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: "Full Build" Variant Skinline For Classic Skins
I mean, I would never build Janna like that, as I prefer to actually give a decent AD boost with the shield and actually have the shield protect the person. Locket is good for champs who have huge health pools(tank sups), Janna does not. Why would anybody build that on her? So basically as I just stated the problem with this would be build diversity, some champs may have a very KEY item they build but not any other item. At this point it'd be a Rabadon skin line for most mid mages, since that's the most guaranteed item they'll all build at some point for a full build. We would need more unique items to have a skin line like that. I can just imagine them botching Vel'Koz too, putting a Magic Pen item on him which you shouldn't build because 1/3 of his damage is True Damage and therefor receives no bonus from MPen. In concept it is funny, but the skins wouldn't sell very well. UNLESS they were like Ultimate skins and changed when you bought an item to have it on the champ, but that'd be too much work for Rito.
mandrews (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mr Voidling,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=OEoIoj6U,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-03-22T17:29:29.276+0000) > > The name here is too close to ventriloquist in my opinion(which comes off as lazy, so we don't want that :P even just "Ven" or "Ventro" is better imo) and I can't really see any good match ups for this champ? Who do you expect him to be good against? And where do you expect him to lane? He has 2 targets and therefor can receive 150% damage? Any piercing ability is gonna destroy him(as a Vel main I have no problem with this). And what about things like Fiddle's crow, would that bounce back and forth between himself? We'll ignore the obvious broken aspect of his 6.6 cooldown ability(45% CDR) that lets the puppet travel anywhere for 7 seconds without taking any damage making you a literal god at level 9. And he seems to lack proper ranks for his abilities? R seems to only have 1 rank, with Q and E having 5 and W having 3... this is only 14 skill points. You need 6 ranks on each basic ability if the R is similar to Jayce's. > > Overall a lot of things can be improved upon. Adding ratios, adjusting CD's, adding ranks, balancing power and power spikes, item's and how they work(runaan's? Is he melee or ranged?). Without his overpowered immortality of sitting in fountain and sending his puppet to kill everyone, I don't really see where he shines or in which lane. I see he has VERY clear counters being any champ with aoe/pierce abilities, but I don't see who he is particularly good against. I'd put some more love into this, work out the bugs and whatnot. > > Personally I prefer my own take on the "puppet master", as mine includes many options for customization and changes core dynamics of the game(champion selection). [Umbra & Oskom](, who have a fairly decent bio. The puppet is more of a character and less of just a weapon. i am not a riot employee, this is simply a concept. That being said, I did change the name, I really like the sound of Ventro. I do agree with the brokeness of the e, and other cd mistakes I made. I plan on slowly updating this with ratios and such as I get more feedback from people. Thanks for the response!
Definitely looks like it has gotten some improvements, good job! Just trying to give a lot of constructive criticism(I feel it helps more than just positive feedback). So his E: not sure how much damage is being added here, but the atk spd boost seems rather low. I would recommend buffing it up to around 50-ish% at rank 5, as the long cd doesn't make the atk spd buff worth it right now. 20/25/30/35/40% at the minimum, and 25/32.5/40/47.5/55% would be my preferred suggestion. Mages in general don't get as many atk speed boosting items, so it won't hurt? Does the passive on-hit damage transfer over to his puppet or only him? Passive: seems fine, as long as the healing isn't too fast. Spirit Visage would speed it up but it won't heal you back to full so no real problem. R: What kind of shield? Is this a basic shield? Or is he untargetable? How would CC work on him while rooted? Would it cancel him controlling the puppet? Or things like Viktor R that cancels channels? And does it have 3 ranks? Since the others have 5? Also, noted: I am also not a rito employee, just a fellow concept creator, currently sitting at 46(or 47 depending on how you look at it) champion concepts (+2 parody concepts). So I've had to manage a lot of balancing and numbers, and have looked at existing champions 100's of times to check out their balances and numbers and everything else. Totally digging the new name. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Daedeye (EUW)
: I would make daggers go through enemies and only stick in walls and give her a rengar jump while she is stealthed with w (losing stealth AFTER the "jump" for style purposes ^^) Stealing enemy cs with her passive is op for sure and enemies affected by her e should become immune to her e for about 10 seconds. Also you should either reduce the charm duration of e or remove the armor debuff, I think. And make her unable to put traps too close to other traps. Also, I would maybe remove the untargetable effect from w active. For the R, I'm not sure how a blade just spinning in the air could look like.
Well spinning in mid-air is basically Talon R/Q? Just a lot longer. They look fine. Passive: in practice you might deny around 189-ish gold the first 10 minutes, and then maybe another 310-ish gold over the next 10 minutes? Roughly 500 gold in 20 minutes? Or not quite 2 daggers worth? I don't find that to be anywhere near overpowered, just slightly annoying to deal with. And you can't really deny last hits because it has a channel time. At level 18 you can get 420g in 10 minutes? or roughly 42 per minute? I DID remove siege/cannon, so that balanced it out a bit. But op? Not even close. GP will get more gold than that every time(7x6 = 42. 42x2 = 84 per minute? +7 for all other monsters/etc killed). The denying part is the only thing making it decently strong. And effectively giving you a similar gold advantage to GP. The charm I think is okay, dialed it back to 2 seconds, Ahri has a 2 second charm but also more predictable follow-ups, whereas Esther doesn't have a full combo to tie into it. As a trap dealing 0 damage might not be useful in a lot of situations? You also can't just set it up to combo charm them, since they move towards you, they often times might walk away from your second trap depending on your location. Though a brief 2 second immunity might be better? Shaco box fear has no immunity or reduction on subsequent boxes, so even adding that in balances it out quite nicely. I went with a more Evelynn approach with her stealth(NOT invisibility like Akali), making it passive and not broken by being in proximity of any units like suggested, since they'll see you anyway if you get close enough(which she is melee so she NEEDS to get close), and she is bound to walls. I think diving between walls to stay stealthed would be pretty fun and make you feel like an assassin on a mission. The untargetable part is due to her clear lack of sustain/shields, for being a top/sup role champ she needs some way to avoid taking lots of damage/reliably get to her target(avoid CC).
