: Practice with purpose
Will there be presets so we don't have to do individual settings each time? Like being able to presetup a Lvl 1 [or other] farming practice or zero cooldown flash practice, etc.
: We had conversations about item sets internally but we can't commit to building it yet since we don't have a team dedicated to it for the time being. We're aiming to get more clarity around this as we get closer to end of the open beta.
As a request; it would be totally awesome if item sets were synced via the profile. This would hopefully make them persistent across updates/file checking/PCs. I don't use them because I hate redoing things, not for any other reason.
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Rrryan (NA)
: Hi, I'm willing to wager that a majority of Alaskan players use GCI (http://www.gci.com/) as their ISP. I didn't see them on the list of ISPs Riot was working with to improve routing. Could you possibly check into adding them to the list?
Used to live in Alaska. GCI is a boss company. I'm sure they'll be easy to work with. Please Rito, for fam
: at first I was like, "this is a good idea" but then i realized that truly in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter
No, it doesn't, just like the color of your shirt doesn't matter in the grand scheme, but it is a nice thing to be able to choose.
: Change Summoner Icon during champ select
You see them in the loading screen. Just today I heard someone give a person on the opposite team a compliment for their pink muffin icon. I've had several comments about matching debonairs. I care.
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: As good as an idea as this sounds, I doubt Riot will be implementing it any time soon. Mostly from how simple it is to bypass any "ad bots" by checking on the level/xp gained thing before accepting the request. As nice as it would be to be able to trust anyone who sends you a friend request in this game, society across the world is nowhere near that point and as such people need to be a little more cautious meeting strangers online. Kinda goes to the "you can't trust everyone but you shouldn't trust no one" thing a lot of other games have that have online cooperative play. With likely no offense meant to players, this is one feedback thread that is probably just going to be ignored.
While trust of online people is one thing, I believe the main point here [at least for me] is getting rid of 20 friend requests a day. I don't trust a single one of them, it's quite simply annoying to be getting them all day. That, and not everyone is a genius [which is what people with common sense look like these days] who knows not to accept and not to click on them. If they're so persistent and consistent you know it's working somewhere. People are making money through League through exploitation.
: Questionable High Ping. 1.5k +
Also the same for today and yesterday, got up to 2.5K ping at one point. Lost a ranked game as a result, haven't played any more and won't until I see it fixed. Have some friends I'm playing with [some, not all] that are getting the exact same issues as well. It also seems to effect the entire internet, out of game everything works perfectly fine [all of my other games, including the bad net coded Space Engineers work as well] but when League acts up it seems everything else does so at the same time.
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: I gotta be the guy to say this? (DJ Sona)
As a Sona half-main, I take offense to ADC's thinking they're the team. Bruh, I carried you hard and poked twice as hard as the other support whilst zoning and keeping your health up. Now I get to give you good beats all the while. But I'm poor. IF SOMEONE GIFTED ME DJ SONA I WOULD BE YOUR MANSERVANT FOR LIFE
: Music Team Q&A on 1/29
Now, if these could be selectable/customizable for in-game on the all new Sum Rift [to keep with increase fidelity]. Like a list for it to play/shuffle through, or just one to repeat. Unless/along side any plans you have to update in-game music with this well made music group. P.S. I have music deactivated, so any past changes to music I'm full ignorant to, but this would change that. Hard to beat being Thunderstruck during epic moments.
: We've been overwhelmed by the response from everyone on the Poro skins. Glad you guys are enjoying them! They were originally conceived as just a little easter egg to the regular 250RP icons, so we didn't even dream that people might want them on the regular Howling Abyss too. We don't currently have any plans to transfer them over to regular HA after Poro King, but it's something we're going to discuss given the cool feedback from you guys. The Poro King is a concept we'd been sitting on for quite a while, and felt this was the perfect opportunity to reveal him. The key was how to best express his nature through gameplay. Being a benevolent King, we wanted him to be a defensive, utility boon, rather than doing "tons of damage". We're pretty happy with his current incarnation. We've seen a lot of players requesting the Poro Toss / Poro Dash spell in regular Howling Abyss. Rather than a Summoner Spell, it could be fun as maybe a new item though. This would preserve the longer cooldown impact design of Summoner Spells (assuming it could be worked into a champion agnostic item). It's not something we have planned though at the moment. As we've shown in *all* previous Featured Game Modes, "player perception" of what is strong and the reality is often not 1:1. Just pick whatever you have fun with and go rock it! :D
On a somewhat related note, could the poro icons be made to effect poros in skins/Braum? I mean, riding a gentlemen poro as you sling down some ice..
: "Legend of the Poro King" Q&A with the Play team. 12/19, 11AM - 1PM PST
Why was there no Debonair Poro? I find your lack of Debonair disturbing.
: Leaver Buster BS
I've got a solid, reliable, home-brewed beast of a gaming PC with a little aged, solid Windows 7 that I decently recently reinstalled for freshness. Yet! Even I have gotten the "Firewall bug." I would guess it's not the firewall that's the issue, but I'm sure Rito is aware of that.
: Rek'Sai
I second this motion, only as normal Rek'Sai. Sometimes I just randomly stop moving as I click onto a tunnel I know has refreshed already. I'll be clicking on it rapidly [as most players do to move, especially in tense situations] and then I'll randomly be unable to move, cast abilities, or attack. After stuns wear off it is the same effect, no ability to move, cast abilities, or attack. Now, I've noticed that this only happens when I'm burrowed.
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