: Random and Unnecessary Buffs & Changes for Every Champion
I think some people are forgetting the "random/unnecessary changes". Not all of these are buffs, so it makes sense to have something "change" without actually doing anything. On the same note it'd make sense for some to completely break the champions. Side-note: Thresh buff is actually pretty cool thematically, and would potentially help with idiots who don't grab the lantern.
: Champs that would pull off the "Vandal" theme
I still think Motor{{champion:555}} would be a good skin, with the crossbones as his R. But I guess he is getting too many skins so eh.
: Ultimate Skin Idea For 2020
Cho'Gath has his prehistoric skin(No need for dino Cho), and Cho also got Dark Star like a year ago which is super rad. I don't think he is in need of another skin yet. Especially not one to try and top Dark Star. I'd rather it go to a champ that is popular(strong in pro-play) and has next to 0 skins. I.E. Rek'Sai or Vel'Koz. But Rito hates non-humanoid champions, so I highly doubt they'd pick one for an ultimate skin.
Rito seems to **HATE** non-humanoid champs(even though they made Yuumi recently), so chances are pretty slim. Is Vel popular? Yes. Would it make Riot lots of money? Yes. Would it make players happy? Yes. Riot's simple answer: Alright, don't do it. Instead make Ezreal and Lux pool party skins or something.
: {{champion:154}} 1496 days, I would actually count him in here, since his last skin was SKT and chosen by the winners of worlds. According to Riot's own statement, these skins don't count for the skin schedule, so his _actual_ last skin was Pool Party in the year 2015, same like Rek'Sai. Boy gets neglected like hell. =(
At least he got another skin though, worlds or not, poor Rek'Sai has been sitting at 2 alternate skins basically since her release. Her and Zac both have HUGE potential for skins; but they get 0 love, even when they're strong in pro-play **Absolute Zero** love. But hey, Shaco finally got a skin so there's still hope.
: So let's tackle why this idea isn't all that great, shall we? First off, "holding their side" might mess with attack animations, "limping" would make them slower, unless they suddenly "sped up" to hold their speed, which wouldn't be realistic, and it probably wouldn't be very smooth. And finally, the biggest thing, I don't think "ripping clothes" would be a good idea. Why? It would take a lot more work to do that is unnecessary, and here's the biggest issue with it... I don't think Riot would have "ripping clothes" to show damage on all their already half-naked girls like Janna.
Last thing we need is 12yr olds on Janna inting just to inspect the damaged goods. Would be pretty dang annoying.
huhndog (NA)
: Wedding skin line
Best bet for a couple would probably be {{champion:23}} + {{champion:22}} , since they have king/queen skins already. Probably the only semi-cannon married couple. Otherwise, maybe Kat+Garen? I can just imagine Kat throwing bouquets everywhere. Though I'd honestly rather have it be a skin line based on a scene, like... Runaway Bride {{champion:55}} where she was getting married to someone she didn't want to, and the splash art is her running out the chapel doors with the crowd/groom/priest all behind her. **Either way Priest Fiddlesticks, with doves instead of crows, would be legit.** Maybe groom Shaco? With surprise proposal boxes? xD Bard also kinda works.
: "Saves" stat for supports
Only thing I'd say is that teams need to recognize them a little more. If I flash shield/heal you to save your life, y'all better show a little appreciation.
ResponYT (NA)
: Champions and their skins
With Morde Rework they could've capitalized by giving him a Battle Boss skin, but apparently they aren't actually concerned with making money? Like who actually thinks Arcade Yas is a good skin? Or fits the theme? Or would want it over any other Yas skin? Glitched/Secret Boss Morde would've been so sweet, and they would've sold more. Literally a win-win rather than a lose-lose. So confused over some of their choices, but at least Pyke skin fit the theme and actually looks good.
Rektagon (EUW)
: >Tay'Eth has Void Essence which is used for its abilities. Tay'Eth gains +1 max Void Essence per unit killed and +5 per Champion killed/Assist. Tay'Eth grows in size every 25 Void Essence, and can move through units. Starting with 100. Is there a cooldown for this, or does it just stack with every unit killed - and by this I mean absolutely *every* unit? This would be like a Zac passive, but a more offensive version of it - that said, I don't know if this is a good thing. Being larger in size would make his AoE better but wouldn't it also make it easier to catch him with CC and skillshots? As for him being ghosted, it reads like a {{champion:105}} / {{champion:38}} passive. Does he start out like this or is it reached at a certain level of essence? >Tay'Eth's Basic Attack is replaced with a passive damage to units touching it, and deals 10-25% of max Void Essence+10-25% of current Void Essence as magic damage every 0.75-0.5 seconds. His attack can trigger on-hit effects but gains no attack speed, instead attack speed is converted into 20% bonus movement speed(50% = 10%). And Attack Damage is converted into 500% bonus life(80 = 400). This is a really unique mechanic - a champion without a basic attack. I guess this might make farming more awkward, and it would also mean his range effectively decreases. That would put him at a disadvantage in lane since he cannot trade autos, but if he did close in on someone he'd destroy them in the late game with his Void Essence (since he scales infinitely). What's the radius of his passive damage, though? >Q: Aphotic Geyser | CD 12/11/10/9/8 | Cost 15/20/25/30/35(per cast) VE | Radius 600+ 50 degree Cone Tay'Eth opens a rift in the Void that gushes out energy towards him and then within 2 seconds recast to shoot in front of him, the size of the second burst increases by 10% per enemy hit by the first burst and the damage increases by 5% per enemy hit(50% max). Both bursts deal 30/50/80/110/140+(40% Ability Power) OK, so I can imagine how this work. He opens a void rift that starts flowing energy in one direction, and he, like {{champion:142}} with her Q, can redirect the ability in front of him to deal damage. It seems to be more of a trading tool than a serious nuke since the base damage and AP ratio are low, and the recast is a bit telegraphed. Seems like casting it over minions may make it more powerful, so he can trade through a minion