: Yo Riot.
Hey Stars, I'd strongly recommend posting (in more detail) either a support ticket or on the Help and Support forum (or both). Those channels are looked at regularly by Rioters who actually have the ability to help you.
12tales (NA)
: There's no real reason to *not* run Exhaust every game. Clarity is awful in comparison. Not only does Exhaust give you an out to the likes of Zed, the slow makes it much easier to land your Qs. Very powerful summoner overall. Rune wise, standard Karthus runes are 3 AP Quints, 9 MPen Reds, 9 Scaling HP Yellows and 9 Scaling AP Blues. Flat AP reds are... not amazing. Void staff is a ludicrously powerful item, and nowhere near situational. Are you familiar with the concept of EHP? Basically, your effective health against a type of damage (magical or physical) is equal to your actual health, times 1+(1% of your Armor/MR). So, if you have 100 armor, it takes double your base health in physical damage to kill you. Alternatively, you take half damage from physical sources. Void staff reduces that (1% of your Armor/MR) *by over a third.* So, if you're trying to kill someone with 100 MR and 2000 health, the passive alone is effectively reducing their health by *700*. Especially on a champ like Karthus, whose damage comes in large part from base values rather than high ratios, it's a mandatory purchase.
To add to this, some thoughts on early gameplay. Karh can farm from far away. Also, he can farm ridiculously well under tower. if you're under tower, those assassins can't dive you (especially with the exhaust people mentioned). Its only when you extend that they can all-in you, so practice farming from afar without pushing your lane. Additionally, your late game is insane. Ignore your lane opponent, focus on farming from long range or under tower, take wraiths when you can, and scale into the late-game team-fighting, objective-destroying, mele-burning, death-defying, zone-creating, globally-damaging beast you were born to be!
Daen (NA)
: Of course players can submit tickets, however that doesn't change the fact it's weird that a single board is region-locked. I think the main question here is, why is the Help & Support board limited to NA unlike every other board on the platform?
Short answer: Its a remnant from League's early days when other regions didn't exist. In support tickets though, we have a solution that scales better than individual forums ever could. That then leads to the question "Why does it exist now?" I'm not on the team that decides what is and isn't a forum, but I'd imagine that if it hasn't hurt players, there's been no need to do away with it.
Lstrike (NA)
: Cassiopeia
There's actually a Cassiopeia update on PBE currently. [Check it out!](http://www.surrenderat20.net/2014/08/827-pbe-update.html) (You'll have to scroll down a bit.)
: @Riot [[Help & Support (NA)]] - Why only in North America?
I'll weigh in on this. Any player in any Riot Region has the ability to ask for player support [here.](https://support.leagueoflegends.com/anonymous_requests/new) This can be anything from bugs that they notice to personal player support problems. We also have a very large player support team dedicated to sorting through these tickets and passing information on to the right people. A lot of the time, we actually learn about bugs and technical issues through these tickets long before they get posted to the NA board.
: If you married that last champion you played....
{{champion:134}} She's got me by the...
: The issue with this really is the lack of transparency. Even with sweeping game changes we're told way in advance what's going on in Riot's mind and what direction they're looking to go in. Meanwhile, Riot's been extremely hush-hush with anything related to lore for years and, as such, has given the strong impression that they don't care *even though this is obviously not the case*. We've seen glimpses with the change in the way lore is being delivered (heavier emphasis on characterization and promotional material than a straight up biography), but these aren't frequent as champion releases have become spread much farther apart. And, regardless, a lot of people are looking to see stories unattached to character introductions anyway, so that doesn't really solve any problems. Most people, I think, just want to hear what Riot is thinking about narrative direction. They're okay on waiting, but they want to know that there *is* in fact a light at the end of the tunnel, even if what that light is is subject to change.
Well Said! A lot of the reason why we're so "Hush Hush" is that we have so much going on at once, and the last thing we want to do is to tell you about a work in progress, only to have it get cancelled or changed, and then crush your expectations (because... lets face it... we've done that in the past). It may be a slow journey, but there is most definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.
Impetual (NA)
: Apparently Lore Isn't Important Enough to Warrant Its Own Board, So I'll Post This Here
I'll take a shot at this. For clarity though, I am not on the lore team. However, I am a huge lore geek. I, like many of you, love books/movies/games with massive, fully fleshed-out worlds (Kingkiller Chronicles anyone?). So obviously, when I joined Riot, one of the first things I did was to gobble up any lore-related information and understand what's going on with it. Here's what I learned: Lore is by no means forgotten. I'd like to draw a comparison to the Summoner's Rift Update. Around winter a lot of players started asking why there was no winter-themed Summoner's Rift. Some players assumed Riot just didn't care about the map anymore. However, by now it should be apparent that we didn't ignore flavoring the map, but instead we had most of our environmental artists working on SRU, which in my mind is much more important than having a winter-themed map. In fact, I would argue that making a skin for an older map, and delaying a newer map to do so, would be a disservice to players. Getting back to lore, I know that since Freljord, there's be almost nothing related to lore that has come out. I also realize that many players, such as yourself, have determined that we are starting to "get cheap" with our lore and our world, and given the visibility you have, that's an understandable conclusion. But let me pose a different theory. What if the Lore is like the current summoner's Rift: It's functional and has some really cool features, but it also has some glaring bugs and is by no means as pretty or as flushed out as it could be? What if the reason why there are no Journals of Justice or any lore updates of any kind are because everyone related to lore is working on stuff that takes priority? How cool would that be ;)
: Welp, milk carton. Let's hope this kitty likes milk. {{champion:76}}
Pass it off to me! My Gragas is deadly with a milk carton!
