l Akali l (EUW)
: Main spanish support https://www.twitch.tv/logiiyt
> [{quoted}](name=I Viper l,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=fT8eY8Yo,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-16T18:50:29.105+0000) > > Main spanish support https://www.twitch.tv/logiiyt Thank you!
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: Which Top laner do you think should get an Ultimate skin?
Jivewolf (NA)
: Unrework Banner of Command
Zz and BoC need to be reworked into better tank support items for sieging and splitt pushing specifically respectively.
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: "Diverse??!??!??" {{item:3031}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3094}} is more than {{item:3153}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3091}} to you? Two of the crit items are literal carbon copies of each other, which you are required to build four of to prevent bad luck! On-hit ADC's only need to build one or two before getting a healing item and some tankiness on top. If anything, there needs more Crit items in the game to add diversity there, instead of just more same-price, same-crit, same-stat-different-passive items to compensate for their entire refusal to creativity.
But all of the top ADCs are crit ones. Also the only noncrit items used by ADCs on the bottom are Guinsoos, wits, and Triforce on a NICHE few (kogmaw and ezreal). Lich bane, Nashors and wits arent even ADC items. And the reason the top ADCs are crit is because they have more items to use for damage. The reason on hit/spell ones build two items is because all they hav is two items whereas the crit ones get 4 or 5. I just think they should be able to go full damage too. But they don't have enough good items tailored for them to do so.
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YuGiHo (NA)
: Geting an S on supports is not easy
I heard your mastery score is based on the performance of how other players do with that champ in that role. So if you're significantly above the average then you get a higher score. As said above, your CS was probably much lower than what a typical leona supp would get. Also the game was pretty short so that might be it too.
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: Those Janna nerfs really cannot come fast enough
As a support/Jana main. This is true. Supports are really strong right now.
: Obligatorily Viktor vote.
> [{quoted}](name=A Swarm of Koala,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ndFUNhjE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-21T02:01:17.722+0000) > > Obligatorily Viktor vote. Only if they name it "Viktorius"
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: i dunno, i dont mind it. i like having a guaranteed ban. adds a bit of a...mindgame element? for example, "dont wanna waste a ban on yasuo...but will they ban yasuo? ah frigit ill ban it just in case...aaaand they banned it, crap"
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dominusx (EUNE)
: Hurry up and bring out the 10bans already.
And I'll bet you'll still complain about a "cancer champ" being picked because your teammates didn't also ban another one of said champs you hate.
: then next ultimate skin should be jarvan 4
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: RIP Locked Selfie Thread
I would ;* all of u.
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: Anything that requires heavy teamwork to function well are always out of most people's questions. I mean, we all know why Lulu support and Kalista are "bad" and underplayed. It's over the same reasons.
> [{quoted}](name=Cancerous Lulu,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=3Q7jI6Bs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-11T06:49:34.665+0000) > > Anything that requires heavy teamwork to function well are always out of most people's questions. > > I mean, we all know why Lulu support and Kalista are "bad" and underplayed. It's over the same reasons. Hmmm good point. Everyone wants to carry by themselves these days :(
: Games that arent full of "safe spacers"?
passıon (NA)
: How to Get S+?
Maybe if you had 6 deaths instead of 7 (;
: What memes are a guilty pleasure and what memes you just hate.
haha i'm the opposite. I hate John Cena, but low key love DAT BOI and WHAT ARE THOOOOSE?!
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Iageri (NA)
: I wonder how many memes can be made off this...
When your team is rage feeding so you jump to The Howling Abyss. https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-arYBInnxBxo/V6QXbQ-SBlI/AAAAAAAAScE/D3F_72F7WqY3L3DgPtNA4zuUKg0J3ZExQCLcB/s320/PS3fp5t.gif
: Wait, is this the guy from Ekko's cinematic??
Quad (NA)
Yeah I agree we need more bans. Riot keeps adding more champions so it seems rational to me.
: So what happened to Mandrake Wards?
Kalista took all of them.
: S6 for Magez
Because different champions function differently.
Malfini (NA)
: Scaling Runes: Is it Champion Mastery Level or Champion Level In-game?
Uhh.. I'm pretty sure its the Champion level in game lol. 1-18.
Stiv1234 (EUW)
: Invent an Aghanim's Scepter upgrade for your favorite champion
: {{champion:267}}: Tidal Wave now creates a returning wave when it hits terrain. {{champion:16}}: Wish now reduces the remaining respawn time of allies by 50% when used. {{champion:53}}: Static Field now purges enemies of most buffs when used.
I'm really surprised we haven't gotten a champ that doesn't some kind of Revive summoner spell ult for allies and or themselves. That'd be pretty cool. Same goes for crazy debuff. I've always wanted a way to cleanse Trynd of his ult...
: {{champion:53}} ________________________________________ -Can miss everything, then he hits that ONE FUCKING HOOK and everything is over -His damage is retarded for a tank support -His utility is ridiculous -He has shitty chromas
I second this. I'm tired of playing on eggshells every time I face him. How does one fix Blitzcrank whilst keeping what makes him unique and not castrating him? I say get rid of that knockup and replace it with some other CC.