wave. >W: Dark Shriek | CD 15 | Cost 40/45/50/55/60 VE | Radius 300 A loud sound bursts forth and all nearby enemies to take 60/100/140/180/220+(70% Ability Power) magic damage and are feared for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds. "A loud sound" - huh? Anyway, we need more non-stun forms of CC so the fear aspect is nice to see. I'm just trying to envision how it's supposed to look. Also, what's the cast range? >E: Surging Matter | CD 26/24/22/20/18s | Cost 50/55/60/65/70 VE | Range 500-1,000 Tay'Eth seperates itself and can slowly move around for 2 seconds, reactivate to send Tay'Eth hurtling toward a direction. Farther distance the longer it's charged. Deals 30/60/90/120/150+(50% Ability Power) magic damage to all enemies caught along the way and a bonus 50% max Void Essence to those at the point of impact. So he splits off some of his matter, and can control it as if it were a second champion. But, how is it controlled? W/the cursor or normally? The recast sounds like a damaging {{champion:98}} Q. >R: Manifest | CD 220/190/160s | Cost 100/110/120 VE | Radius 600 Tay'Eth begins to manifest his true form, swirling around and clouding a large area for 3 seconds. During this time Tay'Eth cannot be controlled or targeted. Enemy champions caught in the storm take 100/150/200+(20/25/30% Max Void Essence) magic damage every second. Allies gain +20% move speed while inside. Eye of the Storm: Deals 50% reduced damage in the middle. Radius 250. Love this ability! This will make him a really terror in teamfights. The fact that it doesn't scale with AP means it's even more balanced and dependent on him getting kills/farming, so he's rewarded for being an active participant in-game. Overall, beautifully done as usual Mr Voidling! The biggest concern is with the W, but even that is designed well.
Well all-in-all as he is one of my 1st, and therefore oldest concepts... A lot of things probably need clarified. So first off, he was originally part of a [16 Champion Post](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/TWaccJWm-revised-16-champion-concepts) which was a redone version of a post from my alt account years ago(had to make a new account because when I tried logging into my old account my summoner name was a SUPER long string of random characters and whatnot, since someone took my name I guess, and it wouldn't give me the free name change it said it would, though it did finally give that to me after like a week). A lot of champions when I finally posted them as stand-alone posts got their abilities tweaked and sometimes got their kit fused with another kit(Tay'Eth even took the picture from another concept Dae'Mon who was originally a huge summon focused champion). But regardless this post is pretty old, so I'll shed some light on a lot of it. *** Passive is literally his resource and form of damage. Kind of confusing since I gave him an attack range in his stats, but basically he is ghosted because he ONLY damages units by being "inside" of them. Indeed he gains +1 from EVERY unit killed by him. So his CS + K/Ax5 +100 will be his total VE. Which means farming is pretty important, but teamfights can be even more important(max of +7 from a wave or +25 from a teamfight). An ace were he participated in every kill will cause him to grow. He would end up being about the same size as a fully stacked Cho'Gath at around 500 VE, but without any actual cap(1,000 VE would make him slightly smaller than a 2x size Cho, but is practically impossible to reach in a normal game). One could say he is the most true form of a melee damage champion. *** As mentioned above, the attack range is his size, and since he has higher movement speed than most other champs he can fairly easily go in for a trade if they get close enough(might have to give him 360 MS though). He also has his E to initiate trades if needed(though the charge time makes it only good for countering melee trades, as most range trades could run away before he charges enough to reach them). *** Q is definitely more of a trading tool, but can be quite bursty as well. 140+40%AP is the damage on both ends, meaning it can deal 280+80%AP damage fairly easily. Add in the potential 50% increase if the first part hits 10 units and it can deal 350+100%AP. Not to mention you can even Q(10 units hit) and then flash Q to release the powerful burst, or E quickly to move in range to damage. The 2 second recast time is pretty generous like that. Also clearing large waves in general for split-pushing is a dream with this. *** Indeed... I suppose "horrifying sound" would be better. It has a radius of 300, which would increase depending on his size. Might have to make it 200 though, as it would be a very good disengage/engage tool for trades. It has no "cast range" as it is centered on him, so just a radius. *** This one is worded a bit strangely. Basically he "separates" himself as in doesn't hold his his same form/shape which causes him to move slower. Reactivating is basically like a Vi dash, but deals more damage to enemies at the point of impact like a Zac jump. Basically those two abilities combined, without any CC. The self slow would be like 40-50% I imagine. *** Yeah I had to kind of dial down the damage numbers on it, since he is also untargetable during it, but I think it serves a very nice purpose. Especially good for getting your cooldowns reset. Add in a Zhonya's and you're pretty darn invincible. Eye of the Storm part is to allow a little more counter-play against it during teamfights. Though I might have to bump up the numbers just a bit, since he cannot redirect it and it only lasts 3 seconds, as opposed to Fiddle R which deals insane damage in the entire zone(same size AOE). I'll tweak it a bit, but definitely keep only scaling with VE as a core part.
Negev (NA)
They already have the option to hide those rune pages outside of champ select, so it's basically something they should already have implemented.
Eckheart (NA)
: Team Fights Tactics - Hextech Origin & Champions
Well, you could always make them get double mana from receiving attacks(opposite of sorcerers). Or maybe they get like 15/20/25% of their max mana whenever a unit dies? You got a few options. Also, Viktor Sorc and Ori Robot would be great.
Èlisé (NA)
: Xena & "The Doctor" [Champion Concept V.3] + short story
Just a question about the passive part. How does it interact with HoB/Lethal Tempo? Are they allowed to break their cap with those or not? I know Jhin can't, but he still gets AD scaling from Atk Spd to compensate.
