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Xikini (NA)
: As others have said, a boosted player is someone who is deemed to be at a rank they do not deserve and/or did not achieve on their own. It's not always cookie cutter clear though. Often a player has played a single champion and mastered it to get to high gold/plat, and then want to try another champion. It often turns into a massacre. (Escpecially if their team tilts them into becoming angry, these player will sometimes turn into a feeder/rager/afk/toxic) In this case, the player does deserve their current rank, just not with the champion they are currently playing. On Hindsight, if a player has been playing with 4 of their friends, in a team composition, they technically do deserve the rank they are **while** in the team composition. When they venture out on their own, they are no longer in their preferred environment, and will likely perform worse then their current ranking. So while there are legitimate reasons for a player to perform below their ranking, a boosted player is usually quite a bit more obvious. Never placing wards, face checking bushes, diving towers, unable to flash properly, taking skills out of sequence, very poor positioning, terrible item choices, et cetera. Combine all of it together, and you can quite clearly find a legitimately boosted player.
Thanks for this, certainly helped me understand better. (:
: There is 2 kinds of boosting in this game. 1. You pay for, and either very good players will group up with you, OR they will even log onto your account and rank you up to whatever rank you want with a varying price. This is of course VERY bannable. And you risk losing your account. Funny thing is, Iv'e seen some streams where very high elo people get whispered by someone saying, "the account is ready for you". And they quickly hide it. Yet, don't get punished for it. Something like that means they themselves are logging onto others accounts after being payed to boost said account. 2. Abusing Dynamic Queue. This means that you just group up with friends or just higher ranked people in general, and have them carry you match after match after match until you rank up. This completely fucks up all solo queue players experience that end up on the enemy team, because clearly a team of friends on voice communication will have a huge advantage, especially when a couple plats are trying to boost their bronze friend. Those plats will destroy anybody they get matched against more times than not. You ever see a plat go against a bronze? It's not pretty. Boosting is basically just getting help from other people to get you to higher rank, no matter how you do it, boosting is boosting, and is the cheapest exploit in the game as of right now thanks to DQ. You ever see a silver/gold/plat player playing like they belong in bronze? And feeding non stop? That's a boosted player. They very clearly did not earn their rank by them selves, and had assistance to get to where they are. Sadly it is not against the rules to group up with friends, regardless of their levels. It is even encouraged with IP party boosts and stuff like that. So if you just group up with friends that happen to be higher rank, and you end up ranking up a bit, it is not bannable. What is bannable is if you share your account, or buy a boosted account, or pay someone to rank your account up themselves. Hopefully this helps a bit.
Thanks, definitely helps to clear up what was a pretty blurry line in my understanding.
: Am I the only one who thinks this game is getting too complex for new players?
I mean, it wouldn't be a problem if there was just a proper tutorial.
: That's the thing. This is new behavior, and I've been playing since season 1. I've never been like this til now, but that's no excuse.
Have you been playing at an increased level? Maybe you just need a break.
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: Can a MOBA be an RPG?
I expected the quote to be, "War...war never changes."
: I deserve to be banned
Sometimes when you take the time to rage at and attack other players, you actually can contribute to a downfall of a game because you create a negative atmosphere for everyone, including yourself, and, you type more than you should be during in game in most cases. Perhaps, the best thing to be would be trying to give advice and not flame. If you have a sucky teammate, give him advice or try to help. Don't say something like, "gg stupid, fed bot" when you never suggested at first, "hey, i'll join bot with you and we'll take them out together' or something. I also understand, that sometimes this does not work and sometimes you have to wonder if people even read the chat or care. In those situations, it's extremely frustrating but i'd say if you gave advice/offered to help and they're still making the same mistake over and over again without explanation, raging won't change their behavior either and is most likely a waste of your time when you can at least keep trying as oppose to sitting down and typing to someone who isn't listening anyway.
: Am i the only one who disike Faker and SKT In General?
SKT are respectable, but having them win like this gets stale.
: Name Your Least Favorite Pro Picks!
I don't like seeing Gragas, I find him un-fun to watch and he was in a lot of games when I watched more last year.
: how is that toxic ?? they were feeding and saying to report me and they were a bit toxic so i asked if they could report the 3 others they were friends or something
Everyone that fishes for reports is toxic. If you had just let them beg for you to be reported and had done nothing, they'd have been the ones punished and not you, assuming you didn't do anything else.
: I kinda doubt any more games were necessary besides this one. Ignoring the context OP gave, this is a clear quick punishment chat that the automated system would jump on immediately.
Oh, I agree with that, but OP also said they had been toxic in the past so it could have just caught up to them. But yeah, I know for a fact if I was the one random in this game, and all 4 players were talking like this, I would have been quite uncomfortable.
