kopycat (NA)
: still looking for more nice friends, thanks!
hi, sent you a request. i play pretty sporadically but am looking to get back into the game, i generally play fill but am probably best at mid/supp, thanks!
Shenew (NA)
: getting crushed by amumu arurf preseason 8 and it doesnt help bc this is for urf not arurf. bring back the old urf otherwise balance comps, arurf is a fun mode but not if ur whole team spends the match duration looking at the gray screen
this thread is two years old, how did you even find it?
: Nah, it's fair. The new players get those 450BE champs instead of shards worth roughly the same amount. It's not really an advantage at all. We're just putting the noob accounts on rails by giving them easier-to-learn champions.
Why is Brand being given out instead of Annie? I would have expected all 450 BE champions to be given out at early levels, Brand is a pretty good deal for a lvl 3. Maybe I'll make a new account, lol (I don't have Brand on this account)
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 27
Balance team is diamond, lol :3
: 2017 ranked season ends November 7
"We’re *repealing and replacing* the requirements for the Victorious ward and opening it up to folks who want to crush in multiple queues" wew
: We have braum, Ornn, Olaf, now we just need a manly mid lane and adc for a full Armstrong team.
Galio/Gangplank mid, Graves adc?
Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
LordZilean#0291 , but is there any way to change my nickname to match my league name? thanks
Sharjo (EUW)
: He's no yordle.
:'( I was kind of hoping he was Heimerdinger's dad. They look similar enough
Wrekzzz (NA)
: It might, we are looking at the cooldown as we balance it. Removing the slow reduction from ranged champions helps a lot here.
does the slow reduction work on self-slows, ie. Rammus/Urgot W?
: I think they did this, I remember reading what you said on surrender at 20 on the new pbe patch.
Ququroon (NA)
: Adding Skin Portraits to all skins
> What if I think the current minimap icons suck though? > > Well, you’re kinda right. They aren’t made for that particular space, instead they’re teeny crops of huge assets, that are further downscaled. While skins will never have a place on the minimap (see the above reasons), there are changes we’re looking at to improve the standard iconography. What if the minimap icons only change for your champion, so everyone sees a slightly different scoreboard/etc? I feel like people will know what their own skin splash looks like, especially if they use one skin really often, but if they're different the inconsistency might cause more confusion
: aw. yeah.
Does Thornmail/Sunfire damage end the effect?
Sharjo (EUW)
: Champion Reveal: Urgot the Dreadnaught
I was really concerned/curious about the whole shotgun knees concept, but this really *blew* away my doubts Seriously though he looks so awesome EDIT: I just realized his ult leaves no body. Jesus
: A huge problem with this board
> [{quoted}](name=WhoIsThisDude,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BxEKasOU,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-06-15T19:10:45.744+0000) > > There is such a relatively small amount of people that use this board that when we get invaded by a subreddit[...]it blows issues out of proportion. Good point, I remember what happened when Tyler1 got banned. lol
Rioter Comments
: Why I always ban Yasuo (replay inside)
> I welcome any advice on what I could do better, particularly in this game well clearly you forgot to ban yasuo :3
YourSh4dow (EUNE)
: jesus christ dont buff Chogath... like it isn´t enough he does 1000+ true dmg every 40 secs or so and has regurarly 4k hp without even trying that much.
Yea he needs a rework; like his kit is pretty stupid right now and he's still not competitively viable
Arakadia (NA)
: This is not his art, I've seen it before.
Yep, it gets reposted every few months
: Your main is now your room mate.
{{champion:98}} This actually seems pretty cool
: RGM brain dump June
Not sure if you saw this, but over on Reddit [someone suggested a "Teemo Soccer" gamemode](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/6fn99l/teemo_soccer/). Maybe a good RGM for Fifa next year?
: Laughing Fish's 175,000 lifetime upvote spectacular (Come and get your free skins!)
