Octahedron (EUNE)
: No, they should never reduce his ratios because it is deleting his other playstyles from the game. Bruiser and AP Gragas are more enjoyable playstyles and the most popular among Gragas mains. Besides that these are the only playstyles that require Gragas to use more of his kit potential (fancy combos and stuff) in order to achieve something and not boring and simple ERQW that Tank Grag does whole the time to do his job. The thing they should do is making Gragas a proper Fighter/Mage he was supposed to be after rework and not Tank that he was dumped into after they failed to balance him.
to be fair. ap gragas is only played by the elite mains and its barely useful with them. its trash. his ult ratio is pathetic and has shitty base
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: Thoughts on the Lux buffs?
buff her shield . don't buff the shield. Lower E mana cost at higher ranks. and increase the ap scaling on it.
DeusVult (NA)
: Thornmail isnt meant to return damage as a tank
in which you need to return damage to be a less favorable target.
agbudar (NA)
: i know and its actually counter intuitive. lessens your damage by quite a bit. the 15% slow is a total slow not bonus slow if that makes any sense.
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agbudar (NA)
: it also has cold steel passive applied to it atm so thats there as well.
cold steel reduces base attack speed. so its fucking minimalist and useless.
: I think the low damage return is not that much off an issue, haveing it as a 'you just killed your self' item is no good design either, though It could use either a small increase in it's armor scaleing or a small %return, but not to much. However, there are two things that annoy me alot. It's just not giveing enough tankiness, and the 15% as slow from wardens make no sense on an item that has it's damage scaleing off the opponents attackspeed. I'd prefer a chainmail in the builtpath, 300hp(more hp helps to synergies with stoneplate and warmongs) and maybe some small flat physical damge reduction **post mitigation**, or some bigger **befor mitigation**, so it not only punishes high AS champs with damage, but also offers protection against them.
but you know? you don't have to keep autoing him when you see yourself dying? also supports are around to heal and shield. there is an item that gives health on auto if your shield heals or shields you.
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: Well we've gone full circle
third time the charm. oh wait
Abibyama (EUW)
: The cycle of balance in League of Legends
but ad carries themselves are using them
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: Maybe assassin items should be exclusive to assassin champions
am banning either mf or jhin at this point jhin walks to lane with dusblade. 3 autos our ad. mf ulti does enough damage to kill 3 squishies if they alternate.
: If I see it's a yasuo mid I go {{champion:8}} or {{champion:105}} takes outplaying etc.
fizz doesn't counter yasuo his his damn rework. before rework. yes. post rework. fuck no.
: against who
against 90% of his match ups. there are some matchups hes less favored against. but all of those are pretty much top lane. darius maybe and idk. malphite? besides the point someone who scales that hard doesn't deserve that early game. I remember a cpl seasons back when jax got nerfed to shit because he had a good late game. even though yasuo is much better than jax late game currently. he still has a monster lane.
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Vallalan (NA)
: I'm just going to put it out there, Windwall is toxic and needs changes
windwall is ridiculous. he can throw a windwall in a team fight. and win it. even if you don't through your skills at it. what do you do? they just engage on you and kill you.
: I would like to thank RIot for the Garen changes.
meh. just like last buff his winrate gets high for like 2 patches. then everyone remembers hes still the juggernaut that loses top lane too many times has no cc or engage or high damage to be a threat. then hes trash again.
: the jinx W buff is nice, but lets not forget about the jinx runaans bug
if they ever fix the runnan bug. jinx is gonna get nerfed shes strong or at least. decent already
: Pantheon is even more ridiculous with lethality changes
increase his Q cd and lower the damage. its ridiculous tbh.
: Yes... And then lane phase ends and Yorick stops having a function. He can't teamfight for his kit simply doesn't have the tools to survive nor deal damage. This leaves endless splitting as the only option. Later in the game he can't really play the sidelane game as he has no 1v1 potential, no dive potential, nor he shines particularly well at pushing and tower taking. His splitting can even be easily contained by any tank as it is tied to his ghouls that die very quickly.
not many melees can team fight anyway. at least hes tanky.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Hmm, whenever I play Poppy I end up doing a ton of damage. 47% winrate doesn't look too bad to me, she has a decent skillcap, I wouldn't say she's in bad shape whatsoever. And she does counter Riven and many others. I wouldn't mind a buff, I just don't think it's all that necessary.
I can't take you seriously when you're posting from an alt account. no disrespect.
: While I understand ekko is weak right now. But when ekko is meta he just dominates everyone and is hard to punish his mistakes
ekko isn't weak. but hes close to it. I don't see how a buff is outrageous to shake things up.
Salron (NA)
: If you want to buff Lux, revert that godawful W nerf from a while back, don't buff other abilities
I remember the lux nerfs. there was a big outcry about lux for being too safe. she was I do agree. I think a good way to buff lux right now is to increase E damage late game and reduce the mana cost a little at higher ranks. I don't think the W nerf should be reverted. because it isn't fun being an undiveable mage that clears waves from 3 steps away from T1 tower. it was a good nerf.
Bombardox (EUW)
: Failed reworks is what we don't want , but this guys gave me hope
post rework poppy one of my favorite champions pre rework poppy was so finnicky and weird and clumsy she was fun in her own way. i really miss it.
