: The House Triumphant
Poor Faceless :'( gave it our all
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: 2016 Challenger Rewards
Soooo each account the LCS players have (maybe 2 each) gets a jacket since they are separate accounts?
: Hey guys, there's currently an issue with the C9 emotes that we're fixing! This will be updated soon.
: Worlds 2016 Hits The Rift
Tier 3 team emotes are not working? Still only see the T1 emote. Wonder if it's not activated until worlds officially starts or what. EDIT: Did some testing, tier 2 summoner icon gives tier 3 emote but no recall animation. Tier 3 icon gives tier 1 emote and recall.
NJALobo (NA)
: ***
Gotta love friends with poor planning am I right?
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: Champion Mastery Levels 6 and 7 live now!
Still can't earn mastery in ARAM. If I can earn an S with a completely random line up that deserves something no? I mean yea my team might be the unkillable A-Team of ARAM but that's like 1/1000000. Rito please
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Will there be any summoner icons this time around or is there not enough time? I think I have them all from the original events but just curious.
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: Patch 5.3 notes
: Won 5/10 Provisionals got placed in Bronze 5
Everyone in here sounds like they don't know what 500+ ranked games per season is. Grind boys. Grind hard.
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