: As a GP main, I'm actually pleading with you: Get rid of Kleptomancy (Polite and Constructive)
Lol this is Riot we are talking about they will Nerf GP and Nerf Klepto then remove Klepto and leave GP trash tier for years
: does anyone else find nasus to be overbearing to handle right now?
are you kids serious ADCs strong as shit right now and you complain about nasus? Who gets perma kited by ADC? Vayne top is something to actually complain about
: Wukong: Overall Pros and Cons
Stop beating around the Bush Wukong is awfully designed. He even had his own hype video month before his release, and what they gave us was a boring cookie cutter bruiser design. Everything about his kit is unoriginal and awful and has 1 of 2 outcomes. You either suceed or fail miserably. It's usually failure because of his bad base stats and how awful he's aged throughout his release. His W is just a cheap garbage phantom lancer dopplewalk that you can't even control and it **JUST FUCKING STANDS THERE **, making even his most "unique" ability binary. Him and Volibear need to be deleted from the game and Riot should be banned from designing trash like this
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: Unpopular opinion
The "CertainlyT is creative!11" circlejerk needs to end taking a shit on the floor then painting it pink doesn't make it better. Shit will always be shit
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Galacius (NA)
: We're not saying you can't provide feedback or make threads about them. What we are saying is that making threads "FIRE X RIOTER WTF THEY MADE A BAD CHAMP" is not constructive nor does anything except complain. Yes they are allowed to be criticized, but they don't deserve random shitpost threads that aim to do nothing but clog the gameplay board. I would rather have a negative but constructive anti-riot/listen you messed up than a rant.
Perhaps it's not "constructive" but it's really necessary. Toxic design like Riven and Yasuo make the game unfun for everyone and ruin the experience for consumers. You want to look at it from Riot's perspective? These designs cause riot to LOSE revenue.
Galacius (NA)
: Regarding Recent "Fire GhostCrawler" or "Fire the Balance Team" Threads
Rioter X should be fired, reprimanded, or called out and here is Y reason. I mean this is what other work places do with their employees, I see no reason why it should be different here.
: at least brand kinda deserves it tho. just that he is cancer, E-Q point blank whenever you engage xd put an end to cc and ranged lord creep, revert fizz! :] hehe
uh Brand's stun has a massive delay because it's 2 spells. And his E is 625 range. 625 range on a squishy mage with no heals no escapes no shields and no movespeed buffs. E + Q combos never work in teamfights or against assassins. W + Q combo is safer. If you are complaining about Brand, you are just complete trash and should not talk about balance. But then I just realized you have no idea what ur talking about
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: 1. As a former Talon main I agree, the new Talon is way to easy. All of the wall jumps make it so that you don't have to position well outside of the lanes since you can wall jump everywhere. He is also pigeon holed into roaming now and roaming top lane is pointless. This means he has to go bot and contribute to the party bot meta. 2. Without his blink he can't really hop on a ranged mid laner. He is forced to shove the lane and roam bot. The removal of his blink also removes the thought required when engaging. Deciding when to go in was so much more crucial. People now just pop ghost-blade to run in then wall hop out.
look man, it's not that I don't agree with you, but old talon's instant burst you down was kind of toxic design with very little counter play on the victim and relied on your teammates, which is both good and bad. New Talon adds more counterplay, but the amount of mechanics is the same. But changing his design isn't an excuse at all, especially when dogshit trash design like Wukong, Volibear, Riven, and Yasuo exist.
Eedat (NA)
: > his level 6 damage is literally 80 for the entire spin. Go look it up Are you insane? > 20 / 110 / 200 ***(+ 110% AD)*** Jesus dude. It's pretty apparent that you're 100% oblivous when it comes to the champ.
110% AD of level 6 AD (trash) is trash I know you think that Wukong is good in low elo with your success, but he actually is an awful hero that needs to be reworked.
Bârd (NA)
: I've been playing Dota a lot lately, and have some things to bring back.
It's clear that a lot of you have no idea what you are talking about You've played dota like 20 times and think you're in any position to understand even remotely how deep Dota is compared to league It would be the equivalent of judging league based off 20 games of yi in bronze
Eedat (NA)
: Short answer: power budget Yeah Wukong is trash early but it's balanced out by his level 6 all-in where he beats a majority of champs that bully him early with the exception of tanks and a few fighters and juggies (alright this is a lot of the current top lane meta but let's be real, you can't blind pick Wukong). A lot of early bullies like Teemo, Panth, Jayce, etc you beat by playing super scared early until you farm a dirk and all-in at level 6
> [{quoted}](name=Eedat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=O8TE5Wer,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-25T22:42:06.198+0000) > > Short answer: power budget > > Yeah Wukong is trash early but it's balanced out by his level 6 all-in where he beats a majority of champs that bully him early with the exception of tanks and a few fighters and juggies (alright this is a lot of the current top lane meta but let's be real, you can't blind pick Wukong). A lot of early bullies like Teemo, Panth, Jayce, etc you beat by playing super scared early until you farm a dirk and all-in at level 6 get to level 6 and win? this is completely wrong. Wukong is an awful hero in terms of design and actual performance. his level 6 damage is literally 80 for the entire spin. Go look it up He is someone who needs level 11 to be useful in any teamfight.