mandrews (NA)
: Ventrillo, The Puppet Master (Champion Idea)
The name here is too close to ventriloquist in my opinion(which comes off as lazy, so we don't want that :P even just "Ven" or "Ventro" is better imo) and I can't really see any good match ups for this champ? Who do you expect him to be good against? And where do you expect him to lane? He has 2 targets and therefor can receive 150% damage? Any piercing ability is gonna destroy him(as a Vel main I have no problem with this). And what about things like Fiddle's crow, would that bounce back and forth between himself? We'll ignore the obvious broken aspect of his 6.6 cooldown ability(45% CDR) that lets the puppet travel anywhere for 7 seconds without taking any damage making you a literal god at level 9. And he seems to lack proper ranks for his abilities? R seems to only have 1 rank, with Q and E having 5 and W having 3... this is only 14 skill points. You need 6 ranks on each basic ability if the R is similar to Jayce's. Overall a lot of things can be improved upon. Adding ratios, adjusting CD's, adding ranks, balancing power and power spikes, item's and how they work(runaan's? Is he melee or ranged?). Without his overpowered immortality of sitting in fountain and sending his puppet to kill everyone, I don't really see where he shines or in which lane. I see he has VERY clear counters being any champ with aoe/pierce abilities, but I don't see who he is particularly good against. I'd put some more love into this, work out the bugs and whatnot. Personally I prefer my own take on the "puppet master", as mine includes many options for customization and changes core dynamics of the game(champion selection). [Umbra & Oskom](, who have a fairly decent bio. The puppet is more of a character and less of just a weapon.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: I really like the idea of a former Demacian who is spying for Noxus now and this artwork is great. The feature that she can steal the farm of the enemy might be a bit too frustrating, it should at least have the restriction that you can't use it on cannon minions in my opinion. Also, a charming trap is a nice idea and fits your concept really well, since she is cunning and manipulative. I guess you planned her for the support role?
Er... Sup or top I guess. Primarily I was thinking a roaming top champion similar to Quinn, as the 25% movement speed at rank 5 W paired with the multiple wall dives you can do whilst stealthed can get you places pretty fast. The sup aspect is possible if there is a healing sup on the enemy team, like Sona or Nami who can unintentionally heal/shield you, and Thresh would also count as you could take his lantern. That's why I made it start at a 60 second cooldown. Though I suppose I can adjust it, maybe have the cooldown linked to what minion is taken over. Seems fair enough.
Vordo (EUNE)
: Was she also once a male that now has transitioned? She must be or i don't think Riot will ever consider this.
She may or may not identify as a male occasionally, she's a spy after all :P
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nasu010 (NA)
: you know what would also be nice if his e can be used at 3 separate locations then have them all target a single location like {{champion:268}}'s sand soldiers to have either the beam/s or bite/s to converge on a single location. eg hes guarding his allies while they take dragon/baron in the pit and he plants a head at each side of the pit (1 up river,1 down river and the last one dead center of the pit entrance and have all the heads shoot their beams at dragon/baron) would be cool also if while the heads are planted the can basic attack units within 200 units of them ( just some thoughts){{sticker:sg-lulu}} [side note] thats a really cool hydra image
They can be??? I guess it wasn't clear enough. The heads can be put anywhere within 500 units. they aren't tied to each other, just the main body. So you can put a head behind and in front of yourself and then W if you want. However it takes a little bit to summon another head(0.25 seconds), so if you have all 3 then using E>E>Q>E>W might work out better. The heads could probably basic attack on their own? Since manually targeting a unit with 3 different head locations would make the 2 other heads wig out and not know what to do. I'll have to adjust his damage numbers to balance it out though. EDIT: tweaked it up. Should be pretty balanced whilst also being fairly strong. Especially if you get experienced playing this champ.
Volatus (NA)
: Dunkmaster Ivern Skin
The skin will not be worth it either way. It is waaay too out of place. None of his abilities can really reflect a basket ball theme, and looking at the model he ONLY has a basket ball during his recall. At least Darius has a ball with him while moving around. This skin is worse than "Definitely Not Vel'Koz" and as a Vel'Koz main I hate that skin. People wanted a new Ivern skin with completely new visual effects, not just a slightly different looking model. If they came out with something like this: Voidbringer Ivern Then I might actually start playing some Ivern, and I'm sure a LOT of Ivern mains would BUY it(skins are designed for making money, hence why most are made for popular champs). I don't like how some people are just like "eh, it's whatever, we got a skin so be happy". If the community doesn't speak out about disliking the skin than Rito won't even know how bad it is. I mean, the sales will speak for themselves I guess, but Rito might just think that skins designed for him aren't worth it anymore, and I don't want Ivern to become the next Rek'Sai...
: CONTROVERSIAL - Every Champion That Would Work Better Than Ivern For a Dunkmaster Skin
Most recent skins seem terrible... Arclight Brand, Little Devil Trist, this garbage, all prestige skins. We want diverse skins that **work** for the champion. Sugar Rush Trist was the best choice I think as it added to the candy skin line and was far different from all her other skins(not fire themed). I'm all for a well designed light-hearted skin when other skins are more serious. Arclight brand is basically just prestige brand, and he got Arcade not long ago. Ivern has MANY better options, dunkmaster makes zero sense, closest he could get is being a coach not a dunkmaster. Even Zac would be a better dunkmaster honestly.
