: That's ranked, we have norms. I prefer norms tbh
Norms are garbage. Every norm comes down to which side got the most players who give even the slightest shit about winning. Your chance of a fun norm game is prob about 1/10.
: I'd really want to know why a player (especially if in high elo) should create a smurf for ranked. I Mean....what can You accomplish? Never felt the necessity to create one. The only reason i may think is playing normals with low/no rank friends, even if The system usually matches You with smurfs anyway... You have all champs, your favorite skins and emotes, The highest rank You can possibly reach, and you prefer the easiest Way to Win a game instead of earning it with your skill? By ruining others Games by destroying ppl Who still have to master all the mechanics? Wow. That's sad. If u aren't boosting a friend ofc...even worse.
No, sad is taking a game that seriously that you think every game played should be to prove yourself.
ImNeo2K (EUNE)
: Can we get back Spectator Mode of High Elo games in the new client please?
They probably just to lazy to re-implement that because you can watch them on twitch. Don't necessarily agree, but I doubt we're ever getting it back. It was really nice to have control over camera while watching.
Speeedy (NA)
: pick 1: 15% winrate or still climbed having both don't make any sense
Im guessing he means he had a 15% w/r over all. But managed to win a few more than he lost when he picked up sylas.
: Gonna be honest - vayne doesn’t really bug me that much.
I think vayne dealing true damage is perfectly fine. She is a champ who HAS to look for an opening to deal any damage, and no one should be able to build a resistance that shuts down her damage because she honestly doesn't have alot of up time on her auto attacking unless she's got a perfect team comp. But she's generally a weaker pick for all the reasons you say, it's why she's never been and never will be the highest win rate adc, but she'll go through phases where people think she's "meta". I dread getting a vayne on my team, anything short of a good vayne is really difficult to carry. VS a jinx, kog, ashe, trist, w/e can get in damage from a distance that makes it much easier to keep them alive. And therefore increases their chance of still being alive to clean up by end of the teamfight and help get objectives. BTW for those of you who don't know vayne has been sitting around a 51ish % w/r, which is to high for a niche adc. But jinx and kog have been sitting around 54%, which is absurd, but no one has said a thing because "immobile" lol. It's almost like a champ requires a catchphrase mechanic like "true damage" to get peoples attention :X
Artican (NA)
: Soft Reset for Every Elo
I was still getting about 25 lp after they removed positional ranking. And my other ranks were literally bronze because this is a fresh account.
Terozu (NA)
: Why hasn't Yasuo been changed when he has >60% banrate in 9 regions?(of 13)
Hey it's another "Gut yasuo, because I don't want to have to learn how to play against him" post. It'd been like 2 days since I'd seen one of these. I was wondering what was up.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ralanr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TFrFdtbQ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-13T22:56:00.066+0000) > > I think hard CC and being squishy are general weaknesses for him. he isn't squishy... and hard CC is literally everyones "counter" so that doesn't even count. lol. Besides, hes so overloaded he can build a QSS second.
> and hard CC is literally everyones "counter" Seeing this meme statement a cringe amount lately... do you really miss the point that hard? In a teamfight, let's say there's a lissandra on one side and a malphite on the other. What good do you think it would do to liss R the malphite? None, u just wasted the CD and prob lost the teamfight if you blew it on a tank. The reason mobile squish champs are said to be weak to hard cc is when it hits, they'll generall die during it before they have chance to counterplay.
Rioter Comments
rujitra (NA)
: They don't delete posts about streamers. If someone has opened them up to the public, then they're fair game.
: Is it really name shaming when his name is poblic anyways?
I was rly just meming. IDGAF. But I can definitely see riot taking down the post because of that rule. But honestly who cares that Shaclone went off the deep end. He's inting pre-30 games. What he's doing is way to obvious and eventually he'll run out of accounts. Or riot will cave and revert shaco *lel*
: how do i get better at this game?
Stop playing twisted treeline. Figure out a playstyle that you enjoy. Find a high elo player who uses that playstyle better and emulate them. Accept that you have to suck to learn just like at anything else. Acknowledge league is at it's core a strategy game and not a fighting game. Play alot of games.
: LITERALLY inting on stream AND made a video about it. i reported him 4 times and still, no ban
: When botlane flames you for no ganks or roams.
D every time. It's fking impossible to do anything in the game as jg ATM if your mid sucks.