: Riot MilkManiac really does love milk. A lot. {{champion:12}}
: What do your mains say about you?
{{champion:69}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:115}} Lets hear it!
: Fun Facts About Rioters (as told by other Rioters!)
Ooh, fun thread! Riot Gharris (One of our coolest QA dudes) is actually an amazing dancer. He's made it his life mission to teach all of his friends how to dance as well as him (whether they want to or not).
Luminier (NA)
: So I'm pretty sure this is what Urgot looked like before he was killed.
: Thank You, Riot!
Glad you're enjoying everything!
: Riot, How Often/What Game Mode Do you guys usually play?
I usually play either Ranked Summoner's Rift or normal Dominion if I only have like 15 mins... so basically I play a lot of Dominion.
: Don't
Also, don't dive {{champion:12}} It doesn't end well :)
Valyn (EUNE)
: Baron's roar
Its a cool idea, but it would give away baron timer to teams that don't have it and who haven't checked the baron pit since it was last killed.
: Let's Play Reverse Q&A: Round #6!
: ULTRA RAPID FIRE Game Mode Now Active
Enjoy your sneak peek at the future of LoL!
: Idea for Italian Pantheon Skin
It would give Sinful Succulence {{champion:25}} some competition... hmmm
wa1fu (NA)
: How does promotion work?
Get 100 league points by winning ranked games. After that you will need to win at least 3 out of your next 5 games to get into silver. If you don't succeed those placement matches, you will be put back into bronze 1, but you will still have some league points.
: Hear me out on this, guys.
: You know what you guys really need, Riot?
So let me weigh in my two cents... What if I told you *insert morpheus face here* that there are lots of Rioters who browse the forums every day looking for places to engage with the community and answer questions. Its not so much that we dont have people who want to answer every question, its that a lot of the questions can't be answered for various reasons: * No definitive answer. A lot of the questions that are asked, we're still trying to figure out ourselves. * Sensitive information. Often times for security purposes we can't cue you into what's going on. Its not that we're ignoring you, its that sometimes its actually in the best interest of the community to not have certain information available to the general public. * Expertise. A lot of information we provide should come from the people who work the closest with it. If we did have one person whose job it was to ask the "experts" to provide answers for the community, they would be a jack of all information, expert of none. They could provide a basic answer, but not a satisfying conversation. If a person cannot hold up a conversation about what they post about, they are doing the community a disservice (imo). * Commitment. If we say on the forums that something is going to happen, and things change, it sucks for everyone (Think magma chamber). Sometimes we wont answer questions because any answer we give cannot be 100% accurate, and we cannot commit to anything.
: LCS Music
I haven't heard it in awhile, but Silver Scrapes use to be the goto LCS song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uemXAJqA570
Zenost (NA)
: Can somone help me?
Hey Zenost, Some advice from a Gold/Plat player who's worked his way up from bronze. At the end of the day it always comes back to the basics, and by basics I don't mean mechanics. I use to watch the pro players on stream and think "If i can learn to perfectly attack-cancel on vayne, I can be the next doublelift." This is actually a trap. The only reason the challenger players can do what they do is becuase they've already mastered the following: * *Practice your CSing.* Remember that killing two waves of minions is roughly equal to a kill. A lot of players around you elo have no clue how to farm, and as a result, if you can simply outfarm them you'll find yourself at a huge advantage 20-30 mins in. Also,farming is generally saver than dueling. Even if you duel someone out of lane, chances are that you'll take damage and have to leave lane too... so you dont actually get an advantage. If you CS and wait for your jungler, and dont lose life, you can come back with lots of items very soon. **Protip:** go into a custom game and practice getting all the CS in a lane. If you can't do it without an opponent, there's no way you'll be able to do it with one. For reference, challenger players get at least 80cs every 10 minutes. * *Practice map awareness*. If you get ganked by a jungler it means that either 1) You didnt have vision around your lane or 2) you had vision but didn't pay attention to your mini map. At the end of the day its better to over-ward and ensure that you can farm safely than to under-ward and die in lane early. * *Practice decision making.* If you die, you were out of position. If your enemy laner kills one of your lanes, you are partially responsible. When something like this happens, you should think "what could I have done differently?" and learn from it. **Protip:** If you don't know where the enemy jungler is, assume he's ganking you, unless you have the vision to prove he's not. On the flip side, always know where your jungler is and ask for him if you think the two of you can get a kill in lane * *Pay attention to your opponent's level/items as well as your own*. If you're behind in levels, and the leblanc you're laning against is about to hit 6, back off. In the same way, if your opponent comes back to lane with a Bloodthirster and you only have a BF sword, you can't trade, so dont let them try to. * *USE THE IGNORE BUTTON*. If someone is typing at you in such a way **that is not constructive**, hit tab and ignore them. If you get into a fight with them, or read what they say, its not adding to your effectiveness. If anything, its taking your mind off of what you need to do to win. Hope that helps!
: Who is the best player at Riot?
"In the Riot Offices?" I shall come in at 4am on Sunday to claim my title!
: One change I'd like to see on this beta
I really like this idea, and I've seen it work on reddit. I'm not on the beta team, but I'll pass this along!
: My accounts been hacked!
Hey MEXXICANWAFFLE You should submit a ticket https://support.leagueoflegends.com/anonymous_requests/new
: Make Baron and Dragon be sleeping until attacked
Idk man... I wouldn't be able to sleep if I knew scores of humans, void monstrosities, and even yordles were set on killing me multiple times a day. Aw how am I kidding! Animations would be awesome!


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