Gilgayu (NA)
: This concept is fantastic! I absolutely love how you worked with the three heads to make his kit so interesting (you know I don't normally sound like this, I'm truly impressed). Ro'Ka'Em's damage is pretty high, and I see you gave him medium-low armor to compensate for that. Since you said you want his ult to grant more tank stats, perhaps make it a big passive with a weak active? What I mean is perhaps do something like: (the ability should be called Ro'Ka'Em because why not) rank one: unlocks Ro rank two: unlocks Ka (still has Ro) rank three: unlocks Em (now has all three) __Ro__: Ro'Ka'Em heals 2% of the damage dealt by their abilities for every __20 Flesh__. __Ka__: Ro'Ka'Em gains a shield that equals to 10% (for every __50 Flesh__) of the damage dealt by their abilities. __Em__: The ability gains an active (just a weaker version of yours). How's this? I think emphasizing they are three in the ultimate in ways more than just damage/shield can be pretty cool. I took inspiration from dragon knight from Dota 2 because he gains bonus effects upon leveling up his ultimate. ______ Once again, really cool concept. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Went and tweaked it a bit, with a bit of my style added in, should be pretty close to what was described? I didn't want the heal/shield effect since that seems a lot like Mordekaiser(given he is getting reworked so that might not exist anymore).
nasu010 (NA)
: Ha lol a Hydra hmm cool but IMO its lacking love how you made the head regen mechanic and the abilities are fabulously devised but my question is after e can i w/q ?? This would be what am expecting from this concept but I don't see a duration for how long it can stay at the location, also e should be a knock up to synergise with his w more, also can he pick a direction for the head to face after e is cast? Or does it face the general direction of the others. Just some questions i have i can give more pointers/suggestions afterwards if you want but as always good job on this. {{sticker:sg-poppy}} now to check out that other concept you linked up there.
I honestly didn't think about that... but that sounds pretty awesome so... Yes, yes you can. And the direction of the head is chosen just like the direction of Viktor's laser. They come out at an angle, not straight up, so that's why I went for the push rather than knockup. I'm gonna add that in...
nasu010 (NA)
: Y3ah ig this guy was live I'd probably main this, am just wandering why he has no spear to throw around. Lol i like this its nostalgic for some reason no further comments <-- (says slot) i legit have no suggestions or anythin{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} g I'd change {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Haha, thanks. The spear part of the picture is LITERALLY because this was the ONLY decent picture I could find of a tribal-like lizardman, which I didn't even think I'd have problems finding one. He isn't exactly a warmongering character... just un-trusting, he quite likes peace as his story indicates, so not using weapons makes some sense. And we don't have a lot of true fistacuff champs outside Lee. Pretty sure this guy would wreck Lee though, as you can pick him up if he dashes unto you and then throw him into tower or something. I re-added the stun, thanks again xD
nasu010 (NA)
: lol you caught that huh {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} YOU SIR ARE A MAN OF CLASS yeah that would be funny to have in his kit now that i think about it slide tackle the fake injury = high elo then use red card for the championship win. hahaha (check it out now)
Haha, nice! I can just imagine it... What a beautiful champ. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Deathsworn skins are pretty much based off the Shadow Isles, so yeah, not too surprising.
What if the skin-line is based around champions serving Mordekaiser? If they keep an R similar in theme to his current R then I could see it being a thing.
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: The people who picked demon Tristana
It's lame. Candy was better. No huge difference between it and Dragon Trainer... even is carrying a "dragon".
: well, on the wiki, it says he gains 40% (+30% bonus attack speed) bonus attack speed, so if that wording is right, 40% + 30% of bonus as bonus attack speed
I think so? basically jumping him up if he is at 600% to 220% more... Had bonus confused with Total I guess, only Jinx and Taric get total atk spd scaling. Still pretty darn strong though.
nasu010 (NA)
: thelo the ball hog
What about "**Fake Injury**"? He is a soccer player, I know they're good at that. Red Card is pretty close, but I wanna see him get hit at full health and "appear" to instantly die. That ending pun though. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Vartius (EUNE)
: Seeing the new Mordekaiser emote, I decided to redraw him in a more serious style
Is it just me or does our fabulous Morde kinda resemble the **Death Sworn** skin line? Like heavily.
: Skins for Under Played Champs
Rek'Sai is crying in a corner with only 2 skins and being out for YEARS, and seeing actually play recently. Also a Vel main here, "definitely not" is a disgrace in my opinion... Waiting for a Deep Sea Terror Vel'Koz or something cool. Even just a chroma for Arclight...
: I think varus actually functions as a flat bonus instead of percentage bonuses, so he gains a lot (140% if he hits 300% bonus attack speed) but this brings him up to 440% bonus attack compared to 300% times 1.4 (+ 1) which would be busted at 720% if it worked that way
Idk, wiki says it is a percentage of his TOTAL attack speed. Him, Jinx, and a few others get these total atk spd effects. But his bonus scales off his bonus atk spd, so it's pretty crazy.
nasu010 (NA)
: yup that way there's no feeding or flaming but its gonna be crazy if a match comes down to a 5vs1 (team must be absolute garbage if that ever happens) id like to see it best out of 5
I 1v5'd on ARAM once as Xerath... I just got so many more levels that I became a god... It's possible.