Rioter Comments
GigglesO (NA)
: General Defense Question
Tanks aren't played every game because solo Q. Everyone wants to play a carry. Nunu is one of the strongest junglers ATM and he's a tank.
: Pool party Gangplank exists
Don't let GP's vocational choices fool you. He's all about BBQ'in poolside.
Guadador (NA)
: Pool Party Yasuo
But how's he gonna be acting like he's on summer vacation with voice lines like "It's nothing serious, only death", and "This blade never gets any lighter". If anything his skins aren't edgy enough.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mullaous,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=A2EPiuxr,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-03-11T14:19:25.993+0000) > > No offense but finding a game that you performed well in is like playing where's waldo. I don't see how your low winrate is a reflection of the season or state of the game when you have several games in your match history that around around 1/10. I think you need to do some re-evaluating lol. I think you need re-evaluate what my post is about. I did not say something is wrong with ranked or the gameplay of the game, this post is in general discussion. your comment points out you used another website to look at my match history, not for trying to see what is going on in my games but so that you could just insult me. I clearly already said in op that this is a rough season for me and that I am not already doing well over all lol.
> [{quoted}](name=TU Dragon,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=A2EPiuxr,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-03-11T14:31:28.844+0000) > > Every game I play I am playing to win but that has not been the case with my teammates this season in solo. I think it is mostly due to positional ranks and the overall playstyle of the game at the moment. There is an overall lack of care, and real toxicity almost every 2 to 3 games. It makes playing solo feel like a gamble of how many good games you are going to get. You literally blame your teams in your second paragraph making it sound like others are responsible for you not being able to win games because of this "overall lack of care" you refer to.
Telebro (NA)
: It's time to remove Auto-Fill for ranked
This is just a case of people not really knowing what they want but feeling overly adamant about it. It's easy to hate on autofill till you've spent 15 mins in a search for a game. Believe it or not every role has certain champs that are easy to pick up and be useful on without much practice, and you don't get autofilled that often, so if you're serious about climbing it is not that much of a hinderance. League is all about flexibility anyways, autofills not going anywhere anytime soon.
: I think you don't understand it, saying things like that is very childish and weak.... and people who say it must be punished from my perspective, if these people keep ruining games for the other players they encounter, league becomes a toxic mess (I know it already is but it doesn't have to get worse).. :)
I don't understand. You're calling people "childish and weak" for name calling in a video game. I am guessing you are trying to be ironic. First you're name calling them for calling you names, and the names that you're calling them would mostly apply to people who take seriously what a random no-faced stranger on the internet has to say about them.
Uriel (EUW)
: A vague "kill yourself"
Interesting... wait no... the other thing... who cares? People get angry playing league, mute them, move on.
: Thank you Mr NA for playtesting the position ranked
I think it was a good idea, but like riot tends to do, it was blatantly ignorant to the quality of humans who play their game. They assumed a person didn't need to be incentivized to want to try when autofilled.
Zeus xD (EUNE)
: Blood Moon Karthus
Those are some world of warcraft lookin shoulderpads.
: "Are you the feeder Ashe from my last game?"
Yep this all checks out sounding like the silver I remember. Once you get to gold attitudes get a little better, but I wouldn't expect low elo to stop being a shit show any time soon.
: Bzzzt, wrong, I flipped through some of your replays 15 minutes ago. Macro mistakes innocently keeping me in iron or not, I am sure I could make a joke out of any matchup against you. You're nowhere near good enough to even lane against me (:
7 w / 53 l adc... What macro mistakes are you "innocently" making? Right clicking on an enemy tower then going to take a piss?
: while this has nothing to do with the thread im just really curious. how can anyone main ashe right now? she seems incredible weak and on the adc list seems like the trash tier.
Ashe is a utility adc. She's pretty much always going to be useful regardless of whether she's weak or strong because she can get picks with arrow and give vision with E.
: Honestly, I’m starting to think Hashinshin is right about Riot’s top lane balancing philosophy
Did I miss something? Or did you never actually get around to talking about riots balancing philosophy on top lane? You just repeat an unverified rumor hash put out about them not having a top laner on their team, and then say top sits on a fulcrum that either favors melee or ranged. I dont see anywhere in this where you say what you want changed or what your point is. Seems more like something that belongs in rant, and is just frustration from perceived efforts given to other roles you don't play.
