: bro if he actually took riot to court, even the lawyer would laugh lmfao
literally but its theft... there's other ways and or PROPER ways to punish "toxic" players lmfao
: You say you were toxic one game. But a permaban cannot happen from just one game. You would have to have earned a cumulative punishment up to a 14-day ban before a permanent ban is given out. The only time you might skip a 14-day ban and go straight to perma is if you have already received chat restrictions in the past and then you exhibited something heinous like hate speech or encouraging self-harm.
Ireceived a 14 day ban but my point about this whole post is that its bull shit, they should perm mute chat instead of the account like bitch you know how easy it is to make an account they aint getting rid of toxic players they're just taking money from you... they know you can just make a new account they just want to take all your shit away too "prove" a point but logically speaking they should just perm mute chat lmfao... if they weren't so autistic they would do so.
: Don't ever post on these boards looking for any sympathy from the white knights on here. Just be toxic and shit on the tribunal system if youre going to come here.
if your brain wasn't so fried you would read what I said... clearly shows im not looking to be unbanned but the fact is there should be a perma chat mute before a perma ban ;)
: Mayb players will learn 2 start 2 respect other players if they get permanent ban more often..
no ones gonna learn that's literally like saying the worlds gonna change because God told us lmfao riot is straight bs they can learn how to punish tf properly
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