: nunu can add 20% we should do one for master Yi as well since he gets a bonus auto attack every 4th counter which is every 2 with guinsoo you're actually a bit off here though TLDR at end base attack speed does not actually increase per level. The champion gains bonus attack speed per level, so base attack speed always stays at the base value. It's then just affected by what amount of bonus there is Vayne's base attack speed is 0.658 , so let's add up the different effects you listed 323 (for troll build) + 18 (alacrity) + 10 (rune) + 110 (lethal tempo) = 461 + 56 (base attack growth) + 60% nidalee + 30% ardent censor = 607 now, 0.658 x (1 + 607/100) = 4.65 attack speed. Not AS HIGH, but still very impressive let's see what we get by turning it into an on-hit build with crit still in it {{item:3087}} (40% AS + 25% crit) {{item:3085}} (40% AS , 25% crit, NO, it does not factor in her passive for its bolts for anyone who asks that), {{item:3153}} (25% attack speed, 40 AD) {{item:3091}} (40% attack speed, 40 MR, 42 magic damage) {{item:3124}} (25 AD, 25 AP, 65 attack speed){{item:3078}} (I did not know it still had good attack speed, lol. 40% attack speed, 25 AD, 200% base AD proc on sheen (also not affected by runaan or rageblade) with these, we lost a net 65%, so let's do the math 0.658 x (1 + 542/100) = 4.22 attack speed while having every benefit, net 90 AD, net 50% crit Vayne doesn't get to use trinity force very effectively, but it IS THERE and can be used {{champion:11}} master yi's though is where things get RIDICULOUS even using the on-hit build above, with his passive factored in, that means that at 4.22 attack speed, he really has 6.22 attack speed that can combine his passive with it and that's if it act's right. It's a little annoying to figure but the wiki places it every 2nd with guinsoo's active, so if he has 2 autos, he has 3, if he has 4, he has 6, etc at 6.22 (well, it's a little less, his base growth is lower), his passive adds 50 + 35% bonus AD as true damage. with the 90 added above, that's 31.5 + 50 = 81.5 true damage per auto attack for up to 5 seconds I doubt the target would let him stick this long, but... 12 * 81.5 = over 960 true damage per second and that's not factoring in %health damage and other bonus damage, we're at a loss though as without shojin, he would likely only get to apply this to one or two targets okay, we're not at a loss here...this is RIDICULOUS. with shojin in his build, {{item:3161}} yi gains 50% attack speed for activating his ultimate WHICH ADDS 80%. Let's cut trinity to make room for it and then swap {{item:3085}} for {{item:3046}} , just so it lets him live longer. we could add {{item:3094}} , but I think the survival nature of the new PD is more important for now than extra "potential" damage on the ranged hit that he could land, anyway, with spear of shojin replacing Trinity we're at the same attack speed as before and now up 35 AD now add 80% from his ultimate {{item:3087}} 40% + {{item:3046}} (30%) + {{item:3124}} 65% + {{item:3153}} 25% + {{item:3091}} 40% + {{item:3161}} 50% = 250% , base attack speed growth = 34% + 18 alacrity + 10 rune + 110 lethal tempo + 90 ardent/nidalee + 80 ultimate =592% 0.679 x (1 + 592/100) = 4.69 attack speed or still over 6 attack per second and he now recovers all of his abilities instantly so he can keep his E up ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #TLDR 1. Vayne's attack speed in that setup comes to 4.65 with your build and 4.22 with EITHER of my builds or MORE IF YOU KEEP RUNAAN'S 2. Master yi's attack speed comes to roughly 6.69 attack speed with my build 3. {{item:3124}} is the most broken, {{item:3161}} is pretty close for what it allows 4. I'll add in that without nidalee and ardent censor, their setups decrease to: 4.05 on the troll build for vayne, 3.5 for my build with hurricane on vayne, 4.08 on master yi, still enough to get 6 hits per second but even if it were close, it would be a fraction of a second difference
Then how about Varus? Apparently his passive gives him total bonus atk speed. So 20% (+ 15% bonus attack speed) after killing a non-champion for 5 seconds. No true damage but this is gonna get crazy. Base: 0.65 Growth: 51% Runes: 138% Items: 323% {{item:3115}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3124}} Nidalee: 90% 4.56 Attacks per second Passive: 20% (+90%) = 110% Total **9.57** Attacks per second from a minion. **OR** Champion kill: 14.59 Attacks per second. He do about 14-21 on-hit effects in 1 second. So if he does 40% AP on-hit then this translates into 560-840%, with 425 AP this is 221 on-hit damage, or 3,094 - 4,641 Magic Damage each second. With his 136 AD he also deals 1,224 - 1,904 Physical Damage each second. 4,318 - 6545 Mixed Damage *** Replace 1 {{item:3115}} with {{item:3085}} and the damage changes as such: 4.5 Attacks per second Passive: 108% - 2.16% 9.36 - 14.22 Attacks per second. 14-21 on-hit effects, 345 AP, 189 on-hit damage for 2,646 - 3,969 Magic Damage each second, and 1,530 - 2,380 Physical Damage each second. 4,176 - 6,349 Mixed Damage. Applying on-hit effects to 2 additional targets. In 3 Seconds you would deal 12,528 - 19,047 Mixed Damage. About 63% of that is magic damage. *** NOW........ Let's just take the last calculation, and add in Nunu + Lulu for 65% more attack speed. Base: 0.65 Growth: 51% Runes: 138% Items: 313% {{item:3115}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3124}} Nidalee: 90% Lulu: 45% Nunu: 20% 4.92 Attacks per Second Passive: 118-236% 10.7 - 16.53 Attacks per Second 16-24 on-hit effects now, so 189 x 16-24 = 3,024 - 4,536 Magic Damage, and 1,700 - 2,720 Physical Damage per second. Combined total of 4,724 - 7,256 Mixed Damage. in 3 seconds this deals 14,172 - 21,768 Mixed Damage(62.5% Magic Damage)
nasu010 (NA)
: then here's a better thought you know how in nexus blitz there's this event where the teams do a sudden death match why not do this but for rank hmmmm?
So... like... you die and then you're dead permanently? Or? I feel like a 1 life game-mode would be kind of cool, it'd make everybody play suuuper carefully.
Jøkèr (NA)
: Still no dunkmaster/dodgeball Syndra
Or dunkmaster Illaoi... I'm sure a lot of people are waiting to buy that.
: 1v1 ranked
Well... just about all support champions would be garbage. And in general League of Legends is a game centered around teams, so a 1v1 doesn't make much sense from a practical standpoint. Or cents from a Rito standpoint.
: yes and this is a health item, so its okay to you that health counters true dmg but just not this health? The fact the item heals only produces the potential of being more effective then other health items, not guarantees it. One would need to play it right on the right champions vs the right champions to make it work better then a warmogs or spririts visage. With grevious wounds if one builds this and a spirits visage the heal would only be about 36% of true damage dealt. So If one had ignite, {{item:3165}}, or and ally with grevious wounds the target with this and a spirits visage would heal 720 hp(so only more effective then existing counters by potentially about 300 hp in this extreme case) over a 3 seconds period following the dmg, Considering how well allies can follow up on a velkoz all in all this really does is empower a tank to do what they are supposed to which is tank the damage and try to turn it around if they can. The item is a more situational warmogs/sprit visage like item where its likely to be build on tanks that can survive long enough for it to be useful as their 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th item. So it wont ruin velkoz by destroying his lane nor would it make him hopless vs anything that isn't a specifically attempting to mitigate the true dmg portion of his dmg. All this said however, what would you say if the healing was based on the tanks max HP in relation to that damage instead, this way it would be even more niche to tanks vs high true damage and the healing wouldn't get that high even if nobody built grevious wounds or used teamwork cause god forbid.
