: Riot Matchmaking Logic
It happens to all of us. I'm going through a grinder right now. Unfortunately I'm hovering on the p4 0lp. Bad time for the game to do it to me. I have recently been placed with two silver players in a platinum game. One with no previous history, and the other was gold last season but has a 27% win ratio this season. This game doesn't reward you for playing good. It's a known thing. The best way to climb is just to grind. If you start losing take a break. If you lose more quit for a couple of days. It definitely tried to even you out. If you want to play a game that rewards you for being good, it's best to try and play another game. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Deadwolff (EUW)
At least that's not as bad as having a silver player in your plat game. I got screwed by the Riot RNG recently as well. It feels pretty bad. I went into it with a 46% win ratio overall but a 65% win ratio on Nunu. It screwed up my MMR and I'm now stuck with people who shouldn't be in games with plat players. I'm trying to recover but it's a bloody struggle and a massive uphill battle. I'm now at a 58% win ratio with Nunu from the losses and 43% win ratio overall. Btw, I think I went back to back Silver player, Unranked, Silver Player. If you guess I lost those games then you'd be right. **Riot, it feels really bad to be punished for "smurfing" when I'm not.** Edit: please let people climb to where they should be without trying to equalize their win ratio. It feels like every other major gaming platform does this. In fact they also reward them more for beating better opponents and it's less punishing for beating worse opponents. I'm looking at you StarCraft.
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: Ranked working as intended?
Lol. It's either way too late, or you're on something. That was a good one. So for reference, I haven't tilted in a few years. It's not worth it. I quit before I hit that point. I also hardly type in games, and I'm 100% never toxic. I want to always hit mastery rank 5. Smurf Detection is completely legitimate in my case. I've been former plat, took a break for a season and didn't play much ranked. Come back this season and get blasted. I'm just not entirely sure how It's possible to climb in my current predicament. I'm also not sure why it would start me out as silver 2 for support. I don't actually play support a lot. So I'm actually just using this as practice for other roles, and re-familiarizing myself with the plat elo. I just find it weird when I have game after game where I have a vayne who decides to just run at the enemy and get chunked low multiple times, and then dies or has to back, or a fiora who ints down top because the jungler won't gank when she wants them to, or a skarner who purposefully goes all in when only 1 other teammate is there vs their 5. etc. etc. etc. Those are the games that I don't have someone who DC's or RQ's. Call it extremely badluck if you will, but at a certain point you have to wonder if there's something more behind it. It really sounds like the algorithm isn't very good right now due to the ranked changes. Oh, I think I'll mention for the first time in 41 games this season, I had the fortune of having my game the other way around to what I am currently experiencing. It was nice to have a win, but it didn't feel very right for the other team.
: Ranked working as intended?
No, I'm talking about how is it possible to have all former plats in a Silver game? Why would I be placed in Silver for support, when the skill level of the people are obviously plat? That just means that My true skill rank is 100% not Silver. So why do I have a rank of Silver for support? It feels like there's some weird algorithm going on that tries to clamp but ends up giving me the worse team because I'm supposed to carry that much harder since most of the other players should technically be silver as well?
Washëd (NA)
: Match Making is horrible
I'm feeling the same affect. I'm 14/24 win/loss ratio.
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Akrid415 (NA)
: Is my account fucked?
Being a former plat as well, I'm having a really really hard time. I feel like I'm having to coach people in my game. It's usually just a feed fest on my team, or people on my team DC/quit early. I'm literally 14/24 win/loss ratio right now. And like 3-14 in support and my support is apparently ranked silver 1. It started me off at Silver 2 and i went 2-10 with all other former plats in the game. Not sure how this is legit. I'm not entirely sure I like this system in it's current state. At this point is not really fun anymore.
: [LEAKED FOOTAGE] Riot Employees insane reaction after playing first ranked game! ( NOT CLICKBAIT ! )
I'm in bed and decided to do one last check of my Google feed and found this. I lost it and my wife woke up from laughter. You did not disappoint OP.
: [CRASH] Can someone repair LoL in windows indsider ?
Another update, I gave up. No windows build saved me. I actually think the error is on Riot's side this time. I don't think there's anything we can do. Hopefully we have a hotfix soon!!!
Siar20000 (EUW)
: Loadingscreen problem
I'm having the same problem I believe. I posted a lot of details about it here: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/MeEI3KH1-crash-game-crashes-after-champion-select Check your event viewer and see if you're having the same thing pop up. I'd you are then there's nothing you can do until Riot comes out with a patch. I can't seem to nail down why it's happening. I thought it was a Windows update but I rolled it back and still had the issue. Riot Dev broke something and Riot isn't admitting the issue exists. I believe it traces back to how the game authenticates to the server prior to loading into the game.
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: [CRASH] Can someone repair LoL in windows indsider ?
FYI Just upgraded to Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17751. Still did not work. This last build came out about 12 hours ago.
: [CRASH] Can someone repair LoL in windows indsider ?
I'm having the same @#$@#$ issue. I've tried the rollback already. It rolled me back to 17738 and the issue still persists. I'll try to specifically download 177443....
: League will not load after champ select?
I'm having the same issue. I've tried the following: 1. repair tool 2. Run in admin mode 3. Run in admin mode and compatibility mode for Windows 8 4. Run in override high dpi mode 2. Uninstall and reinstall 3. Install updates 4. Uninstall and remove all registry keys then reinstall 5. Uninstall windows updates 6. Revert back to previous windows version I can't play the game.. I've been at this for 6 hours trying to get this to work.
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: Ranked Queues
10+ minute wait times. Today when it's all fixed. Good stuff. I'm only gold 3.
Kyu Im (NA)
I've been in queue for over 10 minutes... Gold here.


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