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: They've added meaningful power to him. Mid seems to be performing better than support in solo queue at least which was the direction we were leaning (think he brings more that's unique as a mid laner than a support). Hoping he'll now be in a stable state, not confident yet though that'll be the case.
thank you very much, have a nice day!
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 30
What do you think of Galio's current state post buffs?
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 29
I wanna know about wukong. Are you guys gonna buff him or, even better, rework him?
: Raise a glass to the noble sacrifice.
Bet he will be awaken from that dream and get his own champion spotlight :^)
: I really like the new story "The Dreaming Pool"
mh.. i don't think kalan is a kiilash. I mean, sure, grey fur, braids.. but he's a cat lol Rengo is a lion i think :^) besides, kalan has horns on his head and 3 tails, so I highly doubt he's a kilash like Rengar


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