Yeah the main issue I have is high damage tanks, like Darius, at least in the games I play where the true damage dealer(me) is the only person who can kill him... I think having a worse ratio depending on how much Bonus Attack Damage they have would work well. Like heals for 30% (-20% Bonus Attack Damage, +1% Bonus Health) (minimum of 20%), something like that, so you get around 34% off the bat, and building visage and warmog gets you 4.5% and 8% more plus 30% for 60% total healing. Items like Black Cleaver would lower it by 4%, and items like Blood Thirster would lower it by 8%. Darius and his 30-230 Bonus AD from his passive would get reduced to the minimum of 20% most times. You can even boost it up to 500 bonus health and potentially some other stats with those changes. Maybe adding a maximum amount as well... in cases like Cho'Gath.
: #I'll leave a TLDR at the end for the main points well, not entirely true, glass cannon builds in general tend to be extremely dangerous Vayne's issue is that she can not be caught as easily as other carries, hence why she's a hyper-carry Yasuo's issue is that he doesn't have to commit to his glass cannon build and even when he does he has tons of defenses to fall back on What is concerning, however, is the show of power that vayne's passive does carry 12% of max hp varies by the opponent. an opponent with 8000 HP for instance due to stoneplate, takes over 800 true damage from those 2 autos, 400 if they have the standard 4000, 300 for 3000, etc interesting math with Kayle. If you make her a ridiculous build of {{item:3115}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3089}} she ends up doing 163.2 true damage per auto and if she uses lethal tempo, over 3.0 attack speed after the 1.5 second delay this comes out to be about the same bonus damage that vayne has against the standard tank but actually does LESS other damage while being able to damage other enemies in the immediate vicinity however, let's try it with AD{{item:3153}} (40 AD , 25% attack speed) {{item:3124}} (25 AD, 25 ap, 25% - 65% attack speed) {{item:3095}} (60 AD 30% attack speed) {{item:3031}} (80 AD , 25% crit, changes normal crit multiplyer to 2.25 ) {{item:3087}} (40% attack speed, 25% crit, energized passive to stack with storm razor ) {{item:3006}} (35% attack speed) this comes to 308 AD(for kayle) before any additional benefits, 180% attack speed, 50% crit, 25 ap, BORK's passive, guinsoo's passive, storm razor's passive and boost and statikk's passive on top of her true damage based on this build: 308 * 0.1 = 30 + (25 * 0.2 = 5 ) + 40 = 75 per hit using lethal tempo, her attack speed comes to roughly 3.0 attack speed because of her passive, more with guinsoos {{item:3124}} itself is the bonkers item. This is similar to how a vayne might build and the damage just goes off the charts 8% current health physical damage, 15 magic damage, statik shiv damage ( 140 * 1.3 = 182 to 409) and 308 AD (for kayle) with around 3.0 attack speed {{item:3124}} also adds both physical and magical % penetration, 15% for physical at 18 308 x 2.25 = 693 physical damage per auto before reductions on top of everything else let's pick against kayle since my example was about her anyway, 86.4 armor * 0.85 = 73.44 effective armor 100/173.44 = 57.7% damage taken roughly or basically, 400 damage per crit attack on top of all of the bonus effects, or 500.5 before armor average damage(due to no crit), coming to 289 average damage per auto or 178 damage per non-crit auto attack oh, and funny way of coincidence, KAYLE'S passive can CRIT... so, here are the values she does with without on hit effects: crit: 400 + 169 true damage at 3.0 attack speed, it takes her less than 2 seconds to defeat herself average: 289 + 121 = 400 even (funny), or less than 2 seconds to defeat herself no crit: 178 + 75 = 253 * 3 = 759 or roughly 4 seconds #squishy life values are not looking good at those values for tanks, let's say they buy all armor {{item:3742}}(425 + 60 armor) * 5 + {{item:3047}} (20 armor and reduces damage taken from autos (except true damage...) by 12%) let's use malphite since he's common enough 2104 + 2125 = 4229 * 1.1 = 4651.9 hp (yes this is terrible build but it's by example) 300 armor + 100 base = 400 100/500 = 20% damage taken from physical ( i don't remember if theres a cap) critical scenario: 138.6 + 169 true damage = 307 damage per hit before additional effects or roughly 6 seconds to defeat at 3 autos per second for vayne, let's assume her AD is the same 138.6 + (6% since it takes 2 hits, unless you want to count when she does not have rageblade active) = 417.7 damage per hit effectively, or 4 seconds to defeat in a crit situation ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TLDR 1. {{item:3124}} is extremely powerful in its own right 2. Scaling true damage is as much of a threat as %hp damage when CRITICAL MULTIPLIER is involved and there are no limitations to it(i've included some fun math involving vayne and Kayle above) where the worst case scenarios involve LESS THAN 2 second deaths
Seems like the main problem then is auto attacking champions, especially when adding in Lethal Tempo. As Vayne deals 14% max life as true damage, even just going full atk speed, if you give her {{item:3124}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3115}} (**worst build ever**) you get 323% bonus attack speed, with Alacrity you get 18% more, base rune grants 10% so 351%, plus the 110% from Lethal Tempo that's 451% with 1.02 base attack speed at level 18 you have 5.62 attack speed, add in Guinsoo's effect and you effectively proc your W passive every 0.36 seconds. It takes a little over 7 procs(7.14) to 100-0 a champion, or 2.54 seconds to kill ANY champion(after Tempo proc), even a 100% damage reduction Irelia W. 1 support stun and they are dead. Given Vayne's Q also resets her attack timer, so before Lethal Tempo kicks in you can already do a lot of damage, and stun them against a wall. Add in something like Nidalee Heal + {{item:3504}} for 90% increased attack speed, and you get 6.53 atk speed or 1 proc every 0.31 seconds, for 2.17 kill time on ANY champion. Lulu can also help with 45% more speed reaching 6.99 atk speed for 0.29 proc time and 2.03 kill time. if {{item:3504}} stacks (don't remember if it does or not) then that'd be 7.3 atk speed so 0.275 proc time or 1.925 kill time. I kind of wanna test this out now xD Any other ally atk speed increase spells?