: gee riot, you're laying it on pretty thick for Yorick, don't you think
yorick isn't weak. tbh. I cannot beat yorick as darius. which is okay. but anyway. what am trying to say. yorick isn't weak imo yorick is stronger than any juggernaut top lane. and easily shits on tanks. hes pretty damn strong.
: he can do the E - W - Q combo or W - E - Q combo
sure but then hes getting minion aggro. you're getting punished for not dodging his slow ass W and hes getting rewarded for landing his skills. unless you don't get stunned and outtrade him
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: the counterplay the peel or getting vision and denying him the opportunity to get the jump on you.
are you joking? the average brain elo of this boards is around silver. basically no warding or peeling. or any logical teamplay.
: But Orianna actually interacts. She's busted af, but Ekko literally does same thing entire game: Spam Q and E mindlessly towards enemies.
E is an auto attack and attacks minion aggro. why would I E any mage in the game with their skills up. I will lose trade 100% of the time unless they got hit by both Qs. if that happens then ekko should be rewarded for doing so. and if his Qing you. he isn't pushing the minion wave.
: Hey guys, Zac missed his E, I think I'm good!
tbh. just add a tug on his Q instead of this huge cc.
: Since I'm curious of the math myself, let's see... Q's cooldown at level 1 is 9 seconds, mana cost is 50. Deals 100 (+90% AP) damage to targets hit by both hits. He has a mana pool of 280 at level 1. 7 mana per 5 at level 1 as well, so +50% from doran's ring, the assumed starting item. Rounded down that's 2 mana a second. 100 mana - (2*18) - (3 * minions killed, which we assume is 6, so 3*6) 100 - 36 - 18 = total cost being 46 mana over 18 seconds. ... Damage wise I'm not seeing it, mana wise he'll run out eventually, especially with a Q max. I'll run this through the practice tool I guess. EDIT: it does clear the wave with minions clearing, but unless I'm missing something, he misses quite a bit of them. I had ~ 60 mana missing after the second Q.
if ekko spammes Q hes basically OOM. this thread is bullshit in general. look coming from someone who has 180k mastery on ekko. I stopped playing him this season because #1 look at his scalings. besides his ult. he doesn't scale #2 the dude has little to no kill pressure in lane unless you get caught in both Qs. hes too easy to shut down in team fights. the only hope is to land a multi man stun. since his damage is tied to auto attacking. he won't land enough autos to burst someone. unless idk. he ults you from hiding in a bush or something.
: From what I've heard, running AP Quints, glyphs, and using a doran's ring allows for 2 Q casts to clear the wave. I haven't really done this myself, but that's what has been going around.
: Ekko should never be buffed
what kind of ekko spams Q and doesn't run out of mana? it takes two Qs and an auto to kill caster minions. he can be harassed? are you joking? or are you the typical loser that doesn't want to see any assassin to be meta ever?.
Profirix (NA)
: Buffing Ekko will be a nightmare... Goodbye immobile mage laners and immobile side lanes.
so its okkay for immobile mages to be meta. but its not okay for ekko to be meta? why is that?
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Malza (NA)
: No it doesn't
yes it DOES. it counts as a loss if your team remakes the game.
: TF and Ekko don't need buffs are you serious right now Riot
ekko buffs wouldn't be crazy. sitting at 49% winrate. and low playrate. for a champion thats supposed to counter squishy mid lane mages. he isn't too hot is he?. tf am not so sure hes always viable.
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: Kayn's Darkin form is infinitely better than his Shadow Assassin form atm
not because his assassin form is trash its because assassins are trash in general.
MysterQ (NA)
: You don't want to read 6 paragraphs to play your champion?
that. and I want to play something straight forward. I don't like to think too much about what the champion does. also we're getting to a point where we're making things complex so champions don't look too similar because we have a lot now. so a lot of them are like "why would I play this?" you know. Like most of the new champions. are only being played by one tricks. because its just getting ridiculous at this point its not affecting me or anything. I don't care if they release more champions that are complex as long as they don't ruin items for other champions (jhin). though it would be cool to idk have like. a simple jungler or a top laner. the new one looks like a visually cool hack and slash champ concept but beyond that. eh, I mean kudos to the design team they did their job. I just look at him and am Like. " I enjoy playing zed ekko and a few others a lot right now" and the new champion is like version 2.0 but you know. I don't want version 2.0. I want a simple brand new champ with a different concept. not something abstract.
MysterQ (NA)
: 450 champs don't make a lot of RP I guess :(
I lost interest in playing new champs a while ago. let me just say that the newest champ that I actually play is ekko. not because they are badly designed actually they are more creative, but its getting a little too convoluted for my OWN taste.
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: Pantheon has had a 53%-55% win rate for about 6 months now if not more
: If you are a melee assassin yeah ok she is pre 6. But most mages outrange her, so she's definitely not an early game bully.
even most mages have to step up and auto stuff. shes a bully against most mid laners. she has no real counters.
: I hope this isn't all Naut is getting
i hope that 1% damage on Q isn't all they gave to poppy lol. thats like. 20 extra damage against a 2k hp target.
awdaf (NA)
: Can we change Xayah ult so that it doesn't remove Zed ult?
if ekko Rs in the right moment. ult goes on CD and it doesnt apply on him. i dont know about fizz though i think its the same someone who has 250k mastery on zed and like 180k on ekko.
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