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: K/DA stream overlay and more!
Now I need a K-pop inspired league boyband for my life to be complete! Kayn,~~Ezreal~~,Ekko,Talon, Varus/Taric[?] <3 Actually, for Kayn too it would be interesting since the two forms could provide a vocal range- I'm picturing an "Escape the Fate" vibe for Kayn suddenly with low growls for Rhaast and a higher tenor for shadow assassin and clean vocals for base Kayn. On second thought, Ezreal sounds tone deaf in his Star Guardian skin when he sings off key... maybe Varus would be a good replacement or Taric! Ekko cause I can see him tearing up rap lyrics like Akali <3 And ofc Talon cause everyone loves Talon (or loves to hate him!) and we needs a mysterious brooding band member and who wouldn't want to see this kind of skin for him?! Needs a name... DPS? AFK? Get Rekt? WE NEED TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN YALL
: Shieda Kayn
I too have been curious on this so I took it to google pronunciation and found its pronounced "Shay-da" or "Shy-Da" there BUT this was added to his wiki page: []( _"His given name Shieda is pronounced /ˈʃi:da/, and is Ionian in origin."_ So does that mean its pronounced more like "Ji-da"? In Persian its "Shey-DA" and means someone who is in love or enchanted I think? In Japanese is "SHE-Da". There are so many ways to pronounce it but I'm most curious about the wiki variant! Is it actually _Ji-Da_?
: Lore Q: The Shadow Order
Thanx for the reply everyone!
: There's a little wooden sign by the front gate that says "under new management."
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sumerska (NA)
: The white hair isn't canon, it's just a common fan design. Not really sure why, although I think there is some logic behind it. When it comes to character design, white hair is sometimes used to portray that a character has had highly traumatic or stressful past experiences, which could potentially fit Zed, considering his past with Jhin and the Kinkou. TLDR; It's not canon.
Yeah, that would make sense, actually. Thanks for the reply!
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