ToolooT (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mr Voidling,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=LeccwRqU,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-07-20T20:07:24.838+0000) > > As a Vel main, I'd say be careful. Don't want another **Ivern** fiasco... We want a good skin that actually makes sense. Not a random "Star Guardian Vel'Koz" skin or what have you. They already made one in definitely not Vel'Koz. Now gimme legendary spaghetti monster. It would be the first legendary skin of the food skinline.
I mean, I wouldn't hate the skin, but since he already has a (terrible) joke skin I don't think they'd do it. Rito no support memes :(
Kuponya (NA)
: Is this some kind of "progressive"/sjw post in disguise? People generally create concepts they want, not to fill a void
Void as in NOT ENOUGH SUPPORTS, OR ADC's, etc. Games need to be balanced yo. Otherwise I'd have like a bazillion top laners... I don't care about any forced diversity garbage. One could say that making a support champion JUST because there aren't enough and you want more supports is "pushing diversity", but the entire point of making something is JUST because you want to make it, if you have any other reason THEN that's where things turn wrong imo(pandering/pushing agendas). Heck, that'd be like saying **"OH!? You aren't making another fire mage because we already have three? Way to be progressive and push diversity, loser"**. Which by the way I SHOULD probably add in the number of specific magic users (how many fire, ice, earth, etc). And the types of weapons used(how many sword users there are and whatnot). I ain't listing they're skin color/race, because that just doesn't matter. The moment you make race an issue is when you become racist.
Draagaxs (NA)
: A Skin for a Cause
So... Bloodmoon Xerath? I'd dig a skin like that.
ToolooT (NA)
: Reminder: There are tons of skin concepts for Vel'Koz. No excuse not to make one happen. (link)
As a Vel main, I'd say be careful. Don't want another **Ivern** fiasco... We want a good skin that actually makes sense. Not a random "Star Guardian Vel'Koz" skin or what have you.
: Useful Champion Info - For Concept Creation
**Example of making your own copy - My Copy:** *** 1st Month Champions = 21 2nd Month Champions = 16 3rd Month Champions = 3 4th Month Champions = 9 5th Month Champions = 5 6th Month Champions = 9 7th Month Champions = 11 8th Month Champions = 19 9th Month Champions = 31 Total Champions = 124 *** **Gender:** Male = 88 Female = 32 None/Unidentified = 4 *** **Damage Type** Ranged = 51 Melee = 73 Attack Damage = 56 Magic Damage = 42 Mixed Damage = 26 Attack Damage = 45.16% ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Magic Damage = 33.87% |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Mixed Damage = 20.96% ||||||||||||||||||||| *** **Role** Top = 29 Jng = 25 Mid = 27 Bot = 19 Sup = 24 Top = 23.38% ||||||||||||||||||||||| Jng = 20.16% |||||||||||||||||||| Mid = 21.77% |||||||||||||||||||||| Bot = 15.32% ||||||||||||||| Sup = 19.35% ||||||||||||||||||| *** **Regions** Bandle City = 2 Bilgewater = 7 Demacia = 9 Freljord = 11 Icathia = 2 Ionia = 8 Ixtal = 8 Noxus = 9 Piltover = 7 Runeterra = 10 Shadow Isles = 14 Shurima = 10 Targon = 9 Void = 11 Zaun = 7 *** **Alphabet** A = 6 B = 4 C = 5 D = 5 E = 5 F = 5 G = 5 H = 6 I = 4 J = 4 K = 4 L = 4 M = 5 N = 5 O = 5 P = 4 Q = 4 R = 5 S = 7 T = 6 U = 4 V = 5 W = 4 X = 4 Y = 5 Z = 4 *** *** *** As you can see my Bot and Sup roles have more champions than League's(especially if you dis-include Kalista :P). Also, League has averaged 13 champions per year, whereas I've averaged 165 per year(12/9 = 1.33 x 120 = 165), over 12x as many. 1 guy versus an entire company mind you. Though only 61 of my champs are posted on these boards.
Rioter Comments
Èlisé (NA)
: gets the gold for killing her again. its why the effect is optional and you have to play smart using it. So far the people in the reddit isn't a fan of the concept, they think because of the passive the ghost knight will just int for those free stats. its 10 armor and 10 magic resist that isn't worth dying on purpose for giving enemy laner 300 gold and experience.
Well actually you wouldn't per-say "int", you'd just execute yourself repeatedly? Early-game 10/10 is a HUGE stat advantage. Think of it this way: {{item:1029}} 15 AR = 300g | 1 AR = 20g {{item:1033}} 25 MR = 450g | 1 MR = 18g This means that 10/10 = 380g worth of stats. Not being tied to an item slot I think technically makes it a little more worth it as well. So you execute at tower like 2-3 times before the game really starts and you get 1,140g worth of stats. Total is 1,900g worth of stats. Early on this is really strong, but of course it DOES fade fairly quickly if you don't start snow-balling(which this champ isn't really designed to do). You can at least have 3 unique deaths not tied to champs; jungle, minion, and tower. *** My mine issue would be that her kit is overall lacking, no clear reason why you'd want to pick her over other champs? Best role I can think for her would honestly be Jungle, since she could R+Smite Baron and use her E to clear camps and sustain herself. Need to back? Get killed by a jungle camp. ADC might also work, but not better than other ADC's, same with support(though R+Q>Q would be pretty good).
Èlisé (NA)
: Amari, The Animated Armor [Champion Concept]
Quick question before I dive deeper into the kit and whatnot. If she chooses to revive after 0.5 seconds, near instantly, and then dies AGAIN immediately after. Would that give the enemy gold for killing her twice? Or would killing gold only be granted after she revives naturally/doesn't use R?
: My Idea of a new champion.
Umm... right off the bat the shield/health thing won't work if Renekton/Blitz changes go through, as they will instantly destroy any shields on champs, which is pretty stupid imo.
