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: It makes up for his cancerous early/mid game.
Lol then they should ne4rf that and buff hsi late game wtf
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: Extreme FPS Drop after Installing New Client
I found a solution. When you're in game, alt-tab and close the league client (the fancy L not the regular one). Then, reconnect to your game and it should run as normal.
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: Reports alone simply trigger a review, and it only takes a single report to do this. Any additional reports don't do anything extra. So, receiving 7-9 reports in a single match is really no different then only receiving 1 report. Riot intentionally made reports work like this specifically because of premade groups. As far as your punishment goes, if you feel you were unfairly punished, would you mind posting your chat logs? If we could see them, we could point out what helped lead to the punishment. If you wish to talk to Riot directly, though, then you will need to [submit a ticket]( to Player Support.
Do they actually read the chat logs before penalizing people though?{{item:3113}}
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