: Tell me your first champion and your favorite champion
The first champion I ever ever played was Kha'Zix, because he was free the week I joined and I thought we was really cool looking. I took him into a custom game to try things out and well...I didn't understand him at all, so I took on Soraka instead and pretty much stuck to her. I remember in the beginning, I played with 3 of my friends and they were always legendary and godlike so I thought I needed to be as cool as them and only focused my Q. I didn't care to heal others and I didn't really understand what my E did. I remember getting so frustrated because I could never get a kill. I kind of wish my friends had told me from the start that I didn't need to focus on kills because Soraka was a healer, anyway. I had to figure out that and the meta all by myself, haha. When I had enough to buy Gnar, I immediately purchased him because he was adorable. Now, coming from games like Lineage II or WoW, I instinctively thought that the spells at the bottom all had to be magic, and figured that physical damage was the basic attack. (Which ended up being right, for the most part..) Now in those games you don't usually rely heavily on your basic attack, so I assumed this game and Gnar was the same and never understood why anyone would build anything other than magic. So i built AP Gnar, and didn't understand the W, so I never really tried to get three hits on anyone and maxed out my Q before anything else. I remember in a game with an Ahri, she finally, finally was the one to ask why on earth I was building AP Gnar. I told her "it made my boomerang stronger" and she was super confused, but was actually really nice about it and explained everything to did things changed when I went physical and got three hits on people... I still continue to main Soraka and play Gnar when i'm not supporting (:
Dahnii (NA)
From what i've heard, the chatlog they send you isn't always _the _ chatlog that got you suspended, so maybe you were punished for something else but they sent you this example?
: Mexico are latin america. Do you even know what you are talking about?
USA, Canada, the Domincan Republic, Haiti, Cuba, and Mexico are all apart of the North American continent.
Spekter (NA)
: To those of you who say "I NEED CUSTOM ITEM SETS!!!!11!!1!!!"
I mean, I used to just write down items on sheets of paper to use during game because my item sets kept getting deleted after a while for some reason
Lily327 (NA)
: No penalties; it just won't let you start another game until the custom one has ended :p
I had no idea of that, wow. Thanks.
: There isn't. ;o
So you can't just leave, or am I missing something?
: Rito Let Me Force Quit Customs Please
I thought there were no punishments for leaving custom games?
: Is it just me or does the client seem more unstable?
Oh yeah, my client takes several minutes now to properly open. I have to click multiple times and then close the window that appears claiming that the client is already running, despite nothing being under task manager.
: To be fair I've done it by legit accident before. Sometimes you're just busy editing masteries and shit and you just don't notice. Or maybe you're so used to banning the same champion every game (fucking GANGPLANK) that you don't even think to look at the champion lineup because you're so used to doing it. There was also a very unique situation I ran into where I was going to ban Darius but then last second realized someone was planning to play him so I panic banned Volibear and it turned out our jungler had him hovered. A complete accident because I tunnel visioned on the Darius ban and didn't even think to look at the rest of the team. A confirmation window is a good idea. It means that if you ban someones pick out of spite they can deny you certain things like maybe banning your own pick, or if they're jungle not ganking for you as petty revenge. That way people really can't accidentally ban the pick it would solve multiple issues at once. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
I have also accidentally banned my own champion before thinking I was picking x.x {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Aeszarck (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BulletInTheWind,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=qzEF8iqq,comment-id=0012,timestamp=2016-09-27T01:20:55.676+0000) > > Sigh...I can't get a single S. On the contrary! You've gotten nine Hextech Chests so far. You're perfectly capable of getting at least a S-, and a S is only a small step better. I believe in you!
Unfortunately 8 of those chests were because someone in my group has gotten an S- the only S I ever got was in ARAM and I account it to be more lucky (it's ARAM) than skillful. It's so frustrating how I can't seem to get any more S, especially on Rift. lol. But thanks for the best wishes, i'm trying my best! (:
: Your current champion mastery process!
: Sorakas E "silences" right...
I agree, i've noticed this as well. I think the full circle should silence every ability within it just like every other silence in the game.
: If he's that bad, maybe he'll be unplayable in solo queue but good in ranked teams like the LCS.
Yeah, I sort of agree with this, I feel like Ivern is going to end up somewhat like Kalista, in a sense that it's difficult to do anything effective in solo queue.
Pikah (NA)
: Skin Needing Visual Update or Something
I've noticed that too, I have the Arcade Sona skin and it really could use an update. She's really dull compared to the arcades, for obvious reasons, but I don't think she should have to stay that way.
Arakadia (NA)
: Im kinda disappointed in the Star Guardian skins, for multiple reasons.
I agree with how different Lulu and Poppy look, and for Poppy and Jinx it seems a little out of character for them, but nonetheless, I like them.
: I feel like Ashe bot is the best (as far as killing people with arrows) and lux bot is the worst because she won't activate her E
But Lux bot is always on-point with her ult
Lost R (NA)
: Because I don't think her heal can actually cure fungal parasites.
Oh, no trust me I was totally aware about the very-real possibility of extinct bananas, I just didn't think it through properly before realizing even her banana farm can become infested XD
Lost R (NA)
: What will happen to Soraka...
How will they go extinct if she can hoard them and grow her own?