: I feel like I might have done something wrong, I got ESTP: The Entrepreneur, there are no rules, but nothing league related was mentioned. Did I go to the wrong link?
Haha I thought that at first too, but I don't think so. I think OP just wanted us to take a regular personality test and post it along with our preferred roles so they can look for a correlation themselves.
: Does your personality reflect what role you play?
INFP-A I main support. My favorite ones are {{champion:16}} and {{champion:25}} . I like how they can be so impacting with little work haha. I don't like being too relied on and rather place roles that isn't central, but provides a lot for the team.
: OhmWrecker Would be useful if it had an active for allied towers as well.
I forget to use the active all together because as a tank, tanking a couple tower hits should feel like a breeze.
: i feel the best option would allow skin boosts to be bought with IP. (I'm thinking of a solution that wouldn't cut into Riot's profits) allow skin boosts on any game mode, but remove the IP bonus from the skin boost. This way, if anything, Riot's profits could be slightly increased by sparking someone's interest in some skin they were able to temporarily use. In addition, the removal of the extra IP from the boost wouldn't cut into potential champion/rune/rune page sales which would have otherwise been purchased with RP. lastly, the little skin boost is a nice pre-game boon and generates good feelings among teammates before the game even begins
I like this idea. Seriously. Who spends RP on temporary things such as skin boosts when they could save for real skins?
Vraye (NA)
: Jhin Deadeye Realization
Vi = 2 But VI also = 6 Vi is the beginning and the end. The Alpha and Omega.
: I love Miss Fortune
Well you know what they say... {{champion:21}} "Fortune doesn't favor fools."
: Please list out a champion's kit to make it OP
{{champion:6}} Longest point and click ranged poke IN THE GAME with a **2 SECOND** COOL DOWN that scales with EIGHTY FIVE PERCENT OF HIS ATTACK DAMAGE. Not only that it REDUCES HOW MUCH DAMAGE HE TAKES BY THE ENEMEY BY FIFTEEN FREAKING **PERCENT** unkillable poke machine that by the time you get into range for attacks, they don't even do any damage and you're already at 17% health. Doesn't even matter if you're a tank because he'll just get rid of one fifth of your armor with a single ability. Oh did I mention he has a shield? And even if you have any inkling of an advantage he'll just suppress you forever and blink you in the middle of the enemy team. wht was rito thinking
: I am a noob
Varus is an attack damage carry that focuses on casting spells. Therefore build items that give a lot of attack damage. There's a lot to say about builds the best way to learn IMO is to watch other people's gameplay videos and read guides. Unless you have specific questions to ask.
: So I found out why Riot doesn't want to buff Janna's AA range.
I find it hilarious how essentially ANY champ in the game can become an ADC with the new items.
: Instead of merely discounting my idea as "not good", why not bring something useful to the table. Tell us how we can weed out the truly useless players in this game(because there are far too many of them - I don't just mean bad players I mean useless trolls). Also they could redeem themselves, just have a "redeem self" button that removes their banner for 5 games, if they don't get a downvote in those 5 games then their status would be reset. If they do get a downvote then they can't "redeem self" for another 2 hours or 1 day or something. The only uncontrollable variable to all that would be the trolls abusing the downvote system.
Hey. I did not "merely discount your idea as 'not good'". Pointing out problems can be just as a good as offering solutions. You offered a solution, I pointed out a problem in your solution, you came up with another solution addressing that problem. My work here is done.
Destaice (NA)
: So, will Jhin be the first champion with a sleep mechanic?
You mean like a new CC? It would interesting, but I'm wondering how they could make it different from a silence or stun. Maybe it would be like a long stun that ends if you get moved/damaged?
: Soraka W change
No. Having a spammable heal is was makes Soraka Soraka. She wouldn't even be able to do any healing at all without an enemy champ around. She already has to rely on her Q to heal her team mates because without it she wouldn't have any health to heal them with.
: who do you think the most fun champ is mechanics wise?
The little time I spent with Fiora has been pretty fun. I like the little mini game of pin the rapier on the champion. And after getting all 4 you get a little congratulatory party.
: Thumbs down for bad players
But that's just it. If a player has a bunch of thumbs downs then no one would want to play with them and they can't even redeem themselves. Also, jerks might just use it to bash players who just didn't play well and that will also unfairly affect how much they will get kicked from a game. Not a good idea IMO.
: I've thought about this as well, and then giving stormraider the 3 hit thing instead but lowering the CD and MS.. but its not gana happen, riot already has updated keystones on the PBE.
> [{quoted}](name=xApexPredator,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rJPoxfkn,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-12-28T18:43:13.552+0000) > > I've thought about this as well, and then giving stormraider the 3 hit thing instead but lowering the CD and MS.. but its not gana happen, riot already has updated keystones on the PBE. {{item:3151}} nooo
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