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: Champion and skin sale: 10.03 - 10.06
Henlo rito.. am tahm main and was hoping he could get a good 1350 christmas skin this year, along with kandy kayn... thank you have niec day {{champion:223}} {{champion:141}}
Skipuru (NA)
: Just make Hexakill permanent and move on Riot!
Telliis (NA)
: Eww. This is one mode I wouldn't miss if they stopped putting it out there.
hey I like ascension, but I do agree they put it on over better game modes far too often.
: I'm telling ya, double U.R.F. after OfA
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
What Riot should do is instead of giving us a long boring month of Poro King for he holiday break, say MERRY FRIKIN CHRISTMAS, and give us a month of URF, and that would make up for giving us only about 10ish days of URF so far this year
Robbz (NA)
: I figured this out Try the part about "USING UPDATED SECURITY PROTOCOLS" Worked for me
Wait quick question, for that part it says to hit apply, but in the picture there is no apply button.... I'm confused
: stuck at "logging on..." then connection error
I'm having the exact same issue... I could play fine on the 6th but not anymore... This is so annoying
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