: We need loss prevention for afks
Your approach is too narrow minded... people would abuse free loss prevention...
: Free Coaching - Diamond 3 Mid Lane Main
Apparently offering a free service to try to be helpful and network myself with other people is something people don't like... I take your down votes with pride!
: Tomorrow evening would probably be best - would give me time to play through a few games and find the one I'd like you to look over ^^ I'm on the Eastern Timezone, just in case we don't have the same times.
I'm eastern as well, so just leme know. I typically work 12-9.
: When should I build Banshee's Veil, Abyssal Scepter or Spirit Visage? I know Banshee's was meant to handle burst, but I don't know about the previous 2. I'm building Spirit in all my games, I don't know if it's always the best option.
Banshee's is usually built to help squishier mages handle burst damage or CC from a single source. Think Annie ult/stun proc, or veigar stun. Without those champs being able to proc those abilities they aren't really a threat to you. Spirit Visage after the changes is not the "catch all" MR item is used to be for all champions to build. IMO it should only be built if your champions kit can effectively utilize the healing qualities it provides. Now... because we are talking about vlad... Obviously due to your Q this is the case. I can't think of many if any situations that I would ever build banshees or abyssal over visage on Vlad.
: I just neeeed some adviceeeeeeee.
Looks like your win rates on vlad and annie are good. I think you will climb, but it just seems like there are a ton of games played on off roles and champions that is really bringing down your average win rate.
: I just neeeed some adviceeeeeeee.
Anything in particular? Leme check your stat lines and build paths see if I can help.
: Thanks for the generous offer! A few pointers wouldn't hurt :) I'm more of a casual player, but it'd be nice to learn a few things for sure!
Definitely just leme know when is best. I'll work down through the people who have commented in order.
: Please, I one trick Vladimir, I will gladly take all advice you have to offer. It can be anything really.
Yeah man. I got a few peeps here to work through, but add me and I'll see when I can work with ya.
: same i want some of that mlg coaching to get out of silver and into plat soon as possible.
I'm not sure about MLG lol, but I can help out the best I can. What role to you main?
: I main mid can you coach me?
Yeah man, I'd be happy to help the best I can. What champions do you main?
awdaf (NA)
: Added you in game, hope to talk to you about some serious coaching, was D5 89 LP a few weeks ago
Yeah man, I'd be happy to coach and help out. Sounds like you have a good handle on things from your rank. I would more so kinda just talking you through things as a peer since I'm only 2 divisions higher than you.
: I'm interested! While I don't play ranked yet, I'd like too and any sort of advice for how to improve my midlane would be nice. Since we're on the new patch I'll play some mid games to get some reference points started. I might prefer support but information is valuable and I'd like to learn vwv
Hey man. I'd love to help out. Even though I have mained mid for some time. As you can imagine, I still have a decent amount of knowledge of other roles. Let me know when is best for you and I'll download a replay of a game you want to go over and I will screen share it for us to go over.
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: Real talk: Is ANYONE happy with how supports work?
My job as support is to assist my team on things like vision, catching people, peeling carry's, and generally just keeping my team alive. There are a wide variety of champions that hit certain strengths in those roles and some more heavily than others... You don't see Zyra or Brand building Redemption and taking Windspeaker... To say the only viable build for a support is heals and shields is ridiculous. I'm perfectly happy with how supports functions right now.
: Riot: Please add a "confirmation-button" if you are about to ban someones intended pick!
I look at match history and then ban peoples bad champs on my team all the time...
PainKller (EUW)
: Nerf oriana
Orianna has clear strengths and weaknesses. She has and will still be a great and balanced champion.
: Towing Question
Normal ball and hitch?
KoKoboto (NA)
: Tips for Talon vs Yasuo??
Just don't play talon, the rework was a net nerf
: It is rigged just like football........And football was proven to be rigged about 7yrs ago....Its a business and they want their fucking millions of dollars
If I won the superbowl... should I start the season 5-0 next season? or should I start the next season 0-0 like everybody else?
: @riot do i seriously have to play my placements
Swerzz (NA)
: Good top Laners for Bronze?
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: How well does Brand support fit in most team comps?
Ehhh, support triangle.... Sustain > Poke > Kill > Sustain... Brand is somewhere between poke and kill and is viable in most instances at your elo
: Name one bad thing about making pressure?
There is nothing wrong with pressure, it's how you do it.... What you are describing isn't pressure lol It's needlessly revealing yourself and letting other lanes do w/e they want... The literal act of being anywhere on the map is pressure.... By revealing yourself you are giving the enemy needless information...