nasu010 (NA)
: hmmm i see nice touch so now she does landing damage. it would be nice if while in the air she can get 2 target rings first for the cast of the q/landing and the second for the latter but both occurring in less that a second after the initial cast of the first
I... am not sure I understand what you're trying to tell me there xD So she gets a range indicator while in air that displays how far she can fly if she casts Q? Regardless of whether she is already channeling Q or wants to cast it after Jumping?? Assuming that's what you mean then yeah seems fair enough and makes sense. Otherwise I have no clue, maybe rephrase it for a poor soul. I reworked her W, now it's more of an AA reset with a quirky little effect... Still not too sure about it.
nasu010 (NA)
: lol ohhh ok i get it so on the ability bar the select-able % would be displayed >I guess I'm just bad at trying to overload abilities xD --- hahaha lol yeah i guess when i make mine i just go with it, but > E is the ability that gets its damage and CC removed, not Q --- is what i thought but i also thought that the cc from q would also be removed? is it? either way this is a pretty solid champion you totally nailed the psycho chick but since her kit feels empty since her w is just a empower give her some basic attack ability like every forth strike deals bonus damage/life steal and armor shred i dont know her kit is one of those that look like its light but in real play the champion would have so much weight from just the q+e and then she has her r man shes just aaaaahh{{sticker:sg-jinx}}
No, Q functions normally. Just a stun depending on how long it was channeled, but can now "1st" cast DURING the jump for a minimum range/stun. Removed E losing its damage and CC when paired with Q, but you'll get more CC using them separately as the knock up basically removes the stun duration(potentially effects a larger area though).
: Jacqueline, The Inexorable(Champion Concept)
Also, not sure if anybody noticed but ALL her skills start with F. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
nasu010 (NA)
: >I like the kit, and I like how that false health looks on paper...I just don't see it translating to actual game play well. True enough but ill make my own comments. > huh sigh looks like the rest of my comment wasn't posted well lets see. i really like her kit but its got a few places where i'd add a little extra umph. Her q is great it allows for huge damage at varying distances and has the interaction kit her e but i'd have a recast on her q alloying her to pull it to another location or to her self while on the ground dealing reduced damage. so now she can use e then cast q and still have enough time to recast so there's no longer a reason to remove the damage but the cc is still removed. her r is impressive > Jacqueline's axe stops at the first wall or structure hit, dealing its damage to structures. If the axe hits a wall then it carves a hole into the wall (150 units wide) that lasts 10 seconds and may be passed through. --- this is a wholly unique ability allowing a character to open a passage through terrain through physical means this ability in itself is amazing since it has multiple uses. the gank potential is phenomenal. As for the her ults passive its already been said that its a golden idea one that was seeded from the inception of neeko. if we could get this to work right this ability would be game changing. --- >Jacqueline can choose a different amount of Health to display. Rank 1: (-20%)( X )(+20%) Rank 2: (-30%)(-20%)( X )(+20%)(+30%) Rank 3: (-40%)(-30%)(-20%)( X )(+20%)(+30%)(+40%) >It will default to the last amount you selected. --- so as i look over the edits you made to it i ask how exactly does it work now? do you select an ally with a certain health threshold? or are those values calculated (+/-) from her current health visually?
I guess I'm just bad at trying to overload abilities xD Q should probably have better interactions... I think there might be a slight misunderstanding though? E is the ability that gets its damage and CC removed, not Q. I figured that would limit the potential burst damage from her engage. I guess I can try and buff things up a bit, and set in some more combos. The passive would be based solely off of her current health, in max health %, so while at 40% Health you could drop to 1% and not be capped at 24%(which is 40% of 40%), however most champions wouldn't dive you knowing this if you're at 1% Health, so choosing the -20% could be a better choice. Or while at 25% Health you can bump your Health up to 65% and look relatively healthy to avoid hard dives or Urgot R's. If you have it at -40% and die then you'll respawn with the -40%, but you can always change this during your respawn timer. Heck just having the passive and NOT using it can be quite tricky to the enemy team.
: " Fleugl , The Rift's Vengeance "
Goodness, some of them items would be broooken xD **Breathstealer Netherstride Zhonya's Ring**, But we'd get Will of the Ancients back so... worth? **Flesheater** also sounds pretty interesting... I'm sure many of those items could come back and be just fine. I would try and get this guy on my team so I could build ** Rite of Ruin, Pox Arcana, Netherstride, Zhonya's Ring, Rabadon,** and **The Rose's Pride** With runes that gives me 45% CDR, +1,163 AP, 300% mana regen, +64 Armor, +20% movement speed, a 1,944 - 4 second shield, Stasis, and tower taking power. Unless Rab and Ring would be completely separate buffs, like 175% total AP instead of 165%? That would increase the AP to around 1,232. Throw in some infernals and you've got URF size stats.
: Counter Item against a high true dmg enemy team.
Only problematic true damage is Vayne is far as I am concerned. Otherwise... hmmm... let's see what counters true damage... OH. What is that? HEALTH? Health, health counters true damage. Vayne is a problem here because she deals % max hp **as** true damage, so there is literally no way to counter it, she can kill you in the same amount of shots regardless of what you build. Champions like Vel'Koz don't need more counters... he already has no mobility, high true damage is his only saving grace that makes him viable. And 50% healed is way too much either way. That's 65% if you build Visage. Vel'Koz can deal like 2k in true damage if he gets huge(Passive + R), you would heal for 1,300 damage??? As his laser is damage over 2.5 seconds. You would effectively be deleting these champions from the game. Outside Vayne(stupid damage), true damage isn't supposed to be able to get reduced... That's its function. Maybe there could be a champion closer to that though, like the Darkin Armor [Ovenaas]( that Gilgayu made, his passive is a decent counter to true damage while not being too oppressive and still useful against all damage types.
: I think the hardest part to call on this kit is the false health, honestly. The RNG of it all would play a major part in whether or not you get a kill in some cases. Imagine being at around 70%hp (definitely safe for a fight) but your false health displaying you as 85%. It could get pretty frustrating to constantly run back and forth trying to get it to display a lower amount of hp, and your enemies, odds are, will not attempt to openly engage you if they notice you constantly rerolling your false healthbar. It seems like a finicky mechanic at best, and one far too unreliable to use consistently at worst. I like the kit, and I like how that false health looks on paper...I just don't see it translating to actual gameplay well.
