be lessen/removed in order to get power else-where into his kit which would make him less hated, but still fun for you to play? Example: I feel if the double crit was removed, He would still be very fun to play because of the other builds he still is strong with. Like Botrk Trinity Mallet, or Botrk PD.. Hell he could still go shiv/i.e he would just be at 50% crit like everyone else and his crit's would hurt slightly more. What would you personally do?
To be honest i'm good enough at him now that i feel like his shield isn't needed. It's pretty unfair because i can engage, land a q, dash back out and take only a nit of damage which then just gets healed by doran's shield. I would never remover his double crit or his e but i feel like if they found an exciting alternative for windwall that could be switched out as well. TLDR: get rid of either his passive shield or windwall, but not both.
: Dawnbreaker Riven Skin Looks & Feels Really Clunky
Well if it matters, I LOVE the new yas skin, so cool and fun to play with
: No Time For Chaos
Play blind pick
: Riot wants feedback on Yasuo. (Friendly conversations inside pls) What makes him fun/anti fun?
I'm a mastery 7 main and he's easily he most fun for me. What I like about him is how smooth and intuitive his kit feels, I love using abilitys and with his lack of mana i am able to do that. I just love his damage and how mobile he his and he's quite rewarding when you get good with him
Ralanr (NA)
: Did you know that Anivia's wall, Trundle's pillar, and Threah's lantern can stop Sion's ult? Did you know Fizz's E laughs at every targeted damage nuke? Ults are impactful abilities, but they are not incapable of being countered by influence beyond the casters competence. Yasuo's wall counters a lot of abilities. It's why you should play around it instead of trying to play through it.
Exactly ^ a ton of people just automatically assume that yasuo is the only champ with this kind of ability.
: This latest league event.... soo disappointed.
Just because you don't like the skins doesn't mean riot shouldn't have made them, they look kick ass and the missions is a great way for people to get cool stuff without spending money
: I think this is the largest amount of legendaries Riot has given in such a short amount of time
I'm always incredibly suprised by riots lack of interest in yorick, I feel like if you found a good theme you could make some incredible legendarys just because of his minions and the maiden
: No that's for the borders/icons/etc. You can buy the skins.
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