nasu010 (NA)
: lol i agree i think ive got about 7 concepts in the works yet to be posted and am thinking of moving my concepts to a more personalized space for safe keeping am still slacking on finishing my world and lore's but if i have to put it all together id have about 3 continents and at least an archipelago as for concepts i have now umm an not even sure there a bit scattered tbh
Sucks when you have a region with only 3 champs and they are all Support. Gosh freaking dang it, stupid jungle. Working on it though. Only have like... 4 more regions that need ADC's, Abyss(Void), Vislom(Jungle), Segineld(anti-magic/demacia-esque), and Jut'Sura(Desert). After that it is Jungler's I need to work on, and then it should be fairly balanced. Jungler's need 7 regions... so a bit more to create. Should make a map/diagram with small pictures of the champs next to their regions, that might help a little.
nasu010 (NA)
: ikr and if only i could just materialize our concepts into a fully working game there'd be no point in us ever worring about what this Riot ppl are doing or even think ( honestly i don't acre either way but ...) Also kra'Abrul is a great concept its a very nifty idea for you to be able to create a resource instead of having to wait for it or find it somewhere. (i might make a similar concept with this mechanic) but iv been busy so until when i cross that bridge
If you ever learn how to materialize then let me know xD I currently have 4 champions I haven't/probably won't post, because similar to Rito having nobody know what the next champ is I'd also like to have some surprises, where people can't just look on Rito boards to find the next champion's skills. Working on the 5th, gotta have more ADC's so that's my current goal. I want around 15-ish champions for each role to add options, or at the least 12 (10 banned leaves 2 options, so you can't ban all traditional ADC's or Supports). Of course, I imagine 10 bans with only 60-75 champions might be too high to start, but incorporating champs from other users(You, Chaos, Reksee, etc) adds a fair amount more so it'd be feasible at that point. I'm also now trying to balance roles with regions, so making every region have an adc/top/mid and whatnot, which with my current map would grant like 13 minimum champions per role. If I add in the Maelstrom Isles then 14. As the world itself is counted as a "misc" region. I'll have to see what roles each region is missing, and see if someone already has a good concept to fill that spot. Currently I am at: Top = 17 Jungle = 8 Mid = 14 ADC = 8 (soon to be 9) Sup = 17 Or something like that. Then there is Terunis with all options opened up. So I need more ADC's and JG's.
Sir Gusi (EUW)
: What's Gona happen to Akali
Pre-rework Akali was the bomb. Actually fun to play, and had tons of possible build-paths. She was basically my main until the rework, but that took out everything I loved about her. With DD and GB both giving omni-vamp I don't see why Akali can't get a full revert and get her good "balance" passive back. Fundamentally they deleted Akali and added a new champion in her place, which I absolutely hate when they do that, like why not just add the new champion and keep the old champ? Fine with reworks like Warwick, but Akali/Aatrox/Galio were all pretty much able to be new champs.
: "We don't pick favorites for skins"
Forgetting about {{champion:421}} ... as always... just like rito...
: kai'sa gets 4 skins in a year, meanwhile xerath...
{{champion:421}} hears you loud and clear. Was even making a comeback in pro play too...
: Yasuo skin
Because Rito. Dumbest skin line they could've chosen for Yasuo, but they did. Does he deserve the title? Well just ask Dunkmaster Ivern I guess... Rek'Sai would've been a much better candidate. STILL only sitting at 1 new skin since release. Also, the Kai'Sa one doesn't fit either... bad choices this time around. Caitlyn is decent though, I guess, and she actually has her hat, at least there's that.
nasu010 (NA)
: hahaha hey dude does this new qiyana champion look familiar check out her weapon i want money
Honestly not a fan of hers at all though :P The entire idea behind changing elements is cool, but should be done more like TF card, or even just a 3-way toggle with no CD resets. It's pretty stupid to have parts of your kit locked out if you aren't in the middle of the map. Hence why my champion Kra'Abrul doesn't solely get bonuses while in water, but instead while wet(caused by his own abilities for a duration). I think they didn't put enough thought into this new champion. And now we have a new faction, yaaay, instead of just making it Kumungu or whatever the jungle name is, tsk tsk tsk. But alas I've basically given up with Rito making good champions, and I've focused more on my own map/champions. It's pretty handy not having to worry about copying an arch-type or certain parts of a kit xP
: {{champion:61}} You forgot this cutie here. Apologise to her. NOW.
Oh yeh, Ori exists, I always forget that... My apologies Ms. Robot Lady.
Zahtar (EUW)
: The League needs another archer.
I think a good way to add a unique archer is to make them like my concept of [Kero](, I think a robotic archer would be a very interesting add to League. And honestly we could use some more robotic champs? Outside Blitz and sorta Viktor/Camille/Urgot we got nothing, Blitz is the only true robot and he needs a friend :P Maybe the robot archer even went rogue and left, trying to claim its agency/free-will.
: the new mordekasier rework
Ult seems pretty much useless, since it doesn't help him push anymore, and he doesn't get drag anymore for help pushing lanes. Also it is NOT Morde-esque, it is a cowardly move to single someone out, Morde is known for being in the middle of HUGE fights surrounded by enemies. It would've been better if he at LEAST gained small permanent stats from killing the enemy, but still the thematic is wrong for him, even Swain R is more fitting for Morde. Passive is basically his W with self movespeed buff instead, which is cool and was definitely needed, but now you have to double tap W to heal? His passive shielding was a VERY unique form of his tankiness, and now it is gone. I'm fine having it transform shielding into health, but the shield should still be passive imo. And unless you exit combat the Heal is useless. IF Q still hits super hard, then Q and Passive are the only good parts of his kit that actually speak Morde. Overall I just don't see where they are trying to put Morde. You can probably just roam around and watch him struggle to clear waves with only Q and E now, instead of being a God at clearing waves.