Fixed up the False Health bit. I think it is better now. Kinda made it randomly in the first place, but I think it is a pretty interesting mechanic in and of itself. Whether you wanna gank and look like you're full health to drive people away or bait someone with low health.
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: my new league champion idea
Also to note: when creating a conceptual champion it is highly recommended to employ "new" mechanics. Just bring something new to League that isn't already there. A unique play-style or set of skills. At least ONE skill should seem unique to the champion. Case in point: Passive: x# hit proc... many champions already have this kind of passive somewhere in their kit. Q = {{champion:4}} Q or {{champion:121}} upgraded W depending on whether they pierce or not. W = {{champion:555}} Q {{champion:412}} Q? Maybe added in some {{champion:111}} Q? Lots of hooks already in-game. E = Literally just an extension of his W. R = {{champion:254}} R with aoe.
Gilgayu (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mr Voidling,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=VJ1ELE4W,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-03-17T03:02:26.776+0000) > Females will have a more palm-forward hand, males have a more palm-backward hand. Never noticed that, interesting... Yeah I guess there wasn't much point behind bonus MR vs total MR. As for his r, I suggested something extra upon being "leveled up" twice because people will probably avoid being near existing spears, which makes summoning separate spears just more impactful overall. You are right about it being extra effective near the pits, so I guess it's alright. Making his w centered on him sound good. _____- Nice concept man. You are really productive recently, having more-than-normal free time? ;)
Oh no no no, my NORMAL free time is insane xD I used to make a champion once a day or every other day. Like when I did 20 champs in 1 month. My job is normally just taking orders via phone/emails, but semi-recently I've been pushed into more of a production area, and recently recently I've been pushed into a graphic design area... Neither are exactly what I signed up for, but a job is a job so I can't complain. I'm also the only person who actually shows up on-time, like 8:45 versus 9:30(which we open at 9:00). *** Good job on your concept man! I find the feedback you get on popular concepts is reeaallly helpful for improving the champ. Though my most "popular" concept is NOT my best, so part of it must just be luck, I still think [Umbra & Oskom]( are my best concept. They would REALLY add a new dynamic to League, even just during champ selection.
Gilgayu (NA)
: Just putting it out there: I'm not the only one who thought it was a she, right? ... _________ Anti-AP bruiser does seem fun (especially with that slide mechanism), but I feel like the direction you are going is a bit... weird (or maybe I just misunderstood your intention). Currently, we have 3 anti-ap champs: * Kassadin, who is a late game beast and assassin. Goes AP * Galio, who is still okay against AP, but not as oppressive as Kassadin. Tank/bruiser, goes AP * Mundo, the ultimate anti-ap. If you have heavy ap this guy literally becomes unkillable. Tank, goes AD. In my eyes, this concept is one focused heavily around cc without overdoing it (not ali's level yet). I don't know, the concept just feels "un-bruiser-like". This guy has a powerful slow on his q, but his w just reminds me of mages. Perhaps make enemies inside his w take more damage from him rather than just let the zone does all the damage? Bruisers are almost meant to be in the heart of battle, but that w is just... too safe. His e is pretty cool. I like the idea, but the long cooldown is unnecessary. I understand that a good Glacialis can make the Icy Trail a deadly zone, but you are being a bit over-cautious. Personally, I think stunning enemies who collide with a wall will make a lot of sense and add a bit more purpose to playing around walls (now that I think about it, a decent percent of existing champions love to play around walls). For his r, how big is the spear (collision wise)? Is that radius the radius for both the initial damage and its collision radius? It seems to me that adding some additional effects for increasing the spear to size 3 would be interesting, even if it's something as simple as rooting all enemies within 700 (100+the radius, if the radius is actually 600...) units for 1.5 seconds or so. _______ About his ratios/scaling... You probably know your numbers much better than me, since you made like 4 times the amount of concepts I have, but I'll put in my two cents anyway. Instead of using total MR, how about __bonus__ MR? Total MR scaling gives him decent power against all matchups, but bonus MR scaling gives him clear pros and cons (which by itself is an arguable pro balance-wise). I mentioned before that perhaps it would be nice to allow Glacialis deal bonus damage to the enemies inside rather than letting the zone itself doing any damage, but alternatives like "Glacialis gains 15/20/25/30/35% increased MR when inside the zone" or "Glacialis heals for x% of his missing health where x is determined by his MR" might work too. Thoughts?
The wall stun was an idea but that added too much CC into the kit, as the Sliding is already a form of CC? That was my take anyways. Bonus MR VS total MR is a negligible argument, base MR hangs between like 32-53? Armor or AD have a much larger difference, and those ARE fair arguments, as Armor jumps up to around 80-90 on average. It's already difficult to get large amounts of viable MR(dealing physical damage), so I don't wanna have to increase his ratios by discounting his 32-53 base MR. I kind of put his damages numbers to be balanced by adding in the base ratios. Otherwise I'll have to increase the ratios or pump up his base damage. Originally his R was more of a front-line ability, but it needed reworked. Now it's a trade-off on tank vs damage. Spear itself is pretty standard, maybe 2x J4's size? Not much of an obstacle, but still there, mostly for visual purposes. It gets up to 4x J4 size (or Trundle Pillar size approx?) Once 3 are stacked though. The repeated knock up is pretty killer, especially when using it against mages like Xerath or Lux, or in team fights if you are surviving well enough. I could make the W be centered on him when cast? So basically force him to be in the midst while casting it for it to be effective. Rather than have a cast range. I think in itself will force him to go more bruiser. He is intended as a heavy PHYSICAL damage anti-mage, which is pretty much lacking in League. I might give him a building magic damage shield while he is inside his W... That'd help. *** Pretty sure it's intended to be male... Subtle hint by the hand positioning. Females will have a more palm-forward hand, males have a more palm-backward hand. Try it out, one makes you feel more macho and one makes you feel more girly. Otherwise I think that's just the armor design, intended to be more elegant due to the title of "Water Knight". Could be wrong though.