Laughing Fish thread? http://www.reactiongifs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/head-spin.gif
: Coming This Preseason: Runes Reforged
This is so freaking exciting
: Zyra actually doesn't have a supportive kit. She has damage and CC and that's it. She can be played in the support role anyway, using harass and zoning and trying to catch out enemies, but it doesn't make her a support champion any more than Annie. Lulu, Lux and Karma are mage kits with actual support elements. Nami, Sona and Soraka are enchanters.
Zyra has one of the strongest disengage and zone control kits in the game. It's incredibly potent for setting up your teammates. That's a supportive kit. That's exactly the point I was making about a kit that's supportive and a champion that's played in the support role. It's not about making an overly simplified list of what a champion does and does not have in their kit; it's about how that kit functions as a whole. Ashe has a supportive kit (if you go back, she was actually classified as a secondary support). It doesn't matter that she's seldom if ever played in the support role, her kit supports her team (another term for her is "utility carry"). Contrast that with someone like Xerath/Zed, who mostly set themselves up even though they also have CC.
: Marksmen is not a role. The role you are referring is carry. The role is pretty much the lane you go on.
: Being a support doesn't prevent your champion from being played mid
People get confused with between the support *role* and support *champions* (ie. Zyra has a supportive *kit*, and is also predominantly played in the support *role*. Miss Fortune has a marksman's *kit*, and is sometimes played in the support *role*, sometimes in the ~~marksman~~ ADC *role*). It's part of the reason Riot has been working on the class and subclass list, changing labels to something less confusing. Also why Riot has made official communications regarding "off-meta"playstyles recently. As an aside, people often confuse official Riot communications with the random, off-hand comments from a Rioter on forums/social media. Riot is no more a hivemind than Boards/Reddit, probably even less so since they don't have internal upvote circlejerks.
: {{champion:3}} "As a Symbol of this great Nation **I** say; Let's go mess up some Mages!"
I expected more {{champion:82}} from you. How disappointing.
Ralanr (NA)
: Frankly, I think catcher is a dumb name.
How about "Director" since they direct their team to focus on a particular enemy. Or "Isolators" since they isolate a particular enemy.
: I'm starting to believe you just chill in forums instead of actually playing lol
There's an old joke that all the people on Boards/Reddit are just burnt out silver players who just complain about the game without actually playing it
: I mean there are positives to negatives, at least we have a dank meme section we can all just huddle around and all be happy.
: >Nowadays I find myself typing out lengthy responses and then deleting them because I just don't feel like talking to anyone on here. me. Why waste your time when you know the other person won't even read your comment.
> [{quoted}](name=Marshbouy,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=neuQQNhg,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-20T03:39:46.101+0000) > > the other person won't even read your comment. ...and then will proceed to flame you regardless. Yep, lol
: Is it just me or has it been getting worse recently? My theory is that more are picking the game up again since schools over soon/has ended. "Nerf Lee Sin" "this nerf isn't enough" "change tanks" "no don't change tanks" etc etc.
I mean, it's progressively gotten worse since Boards was launched however many years ago. When it first came out, it was actually pretty pleasant; I was way more active back then. Nowadays I find myself typing out lengthy responses and then deleting them because I just don't feel like talking to anyone on here. I think it's just a positive feedback loop, where people have learned that having more extreme opinions (to a degree) leads to more upvotes/visibility, which in turn fuels people's more extreme opinions. You can see similar things happening in the broader internet, and in modern political discourse. If nothing else, Boards is a pretty interesting ecosystem to study human behavior.
: Rek'Sai Changes for 7.11
I was kind of sad to lose the old ult animation when she flies across the map (it was so cool), but the new ult animation when she flies out of the ground is pretty BA. I'm wondering why the range is limited to 1500 though; she seems already limited by who she can ult to base on who she's marking, so she can't really do cross-map plays or anything; I feel like having a bit more range would be more forgiving in terms of hitting max-range prey-seekers and still being able to follow up, in case the enemy just barely walks out of range.