Meserion (NA)
: They've said Fiddlesticks is an old champion thus why he seems cheap.
Well you're putting all his power into his minions on his R, and basically entire kit, which is more or less what you said you didn't like about the current rework. I actually like his current kit, but certain things are indeed off. Voidlings are like weak-minded Voidborn creatures, so having them mindlessly follow Malzahar makes perfect sense I think. He is the Prophet of the Void, so he should be opening up rifts and helping the void invade, helping lead them on their conquest. I think this was a good change. BAD CHANGE was when they nerfed the voidlings into oblivion, like they can't even hit your laner anymore unless you have R. Removing the speed boost was terrible, like I know he was crazy strong but completely gutting that was a bad choice, AND they stopped the multiplying factor, just a slight nerf would've sufficed, not removing both. They die in 1 freaking auto attack anyway...
KaioKris (NA)
: [Concept] New Fighter/Support Champion?! Omono , The Banished One w/Video
Small suggestion, change your format so that the ability descriptions are pulled together. *** Example Ability Name Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example VS Example Ability Name Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example *** This will help people read your concept. Right now it is... not very reader friendly. You can also put three "*" in their own line to put spacers. So you can break the abilities away from the lore. And put Double asterisks on both sides of a word/sentence to make it bold, like the ability names can be made bold to stand out a little more. And if you WANT you can even add boxes for the descriptions, by putting a Greater Than sign before the text. *** **Bold Ability Name Example** >Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example **Bold Ability Name Example** >Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example This feels better for reading, and gets the point across better.
Meserion (NA)
: [Malzahar - Rework Concept] Minion focused with mid lane and jungle capabilities
Look at Fiddlesticks for actual damage numbers. R BASE damage at rank 3 is 1,625. That's with no AP at all. Add in the total 225% AP ratio and it obliterates(400 AP = 900 more damage). Not to mention it is AOE damage.
: He is keeping his Slow movement speed i guess is the take away.
As long as they add some form of counter-measure to kiting then I'm fine with that. Even with Rylais Morde gets kited like crazy right now, it's absurd.
nasu010 (NA)
: ikr but i guess its cuz hes so lame atm its only fair to just give him access to his full kit to at least survive i mean just his q without my addition imo was overloaded and still ineffective whats the point of the sword if i cant properly position it but only call it to me its just stupid i've been playing shen for the last few months and i like the idea of being able to help any lane in an instant but its stupid the way they built his kit why is the slow only activated on ppl running away from shen when most times he can only survive if hes in his w which only lasts for 1.75 secs any way its like a fizz troll hop but i can still get bursted down by any non basic attack (flips table) its really ineffective they way they designed his kit an i wholly believe that my new kit for him addresses that while keeping his core elements and play style unchanged. i mean its not like i just did this on a whim, i might have well have just made a new concept but i legitimately like shens play style its my kind of thing an, all in diver but he is just soo lacking smh lol i think that just turned into a rant lol but yeah i reset his numbers to whats live outside of my personal add-ons which give him that extra skill aspect to any newbe shen would be stupid to play as is but with this they would soon begin to understand how to use him the q for fleeing champions just like any skillshot but if you time how you use the sword/ what you use before picking it up it completely changes the options for your next move ( i gave him crit on the dash for real assassinations, life steal on his w/ team heal for all those who are there and he has his only real cc the slow on his q but its more for dueling which sticks to his basic setup. the stun on his r is because too many times i r to a team mate and get bursted down before i can even move seriously shen in game rieght now is r%%%%%ed ( ive tried a bunch of builds played almost all lanes (mid is the olny one i havent played shen) and not once have i gotten more than 5 kills the best i can see shen rn is a support he loses to almost all toplaners but again this depends on their skill lvl with their champion cuc i dah this game where i was tormenting a {{champion:164}} top lane.
Sounds like me when I used to try and play {{champion:82}} xD So many counters since he dies in 0.5 seconds if he is stunned, and is the slowest champion in the game, with NO innate CC or mobility outside of his W which requires another unit to be in front of you. Last time I played him I remember the minions moved faster than me. Just absurd. At least he is getting reworked though, I hope it is a good one like Warwick and not Akali (RIP). So where exactly do you think Shen is lacking right now? Tank stats? Crowd Control? Mobility? I find that Morde right now is lacking in both of the latter(mobility/cc), which causes him to lose his unique tank stats. I like how his tankiness requires him to be upfront and fighting, but he literally can't get upfront in his current state so it makes his tank stats not viable and essentially makes him useless in fights. Duels are okay until your opponent walks away at 5% HP and you can't catch them, AND they heal faster than your R damages them... It sounds like Shen right now is taking a little too long to teleport to his allies for not offering much outside of a big shield. His R is designed as the ultimate protection spell more or less, given the unlimited range it is better than Kayle/Zil R most of the time. But you need to be safe while casting it and a lot can happen during the channel time, not to mention the LONG cooldown. I think stunning as he appears/teleports would help most, as it gives him time upon arriving to set up a good play. And makes enemies more cautious while attacking the shielded ally. So like a 2 second stun upon arriving, to finish off the 5 second shield timer. I think the problem with a lot of the additional buffs is they are just stat buffs, Crit+Lifesteal, so it makes itemizing as him weird. Making things buffed the other way around is better, like letting his Q apply on-hits and crit when it passes through units(not changing the empowered attacks, just the active part of the ability), so building crit can increase his damage but is only optional. The lifesteal in general shouldn't need to be included if his W lasts langer and heals for up to 50% of damage blocked. This gives him great sustain. Maybe instead of blocking ALL damage the W briefly blocks spells cast from outside? like 1/2 duration and then continues blocking all basic attacks?(1.5 seconds blocking spells, 3 seconds for attacks) So less time for blocking spells, and more time blocking attacks, that way it isn't a huge op shutdown during teamfights. Idk there's a lot they could do with him.