: Trash Match making
Rofl that cait went ignite heal yi adc in another game and went 1/16. Infact does not seem to have even realized she can change her summoners from anything but heal/ignite. This is a problem with riots refusal to set a reasonable standard of performance as well. This player may not be "inting" but the effect is literally the exact same and should be treated the same.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mullaous,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=E9PAd6ra,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-07T03:11:27.001+0000) > > Mistakes? Sure, got no problem with mistakes. Breaking the game for cash grabs? Kinda leaves me salty. Be unwilling to admit to mistakes you did make, therefore leaving game in a broken state in an effort to not have to own up to those mistakes? Also, pretty shitty. Overtly no longer giving a fuck because you know you are going to make money off the games hype, and the players who take this game seriously enough to care that its broken are a minority that you don't consider worth the effort pleasing? Ya that straight up pisses me off. Lore and Gameplay teams are separate completely and utterly Don't whip the mule when the owner's at fault
Alright admittedly, did not read it all. Just read it as another don't flame the rioters post lol.
Falrein (EUW)
: Little call out to the community
Mistakes? Sure, got no problem with mistakes. Breaking the game for cash grabs? Kinda leaves me salty. Be unwilling to admit to mistakes you did make, therefore leaving game in a broken state in an effort to not have to own up to those mistakes? Also, pretty shitty. Overtly no longer giving a fuck because you know you are going to make money off the games hype, and the players who take this game seriously enough to care that its broken are a minority that you don't consider worth the effort pleasing? Ya that straight up pisses me off.
: in this particular season i would be cautious i wouldnt take that as solid advice to yourself. this ranking season is actually the worst it has been in years where people get to elos they dont belong. all im saying is look more into yours games.
I mean its not wrong though? Making decisions with logic over emotions kinda has obvious benefits. Maybe he did just get a lucky streak, maybe he didnt. But it doesn't make the statement incorrect lol.
: This is actually false, if you adc is so bad, identify the MVP of your team while just trying to not die botlane. Once the laning phase is over, the one you peel for is now the MVP you indentified during laning phase.
IDK I don't think carrying low elo as a support support is very practical. Even Bunnyfufu did some videos playing thresh in bronze and lost all of them. I think people trying to rank up that role should play carry supports IF they are actually better than the elo they're in. Only talkin iron/bronze/silv.
: > [{quoted}](name=Scottsc20,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=lqxRgkBE,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-03-04T23:37:29.450+0000) > > In the last two or three weeks, I have gone from Silver 3 to Gold 2. How did I do it? Very simple. It's not some secret mechanical outplay trick or anything like that. Here it is: React to situations logically, not emotionally. I'm serious. This simple trick has won me eighteen out of the last twenty games. If your bot lane dies, don't think "Wow, they're bad." think, "Okay, the enemy team is probably going to try to take dragon now. I should attempt a steal." This game is so. Much. Easier. what a pile of garbage, i've been stuck in silver playing the same way for a lot of time, the matchmaking is simply stupid and its more of a question of luck. how do you explain that there are days that i play the same way same champ and i go 14 wins and 0 loss, then suddenly the matchmaking puts me in team with flamers/toxic/throwers/unskilled/4 levels behind me, and then you start losing games on top of gameS?. matchmaking is pure luck, completely broken.
Consistency comes with skill. You play alot of random shit, and judging by stats you don't do alot of them very well. If you really want to get out of silver you still have alot of things you can improve upon.
: Smurfs in Silver
Hey now... not all "smurfs" have a choice. Some of us get our accounts banned for flaming preseason trolls.
: I feel so sad about Solo Queue
When I mained Ivern in S7 I usually duo'd. Champ doesn't do well on his own but benefits dramatically from having at least one reliable person on ur team each game. Also difference between high plat and low diamond is semantics. If you play well eventually you'll climb to diamond, sometimes it just starts off rough. Also duo should preferably be a mid laner, synergy between mid and jg is legit freelo.
: This game makes me cry
It gets better when you get higher up. People don't care because they don't have any elo to lose where ur playing atm. So alot of people down there queue up to fk with games, and riot won't do anything because they'd lose to much money kicking all the people doing "for fun" shit strats in ranked in low elo.
: In your opinion, what are the unhealthiest champs, mechanics, strategies in the game?
Morbys (NA)
: The problem with this is that you obviously got really lucky with teams, most of my games im carrying hard and I don't jungle anymore b/c its even harder to carry from jungle unless you pick hard carry champs. I can completely stomp on the enemy teams jungler, and get two lanes ahead, but one lane hard feeds and I still lose the game b/c they fed so hard. Number one reason I lose games. No amount of positivity is going to change that, they need to fix their ranking system and place people who haven't played in months with like minded people. And unranked people with other unranked people.
