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Kubox (NA)
: And yet Tank supports are topping the charts, with the only exception being Bard (somehow) and Janna, who's always there. I think you're not giving enough credit to the fact that the tank support tier 3 item is the only one worth buying.
Yea it seems really weird, maybe im not building right or just playing poorly.
Nea104 (EUW)
: Funny thing, TANK supports became good mostly because they DID DAMAGE, besides cc. Find the error :D
That was one of the big problems with tanks though, its just hard to keep your team alive when there is so much damage atm. Im probably not playing as well as i could be though so there is that.
Häxel (EUW)
: Where did you get that Numbers? I saw Taric Winrate dropping by 0.5% dropping, not 5%. Braum even increased. Also like to grab Locket and Knights Vow, so if you like Redemption maybe just grab that Item after these 2 (plus {{item:3097}} . Braum and Tham were msot picked Supports Proplay and it looked today that they will remain there (in proplay the items didn't even change, active supportitems got basicly not boguht msot of the time and 800 gold of Sighstone was removed in exchange for the Shieldquest and the other quests ont he other items.) Also Guardian got a Earlygamenerf for a Lategamebuff and Aftershock got a defenseearlygamebuff, but Taric adn especialy Braum shoudl go Guardian most time (if you don't want to go Unsealed Spellbook).
I found the numbers off in their champ analytic section. If it is inaccurate then i apologize. Yea they are gonna be in pro play for a long time, not disagreeing with you there. But pro play and solo are really different especially when you are playing in plat. Guardian is the best atm with taric i think yea, spellbook is really crazy still and im gonna mess around with it to see how it is.
Warios (NA)
: Last time I looked, Taric was around 51-52% win rate, if he did drop 5%, maybe these changes puts him more in line with other supports. As a support, I do like the reduced cost to obtain vision, and I do miss the passive shield battery on relic. Not sure if the missing actives would account for a 5% drop in win rate though.
The shield battery passive was really good for him, plus there being more mage supports where it can be really hit or miss hurt his wr. I agree that he was a little out of line, but i feel like its really hard to have an impact on the game if your team cant play around you properly. Right now he has a 49%wr, he had around a 4.3% pick rate and its gone up around 2.5% if im not mistaken.
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Hige (NA)
: that's because that waveclear was ridiculous? even for a mage, doing a whole wave for less than 120 mana is NOT alright, not to mention that the damage isn't mitigated whatsoever by anything and it has a crazy good slow attached to the skill plus quite the width. Sorry, but your freelo needed to be nerfed.
I dont play kog so its not my "freelo" i know a few ap kog mains and they enjoy the game through playing it. I agree that ap kog wasnt the most healthy champ but gutting him itsnt the answer.
: But it seems like you absolutely gutted ap kog, the waveclear is not good at all with the e change and the w change doesnt do much for him.
Like I understand you want to bring ad kog back but you cant just gut one playstyle to bring back another. There needs to be a balance between the two. I know its not easy to do so but I dont think this is the answer.
Meddler (NA)
: We wanted to buff ADC Kog. AP Kog's one of the strongest solo queue mids in the game at present though. That meant we felt we had to trim some power from the AP build at the same time, since the W buff would also increase AP Kog's strength.
But it seems like you absolutely gutted ap kog, the waveclear is not good at all with the e change and the w change doesnt do much for him.
scazzman (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=elduris,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=5qQa4G1G,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2016-12-05T23:57:44.777+0000) > > Yeah, that and DC'ing are the two most requested things that both have wild upsides and downsides. Like, it sucks to get timed out for a troll or for your internet provider crapping out, but sadly there isn't a much better solution. If you could just give a reason, people would lie, if you're allowed so many dodges/dc's per period then people take advantage of that. At least it's just a timeout and not any kind of suspension. i actually have an idea. why not implement "dodge tokens" for ranked. where a player could spend a token and still take a queue timer. but not be deducted LP or a loss in promos. the tokens would function similarly to ARAM rerolls
That is a pretty neat idea honestly, I doubt riot is going to implement something like this for a while though. Its a good solution for these kinds of situations. How would you get the dodge tokens though? Playing a certain number of ranked games to get them?