nasu010 (NA)
: >Not overly familiar with Shen right now though, hardly see him get played. exactly if you have a look at shens abilites on mobsfire most of these are what he already has and thats the 3 autos the empowered empower the slow the shields there all already whats in his kit i jus did a few tweaks but i do understand that theres a bit much going on right now and that he would need to be toned down. funny enough his energy recharge is good i play shen fairly often and ive never had a problem with energy consumption since hes a basic attack focused champion thus the reason for all the empowerment. i gave him the ranged q/ skillshot cuz he has 0 range for a ninja and the only real "ninja" skill he has is a short dash (E) and imo this kit i created is the core or his playstyle dash in to guard allies, draw his sword and become a truely badass ninjalike in the movies where this 1 guy comes out of nowhere to save his friend at the last second. but thanks man appreciate it
Strange, you'd think they'd make him a little more reliant on energy like the other energy champs. Low CD abilities and decent energy costs is the norm. Otherwise why even have a resource?
: > Oh, so why specify W as dealing true damage? Just so if a champion tries reducing future damage taken by it by using Warwick/Galio/Irelia/Master Yi skills they can't? This also goes both ways though, so if you hit them during their ability all future damage will be lower. If you hit them while invulnerable it will deal no future damage but still do the effect. What you said is basically what I intended (except for the invulnerability part which I expected yet cannot find a way to get around it). The affected enemy is under a traumatizing hallucination and they are reliving the pain and damage they had experienced from the very first strike. The follow-up damage being true damage is to represent they are mentally experiencing the exact amount of pain they initially felt. If the enemy blocks the first strike, the amount of pain they experienced is lower, meaning that mentally the trauma isn't as severe. This was the type of feel I was going for the ability. > Well also if you're going by DPS and W deals 645 over 8 seconds versus 590 over 1 second you have to add in the fact that W has a VASTLY lower CD, great range for engaging/escaping, and the followup damage is almost impossible to dodge unless you have a shield to block it. R can be mostly blocked by a reaction Zhonya's/damage reduction skill. Not to mention W really stops enemies from backing, pushing them another 8 seconds before they can actually go back to base. For the vastly lower CD, I may be misunderstanding your intention but it goes without saying that a large amount of basic abilities will outdamage the R ability when they have lower CD. Great range for engage/escape while dealing damage, pretty much Fizz and Leblanc W is like that. Not to mention, this W ability is Maris's ONLY source of mobility and damaging AoE (outside of her ult). Her E is also AoE, but the initial part doesn't deal damage, and the remaining E damage is only decent if all 3 stacks are consumed. Maris will be using her W at situational times. Either she uses it to help with clearing a wave, she uses it to engage and deal damage with no escape, or she uses it to escape without a guarantee of dealing the damage. Maris is intended to be a fighter and more DPS oriented rather than burst reliant (pretty much why this is a rework; her previous version relied to heavily on burst combos that she is pretty much an assassin rather than a fighter). If I were playing Maris, I'd use her W somewhere near the beginning of the fight to maximize my damage properly. Using it at the end of a fight will lower its damage potential, especially if the enemy escapes. When the enemy is out of fighting Maris, there's a good chance that [_Cursed_] also has run out, providing more countermeasures to reduce the severeness of the ability. Lastly, I also mentioned that [_Hallucinate_] cannot be reapplied onto enemies who already has the effect. So if Maris builds CDR and uses W on the enemy who is already affected, the initial W damage will be dealt, but there will be no follow-up damage. > I think maybe just having her R's close range apply on-hits as well would be a good reasonable buff, total of 4x on-hit effects in 1 second isn't bad. And it makes it more situational depending on your current health. It allows for decent build flexibility and cool interactions with the rest of her kit. Maaaaybe let it crit with like 25% increased damage, but idk about that. I also like that idea. It might feel weird with on-hit effects being applied from an AoE ability, but I think it can work. I do believe I should reduce the effectiveness of each on-hit effect by like 50% for each strike so it isn't too broken. Like at level 16, Maris deals ult damage along with on-hit damage equal to 10% of enemy's current HP or heal for 10% of missing HP FOR 4 TIMES IN 1 SECOND! I think that should be reduced.
Yeah, 50% effectiveness for on-hits might be best. Especially if her Q resets her attack timer as she'll already be doing a lot of hits outside of her R. Also, Fizz and LeBlanc are like my most hated champs xD Immobile Mages like my poor {{champion:161}} just can't handle them.