: I prefer single champion updates like Rek'Sai/Shyvana/etc. to class updates
I think the two are trying to accomplish different things. 1. Class updates are coupled with midseason/preseason changes since they're supposed to be a part of a larger gameplay direction. It doesn't make much sense to release sweeping itemization changes if no champion really can take advantage of them, or certain champions take advantage of them in weird and abusive ways. You may argue that already happens, but it could have been worse without the cohesive update. Can you imagine how unkillable Maokai would be with Gargoyles' Stoneplate *and* his old ult? 2. Additionally, class updates are a way to make a more steady and organized push, rather than just sticking to a whack-a-mole patchwork style of updating, where as soon as you finish one update, the thing you just updated becomes outdated. If you take a step back and look at the history of Riot and the history of the game, they've been flying by the seat of their pants since release; these updates are also a means for them to get everything in the game up to some level of parity before they can start fine tuning everything.
: If you are a prolific hunter...yes. Muahaha.
honest question: how do you guys decide when and where to use infinite scaling? I remember in the past that the balance team has strayed away from infinite scaling since it's difficult to balance and saps power budget, where it's unlikely that a character can actually make use of the infinite nature but nonetheless is balanced with that in mind. Recently, though, it seems like you guys are using more infinite scaling (ie. Cho'Gath, etc.), so I'm wondering what changed.
: This is also interesting. I guess it's even possible to make all dragon buffs minion-related. Fire drake: minions do more damage to towers Earth drake: minions take less damage from towers Water drake: minions regen hp rapidly out of combat Cloud drake: minions move faster
Oh I was just talking visually, lol, I want little bat minions
: > [{quoted}](name=Marcus Phillida,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6bnukc5n,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-05-12T02:10:08.406+0000) > > I dont understand, what was so unhealty about Maokai or Sejuani or Zac? I never minded playing against them, i also had no problem with old katarina, the one that had one jump and was in danger if melee, and couldnt immediatly jump away. > > If you want to rework kits that cant be balanced through nerfs/buffs, rework Yasuo and Riven. Maokai was definitely too good at everything. As for Sej and Zac, I personally felt Sej had too much power in her ult but that was a simple opinion of mine. As for riots definition? I can't say but I am not necessarily opposed. I didn't think Zac needed one but they felt he performed too well and his old kit likely couldn't be balanced. Maybe that is true for Sej. Even if I don't personally understand, I can still respect the decision because ultimately I know it'll lead to better balance.
Another thing to keep in mind is Riot's allocation of resources, and the fact that they have really long-term visions for the game. People often ask why champions like Zac got reworked instead of Malphite, who clearly needs more updating. And that's exactly the point; Malphite needs *more* updating. These are a couple of smaller updates targeted at champions that are not quite up-to-date/healthy to bring them to a place closer to being healthy. If they try doing Malphite in the same timeframe with the same resources, he might be in even worse a condition. Completely making up numbers here, but say old Zac would have been Udyr-levels-outdated in like, 5 years. With the current pace of individual VGUs, Zac may be slated for a full VGU in like, 10 years. Let's say that kit lasts another 7 years, but because of how large the champion roster has gotten, the next Zac VGU is in 20 years. But say they do this minor class update, and extends Zac's lifespan by like 3-4 years. Not only does that mean Zac is more able to keep pace with the current game (never getting to Udyr-levels), but it also means his future VGUs require less work, meaning that it's easier for Riot to get Zac to ideal and easier for them to fit him into smaller windows in their schedules. And sure, Riot might (and does) mess up, but the mistakes teach them more and enable them to do better in future updates.
Gixia (NA)
: Speaking of keeping things from her old ult... is there any chance we can keep that wonderful ear-piercing shriek she does on her ult? Even if it stops being global since the enemy team doesn't have a telegraph for it anymore, if we could keep it for the player using it. I LOVE that sound so much. Combined with her insane zoom across the map, it was so satisfying, and sadly with the ult change that zoom will be gone but I wanna keep the sound at least.
Agreed, having her fly across the map was pretty cool too. Though I guess it's also pretty cool to have her fly into an enemy after charging up like that, although the range seems sort of short. Given that she has to have damaged them in the past 5 seconds, I dunno why the range isn't longer than 1500, especially if she has to channel for 1.1 seconds.