In silver any role you play you should be picking hard carry champs. If you're playing to assume you'll have a team then all you can do is get lucky with teams. Shits a crap shoot.
: Jungle needs help badly.
I don't really understand the complaint. There is a huge list of junglers around 5% playrate and around 50% winrates. While a couple junglers who have always been popular picks just because alot of people find them fun, like lee sin, j4 and khazix are getting high play percentage like they usually do. Seems pretty diversified to me, especially compared to just a few patches ago. Also if there's any issue with winning from jungle atm, I'm sure af not feeling it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mullaous,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yFu72jmN,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2019-03-04T12:27:34.807+0000) > > We'll all be holding our breath waiting for u to hit rank 1 i'm sure. Since clearly you've mastered this skilless game. Did you miss the part where I literally said that the skill in this game comes from map awareness, map control and overall decision making? Or are you the type of person to read the first few sentences until you see something you can hate on? There's a reason a challenger player can climb from iron to diamond in no time playing something like ap shaco, and it's not because they're a godlike shaco. It'll take you months to learn all the map control strategies in league... meanwhile how long does it take you to learn how to animation cancel on riven? A week? Like I said, champions don't take skill. This isn't a skillless game. You're clearly just a pessimist.
Wtf are you talking about? I haven't been refering to map awareness, map control, or overall decision making at all. You don't know how poorly gold players play their characters and how much better you could play them with skill because you don't play against decent players. Challenger players also don't play ap shaco to climb lol... they play OP shit pretty much exclusively. But regardless, it's not really worth arguing with u since you obviously don't get what I'm trying to say because you have no frame of reference, so w/e.
: Cursed account and the losers pool
There's alot of speculation that their matchmaking system is fk'd up and will more frequently match you with players who are climbing when you are climbing. It makes no sense, but I've definitely had an easier time in most games on accounts with high win rates than I do playing on ones that have stagnated or dropped below 50%.
kargish (EUW)
: That is not what he said. He said mastering a champion's kit requires very little effort, and that's completely true, but learning proper macro gameplay is what's hard. Once you master that, however, you can practically pick up any champion and climb with them. This is why a lot of challengers can swap between meta champions very quickly.
That isn't remotely true. Plat is littered with people who have mastered their champions kit but have no idea how to play the macro of the game. And that is top 5-7%. The vast majority of people playing this game have huge room for improvement on the champs they play, because there is a lot of skill and nuances to them. Challengers don't just whimsically swap to whatever the new OP champ is, they knew how they worked and had experience with them from before because they've played fking tons of games with and against them. And they practice with them before they start spamming games as them. There are champs that are less micro intensive that allow you to focus more on using your macro to win games, but there is literally no comparing a gold riven to a diamond one. To give you an idea of how much skill gap there can be between players on certain champs. Watch D1 Redmercy being coached by LL Stylish back in I think S7. There was so much shit he didn't know about zed despite having damned near gotten masters with him as his pocket pick.
Xerisiel (NA)
: Early game I died bot overextending myself. I ran tp so I can get beat up in a good fight then tp back in. I realized too late I wasnt escaping them, and decided to commit to put damage on them. Im not saying it was a good play. But I have bronze mmr for a reason. My skill level is anywhere between lower than average to average at any time. Mf was running press the atk and with my mistake mf was going to get outscaled really hard. I wanted to start rotating so i tp'd. I never expected my midlaner to ragequit, and mess up the game. I havent seen anyone quit for the reason in the past years. Rotating can open up many options in a game.
Your mid laner "shouldn't" have ragequit. But they did not mess up the game, you did and you know it. You couldn't have possibly played enough games of league to get the level you have, and not know what you were doing literally fucked every single lane. You skipped out on the leash to go hard shove your bot lane, fucking ur adc, then died trying to fight a 1v2 ALL BEFORE YOU ADC EVEN GOT TO THE LANE FROM THE LEASH. Then u immediatly go do the same thing mid and then top. You griefed that game, and I hope after the 2 weeks is up you come to your senses on this, because players like you are alot to do with why the new player experience is so awful in this game. No one new to the game should have to deal with that mess, and syndra should have every right to just leave it, as even a great mid laner would have struggled coming back from what you did to her lane. Assuming she's just a normal silv/bronze mid laner she was done and game was doomed to be miserable because you couldn't be bothered to just play normal.
