Michicha (NA)
: Isn't she wonderful? Though the thread has gone a bit silent, hope she doesn't forget about it!
Neverrrrrr!! :) I'm being a silent observer for now. Some really great questions in this thread--I'm trying to see which ones people gravitate to as well. Make sure to upvote people who've asked about things you'd also like to hear more about!
: Personally I would love multiple videos for the rundown. There are just so many changes, getting them all into a single video *and* giving a decent description would either make the video *really* long or not give enough detail to these changes, imho.
Thanks for the input! You're correct there are indeed a ton of topics and we're considering doing multiple parts if the episode runs long enough. If you've got something pressing you'd really like to know more about though, definitely poke here!
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: Good, but not enough {{champion:17}} deaths. 8/10
I will make this happen next time. >:D
On Par (NA)
: Nothing can replace the hole in my heart for Nika.
Agree :( I used to sit next to her back when we worked on contests together. So many fun times were had!
: Darn, a shield? I was hoping for him to block arrows WITH HIS BARE CHEST
He effortlessly blocks skillshots with his AWESOME body. Seriously, check out those pecs.


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