Èlisé (NA)
: [Champion Concept] Kasumi, the mist walker
Well my main issue with her kit would probably be the lack of play-making. Basically everything is passive damage or effects, you have no hard hitting or play-making abilities. Literally just a zoning support once you get E, which should probably be reversed? Passive 120+ damage per second is pretty strong, basically Fiddle rank 1 R permanently activated, but with a potential radius of 1,400 units(2x Pantheon R size is HUGE). I imagine her currently just zoning out Baron for days, get a {{item:3151}} and then you'll dominate teamfights without having to do much of anything. Get Q > E > W, max W and then E. Win Game. So for slight fixes, Mundo does 0.3% Health per second on Passive, so lower it to at MOST 1% Missing Health while in Mist? Your mist would be almost everywhere, but still a condition for activating, and Missing Health helps make it not TOO oppressive but still helpful against getting poked to death down in bot lane. I think changing the mist to act more like Ivern bushes would be better? So set effect radius but they connect to each other? This would let her replace her W for another ability while still letting her "spread" the mist. As creating mist and increasing the size is basically the same thing? If you do that change then you can make W into a wall-ish ability. Turns the mist into a barrier that dampens enemy projectiles inside(-40/45/50/55/60% damage) and grounds enemies inside(Poppy barrier for enemies trying to dash inside/through the mist). Would probably snare enemies inside mist upon cast and then provide the other effects for 3-5 seconds. Her E could be reversed, enemies inside mist passively have reduced armor by x amount or x%, and the active turns the mist into the damaging form(might do small passive damage still though). R COULD consume mist? Or something? Just doesn't seem very helpful though, to use in teamfights or to really help the game progress. Maybe have a recast effect? That deals damage and reverts her? So getting low on health would cancel out your recast, making it more dangerous. Because we all know in-game right now she would sit safe under tower and just spam mist to kick away the enemy botlaners. SOME kind of more active gameplay would certainly help. No more Yuumi's lol.
Èlisé (NA)
: Thanks for the reply, sorry it took so long to got on this was making some more concepts, just finished an idea for a fog generating champion. I come up with a new idea pretty much everyday though I really should put more detail into them and correcting the wording for most of them. If you have a lol reddit, I will be posting my next concept on there by tomorrow morning.
You can check out [**Wenlen**, *The Demacian Sanctifier*](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/jKENgPaU-wenlen-the-demacian-sanctifierincense-themed-champion-concept). Champion I made themed around incense. Seems pretty close in thematic to fog. However yours is probs gonna be an assassin or something, not a lowly support :P I used to make champs almost everyday, like I made 20 in my 1st month, currently I am at like 91. Sadly it tends to get harder to be original after you use all the cool ideas you had stored up... so RIP me. Your concepts all seem very promising though. I don't have a Reddit though, so no luck there.
RokMod (NA)
: NEW TFT Class - [Engineer] - 7 New Champions and Combinations.
Engineer would seem to be more of an **Origin** in my opinion, but kind of a weird inbetween at the same time. For Engineer/Sorcerer I would choose {{champion:112}} = **4g** Engineer/Robot/Guardian {{champion:61}} = **5g** Engineer/Ranger {{champion:81}} = **3g** Engineer/Gunslinger {{champion:222}} = **3g** Engineer/Brawler {{champion:36}} = **1g** Engineer/Knight {{champion:254}} = **3g** Engineer/Blademaster {{champion:164}} = **2g** Engineer/Shapeshifter {{champion:126}} = **2g** Engineer/Yordle {{champion:74}} or {{champion:115}} = **4g** Engineer/Assassin {{champion:245}} = **4g** Engineer[Phantom?]/Elementalist {{champion:40}} = **3g** Something closer to that effect. Limiting Engineer to Piltover/Zaun champs.
Èlisé (NA)
: Chloe, the Harvester [Champion Concept] (Was also missing the old mordekaiser.)
So a few things I would change/balance or just simplify/whatnot. Passive: seems kind of heavy to have 3 different passives in one place, so splitting 2 of these into her abilities would be great. Remaining passive would be damage reduction from ranged attacks(Kind of like super nerfed Xin R) Q: Not sure what is meant by 2 directions, does she swing it right to left and then back? And then also swing it a 3rd time to flip them? I mean, sounds like it gives ample opportunity for them to dodge the flip if that's the case, so it seems fine enough. Low damage though. W: I'd attach the life steal to this ability, as a normal passive, 6/9/12/15/18%. Not sure exactly what the circle of spikes looks like, short spikes that she teleports to the middle of? This ability probably needs to deal some damage on cast, or maybe snare enemies caught inside upon cast. Also, I think a possible substitute would be a bell or something, I imagine having a bell attached on a post that she can ring. Ringing the bell makes it chime for 1-2 seconds before teleporting you to it, so basically alerting enemies(she wouldn't have to physically ring the bell, so like a 1-2,000 range targeted teleport). She could have like 3-5 total Bells/Spikes at a time and a 30 second cooldown or something between teleports. E: Well right off the bat you put 1/2/3 instead of 1/2/3/4/5 :P So 10/12/14/16/18 seconds(or 6/7/8/9/10 for better balance), some other effect would be nice as well, like maybe prevent all healing and shields on enemies while they're inside? With no slows or anything getting out is fairly easy, but it could still give you some area control. Instead of becoming a ghost that follows her it would be pretty cool for it to become a "Lingering Ghost", so think kind of like Yorick graves but ghosts instead, and if an enemy gets within a certain range (300 units?) the ghost will fly at them and deal damage(briefly silence or fear) and then disappear. Giving you more zoning potential. R: This is where I'd attach her 3rd passive, souls of champions