Gilgayu (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mr Voidling,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=8Jweu8ij,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-03-16T19:32:22.518+0000) > > I can already see it... Teammate playing as him decides to choose me with R, uses E immediately after, and just runs into the enemy team. There is still our lovely catfish in front of him, you can't possibly troll your team harder than that legend! I reduced his passive to heal for only 35% and over 5 seconds (speaking of tahm kench....). I wasn't sure how balanced his passive can be because the enemy need to deal over a certain % of his hp, which can be hard or easy depending on who you are talking about (Beyblade Garen doesn't trigger it unless it's urf). In theory, early game where Ovenaas doesn't have that much bonus health, only veigar level damage can trigger than regen, and it's only a regen, not damage reduction, meaning what would've killed him would still kill him. Thanks for all the math though. I admit that I overlooked the fact that some items increase healing, and that does make him pretty strong. What do you think of his ult though? Any suggestions for his e? (both in ghost form and out of it).
Well that's why I called it "delayed" damage reduction. It's a good way to counter true damage % hp(literally the dumbest thing in League), though it doesn't state how it interacts with shields. Does he just heal if the damage procs it but doesn't break the shield? Steraks could be mandatory on him at that point. There was a concept months ago that could attach and then PULL the host to a wall, skill-shot style. I think that could possibly work for his R + E? Some kind of escape/engage tool similar to that. It'd also be kinda cool if they took reduced damage from behind while he's there :P overall the resistance gain is negligible as the number of potential targets for the enemy goes down, so the host will get focused pretty hard. I think it should be closer to 30-40%, since the item actives will also help. Zhonya's and GA could be interesting buys. Would passives like Frozen Mallet transfer over? Or just actives? Also, at the end of R you go back to your previous location? Which basically acts as an indestructible ward during R?
Gilgayu (NA)
: Ovenaas the Frozen-Darkin
I can already see it... Teammate playing as him decides to choose me with R, uses E immediately after, and just runs into the enemy team. Also, he isn't exactly tanky without items. You note that he has higher stats, but his tank stats are basically lower than all other champion's stats in-game. So... what if he builds {{item:3504}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3107}} and {{item:3065}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3083}} and revitalize? That's 75-80% increased healing... so 85-87.5% of damage taken healed, and Heal cut would lower this to 52.5%, triggering at 12% Health(around 500 of his 4,300 Health, healing back 437-262 Health or taking 63/500 - 238/500 damage). Heal cut would still make it more than the original amount healed, so still mechanically a delayed 52.5% bonus damage reduction. Given if you go Grasp as your main rune then he'll have more health so you can possibly have a 10-8% health proc.
: One problem: NO ONE would pronounce his name Ovenaas.
Yeah, idk, I just instinctively thought it was pronounced "Oh - Vuh - N'awes(like "awes"ome but with an N)", and I'm probably wrong.
: The passive is(to me) as much CC as this champ needs...if it has more...eek
Nautilus passive stun is 0.5-1.5 seconds on a 9-6 cooldown per target... So 1 second cc every 15 seconds isn't even close to being over powered. He can definitely still get more crowd control if you want. Skill shot of course, not targeted. Some mobility would help for engages/escapes though.
ThreshHub (EUNE)
: Seems fair. I am not sure about another undying ability in the game. 1.5 seconds may not seem long but in a game like League of Legends it is long enough for a play or a dive. I would suggest the cooldown to be a little higher at the start and decrease over the course of the game.
1.5 seconds would still let ignite kill you fairly easily. Or other DOT effects like space aids. You aren't healed at all, so that's why it lasts longer than 1 second. In most cases you will still die after triggering his passive. Until level 6. Hence the low cooldown. It's basically like a worse Zhonya's(not usable on command), and probably won't help you at all in 1v1's pre-6. I'm gonna look into things though.
: I think the passive is super elegant. The E is also a super cool mechanic (maybe except it also affecting allies but eh) The clone theme doesnt make so much sense to me. We already have that with Lissandra, I would say a full rework on the ult would make the kit lock together just be careful about adding more power to the passive. Super cool champion overall, but if hes a bruiser you might wanna give him at least some ap/ad scalings instead of just MR.
Lissandra doesn't have clones. She "imprisons" champions through ice. Subjugation is enslavement more or less, so there is no real sleight of hand even available there. Though I can work on changing the R around, and maybe having the explosion bit just be a frozen clone left behind when you use E. Hrrmmmm... now to think of a new ult... Guess he should have some more AD scalings... I'll balance that out.
: New Champion Creation
Few remarks about the champion: Most champs get around 100-150 base AD at lvl 18, so 200 max AD is waay too much. +5 per level is the most any champion currently has, and 70 starting AD is the highest(wtf, Rakan has the highest starting AD???), even putting those together you only get 155 AD at level 18. Atk speed is rather normal, so no bonus AD seems even necessary in this case. My highest AD champ I've made(out of 43 champions) has 172 AD(used to be 150 AD but I had to buff him) at level 18 with 0.5 - 0.67 atk speed. His SUPER low atk speed is what makes it allowable. And his melee aspect. Ranged champions also generally get less base damage, unless they're like Jhin who has capped atk speed. Q is basically 2 Ashe abilities tied into 1 ability... So you're basically becoming Ashe. W should have some form of active... A fully passive ability isn't very fun. Maybe some mobility? Or Crowd control? Q+E damage numbers are rather low. The ratio is fine, but the base damage gets up to a rank 1 damage at rank 5, so it needs buffed up like 2x damage for the Q and 3x damage for the E. In general it seems like it'd be better to have the champion closer to Nidalee and Jayce, swapping forms and having 6 total skills, otherwise you're a melee champ with 1 ability and a ranged champ with 1 ability at the same time... 2 Abilities isn't a lot. More or less, no reason to pick this champion instead of Jayce.
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Sirsir (NA)
: A regular armored dude riding an actual horse would be cool. IDK if they can pull it off in such a way that the horses head wouldn't look like a hitbox...
{{champion:5}} Warring Kingdoms Skin Splash Art!?
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