Rexxiee (NA)
: Only CertaintlyT could design a champ so badly like Zoe
something something high risk, tons of damage, very creative !!111, "this hero is unique because very mobile"
Almighty (EUNE)
: Let us not forget the fact that 90% of the abilities in DOTA are **point-and-click**. People still criticize Ryze for having a point-and-click root which is difficult to play against. Well, in DOTA, you will see abilities like this all the time. Point-and-click knockups, stuns, silences, knockbacks, DOTA has it all. I imagine that people who say things like Lulu's Polymorph is a no-brain click-to-win ability will not survive even a single PvP in DOTA. And just for the record, an exact copy of Polymorph exists in that game too. {{sticker:sg-lulu}} http://www.auplod.com/u/dpoula9d885.png
Please define "90%" I can name 30 skillshot type abilities on the top of my head in dota also dota is a game with turn times and cast times, it's not like Leshrac can isntantly turn on a dime and press his point and click abilities for "nothing"
: This game feels now like Dota... but bad.
Dota has always been the better game because it isn't afraid to do "crazy" things. Some people at Riot share the same view as me, League has changed to have more Dota type designs and mechanics over the years. In season 1-3, Wukong, someone with no depth, boring bruiser abilities, and a terrible cookie cutter design and gameplay was considered "cool edgy design" that had his own hype video. Now at least Riot understands what an awful joke he was, and we have new designs like Gangplank, making Venn diagrams to make explosions, is dota tier icefrog snorting crack cocaine design that is actually creative and fun to play.
: I'm RiotMEMEMEMEMEME AMA about Champion/VGU Development!
So for someone like Pantheon Right He isn't that "toxic" but he isn't that good of a design either. Instead of waiting years for a rework, can you just at least make his W and R do physical damage so he can scale into late game? Nerf the base damages if you have to, but this is just a fix that would make "sense" not asking for much, just a simple change.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 20
Trynd is an awful hero and needs to be deleted or reworked. Absolutely toxic design that has no place in any game. The only comparable design for Trynd is Abadon in dota, and he is a support that does not deal too much damage. I hate saying things like this, and how people need to be gutted and forgotten for years until fixed, but you made that awful design and it belongs in the trash can. Please buff Yi. He isn't actually a low elo stomper like most people claim. He is awful right now, but he is an actually healthy and usable hero that has a lot of mechanical depth in him.
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Sciela (NA)
: So um... remind me how Akali is, IN ANY WAY, fair.
Her Base stats are awful AOE still works in her cloud Her team fight survivability is 1 cloud and that's it Her Dash comes at you in a straight line so lining up CC is easy and predictable So she's not OP by gameplay terms, but I do agree that she's a toxic zero skill faceroll hero with her point and clicks and lack of resource management
: Varus being CHANGED to Gay feels wrong for his character
So I personally have right wing opinions (Which you aren't "allowed" to have in today's generation), but of course we are still talking about each other as human beings. If you want to make an LGBT character, make an original one, not change an existing one. You are pulling off a marvel right now in where instead of making new characters, you take existing characters and make them gay to appeal to the LGBTQAAAAAA xer/xis/attack helicopter crowd, while telling your old crowd to fuck off. Marvel does this because they want to use the older success of someone like Iron Man who is commercially known as a medium for the political goals while trashing on what the original character was. Instead of making a new hero with her own new original ideas, I'm supposed to believe that Iron man is a black woman for the sake of "diversity". You want real inclusiveness? A college friend of mine took surgery and therapy to become a woman. Everyday she has to dilate herself by sticking a dildo in her artificial vagina because it's an open wound trying to heal. This causes a lot of physical pain and discomfort. Shes told me she highly regrets the surgery and wishes she could take it back, as well as taking a lot of anti depressants and meds. This is an issue that real transsexuals face and is nowhere represented in the media because it doesn't fit the "happiness and tolerance" narrative. Forcing liberal ideas on something for the sake of "progressiveness" is trash


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