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: Look at it this way. That 10 game chat suspension will help you get in a mentality so you don't flame others, If you get frustrated scream at your monitor or let it out on a pillow or something. I usually hit my desk, which hurts, but its like 3inch thick wood so yea. Here's to your hopefully better luck with games. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
on my previous account ive broken the wall by punching it multiple times i broke desks and now i just have a 4x4 deck of wood do punch ...none of that helps bruh but yeh this all would be so ez to fix but riot has 1 cell per employee to build up one brain cell... and cant do correct sh*t they take one leap forward correctly and than take another 2 steps back :\
: I'm not sure why you had to ask, but yea thats kinda toxic. I would just drink some nice warm coco next time you get angry cause you may get hit with that ban hammer. Rito can't make a good game but atleast it's fun when no one goes yas or something. You just have to deal with it and take a deep breath then its not a big deal. I kinda stopped screaming at games when I hit that Overwatch grind but sometimes its hard to not get frustrated. Just don't vent it out on others cause it does not help and you might get banned.
i dont know man... i just get frustrated when people int and than tell me im trash when i try to help them thinking they got more game knowledge than me when uve died 5 times b4 10 mins like... also its one game ive been calm other games i went on 10 game loss streak didnt tilt that hard but that jinx i swear she had a button to make people tilt i dont believe i deserve 10 game chat restriction for one game like that :\
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: Just Another Rant On Trash Game Development...
dude mord legit went around one shotting everychamp in the game through magic resist his healing was insane he gained sheilds pushed towers insane he legit was insane for patches the same way karthus was
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: Lunar Eclipse Diana & Solar Eclipse Diana Skins
cuz riot is sped and decided to release a moon skin for a sun champion when diana cleary deserves it (but i guess the lunar goddess diana is already a moon eclipse skin so...) yeh :\\ ..... maybe a skin rework? or rename?. idk
: Patch 8.24b notes
how bout this u revert instead of making her skill trash and useless in games to a point that she goes 0/10 even when the best players play her


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