following her. As well I'd change it over to a short CD short duration ability, with maybe a basic attack enhancement? *** >**Final Outcome:** **Chloe, the Harvester** **Passive: Sigil of Protection** Chloe has a sigil around her that reduces damage taken by 40% from enemy champions who aren't within 500 units of her. **Q: Come Closer | Cooldown 9/8.75/8.5/8.25/8 | Cost x/x/x/x/x | range: 400 | 90° Cone ** Active: Chloe swings her scythe sideways in both directions dealing 40/75/110/145/180 (+70% Attack Damage) Physical Damage and slowing enemies by 30% for 1 second, then after a short 0.4 second delay flings enemies 400 units behind her dealing 20/30/40/50/60 (+50% Attack Damage) additional Physical Damage. **W: Harvesting Spikes | Cooldown 30 | Cost x/x/x/x/x | Cast Range 500 | Target Range: 500** Active: Chloe releases a circle of spikes from the ground for 50/60/70/80/90 seconds, which Chloe can dash to if clicked on. Chloe can have a max of 5 spike circles active at any given time. Enemies inside the area upon cast are snared for 0.8/0.9/1/1.1/1.2 seconds. Dashing to a Harvesting Spike consumes it and grants Chloe a shield for 35/45/55/65/75 (+x% Ability Power[10%?]) +5/5.5/6/6.5/7% of her Max Health for 2 seconds. Static 5 second cooldown between dashes. Passive - Soul Ripping: Chloe gains 6/9/12/15/18% bonus Lifesteal. >**ALTERNATE - W: The Bell Tolls | Cooldown 30 | Cost x/x/x/x/x | Cast Range 500 | Target Range: 2,000** >Active: Chloe raises a post from the ground which holds a bell for 5 minutes, the post can be destroyed if attacked 5 times. Up to 3 Bell Posts can be active at any given time. Chloe can teleport to the bell if clicked on, channeling for 2 seconds before teleporting, during the channel the bell begins ringing and cannot be damaged. Upon teleporting Chloe gains a shield for 40/55/70/85/100 (+x% Ability Power[25%?]) +8/9/10/11/12% of her Max Health that lasts for 2 seconds. Teleporting has a static 30 second cooldown. Bell Posts passively grant 8/11/14/17/20(+5% Bonus Attack Damage) bonus Attack Damage to all nearby allies within 500 units, ringing a bell doubles the bonus for 10 seconds. >Passive - Soul Ripping: Chloe gains 6/9/12/15/18% bonus Lifesteal. **E: Cursed Resurrection | Cooldown 30/29/28/27/26 | Cost x/x/x/x/x | Range 500 | Radius 250 [Morgana/Soraka size AOE]** Active: Places a runic circle that affects friendly minions for 6/7/8/9/10 seconds, if a minion dies within the circle then it becomes a Lingering Ghost for up to 10 seconds. Lingering Ghosts dash at enemies within 300 units, prioritizing champions, dealing 35/50/65/80/95 (+x% Ability Power[20%?]) Magic Damage and silencing them for 0.5 seconds. Enemy champions receive 60/70/80/90/100% reduced healing and shielding while inside the runic circle. **R: Ghost Walker | Cooldown 25/22.5/20 | Cost x/x/x/ |** Active: Chloe becomes a ghost for 3 seconds, while Chloe is a ghost she can walk through walls, gains 20/30/40% bonus movement speed, is immune to slows, and enhances her next basic attack within 3 seconds to deal 50/75/100(+50% Bonus Attack Damage) +10/12.5/15% of the target's Missing Health as bonus True Damage. Passive - Soul Stealing: Champion takedowns summon a ghost of the champion that follows Chloe and targets enemies that she attacks for up to 10 seconds. The ghost has 50/75/100% of the original champion’s stats. Killing an isolated target doubles the duration. *** *** Gave a little bit of AP scalings, to allow build flexibility, but made them all minor to push for AD focused builds. Moved some utility around to make each skill worth upgrading? I guess? Idk. I did a "reworked" version of Kindle as well, if you wanna see that, though that one differs a little more from the original in its abilities. I did try to stay true to the theme however. Overall these concepts are fantastic! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Èlisé (NA)
: Chloe, the Harvester [Champion Concept] (Was also missing the old mordekaiser.)
Oh, it let me post my huge comment finally. I, uh, deleted my broken up comments.
HoonGi (EUW)
: Kandy Kayn Skin
Pretty sure this concept comes up at LEAST twice a month. Seriously it might be the most talked about skin concept, Rito needs to do something to stop all these posts xD
2saif4u (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=2saif4u,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=EBs9K3Wx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-13T17:03:59.770+0000) > > this is actually so sick but what hapens if he doesnt throw his second q?
I would imagine it'd be similar to Pyke Ult not executing again, he gets a timer to recast Q and if he doesn't then it goes on cooldown. That's my thought anyway. Otherwise it'd be hard to remember if you had already cast it once when roaming and whatnot, and that'd be frustrating, though it could also just change the icon color. Concept seems kind of like Pyke mixed with Illaoi in its kit themetics, which isn't bad. Few things though, his E increases in cost but nothing else so EVER ranking it up is a BAD idea? In general all of his abilities except his R go up so much in mana cost that upgrading them isn't really worth it. His W goes up by 15 mana each rank but only 12 damage. Ult doesn't cost more when ranking up so that's why it is actually decent to level up. Otherwise you're probably better off just conserving mana by not leveling up his abilities past rank 1. Also all abilities except R are based off of his BASE AD, so 25-30% generally = 30-36 damage at level 18. His ENTIRE combo would deal about 440+66(bAD scaling)+24(Passive)+48(40% Total AD but no other scaling for Total AD so building damage is far worse than building tank)+120(basic attack) = 698 damage. **Pyke** deals 1,040 JUST from the base damage of his abilities, no scaling or basic attacks added in. But that's just a numbers game, so it isn't particularly important. I'd recommend increasing the utility of his abilities with each rank though, like his trap and his boat ride make them more useful as he levels them up (longer range, longer stun, lower CD, something), and lower the mana cost on W and E. As well consecutive casts of his R should deal increasing damage if the mana cost goes up that much, similar to Kassadin R.