nasu010 (NA)
: is it just me or does shen need a rework
Hmm... I think the Q might be a bit overloaded. And even tanks need some outplay potential, so blocking all damage instead of just basic attacks might be a bit much. It'll also make enemies just ignore him during teamfights. I think making Q just move the blade and deal damage and slow anybody it passes through and recall the blade to empower his attacks is good enough. However maybe lower it down to his next 2 attacks. As he uses energy so long lasting abilities don't work well(no point if he can't drain his energy down to 0). And scrap the enhanced enhanced autos(interesting in concept but not that fun in practice, they already take more damage from having the sword pass through them). Increased damage to monsters is probably fine, to encourage lane diversity. Change his W to having the knock away effect upon blade collection, so it pushes enemies to the outside, since E taunting enemies while pushing them away is very strange. Make the W only block basic attacks, for longer like 2-4 seconds depending on rank, as this is more unique than invulnerability/spell shield imo, and this gives him some downsides/counterplay. Healing effect SHOULD be fine, I suppose. Raptor camp will heal him quite a bit :P Just make E reduce all basic cooldowns by 25% if he dashes and collects the blade, with the taunt + damage + range this should be enough for play making. Make him passively restore energy whenever he collects his blade, like 10-20 per time. To help him manage his energy which he should be using more often now. R should stun AS Shen arrives, it is already pretty good for instantly helping someone survive so it doesn't need an instant stun at their location as well. *** If it is changed to something like this then I think it'd be good. Not overly familiar with Shen right now though, hardly see him get played.
: Oh yeah, sorry for this new comment but there's one more thing I wanna mention about the W which you may have glossed over. The 2 true damage effects from [_Hallucinate_] are based off of W's **_FIRST POST-MITIGATED PHYSICAL DAMAGE_**. I may have bad english, but I'm pretty sure this means the true damages are based off of W's first damage AFTER mitigation. So let's use your numbers again and say that Maris has 130 base AD and 300 Bonus AD, for a total of 430 AD. Now we throw in the 100 armor = 50% reduction. Thus, R will still deal 590 mixed damage, but let's recalculate W. W's first intended damage is 430 physical damage. But with 50% reduction, it will deal 215 damage instead. Each of the individual true damage from [_Hallucinate_] will be based off of the first W damage after reduction. So each will deal 215 true damage. With that said, the total W damage will be 645 damage (with 430 AD and 50% reduction). Each true damage is based off the first W damage. After all, the enemy champions are **RELIVING** the trauma (hence the ability name)! Now I know it still means the R maximum damage (590) is still lower than W maximum damage (645) by like 55 damage. But remember, R will have HIGHER DPS than W. R DPS = 590 damage per second W DPS = 81 damage per second Hmm...maybe I should buff up the W damage too...idk... But yeah, just pointing out that you might have missed the "post-mitigated physical damage" part of W.
Oh, so why specify W as dealing true damage? Just so if a champion tries reducing future damage taken by it by using Warwick/Galio/Irelia/Master Yi skills they can't? This also goes both ways though, so if you hit them during their ability all future damage will be lower. If you hit them while invulnerable it will deal no future damage but still do the effect. Things to keep in mind. Well also if you're going by DPS and W deals 645 over 8 seconds versus 590 over 1 second you have to add in the fact that W has a VASTLY lower CD, great range for engaging/escaping, and the followup damage is almost impossible to dodge unless you have a shield to block it. R can be mostly blocked by a reaction Zhonya's/damage reduction skill. Not to mention W really stops enemies from backing, pushing them another 8 seconds before they can actually go back to base. I think maybe just having her R's close range apply on-hits as well would be a good reasonable buff, total of 4x on-hit effects in 1 second isn't bad. And it makes it more situational depending on your current health. It allows for decent build flexibility and cool interactions with the rest of her kit. Maaaaybe let it crit with like 25% increased damage, but idk about that.
: Battlecast Vel'koz recolor
Strange, I main Vel but kind of hate the battlecast skin xD Something about the Q is so off and makes landing it hard. I pref Arclight especially with the square W hitbox, I find it feels much more fair when I hit enemies with it. Maybe if they just gave him another skin, like he deserves, with chromas. An actual good skin mind you, no "Definitely Not" nonsense.
: [Champion Concept Reworked] Maris, The Cursed Princess
Yeah, he isn't wrong. The W alone talks about 3 different debuffs. The ability not only reduces their damage, it applies curse which reduces all healing from/on them, and makes them take true damage even if they teleport away. This is especially bad for people playing AGAINST her, as they need to learn stuff about a champ they aren't playing to understand what is happening to them. 1 or 2 unique debuffs is good but 3 or more starts to be too much. Not to mention W is basically better than her R, dealing 100% AD + 200% AD as True Damage. So 640 + 180% Bonus AD on her R. If you give her the 130 base AD, and she has like 300 Bonus AD, you'll get 430 Total AD which seems decent enough. Her R will deal 1,180 damage whilst her W will deal 1,290 damage. If you put her at 200 total AD(70 bonus) then it's 766 versus 600, which is closer but still worse due to the true damage aspect. If you put her at 130 total AD then it's 640 versus 390, which is much closer but STILL worse due to the true damage aspect. 100 Armor = 50% reduction, so R will deal 590/383/320 versus W which deals 1,075/500/325. W pretty much always deals more damage. And has a MUCH lower cooldown reaching 5.5 at max CDR, so 2 targets can be affected at once(if you don't already land a multiple champ W). Closest concept I have to this would probably be [Jacqueline]( from the Shadow Isles), who "technically" has like 5 passives, and 1 debuff, but 3 passives are tied into her actual Passive Skill and 1 of those is just explaining her resource and how she gains it. The other 2: one is a debuff/buff on her so to balance it she needed another buff on her passive. So effectively she has 3 passives in her kit.
: Would be cool but I doubt it would happen. Would take players away from the current version of the game and League of Legends isn't partnered with Steam in any way anyhow. Not to say none of this could change though.
Also outside of wiki being a thing, I don't believe Riot keeps content that they've changed. At least not from that long ago. I'd say anything changed from before the jungle update is probably gone forever, files and all. So it wouldn't just be a simple task of letting people use the old files because most of(if not all of) the old files just don't exist anymore.
