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: Shaco has been dead in a while,riot needs to buff him. lmao
They have been buffing him recently
: When will Riot nerf Trinity Force?
Your claims are backed up by no logic at all, Darius is an early game champ, fioras just over started as fuck *hashinshin*, hecarim was just broken, and for the other champs idk wtf your talking about. It sounds like they just got fed one game. You must be one of those guys who tries things like yasuo or adc top and expect it to work. And yea I hope garen, a champ with 60% dmg reduction, and a passive warmogs could outrade u lmao. You must be new to top lane, leave bot and mid every once and a while. You just sound like a person who has no idea how to play the matchups
: When will Riot nerf Trinity Force?
Wait til this guy plays against early game Sion


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