: Kog's W is getting reverted.
mirAcIe (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=NaturesMayhem,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=uz3LkAly,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-09-18T19:38:11.617+0000) > > Did you already have Riot Kayle? If so then sadly you will have to run through all your champions to find the skin they gave you or champion. I did that and I made a list of all my skins for my champions :P A real pain though to do it and it took me some time. Hope you dont have all the champs or most of them because that is gonna take ages >_< I checked my purchase history and it says that I received the icon but nothing else. Idk if I want to go through all the champions though, I do own most of them so it's going to take ages.
My friend also received the icon and couldn't find any new champion or skin that might have been added to her account.
Liliade (NA)
: Normal conversation with summoners and friends = chat restriction?
: What did you get from Riot for the 10 years?
Still waiting on the icon + mystery gift.
: Missing my Poro Icon
I don't have my icon or mystery gift yet. ):
1101436 (NA)
: Looking for a Description of Boards
On the sidebar of each separate board, there are some guidelines that are specific as to what should or shouldn't be posted on that board.
: Stuck In Champ Select With Someone Refusing To Ban. Lobby Didn't End
It sounds like the server just crashed, there's all tons of re-connection posts around the boards right now.
: If you have to leave and enter a room 15 times in 5-10mins
But did they chime in before closing the door?
Beldair (NA)
: Every Moba and mmo has a healer... I really don't see the problem with healers. If you want healers gone then let's also remove bursty champs, karth ult, Illaoi tentacles, and every champ with an escape.
This is a comment I was looking for. Literally every online game i've played with RPG mechanics have a healer. It's just not much of a MMO without some sort of healer..I don't think healing should be nerfed to all regen either, because I don't really think it'd save anyone at all. Healing would be rendered useless. On another note, if you can heal others you're playing support, in which you most likely aren't buying too many AP items anyway. Nami has a 7~ second cooldown on her heal, Sona has relatively high mana costs, Janna's is her ult, and so on. The only really problematic healer is Soraka with her 3 second cooldown and ult, but if you target her and constantly poke at her during the lane phase, she's unable to heal anyway since her heal costs not only mana, but her own health.
: Riot Your Bots Are Building Rylais
I remember playing a bot game a few months ago and they chased me into the jungle, something they never did when I first started playing. I was really taken aback.
Endrai (NA)
: Majority Vote in ARAM Continues to be Dumb
Last time One for All came around, it was my and my friend, another duo, and a solo, and despite the fact my friend and I and the duo picked the same champions respectfully, the solo had his chosen. I was like ???
: Holy shit! New Morde Reworked leaked??? This guy finally looks and plays like a badass Juggernaut!
I thought this was gonna be one of those characters from that facebook game that takes other's content or something
: Teemo should not be banned in One for All.
I agree, I think it'd be kind of funny with all the mushrooms.
: Outback Gnar
It really makes the boomerang make more sense XD
MonsefMA (EUW)
: Who are YOUR least favorite champions to play against?
: What on earth are you talking about? This isn't about having a microphone or not. The problem isn't people who don't have microphones communicating. They'll continue to ping, the exact same as they do now. The problem is people *with* microphones communicating *only* by talking. When inevitably you have to mute some of them, you will then not get *any* information from them. No "MIA" pings, no "Ult in 10 seconds" pings, *nothing*. By getting less information from them than you currently do, the end state of the communication in game is made worse as soon as you have to mute someone. From what I've seen, the majority of games with voice coms don't have the same time requirements nor team reliance that League has. You leave, it's whatever, it was a 10 minute match anyway. You don't like the way people are talking to one another, you go join a different server. No one really cares that you're out of ammo right then, because they aren't as dependent on you. That's not how League is structured, so it's only logical to assume League will have different problems than those games.
I don't think voice comm for League is a good idea. I'm against it, because yeah, I don't want to sit here for 45 minutes listening to someone complaining about my 2 or 3 deaths. And, personally, I don't really want to be spending 45 minutes in voice chat with people I don't know. I don't like it on any other game, and I don't want it here. I was just trying to say, that muting your own microphone to prevent anyone from hearing yourself wouldn't have a negative effect if you continue to ping. Because muting your own microphone is no better than not even having a microphone, which some people don't. Now, muting other players in the voice comm- I can see how, if you mute someone and can't even- at the very least- hear what they're saying, would have negative effects. If voice comm is implemented, which I doubt it will be, I don't think that should be an option. But, all in all, voice comm in League doesn't sound desirable at all.
: How would that fix anything? If you've got to mute an ally, you're still not going to hear any of their game-relevant communication.
Most games i've played in the past with voice chat have it this way anyway, and it would have to be an option because not all computers have microphones- mine doesn't. You could always buy one, but I don't think Riot can expect everyone that doesn't have a microphone to be forced to buy one. On console games I know if you don't have a mic, you can still hear chat between people in your party that do have mics. As long as you're responding to the voice comms with ping/text-chat, it could still be efficient. Since a lot of games work with voice comm even for those without the option, it wouldn't be that different if League had an option to opt-out.
: Gnar Forever! your name by any chance a Poet Anderson reference? Also- when I play top, I always take Gnar. ^_^
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