: Judamogu, The Fungal Giant(Champion Concept)
I'll see if I can make a sort of rendition of this Terra Aqua Maelstrom using my limited art skills. The Maelstrom might be an on/off thing, with mythical creatures/monsters breaking through the rift as it opens and returning before it closes. But a perpetual rotating circle of islands sounds cool as well. Eh, didn't turn out as good as I hoped :P I would imagine like 2 more levels of islands under the water, and possibly some tied together with vines/roots. But for now it kind of works. *** Well to be fair Blizzard probably had people working for them who had dabbled in that kind of area, or could even hire outside help to get a handle on things. Outside of knowing a lot about coding already having made their fair share of games. I never played Overwatch, just D2/D3 and WC3. Honestly I can't even remember why I started playing League again xD Used an old account years ago but it didn't let me change the name from something stupid like "1295019051095u9051905812905" because it was inactive long enough that someone apparently took my name and it was supposed to let me rename myself but wouldn't. So I made a new account with an actual summoner name "Detias" which I later changed to Mr Voidling, since if I ever started streaming I wanted a more memorable name. Aaanywho, I don't know if you are artistic by nature or have any desire to spread your wings in that field, but I can probably handle any needs in that area. Much easier than learning how to code :P I ain't no pro artist, but I'm getting better. Probably could've focused more in my earlier years, rather than having like 0-2 annual drawings, but what can ya do. Now though, do I use Blender which is free or do I try actually spending money on a 3d modeling program... Tis the question.
nasu010 (NA)
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} what Lol thats great But how many contenints are on there ? Looks like a great place fornsea monsters so forget my sky sea idea add a melstrom but get itnin a frame sonits like there was this entire civilization that was swollowed by it and now its a city/contenint in ruins + + # + + something likenthis but to a better effect
I guess only 4? Cintem Aris, Vislom, and then the South/North mainland. Separated by a river. Runeterra has its mainland and then Ionia and The Shadow Isles. Bilgewater is so small I don't know if it should be counted. Also you could count the North Pole and the land next to it that don't inhabit residents. But... well they don't have anybody living on them. I'd give it 3 continents versus my 4, Mine could potentially have 5 if you count Voyager's Rest as a Barbakor main island, but like Bilgewater it is rather small. So a mealstrom/whirlpool in the center of a broken up continent? Possibly making the island pieces rotating around it? And a large underwater city swallowed by it? Sounds pretty cool in my book.
: Ability Draft Featured Game Mode?
This has been mentioned within the past few months. By me at the least, just in comments not a full post. I kind of recommend a random ability "draft". Not much of a draft at that point, but you don't have to worry about OP kits being picked every time. It's a troll game mode anyway so random fits. Just buff melee champs up so they can compete with ranged, since their abilities usually make up for the difference. I mean, just imagine Morde Q with Jhin/Veigar passive on a ranged champ... There's also the fact that Rito doesn't want game modes that are inherently more fun than competitive play. Fun = bad. Their player base jumps up while the game mode is up but shoots further down than it was prior after they ditch the game mode. Happens with URF/ARURF. I mean, easy fix is don't remove the game mode = more players. But they care too much about competitive play. I'd even SEARCH for a CUSTOM game if they made it an option to have custom Ability Draft/URF games. But nope. On a technical level, they can definitely do it, just apply Sylas R mechanics to all champs pretty much. There are 144 champs so there are effectively 720 abilities in the game, with an added like 12 from Jayce/Nid/Elise/Gnar, 2 from Reksai, and 1 more from Kled. Shyvanna's are tied to her active R so no more from her, and Sion has one tied to his passive so we keep them tied. All in all this makes 735 abilities. Each champ has at least two attack animations, regular & crit, so you just make each champ have a specific animation tied to each ability. 735 -5(champ already has animations mapped for their own abilities) means you have 105,120 animation ties to do(less actually due to auto enhancing abilities/stat ups like Jax has). This would definitely take some time, but is feasible nonetheless. Rito could probably knock this out in 3-5 days if they focused on it. Or to make it simple, correlate champion animations to numbers(each champ has numbers 1-8 or something) and then correlate those numbers to specific abilities. If a number is missing it defaults to a different number instead. Example: Ezreal R is mapped to animation #6. Zac E recast animation is tied to #6. Jax doesn't have an ability animation mapped to #6 as he only has 2 abilites and 2 attacks(probably more attack animations but whatevs), so it defaults to a specific alternate #, like in his case #4 his E animation. This is only the model animation, not the displacement, so Jax E animation would still make him levitate while using Ez R. Certain abilities would either be impossible(Zac R) or wouldn't matter, other abilities would probably need specific animations tied to them. but for the most part they can get away with correlating abilities to #'s and then each champ uses their same # animation for the ability. We don't care if its perfect or not. Question is, do certain abilities get removed for ALL champions, or just all but the champ that can use them? Zac R/passive, Anivia Passive, etc. And are Azir E+Q only available if you randomly got his E and then ALSO RANDOMLY got 1 of them? or disabled?
nasu010 (NA)
: >I'm gonna make an old-style map of the world soon, for reference. cool id like to see that and am not jumping ships or anything but Ozhirim can be a place (pff if you want ). hmm if i had to create a world? hmmm..... never really gave it thought hmm azterix was always a cool city but land wise its like a dimensional rift between 2 research labs, then theres the crystal pine forest where all the mages gather, tolverot acerate the city of bankers (not dissimilar to bilge water) but its just a floating island, nexirumas (floating citadel/shadow isles) the arid badlands and its desert dwellers. chhi damn ive got a lot to write down so am just gonna end this here ---- but here's an idea for a place if you don't already have one imagine an underwater city but this water is floating in the sky and there's a runic lift taking people from the ground into this floating ocean (sky whales)
Well I might've taken it a bit too far. I made a world... I made the map into a literal sphere and made it spin.
