: It's balanced enough that people are bitching about Yasuo again... ...take that as you will.
hm.. Is it like he's good to make up for the bad Yasuo players or just enough that the good ones are a Terror?
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: Garens silence is the worst
I think Soraka's is worst. at least with Garen's you know whats coming. In a team fight you sometimes feel your abilities just aren't working when roka is out there.
Lacuni (NA)
: Aatrox needs nerfs seriously
Oh S**t Here we go again.
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: Removing the bans from ARAM is the absolute last straw for me. It's a very poor decision.
Honestly its the biggest change that I wish they kept! I know pregame took a bit of extra time but It was worth it. I'm selfish I want veigar gone for good. despite me hating some the changes not having to deal with him or lux made my life better. extra side note. I hate that backtrack is just gone with the wind as well.
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> "Shed's all yours son. Just uh, dump the hay when you're done." > 12/10 would pay for that anyday.
: Say the reasons you dislike the current state of the game
: How to make Ohmwrecker Good
I thought about it. Honestly leave the stats the same. change the passive to something like. UNIQUE: Targets a turret. if an enemy turret, prevent it from attacking for 4 seconds. If an ally turret, it gains increased attack speed and it targets the closest enemy champion for 5 seconds. (120 second cooldown). This effect cannot be used against the same tower more than once every 30 seconds. And bam. A tower dive item or an item to build if you really want to stay safe under tower when you feel unsafe. And the same tower can't be targeted by this effect more then once every important fight.
: Fix Twisted Treeline
But that's work. They wont do that. at least no longer then a few months and revert it and say "Thanks for playing!" I'm not Bitter. You're Bitter. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: - **Bans** were a great addition indeed, there are some picks I would like not to have either in my or the enemy team. - **Ranged and Melee Balance** has been brought too far in favor of melee imo, while ofc having a team with a lot of ranged poke is frustrating, but what really becomes unwinnable is when there are 2-3 tanks in the enmy team, plus there are picks like {{champion:11}} {{champion:27}} and {{champion:555}} that simply cannot be countered if there is a decent player behind them. Not to mention that the new melee-only items are making Assassins and ADCs unbearable and the boots allow for a lot of unfair sneaky plays. - **More damage to towers** is just wrong and exacerbates the previous issue with tanks and ADs in general. - **Backtrack** is really good and allows some good plays.
I do agree with the melee part for some Champs. Yi was a sleeper pick before the changes and kind of just runs rampant now. I do think they are watching the stats on the games so any melee's that are too much of a problem are gonna get there kneecaps shot sooner or later.
Yboat (NA)
: Pretty much it. I just wish they did not make the quests, so many bad Aram players now.
yeah I defiantly think the mode will get better after a week once the players who don't ARAM buzz off.
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Sattyr (NA)
: Ezreal Gameplay (Middle and ADC) thoughts
I tried a bit of AP ez mid. Mind you it was before his Nerf so I don't know how he fares now. Because I wen't hard ap my runes where a bit different than yours but going AP began to shred towers. I had okay success and like your post I pad a good match up with less mobile mages. for runes I went. Aery/Comet. Manaflow, Transcendence and Scorch. then presence of mind and coup de grace.
: Make a function to deny ALL trades in ARAM
You forgot {{champion:45}}. Every single time I get him.
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: Suddenly morde actually gets actual shotguns. Worst case rework they will pull a aatrox nerf on him. When is Morse coming out though? Any data on the rework?
> [{quoted}](name=Corrector1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vbYVO8mv,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-03-31T04:01:13.252+0000) > > Suddenly morde actually gets actual shotguns. Worst case rework they will pull a aatrox nerf on him. When is Morse coming out though? Any data on the rework? So far nothing other then an Icon that was leaked so far.
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: Patch 9.5 Notes
Noice! My beautiful baby boy Rakan should be lookin better now. Now Riot. Give Lucian some AP Scaling in his Q, I know its a meme but muh AP Lucian needs some love. I will throw money at you, just do it.
: Patch 9.4 Notes
These Lucian Nerfs are gonna friggin kill my AP Lucian. I get it "Haha your playin it ap, you suck" But like it's been one of the last few things I've been enjoying sense what happened with Rakan.
: upvoted, theres no reason not to. It only makes the game better for fun builds, and doesn't help the regular one.
Seriously! I play it a lot Mid and I find myself maxing my dash over my Q when I play.
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: Keeping the taunt as a cone skillshot adds counter play and decision making (good things) rather than just an aoe taunt that can't be dodged or played around.
I Agree, I Just got an idea on the It's Q and got an idea on how original that can be.
: W: Forms a basic shield. The shield slows enemies based on how close they are. This slow stacks with the R slow/pull. Ends after the shield expires or is broken. Gotta get that peel/ult synergy. E: short range cone taunt? Something like Annie W area? Makes sense if you think of it being animated as a screech of some sort which fits the whole void theme.
That's really Good! I Especially like the W. Its Simple But makes It Easier for him to Chase. As for the E. The idea on the Cose sounds good, By Comparison how does an AOE taunt sound by comparison. The Cone sounds good to Chase and the AOE is good when in the middle of a group.
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