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: Can't do a 15 minute surrender with Kindred intentionally voting no because she knows I don't want to play (:
: I am pretty sure it does
thanks, i was sure of that too but i wasnt too sure
Ljubezen (NA)
: I cannot take these type of games seriously.
AFking is a punishable offence, if you do it enough, yes you can get banned, but you have to do it alot. but the better option is to keep playing and just try to surrender. youre only making the game worse by afking.
: Auto mute everyone in-game or turn chat off?
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: Level Beyond 30
i feel like it takes sooo much longer to earn champions now, it was definitley faster with the ip
: well i notice my team is feeding out of control. xd
That's when you find a group to play with.
: general jungling questions from a newbie
Well you should do whatever route youre modt comfortable with, as with the clearing you'll need to do different things eith different champs. Amumu for example needs to upgrade an ability and grab blue to clear easier, but with a jungler like Ivern he can jump ahead easily because his passive, allowing him to gank sooner with a higher lvl than most. You also have to take abilities not just items into effect, nunu is a prime example because his Q allows him to do a big amount true damage to minions/creeps/large monsters which allows him to clear faster than other junglers such as malika, lee sin, etc. Mainly you just need practice and then you'll notice things youre doing wrong and notice things their jungler is doing that you arent.
: I think that gifting only works for friends that you've had for over 1 or 2 weeks I don't remember haven't gifted in a while but the one person who might do this for you is the taliyah main on boards taliyahtomasters
Alright I'll check them out :)
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