Èlisé (NA)
: Kindle, the Phantom [Champion Concept]
Honestly the basic idea of the concept is great. I have a champ who doesn't share vision with allies until they participate in a champion takedown with him, so I'm down for some unique vision mechanics. Phantom Flames reveal invisible champions, so I honestly don't even think she needs the ability to place wards? Interesting idea would be if her wards were her Q instead, so her passive gives her a special warding item called **Phantom Flame**, which she can upgrade once she reaches level 9 or something into a Farsight/Oracle Flame, giving her flames special properties. Flames would be target-able by allies and whatnot just like normal wards I imagine(Lee Sin/Jax interactions), with 3/4/5 hitpoints depending on her level. Lots of directions you can go. Also it is kind of strange that you mention allies/Kindle being nearby flames and gaining AD, since they literally have one next to them at all times, so Q is strange in that regard. But W and R are pretty cool.
: That's a nice idea, honestly, for his passive, especially for the people that have trouble warding(aka, people who just don't ward). Would he just not be able to use the ward trinkets though or would he not be able to purchase the support items as well(since they give him the ability to ward)? Either way, though, just imagine the flame he'd get from his team/ADC, especially when playing support. * Eirvin why the fuck aren't you warding?! * Because I physically can't. * GGEZ noob support can't ward _yeets self into the enemy turret/fountain_. Also, what should I do to make him more viable jungle damage-wise? Give him a bit more? Have his Q damage on cast and then have a DoT(like, say, 100 damage then (5/10/15/20/25) damage per second)? Also, I feel like I should clarify how his ult works. You don't get to decide where you drop the brush. You just press R and the entire area around him within a 1000 radius gets covered. I was also greatly considering adding a nearsighted debuff for enemies that enter it, but I didn't want to overload it. Like I said, this guy has been in the works for months. He got like 3 or 4 full kit reworks and then minor kit reworks, like tweaking just one ability. He actually had a different E that I scrapped right before posting him.
Well the **EASIEST** way to make him jungle viable would be making his abilities deal extra damage to monsters. Take **Fiddle E** for example it has the following effect: >Monsters take **100%** bonus damage. This is basically just a cop-out however, so I wouldn't NECESSARILY advise to go that route, at least not directly on the same ability. (Though I'm guilty of doing this) You could make rooted monsters take extra damage though, that would probably work, helping him clear the single monster camps. Like: rooted monsters take 50% increased damage from Eirvin. Or something like that. *** In regards to the passive you could always make it interact with the wards at that point, like support items give him charges of his passive and reduced CD, swapping to sweeping trinket makes it see/reveal invisible units(bugs swarm around the target while glowing red/orange), farsight ward makes it reveal a large area when activated for a short duration(bugs swarm around in a huge circle while glowing blue). Lots of ways to make it interact. Normal ward would be bugs semi-swarming around the bush and glowing yellow. Really cool ties with the ward colors.
: Its too similar to Ivern overall though
> [{quoted}](name=Rit0 is SJW,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=wuiEiZLt,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2019-07-11T19:07:14.151+0000) > > Its too similar to Ivern overall though Only similarity is a shield that CAN damage enemies, and him creating plants? What exactly are you on about mate? Overall I don't see any problem, just number tweaks which honestly aren't a big concern for concepts. And I don't know if he can actually jungle or not, since he lacks decent damaging abilities(they're all passive damage, not hard hitting, so maybe raptors/wolves but probably have a hard time fighting Blue/Red buff). I'd definitely change his passive to be shorter w/ reduced cooldown though. Be cool to have it be kind of like this: >Passive: A Light In The Dark: 60 seconds Eirvin cannot buy wards. >Standing still in a bush for 3 seconds causes Eirvin to release Starflies, which remain in the bush for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, the Starflies will return to Eirvin and restore (6/8/10)% of his Max Health and Mana. >If an enemy enters the bush during the 2 minutes duration then the Starflies will activate, granting vision in the area for 5 seconds before returning to Eirvin. Starflies reveal invisible units. Just a cool idea to have a unit that CAN'T buy wards, as that'd be rather unique. Also [Weis & Cyn](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/wGHNfOZx-weis-cyn-the-banished-twinschampion-concept) have some abilities which would be pretty cool on this champ, in place of E or Q(if you make them deal damage normally). Permission granted if you want a similar ability to fit his theme.
Rektagon (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mr Voidling,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=Y0ZEOjuR,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2019-07-09T01:42:04.623+0000) > > Fair enough, most of mine anyway. It is so random which ones will get critiqued and which won't, or which will be "popular" and which won't. You basically got a 50/50 chance of your concept getting viewed, and then a 50/50 chance between good or bad reviews, it is just insane. > **Kra'Abrul** is my most "popular" concept but my favorite concept I've made is probably **Umbra & Oskom** or **Atlas**, both of which I think are vastly superior. And Umbra even has a full length bio. Yeah, I've checked out some of your work and it's well-written; I can see you actually give two craps about your character creation unlike a lot of the forum's submissions.
Well I'm planning on eventually putting them all into a new MOBA, so a certain level of caring is required I guess. I don't have the actual coding part down for the MOBA, but the rest should be feasible by myself. Technically I have like 24 champions that I haven't posted (if I get things rolling then I don't want spoilers available here for EVERY champion I haven't released). I'd like to run a MOBA that actually listens to the players, and has community competitions for skin/champ/gamemode/etc concepts. Little-to-no employees though, just private contractors to avoid paying the additional 25-ish% employee tax (which allows me to pay the contractors more), yeah I pretty much have it all figured out.