: Showing you face doesn't always mean ganks it call making pressure all good jungler do it
A good jungler wont reveal where he is at unless he is doing something useful... helping a laner get 5 CS isn't useful... taking a objective or killing someone or counterjungling is useful.... Your argument is flawed
: Ps you don't lose do to one bad player
False... never gank a losing lane....
: Ended B1, 7-3 placements = B5
If I win the superbowl.... should I start the next season 5-0? or 0-0 like everybody else? Stop Bitching... I went from D3 to P5.... I will climb back... IT'S a NEWWWWWW SEASSSSONNNNNN
: > [{quoted}](name=Mr Carbon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=u51e0aHQ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-12-09T18:03:50.283+0000) > > There will be more games, but you have the opportunity to carry if you play and don't FF. This is how I got to D3. You climb by winning more than you lose but don't kid yourself. A lot of these games are unwinnable or even if they are winnable, it;s not worth the stress. There will be more than enough games where you can win even when your team is doing badly. I never understand this "never give up" mentality people in this game like to champion and I think is actually a terrible thing. Why do you encourage people not to FF no matter what. If you have a bot lane that feeds 22 kills in 17 minutes for example, you should just FF. Can you win ? Probably. Are chances high that you can win it ? No. Why stress yourself out. FF and move on. Chances are the next game, the enemy team will be the one feeding or the game will go kinda even and you can have an impact.
It's only stressful if you make it stressful... It's not stressful for me to carry a game... It's actually rather rewarding and fun, Because I mute toxic people flaming about their KDA and actually play the game to win... If we lose... oh well... if we win... great! But intentionally forfeiting games because you have no hope is just silly lol. You will never get out of bronze/silver with that attitude and I don't say that in a mean way... I want people to meet their goals of climbing... But I just find that don't want to listen to people who have succeeded.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mr Carbon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=u51e0aHQ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-12-09T18:02:27.998+0000) > > These are the most random and non-factual set of statistics I've ever seen.... Not random. It's based on what I experience every time I play. A little less than half of my games, there's a lane or multiple lanes that feed excessively. A little less than half is why I said 40% of games. Hell I even came up with a name for such games, I call them "kill per minute" games. Basically, I expect 4 in 10 games where my team feeds more than a kill per minute and in such games I just do whatever until we lose or I can encourage a surrender. I only focus on the games where this doesn't happen which thankfully is a bit more than games where it does.
If you do some quick math.... If you are automatically casting out 40% of the games you play as an auto loss and only focusing on 60% of your games to win... Even if you win 2/3 of the games in that 60%.... you are only winning 40% of your games... which means you won't climb... Which ironically enough... is your win rate right now in ranked lol
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: As a Vel koz player I can assure you he is in a disgusting state
Ehhh, Vel has always been in a balanced state because of very clear weaknesses and strengths since his release. Still a great champion but... You can't just describe a champions kit and say wow this is OP... Highly immobile, Very squishy, and a Channeled ult are just a few of his weaknesses which is why you can't just blindly play it into anything at higher levels of play. But all in all will remain a very viable and balanced pick
: How do you work with feeders?
My advise would be to simply stop talking to them... You drag yourself down when you start attempting to explain things to people in game. If they feed oh well... There will be more games, but you have the opportunity to carry if you play and don't FF. This is how I got to D3.
: You really can't escape this. Feeders are a huge problem, I admit. I find it best to FF as soon as possible so as not to waste too much time trying to win an unwinnable game. Only about 40% of your games will have excessive feeding on your team that means 60% of your games, the outcome will depend on you. Just be a better support so you can win a number games in that 60%. In other words, don't worry about games where you have a mid lane that goes 0-9 in 10 minutes. Worry about the games where you guys are only a little behind and there's still a chance for your team to come back.
These are the most random and non-factual set of statistics I've ever seen....
: You care too much what others think. That's why your view is so skewed.
I don't care about what they think (In a way I do)... I care about their literal physical well being and what actually matters.
: Dude, just take your narcissistic psychobabble elsewhere. This is a forum for a videogame, not a place where you can preach your "holier than thou" enlightenment crap. If you were really made a better person across the board, you'd be smart enough to keep to yourself and not call every instance of gaming escapism or addiction.
Don't show up at the end of a conversation to kick the can down the road. Nobody has a holier than thou attitude. Some people literally have to hear this stuff to get out of a rut and snap back to reality. Clearly from the responses I've gotten it's hitting a nerve somewhere...
Reset213 (NA)
: Is my stat line good for support?