Meddler (NA)
: Minion wave modifying's got potential yeah. I suspect something like replacing some cannon minions with drakes would be the way to go, avoid too large an impact on single target versus AOE abilities.
Can the other minions get little dragon wings and tails and fly to lane?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 9
How about a vision dragon that does something like give wards extra duration, increases ward health by 1, increases damage to enemy wards by 1, increases sweeper duration, reduces trinket cooldown, or something else? It could have varying rewards, like how Bard chimes work, depending on how many vision dragons you get (ie. first one gives you extra duration, second gives you extra health) to prevent things from getting too crazy (like 10hp wards)
Adeleide (EUW)
: do u even pokemon bro
I could be wrong but I think they're making a Ryu joke, hence the -_- face
: Eh, I'd rather have to kill a squishy ad champ twice then kill a tank twice.
Same, I'm more worried about champs like Darius or Irelia picking it up
Kaminanp (NA)
: Gold/Silver Jungler/Adc LF Flex Group.
Hi, you guys seem cool. I was hoping to join you if that's cool; I haven't played ranked in a while, but I was typically around mid-high silver the past few seasons. I play a bit of everything, but Support is probably my strongest role, and I'm more than happy to just become a dedicated Support so long as I have a steady ADC I can learn to work with. I'm also a bit more of a keyboard warrior. I can work around your schedule; I'm also a casual/semi-serious player, usually only play a few games a week, but I've been looking for an excuse to get back into the game, especially having steady teammates to play with. I sent you a friend request via the chat app, Hope to hear from you soon!
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Heimerdinger Changes for 7.10 (Request for Comment)
Can you make his RQ (Big Turret) have his hair and mustache? plz and ty
: Oh okay. Yea, that completely makes sense and I agree
: Shen is now being played with fervor in korea lol.
From OP.gg (Korean server): Grasp of the Undying Pick Rate79.47% Win Rate50.42% Courage of the Colossus Pick Rate10.92% Win Rate48.75% Fervor of Battle Pick Rate8.03% Win Rate48.30%
: I think he's askin like. Like sometimes you see a Lee Sin do really cool things? And on any other champion it might seem like an outplay. But because Lee Sin just has so many tools it doesn't feel like he did anything right but he still comes out on top. I feel that way with Yasuo a lot. Like I'll bait the windwall and dodge the 3rd Q but he still kills me sometimes. But I don't feel outplayed, I just feel cheated because I 2nd picked Lux and didn't get a ban, so he killed me in champ select X.X
Just to clarify, like 99% of the time, me dying is because I made a mistake, not because my opponent did something special. Like if I'm a squishy carry and an assassin jumps on me and kills me, that's not me being outplayed; maybe I could have done something to avoid dying, but in general, assassins are designed to kill squishy carries. That's how things are "supposed" to happen. Me feeling like I was outplayed is when a **player** does something skillful or remarkable, not just how the game is designed or supposed to work. That applies to every single champion. Just because a champion is really flashy doesn't make it more likely for me to feel outplayed; if, like Lee Sin or Yasuo, the champion is designed to be flashy, I expect them to be flashy. Anything short of that is the player not knowing how to play the champion. The only times I feel outplayed are when the *player goes beyond* what the champion typically does or is expected to do and subverts my expectations. That can happen with Yasuo, and that can happen with Nunu. Again, just because I died doesn't mean I was outplayed; it's usually because I made a mistake somewhere down the line or because I'm just not good enough at the game, not because my opponent did something special.
sit kid (EUW)
: Maybe not in bronze solo queue?
nothing applies in bronze solo q /s :3
: 'In Beddler with Meddler' Jesus fucking christ
: Champs You Never Feel Outplayed by When you Die to Them?
I never feel outplayed by champions; I feel outplayed by players. That's not to say I don't die; I do. A lot. But it's never a specific champion. A good player on any champion can outplay me, it has nothing to do with the champion and everything to do how the player plays the match-up or deals with a situation.
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