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: Dodging in ARAM's shouldn't be so easy
To be fair sometimes you end up with a garbage {{champion:113}} and you NEVER play her but she is in free rotation so you get stuck with her. I've had this happen before and I left the lobby. Rather dodge than give my teammates and myself a bad 20+minute game. I think having 1 reroll at all times would be nice...
: Customize Custom Games
Imagine editing Urgot so all his abilities charm you. {{champion:6}} **Mwah!** Problem is, people would have too much fun with this, and fun is apparently bad. Even though it'd be GREAT at testing out player-made nerfs/buffs to champions.
: imagine jgling as Tha'nos and uses W on first buff, that early game jg clear would be insane.
I suppose I should've specified only small monsters last until killed, no double Herald push or anything xD
nasu010 (NA)
: >I'm gonna make an old-style map of the world soon, for reference. cool id like to see that and am not jumping ships or anything but Ozhirim can be a place (pff if you want ). hmm if i had to create a world? hmmm..... never really gave it thought hmm azterix was always a cool city but land wise its like a dimensional rift between 2 research labs, then theres the crystal pine forest where all the mages gather, tolverot acerate the city of bankers (not dissimilar to bilge water) but its just a floating island, nexirumas (floating citadel/shadow isles) the arid badlands and its desert dwellers. chhi damn ive got a lot to write down so am just gonna end this here ---- but here's an idea for a place if you don't already have one imagine an underwater city but this water is floating in the sky and there's a runic lift taking people from the ground into this floating ocean (sky whales)
Not sure if a lot of those could work in the setting I have laid out, unless I have areas with no champions. The champions already have areas they are from, so adding in another area makes it essentially empty/invisible to an extent. I do have the Forsaken Heavens, which is currently tied to Nomalona(like an underground Mount Targon which opens up into a heaven-like area), so the dwelling place of the banished Ancients could be changed into something else like the underwater city. There is also a potential area tied to Cintem Aris, accessed via the sacred tree, possibly similar to Bandle City in terms of magic, but I don't have any champs for an area like that. Well here's the map so far. Just need to add some more names in there, for cities and whatnot. Though coming up with all the names is a drag, so it may never happen xP
radetari (EUNE)
: Little Demon Tristana looks nothing like the concept art
Well the entire voting process on how the skin was chosen wasn't fair in the first place. So eh, we have to deal with it. 3 Options + 1 vote = **Yes, No, No.** EVEN if you were torn between two skins it comes across as if you didn't care at all. 3 Options + 1-10 Vote x3 = **1-10, 1-10, 1-10.** This would solve the problem and give an accurate number. Players rate the skin on how good they think it is and how much they want it in game. If you go 10, 7, 1 then the 7 skin might win just because people don't hate it or love it but are still okay with it. Lots of people didn't like this Tristana skin but were torn between the other two skins and could only pick one. Or were torn between this skin and another, but again could only pick one. **Example 1:** 1,000 players voting A or B or C: 400 choose **A** 350 choose **B** 250 choose **C** This makes **A** win. **Example 2:** 1,000 players voting A/B/C: 200 vote 10/10/1 (A) 100 vote 10/5/1 (A) (You can say these A's are the 400 from above) 100 vote 10/1/1 (A) 100 vote 5/10/5 (B) 100 vote 5/10/1 (B) (You can say these B's are the 350 from above) 100 vote 5/5/5 (B) 100 vote 1/10/10 (C) 100 vote 1/5/10 (C) (You can say these C's are the 250 from above) 50 vote 5/10/10 (B) 50 vote 1/1/10 (C) This gives **A** a total of 6,000 **B** a total of 7,150 and **C** a total of 4,500. This makes **B** Win. More people were overall okay with **B** becoming a skin, only 150 didn't want it as opposed to the 250 that didn't want A. You can even put A at 1/10 on ALL of the other votes outside the top 400 and it'd still win using Example 1, but be trash on Example 2. For an extreme example of the unfairness. That is how I believe the voting should have been done. So there isn't any "**Well I like both of these but I can only choose 1, I hope one of the two wins...**".
nasu010 (NA)
: >60th Champion oh sshhiitt gg bro {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} it takes a llot to get here but for keeping constant you deserve a prize (no idea what though)
{{sticker:sg-ezreal}} Just me doing my thing. *** *** We've all been doing pretty good. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Not including any reworks, or meme-intended champs. **Mr Voidling** = 60 **nasu010** = 43 **Reksee** = 36 **ChaosReyn** = 26 **Iron Jarvis** = 10 **Gilgayu** = 7 **Chikaku** = 5 **4 Step Cadence** = 4. Probably intended. **Stacona** = 100+ I stopped counting after 100, however I'm pretty sure I saw the name Lily like 5 times as different champs xD From when I started there have been 55, so like 9 a month roughly. Spanning 5 years would be somewhere between 270-540, averaged at about 400-ish? Probably made like 50 Soraka reworks as well from what I saw :P Given these are mostly similar in dynamics, being the cute/fluffy types, and only so many can exist within a MOBA, so we could probably just grab like 20 cute and maybe 20 non-cute(if they even exist). Total = 231(191+40 Stacona) *** I've been trying to get some more balance for my regions, I have like 35+ pictures for champs in my retainer right now but I'm probably not gonna be posting any champs made from them. Gotta have SOME new releases if a new MOBA comes to be. Right now I have 12 regions: Abyss, Barbakor, Cintem Aris, Durakt, Ipathex, Jut'Sura, Krifton, Leawyn, Nomalona, Segineld, Tierthez, Vislom. And then a 13th as just the world itself, for champs who don't fit into a faction/area. Basically the same as League for now, as the concepts I made were designed that way, however Bandle City's equivalent doesn't exist, and Ionia's doesn't either. Barbakor(Bilgewater equivalent) is instead just a giant ship city made out of ships that travels to different ports. I'm gonna make an old-style map of the world soon, for reference.