nasu010 (NA)
: lol i agree i think ive got about 7 concepts in the works yet to be posted and am thinking of moving my concepts to a more personalized space for safe keeping am still slacking on finishing my world and lore's but if i have to put it all together id have about 3 continents and at least an archipelago as for concepts i have now umm an not even sure there a bit scattered tbh
Bumped my total up to 91 now. AND realized that Qrow still exists, since he was never added to one of my concept pages for some reason I completely forgot about him, until just yesterday. Definitely ready to get them all put into a MOBA. Probably starting with about 4 from each region, 50 total champs to begin with and then adding 1 every month. Which gives me 3 years of material just from my concepts(36+ champs to add). giving time for creating more concepts as well. Once 100-120 champs are reached it can slow down to 1 added every 2 months, with minor reworks done on the off months. NO full reworks would be done, as that is literally swapping a champ out for a different champ. If a champ makes it through a PBE environment then they should be good enough to stay. I currently have: Top = 20 Jng = 17 Mid = 20 Bot = 16 Sup = 18 So starting with 10 of each role seems good. https://i.imgur.com/8DoiODw.jpg[]
Rektagon (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mr Voidling,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=Y0ZEOjuR,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-08T16:10:16.136+0000) > > Not sure about most people, but I am slightly guilty of this; to an extent at least. Whenever I try to put the text in boxes WHILE making the post(not editing the post afterward) it doesn't do it, and instead just puts the **greater than sign** in place(is there another way to put boxes?). So I always have to post-edit anything I submit, which is a lot of hassle when you're submitting 60 champion concepts. > Basically I'm just a bit lazy after I'm done writing out the champion? > > **Examples:** > Post with my Favorite Format [Here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/s6voIZEW-delos-the-cursed-heirchampion-concept-demon-king-type). > Post with only Pictures Format [Here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/y06AufWT-hyshio-the-thundering-abdicatorchampion-concept). > Post with Mixed Pictures/Text Format [Here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/t8F8yeAc-inelos-the-verdant-guardianchampion-concept). > Post with my Lazy Format [Here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/wlPykIEX-kero-the-cyber-archerchampion-concept). > > Huge difference between the 1st and the last. > Other 2 options are just extra effort pieces I worked on to test out, which solely pictures didn't get very positive reviews because you basically can't edit/revise it after posting xP Looks pretty cool though. At least your champion concepts garner responses. Formatting is irrelevant; you're getting feedback that helps you improve the actual idea. Function over form.
Fair enough, most of mine anyway. It is so random which ones will get critiqued and which won't, or which will be "popular" and which won't. You basically got a 50/50 chance of your concept getting viewed, and then a 50/50 chance between good or bad reviews, it is just insane. **Kra'Abrul** is my most "popular" concept but my favorite concept I've made is probably **Umbra & Oskom** or **Atlas**, both of which I think are vastly superior. And Umbra even has a full length bio.
rareform (NA)
: I've seen a lot of your posts, I generally enjoy them. Your lazy format is basically my choice format lol. You have A LOT going on in your more advanced formats which is dank, but the majority of posts in Concepts and Creations, minus your 60 lol, don't have nearly enough information to make use of your more advanced formats. I personally like to see in bold the ability name then in block what the ability does. It just looks nice for a quick read and makes it easier to mentally refer back to other abilities as you continue to read someones design and you're trying to imagine the kit all together. I'm sure you could agree. P.S. I've tried but can't figure out how to get colored text / highlighted text. Can you fill me in on that?
There is a post about how to do it here: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation/mouP6um4-boards-usage-guide-part-1-boards-markup Very similar to making text bold/italic. But it does take quite a bit more time to incorporate into a post. I actually very intentionally made the stats portion be all 4 different text colors so that I could copy-paste instead of somehow remembering the "code" for each color, remembering the color of each stat is much easier. You might find some other useful stuff in the post as well, idk.
rareform (NA)
: I will format Champion concepts for you
Not sure about most people, but I am slightly guilty of this; to an extent at least. Whenever I try to put the text in boxes WHILE making the post(not editing the post afterward) it doesn't do it, and instead just puts the **greater than sign** in place(is there another way to put boxes?). So I always have to post-edit anything I submit, which is a lot of hassle when you're submitting 60 champion concepts. Basically I'm just a bit lazy after I'm done writing out the champion? **Examples:** Post with my Favorite Format [Here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/s6voIZEW-delos-the-cursed-heirchampion-concept-demon-king-type). Post with only Pictures Format [Here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/y06AufWT-hyshio-the-thundering-abdicatorchampion-concept). Post with Mixed Pictures/Text Format [Here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/t8F8yeAc-inelos-the-verdant-guardianchampion-concept). Post with my Lazy Format [Here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/wlPykIEX-kero-the-cyber-archerchampion-concept). Huge difference between the 1st and the last. Other 2 options are just extra effort pieces I worked on to test out, which solely pictures didn't get very positive reviews because you basically can't edit/revise it after posting xP Looks pretty cool though.
: TFT is too random to be a game of skill
Whaaat it is definitely skill, I remember just yesterday trying to get a second tier {{champion:21}}, had 2 of her already(both had an item since I grabbed #2 from the roulette) so I spent like 60g on rerolls and never found that 3rd. Pure skill, no luck involved... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} Also, if Pyke & Lulu with {{item:3161}} could be addressed that'd be great. Played a game with {{champion:555}} {{item:3161}} {{item:3040}} {{item:3124}} and that is broken af, not fair to play against OR play as. Like Glacial on steroids.
: I just want to say
Same thing with skins. A champion occasionally getting a new skin tends to makes me interested, but a champ getting a new skin every year in every skin-line is extremely off-putting. Looking at you {{champion:81}} {{champion:145}}. I'd definitely buy a new (good quality) {{champion:421}} skin, and I don't even really play her.
nasu010 (NA)
: Cool then that leaves just junglers then but what isncintem aris? The blige water substitute ?