: ***
An achievement is working for something worthwhile... If I worked to dig a hole 50 feet deep that led to nowhere... I highly doubt anybody is going to pat me on the back and say good job... ( If I found oil... maybe...) Working and finding a cure for cancer is an achievement... get the picture? The entire discussions was never about "working" and what is means, but rather "What" you were working towards.
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: ***
This is where your worldview is skewed.... Try finding worth in the things that improve your life, lifestyle and the people around you. What you just described is a miserable and selfish way to look at life. You keep saying people have to "grind" and "focus" and "work" and "dedicate" to get good at this game... I didn't start playing video games as a kid to be the very best at all of them... I started playing them as a fun way to interact with other people and to achieve a level of escapism that you can't get in reality. ( Like most of us) Beyond that, when you start to warp that motivation into something different, like "grinding" to get gear... you sir have an addiction to something that isn't rooted in satisfying anybody else, but your own addiction. It's miserable, and you'll never understand the freedom it brings to just play a game to have fun. When I grasped this... I improved across the board in all of the "competitive" games that I played. I hate seeing people literally psychologically and clinically depressed and addicted due to a video game... It's sad and breaks me...
: Thanks for this. This really helped me with my ranked anxiety.
I feel you. Some people are shamed out of even attempting to play ranked because of people they come in contact with who are trying to rank up like it's their job... You don't have to act like a douche bag to get better at the game. Having People in bronze, silver, and gold screaming at you for playing bad and not making shots is like: Parents screaming at other peoples kids during a peewee soccer or basketball game for missing a shot...
: ***
But is it healthy that people find their worth in the achievement of something that doesn't help their life at all... People are pissing their life away chasing the illusion of success that they find on a "Competitive Ladder" in a video game. Competition is still meant to be fun. What you are describing (More than likely about yourself) just seems like a miserable way to play the game... I didn't need to be miserable to get to D3, I just played the game and made friends along the way. Try it sometime At the end of the season... don't feel so entitled to a rank that you "worked" for... you "played" for it... it should have been fun... if it wasn't you should probably re-evaluate why you are playing the game... Nobody who wins a championship in a competitive sport gets to start the next season with a record of 5-0 instead of 0-0 do they?
: ***
It's a game m8... at the end of the day It's all pixels. It's supposed to be fun... you aren't lifting a trophy.... you aren't getting paid money... It's a game...
darkdill (NA)
: Getting resists when you're behind is wrong?
If you are playing as pantheon or something then yes... If you are playing malphite or shen or something... then no...
: Wtf Riot!!
Sigh... If I go 17-0 in the NFL regular season... Next season, should I start with a record of 5-0? or 0-0 like everybody else.... What your are butt hurt about is trivial
: think of league of legends like a physical sport. people play it for fun but in the end it is still competitive. think of playing basketball, if you play an one-sided round you are going to get very frustrated. with league the actions of four people you cannot control directly affect what you can and cannot do. this leads to some games where the player never stood a chance to accomplish their victory. in placements it is much worse, your placement games is what decides your rank. one paper your rank is who good you theoretically are. its one of the most frustrating experience to be tolled you are not as good at something as you though (or once were). placements however always feel one-sided (regardless of which side it is) which can build even more frustration when someone thinks they should fall right into x rank. think of ranked league as a proving ground more then something one does for fun. sorry for the ramble XD
I'm not trying to be mean, but this is a bit off topic... People are getting mad because they are getting placed lower than where they were last season... To continue your example of basketball.... If I'm the Cavs and we won the NBA title last year... Should I start the next season with a 10-0 record? or should I start at 0-0 like everybody else?
khorney (NA)
: the peopel who get depressed are the people who were elo boosted or got carried everygame
I disagree... The people who get depressed are the people who spend 1.5k games and Days of their lives playing and then associate the end the season and the ladder reset as wiping out all of their "work" The people who are boosted and cheaters, are simply having fun with the game still, but doing so via the wrong means
khorney (NA)
: i dont get depressed
: ***
Hard work.... since when did league of legends become about work and less bout fun...
Revali (NA)
: Doesn't bother me about the resets, it feels more to me like a 'you did it once, twice, thrice, whatever, prove it again it wasn't a fluke' type of thing.
But the "sense" of accomplishment that climbing brings is what makes end of the year exciting and worthwhile... How dull would it be if you stayed the same rank in the game every single year... It's a fresh slate and for some people they feel like everything they've ever worked for in life is gone when this happens, and it devastates them. It just isn't healthy.
: Psychologically? Uh what?
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