Sobx (EUNE)
: Why would you even care about it? The moment someone turns to his/someone else's rank as a response to **any argument**, they just admit they're wrong and have nothing to say other than "but but but I'm higher raaaaaaaank!".
> [{quoted}](name=Sobx,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Tc1t8NfB,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2019-03-03T22:48:50.216+0000) > > Why would you even care about it? The moment someone turns to his/someone else's rank as a response to **any argument**, they just admit they're wrong and have nothing to say other than "but but but I'm higher raaaaaaaank!". Seems like every time I read somethin like this its either from a ridiculously high level bronze/silver player or an arams player.
deathgod5 (EUW)
: Also, considering you said you have nothing to hide, I took the liberty of finding your replay to help you defend your case. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJW2_9meACI&feature=youtu.be
Not all heroes wear capes. Don't think this ones getting overturned lol.
: That is horrible! What the heck so having a bad game is not allowed anymore? Im actually scared to play now this is, excuse my language, fucking bullshit. It needs to be manually reviewed not trusting stupid numbers. Contact riot support and make them comment on here bringing up the reason they did this. Things like this shouldn't be allowed to happen.
Watch... the replay. He was inting lol.
: No champion in league "takes skill." This isn't a fighting game like smash where it takes months to get advanced combos down and then all of a sudden there's a new combo found right around the corner. This is league where the hardest thing to learn is animation canceling when it comes to "skill" on an individual champion. The thing that takes skill in league is map awareness, map control, and just overall decision making. Don't get it twisted. None of the champions you listed ever took skill, they just have a higher "skill" cap allowing them to do more stupid things than other champions. It takes like a week to learn riven combos with animation cancels if you put the same effort a smash player puts into learning their combos. If anything annie/yi take more skill because it's more widespread how you're supposed to play against them. Meanwhile people struggle to understand that to counter yasuo you need to push him in and stay out of minions and to counter riven you just need to get a feel for her cooldowns (which is why I reccomend playing riven to learn how to play vs riven). So yeah if anything you have a major advantage while playing Riven or Yasuo compared to annie or yi, therefore making them take less skill in a way. A champion taking "skill" is never an excuse for them to be strong. You can already see that every champion that takes "skill" has unfair advantages for whatever reason. They get more in their kit because... they have to press more buttons? Imo Riven, Yas, Vayne and Zed shouldn't be allowed to have advantages because they "take skill." All that really means is they're champions everyone is going to play until they master them within a weak because they're easy to stomp solo que with.
We'll all be holding our breath waiting for u to hit rank 1 i'm sure. Since clearly you've mastered this skilless game.
mack9112 (NA)
: Because the system does work in your own match history you have a silver one player performing better than a plat. You have a 70% gold jungle winrate while your other roles are bronze. The position system is doIng it’s job.
Haha wtf, why would you bring up my other positions? What relevance would they, or should they have on my matchmaking when q'd in my main role? Roles you aren't playing rank up incredibly slowly when ur not playing them and this is a new account so ofc they are bronze. Ur somethin else man lol. Does riot pay you or... wtf is goin on with u? XD Ur not even putting in an effort to making ur refutes make sense.
mack9112 (NA)
: The entire system is based on your mmr that is the point of matchmaking. If you are gettIng matches consistently with people below your rank then you are performing poorly and the system is tryIng to adjust. As well visa versa if you are performing above average then the system will match you with people above you. Simple example of when I was in silver if I saw a player with a plat border I know they are probably going to perform poorly as there mmr has sunk to my level. I can barely think of games that I lost in which I was not a contributer to the loss. We all play a part in this team game. We all make bad plays or position poorly or communicate bad and to blame others is generally just an attempt at deflection. Personally I used to be like that always trying to externalize my problems but once I recognized my own mistakes and began to correct them I saw myself beginning to climb.
What the fuck... there is so much non-sensical rambling in this. What are you even talking about? I just gave you an example of getting people in a game who have never even been in the elo they are playing with, and aren't placed because they haven't even started playing this season, and you start talking about "playing poorly". I JUST told you I was a 70% win rate in gold, obviously I can hard carry golds so why would I randomly get a non-ranked, never been gold player in a game where other people in that same game are plat? That other guy was right lol, you're just all about some mental gymnastics trying to make this shit make sense.
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