Currently I have 83 champs in total (Umbra & Oskom are counted as 2 champs, as I'm going with the 1/1/2-in-1 play style where you can pick either of the two OR both to play as), so 23 new champs so far. Kind of getting beat though, so I'll take a break on making more. Map is looking pretty good. Everywhere is pretty decent now, and I have an ADC and Jungler for each region outside of "no-region" for the ADC, so that's great. I think I wouldn't go for any "runes" in a MOBA of my own, as they don't really make any sense and just cause problems(especially balance problems), but summoner spells are pretty neat so I'd keep those. I might have to look more into DOTA, for mechanics, as I think having max level of 20 with 2 levels giving you a choice of something to upgrade would be cool, and I THINK DOTA does something like that. But the whole creep-denial aspect of DOTA is... just horrible in my opinion.
nasu010 (NA)
: Cool then that leaves just junglers then but what isncintem aris? The blige water substitute ?
Bilgewater is closest to Barbakor, which is a huge city built out of ships making it essentially one colossal ship. So no actual island represents the bilgewater substitute, but Voyager's Rest comes close I suppose, I imagine they stop there frequently.
nasu010 (NA)
: Cool then that leaves just junglers then but what isncintem aris? The blige water substitute ?
Cintem Aris is more of a cursed citadel, closer to the Shadow Isles in representation. Hence why all the champs from there are dark themed.
: It's been 2 years since Syndra has received a skin :(. Make Coven Syndra happen 2019
I'd even be fine with Coven {{champion:421}} at this point. Not ideal but it'd be something to help the champ shine and get more than 1 new skin since her release. You really just have to give up on ever thinking Rito will make a good skin for a champ outside the popular human champions. All void monsters are obsolete now that {{champion:145}} is "from the void". Even the Battle Boss skins are normal human champs now. It sure is lucky that we have skin lines that come back around which ALREADY have lux/ez, so no worries about getting SG or Arcade Ez again(let's forget about the pajama skins...). Project/Dark Star/Pool Party/Sweetheart/Bloodmoon/High Noon are all still open though, so basically we'll definitely get those skins at some point.
nasu010 (NA)
: lol i agree i think ive got about 7 concepts in the works yet to be posted and am thinking of moving my concepts to a more personalized space for safe keeping am still slacking on finishing my world and lore's but if i have to put it all together id have about 3 continents and at least an archipelago as for concepts i have now umm an not even sure there a bit scattered tbh
So far this is what I got for champions/regions https://i.imgur.com/8DoiODw.jpg[] About 24 of the pictures shouldn't be recognized, 1 of which is because I recently got a pic for Conrad(card game champ) and he was posted months ago. Looking good though. Cintem Aris currently d-d-d-dominating in champion count.
nasu010 (NA)
: lol i agree i think ive got about 7 concepts in the works yet to be posted and am thinking of moving my concepts to a more personalized space for safe keeping am still slacking on finishing my world and lore's but if i have to put it all together id have about 3 continents and at least an archipelago as for concepts i have now umm an not even sure there a bit scattered tbh
Sucks when you have a region with only 3 champs and they are all Support. Gosh freaking dang it, stupid jungle. Working on it though. Only have like... 4 more regions that need ADC's, Abyss(Void), Vislom(Jungle), Segineld(anti-magic/demacia-esque), and Jut'Sura(Desert). After that it is Jungler's I need to work on, and then it should be fairly balanced. Jungler's need 7 regions... so a bit more to create. Should make a map/diagram with small pictures of the champs next to their regions, that might help a little.
nasu010 (NA)
: ikr and if only i could just materialize our concepts into a fully working game there'd be no point in us ever worring about what this Riot ppl are doing or even think ( honestly i don't acre either way but ...) Also kra'Abrul is a great concept its a very nifty idea for you to be able to create a resource instead of having to wait for it or find it somewhere. (i might make a similar concept with this mechanic) but iv been busy so until when i cross that bridge
If you ever learn how to materialize then let me know xD I currently have 4 champions I haven't/probably won't post, because similar to Rito having nobody know what the next champ is I'd also like to have some surprises, where people can't just look on Rito boards to find the next champion's skills. Working on the 5th, gotta have more ADC's so that's my current goal. I want around 15-ish champions for each role to add options, or at the least 12 (10 banned leaves 2 options, so you can't ban all traditional ADC's or Supports). Of course, I imagine 10 bans with only 60-75 champions might be too high to start, but incorporating champs from other users(You, Chaos, Reksee, etc) adds a fair amount more so it'd be feasible at that point. I'm also now trying to balance roles with regions, so making every region have an adc/top/mid and whatnot, which with my current map would grant like 13 minimum champions per role. If I add in the Maelstrom Isles then 14. As the world itself is counted as a "misc" region. I'll have to see what roles each region is missing, and see if someone already has a good concept to fill that spot. Currently I am at: Top = 17 Jungle = 8 Mid = 14 ADC = 8 (soon to be 9) Sup = 17 Or something like that. Then there is Terunis with all options opened up. So I need more ADC's and JG's.
Sir Gusi (EUW)
: What's Gona happen to Akali
Pre-rework Akali was the bomb. Actually fun to play, and had tons of possible build-paths. She was basically my main until the rework, but that took out everything I loved about her. With DD and GB both giving omni-vamp I don't see why Akali can't get a full revert and get her good "balance" passive back. Fundamentally they deleted Akali and added a new champion in her place, which I absolutely hate when they do that, like why not just add the new champion and keep the old champ? Fine with reworks like Warwick, but Akali/Aatrox/Galio were all pretty much able to be new champs.
: "We don't pick favorites for skins"
Forgetting about {{champion:421}} ... as always... just like rito...
: kai'sa gets 4 skins in a year, meanwhile xerath...
{{champion:421}} hears you loud and clear. Was even making a comeback in pro play too...
: Yasuo skin
Because Rito. Dumbest skin line they could've chosen for Yasuo, but they did. Does he deserve the title? Well just ask Dunkmaster Ivern I guess... Rek'Sai would've been a much better candidate. STILL only sitting at 1 new skin since release. Also, the Kai'Sa one doesn't fit either... bad choices this time around. Caitlyn is decent though, I guess, and she actually has her hat, at least there's that.
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