Bârd (NA)
: Talent tree concepts (A-E)
Problem is it'd be too rewarding for late-game champions. League is balanced into early-game mid-game late-game, certain champions are stronger at certain points and that balances them out. Late-game scaling champs would get overpowered while early-game champs wouldn't benefit in the early game from that mechanic. It is interesting though. Imagine Viktor.
: #REWARD 1 TRICKS New Mastery 8 for one tricks or people who play the champ alot
Seeing 40k Mastery 7 champs is kind of irritating, like they barely got mastery 5 not long ago, so yeh I'd agree, something to set us apart. Highest mastery point champ gets the honor of being your 1-trick after you get at least 1 champ to mastery 7 and 200-250k points? Something like that? Honestly my highest champ is only like 190k-ish, but I'd be fine having to grind a bit to get the title.
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: Fair points about the mobility and ditching the return when it doesn't hit a wall. I'd still suggest giving the new q some form of utility even if you don't want to move the stun there so it matters more when playing him as a tank and/or lowering the cooldown since 20 seconds is a lot for what it does right now.
I was hoping the -5 seconds would make it extra important to actually pick it up/return, and potentially build some CDR. 45% CDR makes it an 11 second CD, -5 seconds(pick up/return) = 6 second cooldown. I guess I can lower it down to 18 seconds. A little more prominent in the early game with an effective 13 second cooldown versus the current 15. I'll add in a little MR/AR scaling in basic abilities, that should help his tank build shine a little more, rather than just making the towers tanky.
: I love the appearance and thematic of this concept. Passive: I guess it works but it's literally just free stats for building tanky. It helps his other abilities that scale with bonus defensive stats but increasing the scaling themselves by the same % would have the same effect. Judging from his w and r, he wants to set up the battlefield before a fight so what if the passive rewarded him for being nearby quicksand or towers? My suggestion would be to have stacks of power based on nearby towers, quicksand, and possibly enemy champions with the stats tied to those stacks. Also, maybe replace bonus health with a regenerating shield based on stacks so his max health doesn't keep changing and he can carry the shield with him between camps. The reliance on constructs could be problematic in the jungle but if the range is long enough he can do things like place quicksand between camps. Q: I don't really like this ability and while the terrain interaction works with his towers, I think this could better deliver on his thematic. I'd suggest either adding a secondary effect in a short cone in front of him so he can hit enemies when he slams his hands together or changing it more to give him some form of mobility which he currently lacks. I like the passive on this. W: Pretty solid, I'd suggest lowering the duration a bit since 30 seconds is a lot of time when he uses his ult to make it deal damage, possibly giving it multiple charges, and letting him place it preemptively as a trap with a longer duration until someone triggers it. E: I love this ability since it works well with both his kit and his theme and could lead to some interesting interaction. The main issue is that it does so little that neither side is likely to bother playing around it. I'd suggest moving q's stun here and changing q. R: Solid, I like the zone control and interactions with his kit. Here's my set of suggestions: Passive: Gains stacks of power based on constructs (w and r) within 1500-2000 units, max 3 stacks from w and 2 from r. Each stack gives % bonus armor and mr along with a regenerating shield. The shield.persists even when power stacks are lost. Q: Works like current e. Microstuns on way out. If it doesn't hit a wall then it returns for the same damage and microstun. If it does then it lodges and can be reactivated after a short duration to recall it for higher damage and a stun similar to the current q. If it is picked up by walking over it while it is lodged then Guomundr performs a spinning attack that applies the same effects. W: 11-15 second duration scaling with rank, stores two or three charges, remains dormant for up to 30 seconds or until an enemy champion or Guomundr steps nearby. No longer speeds up allies, shields on cast or damaged enemies on cast. % current health scaling damage is dealt to enemies over the duration and Guomundr gains movement speed, an extra stack of power, and in combat regeneration of his shield while standing in quicksand. E: Leaps forward either a short distance or to the location of a construct and strikes the ground when he lands to create a shockwave that damages and slows enemies. Targets a larger area, deals additional damage, and briefly knocks foes airborne when targeting a construct. This lets him position better to threaten the right target and land his enhanced q effects. R: Destroying a tower with w leaves behind a smaller ruin that still counts as terrain and grants a stack of power. Tower attacks mark enemies and Guomundr's basic attacks consume the mark to deal bonus splash damage in order to make the towers a bit more threatening while offering supporting fire without doing more damage by themselves.
I don't know how I feel about adding mobility to his kit, as that's basically his only downfall at the moment. And removing his weakness might make him too strong. He might seem kind of immobile but his E when paired with his W can make targets unable to escape for a long time, place the trap under them while stunned and they get grounded so they can't flash or dash after. He is more of a control oriented jungler rather than diving. Locking down targets like Lee Sin/Shaco from escaping. Throw a few traps behind Drag/Baron pit to stop enemies from dashing over, combined with zoning out towers. Lots of utility already. And Q needed to be relatively different from Sivir Q, hence only returning after being lodged. But the pick up interaction should help now, even if you miss a wall. But some of those changes needed to take place... E needed to become his Q, W offered too much, passive needed tweaked, etc.