MaropaL2 (EUW)
: i mean i wanted them to get the csgo penalty for a long time. here its only 20-40min or so and there ppl get banned for days and weeks. which should affect someone like you too. if you queue up for 10-20min and then get an a''hole like you just dodging the queue cause theres one pick you dont like, they should ban you atleast an entire day for trolling the queue. You will never be satisfied. There's an easy way to fix that tho: Just create your own Game where you can be the Leader of every Ban and pick. This wont get you anything, but atleast you are happy and none else needs to bother having their queue ruined by you.
Um, how would I be trolling the queue when they would be trolling the entire game? I understand there needs to be a penalty for dodging but I feel there should be a penalty for those who are trying to troll in queue. I'm honestly not sure how they would moderate it but I don't want to be the "leader of every ban and pick" I'm not a self entitled asshole who wants that. But it would be nice to have a well rounded team comp instead of something like a full ad team comp vs an early game team comp.
: If it didn't penalize dodging, people would dodge whenever team comps weren't optimal. You choose to dodge a Sivir top. Other players may not. You may get a higher win rate as a result of that (since Sivir top is likely to lose), thus to balance it you lose LP for choosing to dodge. It would be unfair to those players who eventually choose to play with the Sivir and eventually lose if you didn't lose LP. If you hadn't dodged, she'd have been in your game and not their queue. Also eventually she may end up on the enemy team. If you always dodge such players, but there's a chance enemies won't, you'll get free wins by default. That inflates your LP above your actual skill level. An LP dodge penalty brings it down to where it should be. As for time? The enemy team did nothing wrong - heck they had a free win! Yet their time was wasted because you dodged (and refused to give them that win). Hence, you suffer a time penalty to discourage wasting others time. Yes, the fault isn't yours if there's a legit troll, but that's the idea behind it. Riot can't know who the trolls are immediately, so they need something in place. I don't want 2 hour queue times.
Good points, i understand the reason for queue times after dodging but I feel like they should bring in another option as to why you queue dodged. Like explain why you queue dodged whether it was accidental or if there was an actual reason.
Kaioko (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=JohnathanPants,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=5qQa4G1G,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-12-05T22:29:02.906+0000) > > So why is it that when I have to queue dodge to avoid trolls that ban my champion in champ select and have picks like sivir top without communicating with their team, I get the penalty? They are trolling in ranked and making me lose my lp if I tried to play out the game, why do I get a 30 minute penalty for dodging once? It just doesnt make sense to me. Isn't 6 minutes for the first dodge? Even when I dodge in rank I only get a 6 minute penalty for it which I'll take any day over dealing with a game full of trolls.
Yea and thats what i thought i would get lol. Dont understand why it was 30 minutes.
Jon1174 (NA)
: Because they system doesn't connect to your camera and analyze your emotions,it doesn't know your intent or reasoning,it just knows you dodged
Still though, 30 minutes from dodging once in the past few weeks? Still doesn't make sense to me
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Porocles (NA)
: If you're having lag issues during champion select or a lobby, then the legacy client probably won't fix this as it sounds like a connection issue. I suggest starting out with the steps in the [connection issues]( guide to help resolve any local connection issues. Hopefully, that will do the trick!
The thing is, legacy client works fine for me. The alpha client itself is lagging when I try to go into the store or trying to pick a champ during champ select. My ping is a constant 19 at my house and my connection is fine.
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: Please Vote the post up. You must do that to have a chance at winning.
: Giving away $100.00 in RP once a month. Free RP
JohnathanPantalones North American Please let me win {{summoner:31}}
Cristo (NA)
: What's P2P because im on a college campus? How do I get around this problem? Do I have to contact IT and if so what do I tell them? I'm not sure how much you know but any suggestions would be helpful.
The league club at my school is trying to find out the same thing. Our tech center is trying to figure this out too so i guess we just have to give it time. D:
Voldstok (NA)
: "Did not receive a response from the server; retrying. (attempt 1...2...3...)
It might be because of colleges blocking p2p file sharing and the league client uses p2p.

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