: I love this kit for the most part, the thematic is a good one and his w and r are both pretty interesting abilities. The Q knock back on such a low cooldown could be annoying but it's pretty short and at worst you just put a static cooldown on how frequently someone can be the primary target of the knockback. Energy using champions can be annoying due to not needing to manage mana but here it feels well thought out and fits with how his kit works. I'd suggest maybe giving him a small energy restore for landing basic attacks on champions or something like that since most energy users have some way to recover energy in their kit and he already has very good attack range and an incentive to build attack speed but nothing to actually reward him for landing basic attacks aside from sheen procs. His e is a really cool ability but feels a bit limited since aside from his w, he can't put arrows anywhere other than in walls and you're generally better off just shooting people rather than than trying to use this ability. Maybe stick one arrow at either end of the barricade and increase the damage of the first explosion someone is hit by slightly to make it a bit more useful and give him more reason to level it up. Something else that might be interesting would be making e free to cast, possibly increasing other energy costs to compensate, and then let him restore energy for hitting at least one champion with e.
Hmm... So I think I can change this up a bit. Make E work on his Q before it hits a wall. So it explodes all available arrows, regardless of placement. And so his Q could be shot behind an enemy and then detonated to blow them back toward you/teammates. Make Q stall for 0.5 seconds if it reaches max range to help this combo work. Adjust costs.. I intend him to be a bit more AD reliant rather than Attack Speed. Lethality versus Crit. But it does make sense to allow him the option of going Attack Speed.
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: NEW ITEM: Hextech Inverter - Invert EVERYTHING
So... Zilean R would... Revive enemies while killing them? Urgot R would... save allies while fully healing them? I just wanna see the interactions now.
: Seems interesting. The Q isn’t very dynamic or strategic, and W sounds a bit small. This honestly sounds more like a top laner than a jungler. I don’t see it being very easy to land Q without the enemy being very overextended. Overall, good job.
Okay, I think I fixed him up a bit. W is MF "Make it Rain" radius and 800 range versus MF's 1,000. Used to be like 400 range, so it needed buffed. Also increased the slow, MF got to a 60% so 40% was pretty weak, but it does also ground enemies. Q is no longer a charged skill, but benefits greatly from walls, so hopefully the wall mechanics drive him into the jungle, since it'd help his clear pretty nicely. Q passive is now a tenacity buff, and old Q passive was moved to his E.
Kokos337 (EUNE)
: It was supposed to work like Aatrox's Q but with 2 strikes with 4 seconds delay between them (with no modificators) and if u hit both then you have reduced cooldown. But as i look at it right now, it doesn't make much sense so I think I will change it? And btw i don't think it has insane movement speed, Fiora's movement speed is 345 and Alen's is 350 for comparison
Well that's 5 more with a +100 on the Q, so the stick potential is pretty high. Only thing that stops is the fact he can't block CC. CC in general might shut him down pretty hard.
: Sort of want her to be the next Victorious skin, more than the next ultimate honestly. She deserves the recognition of the pro stage.
I still want Victor to get his **Viktorious** skin... But he isn't a super strong pick right now.
Kokos337 (EUNE)
: [Champion Concept] Alen, the Blue Lotus Swordsman
Outside of disliking any spelling aside from "Allen" (Alen, Alan, Allan, Allin), he seems pretty linear in his gameplay. Passive makes it so enemies need to build Health in order to counter your damage, as Armor or Magic resist leaves the other damage type open, which isn't too bad. His Q is basically Fiora Q copied to a T. Just insanely longer range. W is very strange in the way you say it works. Basically if it HITS an enemy you have to wait 4 seconds to recast it? At max rank with 45% CDR it has a cooldown of 2.2 seconds, so hitting an enemy... makes it have a longer cooldown? Or is it supposed to be within 4 seconds instead of after? E is just a buff to his other skills, and a passive shield. R is his only interesting skill. He also has insane movement speed, paired with incredibly high base AD, so early game he would be pretty powerful...
: An Ultimate skin to a champ that doesn't talk? That aint happening
Bard don't talk either, but that doesn't mean they can't use the champ. At least you don't have to worry about terrible voice lines. Out of all champions, right now, Rek'Sai is most deserving of a skin. And it'd probably work in favor for Riot because people are more likely to pick up a champ with cool skins, or buy a new skin for their champ if they don't have a bazillion skins already(looking at you Ezreal). Fiora already got a skin this year.
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: Vandal Pyke skin when?
Just saying, Vandal Pyke AKA Motorpyke with his Crossbone R would be pretty sweet. I don't care if he recently got a skin, his R basically demands this skin to be a thing at some point.
: Since it has been 3 years in a row that the ultimate skin is reserved for a female botlaner (I consider Lux as a botlaner, a 3 to 1 pickrate in support : mid makes her a botlaner) anything that is NOT a botlaner while being male would bring much much more diversity. Even if I play a lot of toplane, I aknowledge the fact that mid and jungle deserves it just as much. My concern however is the fact that, even if Riot is SUPPOSED to make an ultimate skin for a new target audience, I highly doubt they'll do it. Why? Because it has been three years that they've been milking sensibly the same group of players with ultimate skins because it's sensibly the most profitable one. Now that recent skinlines have been aimed at the most popular champions and that prestige skins exist for yet again very popular champions, why would they want to make an actual ultimate skin for an less represented champion? My expectations from Riot when talking about skin releases are at an all time low, yet I'm almost sure they'll find a way to still let them down, once again.
Yeah, I guess they don't have to meet expectations if they don't give you any. {{champion:427}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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